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“Crisis Actors” Alison Parker and Adam Ward    ~ hehe we's STILL b'ing ..."played" & u's just keep "watch~in" that lame~stream~media~whore's ~psy~ops~cia~prop~a~gam~ya ~bull~shit  ...clap trap HUH & it looks like the "rest" of the World IS catch~ing a lil faster Oops ... what's say ...guys

The “journalistic” duo were prone to elaborate get-ups and antics both on and off the air –  UK paper says

Photographs obtained from the social media accounts of slain reporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward posted by the Daily Mail on August 26 indicate the pair greatly enjoyed dressing up at work and play. At one point they are even photographed in a dressing room preparing “fake injuries” as combination crisis actor/reporters.
“The reporter and cameraman shared this photo of them being painted with fake injuries for a news segment,” the Mail remarks.

A photo comparison of Alison Parker and image of a person unknown captured seconds after the initial blast of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing event. (Courtesy of Allan Powell)
“Ward and Parker are pictured in fancy dress in a photo posted on Facebook,” the Daily Mail muses. 2BAE47A100000578-3211613-image-a-18_1440615445472
“The pair were also snapped joshing around while filming a feature for WDBJ7 in an evening-wear store.”2BAD0C6B00000578-3211613-image-a-10_1440618382633 2BAD0C6400000578-3211613-image-m-9_1440618372867
“In the poignant album was this photo of Hurst and Parker enjoying themselves at a fancy dress party,” notes the Daily Mail.

$1.8 Billion IMF Ukraine Bailout Money Deposited in Ukraine Oligarch Kolomoyskyi’s Cyprus Offshore Bank Account

Funds Discovered in Kolomoyskyi's Cyprus Kitty   ~ hehe did "any~1" have any doubt "our" elites ...would B looting ??? & PUTIN is the ...bad guy !

In-depth Report:

Investigative reporters have discovered that IMF bailout funds intended for Ukraine have mysteriously found their way to a Cyprus bank account controlled by notorious Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi.
A huge chunk of the $17 billion in bailout money the IMF granted to Ukraine in April 2014 has been discovered in a bank account in Cyprus controlled by exiled Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the German newspaper Deutsche Wirtshafts Nachrichten [DWN] reported on Thursday.In April last year $3.2 billion was immediately disbursed to Ukraine, and over the following five months, another $4.5 billion was disbursed to the Ukrainian Central Bank in order to stabilize the country’s financial system.
Ihor Kolomoiskyi, appointed Head of the Dnepropetrovsk Region, at a meeting chaired by Verkhovna Rada Speaker Oleksandr Turchynov, appointed Acting President of Ukraine, in Kiev.
© Sputnik/ Mikhail Markiv
“The money should have been used to stabilize the country’s ailing banks, but $1.8 billion disappeared down murky channels,” writes DWN.
Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the former governor of Dnipropetrovsk, is one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen, with a business empire that includes holdings in the energy, media, aviation, chemical and metalwork industries. At the center of Kolomoyskyi’s wealth is PrivatBank, Ukraine’s largest financial institution, which claimed the bulk – 40 percent – of the bailout money which had been earmarked for stabilizing the banking system.
Theoretically, the IMF should retain direct control over the distribution of funds. In fact, it seems that the banks chose their own auditors.
DWN notes that the IMF reported in January 2015 that the equity ratio of Ukraine’s banking system had dropped to 13.8 percent, from 15.9 percent in late June 2014. By February 2015 even PrivatBank had to be saved from bankruptcy, and was given a 62 million Euro two-year loan from the Central Bank.
“So where have the IMF’s billions gone?”
The racket executed by Kolomoyskyi’s PrivatBank was uncovered by the Ukrainian anti-corruption initiative ‘Nashi Groshi,’ meaning ‘our money’ in Ukrainian.
According to Nashi Groshi’s investigations, PrivatBank has connections to 42 Ukrainian companies, which are owned by another 54 offshore companies based in the Caribbean, USA and Cyprus. These companies took out loans from PrivatBank totaling $1.8 billion.
These Ukrainian companies ordered investment products from six foreign suppliers based in the UK, the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, and then transferred money to a branch of PrivatBank in Cyprus, ostensibly to pay for the products.The products were then used as collateral for the loans taken out from PrivatBank – however, the overseas suppliers never delivered the goods, and the 42 companies took legal action in court in Dnipropetrovsk, demanding reimbursement for payments made for the goods, and the termination of the loans from Privatbank.
The court’s ruling was the same for all 42 companies; the foreign suppliers should return the money, but the credit agreement with Privatbank remains in place.
“Basically, this was a transaction of $1.8 billion abroad, with the help of fake contracts, the siphoning off of assets and violation of existing laws,” explained journalist Lesya Ivanovna of Nashi Groshi.
In March Kolomoyskyi was dismissed from his position as governor of Dnipropetrovsk after a power struggle with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; the fraud was carried out while he was governor of the region in East-Central Ukraine.
“The whole story with the court case was only necessary to make it look like the bank itself was not involved in the fraud scheme. Officially it now looks like as if the bank has the products, but in reality they were never delivered,” said Ivanovna.
Such business practices have earned Kolomoyskyi a fortune currently estimated by Forbes at $1.27 billion, and were known to investigators beyond Ukraine’s borders; Kolomoyskyi was once banned from entering the US due to suspicions of connections with international organized crime.
Despite these suspicions, it appears that Kolomoyskyi is unlikely to face justice, as he is currently living in exile in the US; he fled Ukraine earlier this year. Ukraine has been granted a further $3.6 billion in debt relief from creditors. Russia, despites its membership in development lending institutions, has refused to contribute funds to Ukraine due to concerns emanating from this and other instances of widespread graft.

