Monday, March 28, 2016

Photos of Drill before Recent Terror Attack 

Hundreds of emergency workers from four countries took part in Europe’s largest disaster drill that came weeks before the recent terror attack.
Seven Tube carriages have been partially buried under thousands of tonnes of rubble that poured into a station when a building collapsed.
Hundreds of ‘dead’ bodies were today strewn across the horrifying scene of carnage, the victims of this major disaster.
These are the traumatic sights that scores of emergency service were faced with as they took part in the first day of Europe’s largest-ever disaster response training exercise.

The scenario involves a tower block collapsing on to the bustling Waterloo Tube station, which has been partially built in a disused power station in Kent.
Over the next four days, some 2,000 blood-covered volunteers will act as ‘victims’, with fake sliced limbs and open wounds recreating the blood and gore of such a large scale incident.

Large scale drill: This photograph reveals the workings behind the mutli-agency exercise, which has taken more than a year to plan. The scenario, which involves a tower block collapsing on to the bustling Waterloo Tube station, has been built in a disused power station

Casualties in the carriage: Actors with stage make up lie slumped in the Tube carriage as they wait for rescue workers
On the ground: Police officers attend the scene of the fictional attack, helping those outside one of the Tube carriages

Wounded: Actors have lifelike injuries, including burns like the one pictured, painted on to their bodies to make the scenario more realistic


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