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CANDLE MAS - THE COLUMBIA DISASTER - 33 Is Signature Number, Triangle Is Signature Symbol

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CANDLE MAS - THE COLUMBIA DISASTER - 33 Is Signature Number, Triangle Is Signature Symbol


As I write this I’m listening to the reports of the Columbia “disintegration”disaster on this, the New Moon, Feb. 1st, the Illuminati sacrificial week of “Imbolg”, or Candle mas (a mass of candles – a festival of light that pierces the gloom of winter), the halfway point between winter and spring. This disaster is symbolic of the “disintegration” of America (Columbia) just as the Columbine tragedy symbolized the “severing” of America. Columbia is the Moon Goddess of the Illuminati. It has nothing to do with Christopher Columbus whose real name was Colon.

We get the usual “cut off communications” just before the disaster. It was the 113th Shuttle flight (11,13) in 22 years (2x11). It was Columbia’s 28th flight with 7 victims. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28.

There was a Jewish astronaut sacrificial victim “It’s so beautiful up here I don’t want to come home” and the “breaking up”, the “disintegration” of Columbia occurred over Palestine (Israel symbolism), Texas on the 33rd degree. Search teams were covering “33 counties of Texas”. NASA (Need Another Seven Astronauts) reported a 33 C spike in temperature on the left wing of the shuttle prior to its disintegration.

The Jewish astronaut took with him a drawing titled “Moon Landscape” supposedly drawn by a “Holocaust victim” and “other mementos” including a Torah supposedly smuggled into Bergen-Belsen and a dollar bill inscribed (with what?) by Rabbi Schneerson, now-deceased “Messiah” of the Lubavitcher Talmudic Babylonian Baal- Worshippers of the New World Order. The Lubavitcher “Education Day U.S.A.” is in honor of the Rabbi’s birthday.

Much coverage was made of the V-shaped (Illuminati symbol) piece of debris with the V-shaped cordon around it just outside of Palestine.

The Pentagon immediately sent out repeated reports that “the shuttle was not destroyed by anything from the ground”. Is this cryptography for it being destroyed from something ABOVE ground?

In the secret symbolic language of the Mysteries, is America (Columbia) sacrificed for Israel (Palestine)? Does it mean that America and Israel will 'disintegrate' together for the New World Order?

The Israeli (spy?) astroNOT Ramon (Amen – Ra?) was an Air Force pilot who participated in the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981. Millions of Muslims believe that Divine Justice has just taken place courtesy of Allah.

The event feeds the fire of Apocalypse Now, the battle between the Illuminati and God.

Professor Andre Balogh, of London’s Imperial College, said the flight was “doomed from the launch” because of a piece of protective foam had broken off and damaged the tiles on one of the wings during take-off. News reports repeated that the astronauts had “no training” in how to fix broken tiles on the craft. Hmmm.

This disaster will be used to unify Israel and America in common grief and build up patriotic feelings as a pretext to war.

For what it’s worth, on January 20 an avalanche killed 7 people in British COLUMBIA. On January 27, 7 days later, 19 miles away, 7 more people were killed in an avalanche in British COLUMBIA. Days later there were 7 more victims in the COLUMBIA shuttle disaster. Those who understand HAARP, ELF and other super-secret types of weaponry know that avalanches, earthquakes storms, etc. can be induced with directional particle beams and other methods from thousands of miles away.

It is worth noting that Apollo 1 exploded on Jan. 27, 1967. The Challenger exploded on Jan, 28, 1986. Columbia broke up on Feb. 1, 2003. There is a close proximity in days to these disasters.

All of the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions were meticulously named, numbered, coordinated and timed to reflect the symbols, astrology and metaphors of the Kabbalist Luciferian Illuminist doctrine. It is a great feat to be able to walk on the moon, a scientific marvel, like many of the other wondrous achievements of man, but, as usual, it has to contain the same old Masonic bullshit.

There is compelling evidence that Apollo faked the moon landings due to the extreme radiation, micrometeorites, solar flares and temperature problems encountered above the Van Allen Belt, the protective field 300 miles above the earth that shields us from the harsh environment of space. No humans before or since the Apollo missions have allegedly ventured into or above the Van Allen Belt. The direct sunlight on the moon can reach temperatures of over 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in the shade can reach 250 below. The cameras used on the moon had no protective shields. Why did’nt the film melt? Why are there no stars visible when they should be vivid? Why is there detail in the shadows when that is impossible due to the lack of atmosphere? Atmosphere is needed to bend the light, otherwise anything in shadow appears completely black. Why did’nt the glass shatter in their visors when they went from sunlight to shadow, with a sudden drop in temperature of hundreds of degrees? Why did’nt any of the astronauts develop cancer from the extreme radiation of space in a basically unprotected steel tube and thin “air conditioned” space suits? Why is it that Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, is and has been a total recluse since becoming the most famous and one of the most historical figures of the Modern Age? Where are the other Astro Nots?
Perhaps they only faked the footage. Perhaps it’s just a ‘conspiracy parlor game’ the Cryptocrats toss to the inquisitive to keep them fudging about conspiracies that have little relevance. Keep them off track. The Moon Flights were an occult charade and indoctrination into Illumination on a grand scale. Whether they went or not is irrelevant, the point was the alchemical transformation of humanity.

Was it all a hoodwink?

There were 11 missions altogether in the Apollo program. Most Masons in the “Blue Lodges” only hold the Third Degree, the “Master Masons Degree”.
The New Age of Aquarius is open only to those who are 'initiated', who have been 'given the Third Degree'.

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