The Dying Institutions Of Western Civilization. Nothing Is Left   ~  hehe "fascism"  is fucking THRIVING ....tho  HUH

us flag fading
Judiciary Branch Has Self-Abolished
The US no longer has a judiciary. This former branch of government has transitioned into an enabler of executive branch fascism.

Paul Craig Roberts
Privacy is a civil liberty protected by the US Constitution. The Constitution relies on courts to enforce its prohibitions against intrusive government, but if the executive branch claims (no proof required) “national security,” courts kiss the Constitution good-bye.
Federal judges are chosen by the executive branch. The senate can refuse to confirm, but that is rare. The executive branch chooses judges who are friendly to executive power. This is especially the case for the appeals courts and the Supreme Court. The Justice (sic) Department keeps tabs on district court judges who rule against the government, and these judges don’t make it to the higher courts. The result over time is to erode civil liberty.
Recently a three-judge panel of the US Appeals Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the National Security Agency can continue its mass surveillance of the US population without showing cause. The panel avoided the constitutional question by ruling on procedural terms that NSA had a right to withhold the information that would prove the plaintiffs’ case.
By refusing to extend the section of the USA PATRIOT Act—a name that puts a patriotic sheen on Orwellian totalitarianism—that gave carte blanche to the NSA and by passing the USA Freedom Act, Congress attempted to give NSA’s spying a constitutional patina. The USA Freedom Act allows the telecom companies to spy on us and collect all of our communications data and for NSA to access the data by obtaining a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court. The Freedom Act protects constitutional procedures by requiring NSA to go through the motions, but it does not prevent telecom companies from invading our privacy in behalf of NSA.
No one has ever explained the supposed threat that American citizens pose to themselves that requires all of their communications to be collected and stored by Big Brother. If the US Constitution was respected by the executive branch, Congress, the judiciary, law schools and bar associations, there would have been a public discussion about whether Americans are most threatened by the supposed threat that requires universal surveillance or by the loss of their constitutional protections. We all know what our Founding Fathers’ answer would be.
Florida Government Defies Voters, Misuses Earmarked Funds
By allocating funds set aside by law for the purchase of land and wildlife habitat to other purposes, Florida Republicans have negated the Water and Land Conservation Amendment that Floridians passed with a 75% majority last November. The amendment requires that one-third of the funds produced by real estate stamp taxes be used for conservation purposes.
Conservation runs counter to the interests of real estate developers and polluters who have done so much to destroy Florida’s unique environment. Real estate developers and polluters are major Republican contributors.
Faced with the people’s will, the Republican government is claiming that proper uses of the fund are to pay salaries for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, to teach best management practices for privately owned lands, and to pay private agricultural operations to retain the pollution that results from their operations on their own property.
In typical Republican fashion, money legally mandated for purchasing public land is being used to pay state salaries and to make payments to private land owners. This is a good indication of the scant respect that American democracy has for the will of the people.
A Robot Will Take Your Job
Several recent studies conclude that robots are going to displace millions of human workers. An Oxford University study found that 47 percent of jobs are at risk. Another study concludes that one third of all jobs will be lost to robots during the next 10 years. Some claim that the net job loss will not be so large, because new jobs will be created in order to repair the robots, at least until robots learn to do this also.
Perhaps you remember the claims by economists Matthew Slaughter, Michael Porter, and other shills for jobs offshoring that moving American jobs offshore would create better and more jobs in the US. After many years I am still watching for any sign of these promised new jobs.
Despite promises to the contrary, the US economy has been halted in its tracks by jobs offshoring. US corporations have moved middle class manufacturing jobs abroad. The high speed Internet has made it possible for tradable professional skills, such as software engineering, information technology, research, design, and scan interpretations by medical doctors, to be performed offshore. This enormous giveaway of American middle class jobs and GDP to foreign countries has left the domestic economy with non-tradable service jobs.
Robotics is now attacking the remaining domestic service jobs. Robots are becoming sales assistants, providing room service to hotel guests, filling orders at delis, providing medical diagnosis, cooking and serving meals, and becoming incorporated into smart household appliances that reduce the need for electrical and repair services. All of us are familiar with customer service robots. We encounter them whenever we telephone about a bank or credit card statement or utility bill.
The unaddressed problem is: what happens to consumer demand, on which the economy depends, when humans are replaced by robots? Robots don’t need a paycheck in order to purchase food, clothes, shoes, entertainment, health care, go on vacations, or to make car, utility, credit card, rent or mortgage payments. The consumer economy has suffered from incomes lost to jobs offshoring. If robots replace yet more Americans, where does the income come from to purchase the products of the robots’ work? Any one firm’s owners and managers can benefit from lowering costs by replacing a human workforce with robots, but all firms cannot. If all firms replace their work forces with robots, the rate of unemployment becomes astronomical, and consumer demand collapses pulling down the economy.
Economists call what works in the singular but not in the plural the fallacy of composition. Keynesian macroeconomists teach that if everyone in society is thrifty with the consequence that savers save more than investors want to invest, aggregate demand falls, and with it incomes and savings. Thus, by trying to save more, savers end up with less.
With the advent of jobs offshoring and financial deregulation, the US has one of the most unequal distributions of income and wealth. As robotics patents are held by a mere handful of people, the concentration of income and wealth at the top will increase.
What kind of society would result? Will governments nationalize robotics or heavily tax the incomes of owners in order to issue monthly payments to people with which to purchase the work product of robots? What would a population living off the work of robots do with itself? Would population growth be tolerated? Or would the powerful owners of robotics use the governments that they control to reduce the surplus population?
Free market economists with their heads forever in the sand will say, “No worry, people thought that the industrial revolution would destroy the demand for labor, but industry employed ever more people.” A former MIT professor who has gone into business producing robots says robots will bring the jobs lost to offshoring home to America. But will they be jobs for humans or for robots? I am waiting to hear how robotics will expand the demand for human labor beyond a few repairmen to fix robots. And I am still waiting for the new and better jobs that offshoring promised. By the time they get here, if ever, robots will take them away.
Stock Market Supported By Corporate Buybacks
Pension funds purchase corporate bonds, and the corporations use the money to buy back their own stocks, thus driving up the price, enriching executives with bonuses and shareholders with capital gains, but leaving the company in debt. One study found that last year 95 percent of all corporate earnings were used either to pay dividends or to buy back the company’s stock. Read Mike Whitney’s report in CounterPunch:
The Ship Did It
The presence of The White Lady, a four-masted Chilean sailing ship, at the Tall Ships Festival in England is being protested. Protestors believe the ship is guilty of human rights violations as the ship was allegedly the site of torture inflicted by the Pinochet government as it put down the terrorism that followed the overthrow of the Allende government. Just as guns murder, ships torture.
The torture alleged to have occurred aboard The White Lady sounds like a small town performance of the torture sanctioned by Washington and London at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and numerous secret sites. How are the American and British democracies superior to Chilean military dictatorship if the former out-tortures the latter? To my knowledge, the Pinochet regime, unlike the Bush regime, never had John Yoo write a legal memo making torture legal. This is probably why, prior to stepping down and returning Chile to constitutional democracy, Pinochet issued pardons both to the military government and to the terrorists.
Demand for Silver Outstripping Supply But Price Is Falling

On numerous occasions Dave Kranzler and I have pointed out that despite high and rising demand for physical bullion and constrained supply, the prices of gold and silver are forced down by concerted manipulation in the futures market. Silver supplies are so tight that both the US and Canadian mints have had to suspend the production and sale of silver coins. Despite supply constraints, in the manipulated futures market the price of silver has been falling, but in the physical market the price of silver coins has risen with premiums over spot raising coin prices as much as 30 percent. Regulatory authorities have brought no action against the obvious manipulation in the futures market.

It is important to the value of the fiat currencies that are being printed in profusion that gold and silver be discredited as hedges against currency depreciation. Thus, authorities turn a blind eye to the obvious manipulation, the purpose of which is to show that inflating fiat paper currencies are gaining in value relative to gold and silver.
I am awaiting the explanation from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) why it is normal for inflating fiat currencies to gain value in relation to gold and silver bullion. Kranzler and I, supported by individuals thoroughly acquainted with the bullion market, have written to the CFTC asking how it is possible for price to fall when demand is rising and supply is constrained.
We will see if a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury can get an answer.
Good-bye To Cash
If all this isn’t enough, government now wants to deprive us of cash in order to deprive us of private and unreported payments and savings. The Financial Times, Britain’s equivalent to the Wall Street Journal, has published an anonymous article advocating that cash be abolished and all transactions be digital so that authorities can know and completely control our behavior. Clearly a big push in this direction is in the works. If the authorities succeed, we will have a situation in which the privacy guaranteed by the US Constitution becomes a myth that slowly fades from memory.


First published by The Register     -
One year after The Guardian opened up the trove of top secret American and British documents leaked by former National Security Agency (NSA) sysadmin Edward J Snowden, the world of data security and personal information safety has been turned on its head.
Everything about the safety of the internet as a common communication medium has been shown to be broken. As with the banking disasters of 2008, the crisis and damage created - not by Snowden and his helpers, but by the unregulated and unrestrained conduct the leaked documents have exposed - will last for years if not decades.
Compounding the problem is the covert network of subornment and control that agencies and collaborators working with the NSA are now revealed to have created in communications and computer security organisations and companies around the globe.
The NSA's explicit objective is to weaken the security of the entire physical fabric of the net. One of its declared goals is to "shape the worldwide commercial cryptography market to make it more tractable to advanced cryptanalytic capabilities being developed by the NSA", according to top secret documents provided by Snowden.
Profiling the global machinations of merchant bank Goldman Sachs in Rolling Stone in 2009, journalist Matt Taibbi famously characterized them as operating "everywhere ... a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”.
The NSA, with its English-speaking "Five Eyes" partners (the relevant agencies of the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada) and a hitherto unknown secret network of corporate and government partners, has been revealed to be a similar creature. The Snowden documents chart communications funnels, taps, probes, "collection systems" and malware "implants" everywhere, jammed into data networks and tapped into cables or onto satellites.
The evidence Snowden has provided, by the bucketload, has shown that no country, no network, no communications system, no type of communication has been too small or trivial or irrelevant to attract attention and the ingestion of data into huge and enduring archives - under construction at NSA headquarters and already in operation at its new Utah Data Center.
Operations have ranged from the systematic recording of every mobile telephone call in the tiny 380,000 population Bahamas, through Angry Birds, World of Warcraft, Second Life, intimate Yahoo webcam images and direct cyber attacks on the data centre networks of Google (carried out by British allies at GCHQ from bases in the UK). Under the covernames of WINDSTOP and MUSCULAR, GCHQ data from UK cable taps, including direct intercepts of US email providers and ISPs, is provided wholesale to NSA. NSA has also deployed two overseas Remote Operations centres for malware management at Menwith Hill Station in Yorkshire and at Misawa, Japan.
There are parallels to the banking world, too, in the pervasive and longstanding networks of influence that have been created with the aim of influencing and controlling policymakers, and which have assured minimal political change when damage is done. Merchant banks like Goldmans have long worked hard to have their alumni in positions of political power and influence, in control at vital times.

Oman spy base revealed in The Register as part of GCHQ's £1bn project TEMPORA
Last month, accompanying his new book Nowhere to Hide, journalist Glenn Greenwald has published 180 new Snowden documents that lay out the NSA's global reach - 33 "Third Party" countries, 20 major access "choke points" accessing optical fibre communications, 80 "strategic partner" commercial manufacturers, 52 US, UK and overseas satellite interception sites, more than 80 US Embassies and diplomatic sites hosting floors packed with surveillance and monitoring equipment, and over 50,000 "implants" - malware and tampered hardware that has rendered most commercial VPN systems and software transparent to the NSA and its partners.
In GCHQ and NSA Sigint (signals-intelligence) jargon, common or garden "hacking" is never talked about: the insider term for such activity is "CNE" - Computer Network Exploitation.
NSA's access to optical fibre cables worldwide can be "covert, clandestine or co-operative," according to one of the leaked slides. The covert operations described in the Snowden documents include secret taps on other companies' cables installed by employees of such firms as AT&T and BT.
The published Snowden documents have not yet described NSA's special activities to get into cables even their overseas and corporate partners cannot access. For more than ten years, an adapted nuclear submarine - the USS Jimmy Carter - has installed underwater taps on marine cables, "lifting them up", installing taps and then laying out "backhaul" fibres to interception sites, according to a former Sigint employee. Cable companies have speculated that the submarine tapping activity may be connected to a rash of unexplained cable cuts in recent times affecting fibre cables in the Middle East and South Asia; the cable breaks could serve to prevent operators noticing as taps were installed elsewhere on the same cable.
One previously unrevealed outstation of Britain's secret internet tapping programme has been operating for almost five years in the autocratic Persian gulf state of Oman, according to documents obtained by Snowden in Hawaii. The station, known as Overseas Processing Centre 1 (OPC-1) is part of GCHQ’s massive £1bn project TEMPORA, which GCHQ wants to use to harvest all internet communications it can access and hold that data for up to 30 days.
The damage created to IT security is deliberate, sustained and protected even inside the agencies' compartmented planning cells by arcane contrivances of language. Breaking the safety and value of crypto systems, in sigint speak, is "enabling". Deliberately sabotaging security, in the inverted Orwellian world of the sigint agencies is said to be "improving security".
According to the leaked, detailed current US intelligence budget provided by Snowden, NSA's "Sigint Enabling Project ... actively engages the US and Foreign IT industries to covertly influence and/or overtly leverage their commercial products' designs. These design changes make the systems in question exploitable through SIGINT collection ... with foreknowledge of the modification. To the consumer and other adversaries, however, the systems' security remains intact."
Despite apologists' denials, the language of this major US government document is unambiguous in describing broken crypto and hardware and software "backdoors" as a much-desired NSA goal.
NSA strategic partnerships
Top US companies are among more than 80 helping NSA "enable" backdoors and breaks in security protection, according to a top secret slide revealed by Edward Snowden
Tricking a company like RSA Security into promoting backdoored and sabotaged algorithms for default use in security products is "enabling". Physically sabotaging Cisco routers while they are being shipped out of the US to commercial customers - a serious crime when committed by anyone but the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the NSA - is "enabling".
Ensuring that communications security encryption chips "used in Virtual Private Networks and Web encryption devices" secretly ship with their security broken open, as specified in the current US "cryptologic capabilities plan", is "enabling". In the coming year, NSA's budget for such Sigint "enabling" is $255m.
Who plays in this corporate "enabling" game?
Since the days of Watergate in the 1970s, and the subsequent US Congressional investigations, AT&T - the world's 23rd largest company - has been identified as providing US government access to all its customers' communications passing in and out of the US. The intercepted communications passed on long ago included communications of 1960s US antiwar dissidents.
AT&T's secret role intercepting Americans' communications in a programme dubbed SHAMROCK was flushed out by Congressional enquiries in 1975, and largely stopped as illegal - for a few years. But it all began again in 1978 when a new US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was passed. SHAMROCK was reborn, the Snowden archive reveals, as BLARNEY. In the bizarre and boastful world of show-off Powerpoints that NSA geeks prepare for their colleagues, BLARNEY even has its own logo.
The identity of NSA's and GCHQ's corporate industrial and international partners are amongst the Sigint agencies' most closely guarded secrets. There are strict internal prohibitions in the US and the UK against revealing the true corporate identities behind covernames like FAIRVIEW or STORMBREW, both identified as providing "upstream" (meaning fibre cable tap) access to Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and many other companies' internet communications.
More than once, the Snowden documents have revealed that siginters' NSA braggadocio can let cover slip. Among the new Snowden documents published last month by Greenwald is a potentially devastating slide listing NSA commercial "Strategic Partnerships".
The slide displays, with corporate logos, the names of major US IT companies who are listed under NSA's vaunted "alliances with over 80 Major Global Corporations". The companies identified are said to be "supporting both missions": that is, both Sigint attacks on global communications networks, and the more acceptable public face of collaboration - cyber defence activity.
The roll call of names and logos on the slide include most of the US's IT industry giants: Microsoft, HP, Cisco, IBM, Qualcomm, Intel, Motorola, Qwest, AT&T, Verizon, Oracle and EDS.
This document and many more like it shine a spotlight on the invidious position in which major US corporations have found themselves. Their trust has been compromised, with share valuations now tumbling to follow. Cisco, despite being reported as "supporting missions" in the classified slides, was reportedly devastated when last month Greenwald published photographs taken by NSA's hacking department of "interdicted" Cisco equipment, stolen in transit and then put back in the delivery system after being tampered with to open the kit up for NSA remote control.
Cisco equipment and NSA staff
NSA staff pictured breaking into to secretly divert Cisco shipments of equipment, so as to insert covert "beacons" to compromise the networks they support
The US corporations have also helped spy on their communications partners, both overtly and covertly, according to the documents. FAIRVIEW, a corporate partner "with access to int. cables, routers, switches", according to one recently published note "operates in the US, but has access to information that transits the nation and through its corporate relationships provides unique accesses to other telecoms and ISPs".
It is also "aggressively involved in shaping traffic to run signals of interest past our monitors". For these and other services, according to the classified US Intelligence budget leaked by Snowden to the Washington Post, FAIRVIEW will receive $95m from NSA in the current year.
According to another slide Greenwald has published this month, STORMBREW operates seven "choke points" on international communications on the US eastern and western seaboards, each covernamed for leading US ski resorts.
Stormbrew choke points
Verizon, codenamed STORMBREW by NSA has "choke points" on US communications
FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW are the covernames for the US's communications giants, AT&T and Verizon. In the UK, BT (GCHQ covername "REMEDY") and Verizon/Vodafone (GCHQ covername "GERONTIC") are described as actively intercepting their own and other companies' fibre networks, and linking them to GCHQ's processing sites at Cheltenham and Bude, Cornwall. BT and Verizon are also lavishly remunerated by GCHQ for their work in providing access to communications links in the UK, receiving payments of tens of millions of pounds annually, according to documents copied by Snowden.
In one of the most alarming slideshows, NSA's successes in smashing basic general internet cryptography security is described in classic style as "improving security". NSA's project BULLRUN was described thus:
For the past decade, NSA has led an aggressive, multipronged effort to break widely used Internet encryption technologies ... Cryptanalytic capabilities are now coming online. Vast amounts of encrypted Internet data which have up till now been discarded are now exploitable. Major new processing systems ... must be put in place to capitalise on this opportunity.
Listeners at this talk were also warned that the "groundbreaking capabilities" were "extremely fragile ... do not ask about or speculate on sources or methods". "Indoctrination" - special security briefings and signing new warnings - was required for access to information about how BULLRUN techniques work.
In the creation of such arcane rituals of access to sacred secrets that no-one may know and to the power they are believed to bestow, working life inside Sigint communities can seem to resemble nothing so much as the medieval churches. Like Latin chanted by medieval priests, NSA and GCHQ's extraordinary lexicons of "covernames" revealed by Snowden are all in fact unclassified - even BULLRUN. The ordinary mortal may hear them, but must never know their meanings, which are protected behind layers of secrecy beyond Top Secret: in the US, ECI for Extremely Compartmented Information, in the UK, STRAP 1, STRAP 2 or STRAP 3.
In another Snowden document prepared by NSA's Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services unit in 2010, Project BULLRUN is described as involving "multiple sources, all of which are extremely sensitive. They include CNE [Computer Network Exploitation], interdiction, industry relationships, collaboration with other IC [Intelligence Community] entities, and advanced mathematical techniques".
The covert nature of NSA's relationships and their power to influence policy and compromise internet security technologies was unguardedly summarised in a chatty top secret blog provided by NSA's Foreign Affairs Directorate in 2009 and leaked by Snowden.
"What are we after with our third party relationships?" asked the spies.
In summary, the answer is that they get to wiretap their own countries and their neighbours, places to which NSA and GCHQ otherwise could not legally reach.
Approved SIGINT partners
NSA's approved list of Second and Third Party partners
In return, collaborating allies may get high tech toys to impress their own masters - and better ones if they are willing to break rules or laws. According to the Foreign Affairs Directorate blog:
"NSA might be willing to share advanced technologies in return for that partner's willingness to do something politically risky."
The Third Party relationships with other nations' spooks and/or secret police are often kept secret even from the foreign governments in question, according to the blog:
"In many of our foreign partners' capitals, few senior officials outside of the defence-intelligence apparatuses are witting to any SIGINT connection to the USA/NSA."
Documents provided by Snowden show that GCHQ particularly prizes the data they get from Sweden, Israel and India.
A year past the first revelations, the US has begun a debate, as Snowden hoped, and changes and restrictions affecting American citizens' communications have started. But for foreigners, there is nothing. In the UK and across Europe, there has been much anger but little change. The new Snowden documents provide some of the answer, showing that virtually every EU member state has a covert surveillance "Sigint Exchange Agreement" with NSA. None of these agreements have been reported to or agreed by national parliaments.
The only European countries apparently not signed up to help break the internet are Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, and Ireland. And Iceland.
That is the reach of the embrace of the internet's vampire squid. ®

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“Kingsman: The Secret Service” or How to Sell the Occult Elite to the Youth

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” or How to Sell the Occult Elite to the Youth

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” is a spy movie with action, comedic, and some gore. More importantly, it is riddled with symbolism and messages that promote the occult elite’s philosophy and its Agenda for the future.

Warning : Major Spoilers Ahead!
Kingsman: The Secret Service is a modern take on classic spy movies that feature slick Englishmen saving the world. Like most spy movies, Kingsman tells a convoluted story that’s taking place on an international level, complete with high-stakes politics and high-tech gadgets. Contrary to James Bond flicks, however, Kingsman takes a more youthful, “urban” approach in order to reach that critical crowd. The main protagonist, named Eggsy, is indeed a young, pub-dwelling Londoner from a rough neighborhood, a tough character with whom younger generations can identify, the exact crowd the occult elite is looking to shape, mold and influence. And, behind all of this gadget-ridden, tailored-suits-with-skinny-ties crap, the movie slickly communicates a flurry of messages to its viewership, effectively outlining the elite’s philosophy, its modus operandi and its long-term Agenda. Of course, everything is sugarcoated in a sexy spy package with a lot of violence to make all of these things easily digestible for viewers.
From start to finish, Kingsman jumps from one propaganda message to another, culminating in nothing less than a massive “cleansing” of the world population, a gigantic genocide that would kill everybody except a few chosen elite. If you’ve read other articles on this site, you know that this is the occult elite’s favorite story to tell the masses.
Right from the start, the movie gets into war propaganda territory as we see two Arabs getting killed by a helicopter.
The movie starts with high tech military gear killing two Arabs men. Why? Its not important. They are Arabs so its OK.
The movie starts with high tech military gear killing two Arabs men. Why? It doesn’t matter. They are Arabs, so they’re probably up to no good. Their screams of pain are blended with the cool rock music in the background.
The U.S., Great Britain and other Western nations have been involved in various wars around the Middle-East in the past years. To make sure public support for these wars continue, movies keep promoting the concept that killing Arabs is cool.
We then see a shot a Middle-Eastern palace being attacked by helicopters. From the rumbles of that palace are formed the letters of the production companies that produced the movie.
We then see a shot of a Middle-Eastern palace being attacked by helicopters. As rumbles from that roll towards the camera, they morph into the names of the production companies that produced the movie. It is a symbolic way of saying that, from the ruins and exploitation of weaker civilizations, the occult elite (and its media companies) gain more power.
Inside the palace, three Kingsman execute an Arab guy. Why? That's not important, he's Arab.
Inside the palace, three Kingsman execute an Arab guy. Why? It doesn’t matter, he’s Arab so he probably did something bad.
The rest of the movie has nothing to do with the Middle East. It was just an introduction to the world of propaganda you are about to witness.
The actual plot revolves around a high-powered and extremely wealthy “eco-terrorist” named Richmond Valentine (played by Samuel Jackson), who is looking to drastically reduce the world population using microchips embedded in cellphones. The hero of the movie ultimately saves the world but, through the action and explosions, a clear message is sent: Kingsman and Richmond Valentine are two sides of the same clan – the occult elite. Kingsman, with its classy agents and its medieval-inspired lore, represent the mythical side of the occult elite, a fictional and heroic facade that entertains the masses while inspiring awe and respect. Richmond Valentine is the true, ugly, and evil side of the elite, as he works actively with the world’s most powerful people to abuse, deceive and annihilate most of the human race – which is considered to be a virus that is killing Earth. While Kingsman and Valentine are portrayed as enemies in the movie, there are enough connections between the two sides to understand that they are two faces of the same coin.
Let’s first look at how Kingsman are a romanticized version of the occult elite bloodlines.

Kingsman: How the Elite Wants You to Perceive Them

Simply by dissecting the name of the secret service, we understand that Kingsman are the king’s men. They exist to protect the interests of the world’s royalty, the elite bloodlines who have been in power for centuries.The code name “Kingsman” is taken from the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, an ancient myth that still captures imaginations today. However, most people do not realize that occult circles attribute an esoteric meaning to the King Arthur story, as its symbolism reflects the thinking of secret societies.
“In the personality of Arthur is to be found a new form of the ever-recurrent cosmic myth. The prince of Britain is the sun, his knights are the zodiac, and his flashing sword may be the sun’s ray with which he fights and vanquishes the dragons of darkness or it may represent the earth’s axis. Arthur’s Round Table is the universe; the Siege Perilous the throne of the perfect man. In its terrestrial sense, Arthur was the Grand Master of a secret Christian-Masonic brotherhood of philosophic mystics who termed themselves Knights. Arthur received the exalted position of Grand Master of these Knights because he had faithfully accomplished the withdrawal of the sword (spirit) from the anvil of the base metals (his lower nature). As invariably happens, the historical Arthur soon was confused with the allegories and myths of his order until now the two are inseparable. After Arthur’s death on the field of Kamblan his Mysteries ceased, and esoterically he was borne away on a black barge, as is so beautifully described by Tennyson in his Morte d’Arthur. The great sword Excalibur was also cast back into the waters of eternity – all of which is a vivid portrayal of the descent of cosmic night at the end of the Day of Universal Manifestation. The body of the historical Arthur was probably interred at Glastonbury Abbey, a building closely identified with the mystic rites of both the Grail and the Arthurian Cycle.
The mediæval Rosicrucians were undoubtedly in possession of the true secret of the Arthurian Cycle and the Grail legend, much of their symbolism having been incorporated into that order.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages
In Kingsman, the leader is of course named Arthur, and Eggsy, the young hero, aspires to become the new Lancelot.
At one point, agent Galahad, Eggy’s mentor, explains the origins of Kingsman, a story that directly refers to elite bloodlines. At first, he states that Kingsman began as tailors for the elite.
“Since 1849, Kingsman tailors have clothed the world’s most powerful individuals.”
The London headquarters of Kingsman is a classy tailor shop.
The London headquarters of Kingsman is a classy tailor store.
The fact that Kingsman began as tailors is extremely symbolic. By dressing up the world’s most powerful people, they symbolically drape the elite in noble and beautiful garments, effectively “covering them up” and disguising them in something beautiful. In the movie, Kingsman glorifies the elite bloodlines and their philosophy by “draping them” in spy agency heroics.
Galahad then explains how from tailors, Kingsman became a powerful actor on the international scene.
“By 1919, a great number of powerful individuals had lost their heirs to World War One. That meant a lot of money going uninherited. And a lot of powerful men with a desire to preserve peace and protect life.
Our founders realized that they could channel that wealth and influence for the greater good. And so began our other venture: An independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, above the politics and bureaucracy that undermine the integrity of government-run organizations.”
This origins story cannot better describe the occult elite. Backed by the incredible fortune of a few elite families, Kingsman operates on a level that is “above” democratically-elected government, and acts in total secrecy (you will notice that, throughout the movie, there is absolutely no respect for democratic governments). Like the occult elite that decides world policies at secret meetings such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg conference, Kingsman operates on that above-government level. If Kingsman had evolved in the “real world”, their major contributors would mostly likely be the Rothschillds, Rockerfellers and Duponts, bloodlines of extreme wealth who shaped the world using a level of power that goes way beyond national governments and political parties.
The concept of “bloodline” is extremely important for the Kingsman. When Arthur discusses the death of a Kingsman agent with Galahad, he says:
“But he wasn’t exactly one of us, was he?”
This implies that the Kingsman that died was an “outsider” and not a descendant of the “privileged” bloodline that makes up Kingsman. Is this why these agents appear to have special powers?
Even if Eggsy comes from a poor neighborhood, his father was part of the bloodline, meaning that he is part of the bloodline as well. He therefore does not have to live like the other poor saps in his neighborhood – he is a privileged one.
As a child, Eggsy is given the Kingsman pendant which will allow him to receive a special favor.
As a child, Eggsy is given the Kingsman pendant because he is “one of them”.
When Eggsy got arrested for stealing a car, he calls the secret number on his pendant and provides the secret password that was given to him by Galahad. Shortly after, Eggsy is released from police custody and Galahad welcomes him personally outside of the police station. Being part of the bloodline means that you are above the law.
When Eggsy gets arrested for stealing a car, he calls the secret number on his pendant and provides the secret password that was given to him by Galahad. Shortly after, Eggsy is released from police custody and Galahad welcomes him personally outside of the police station. Being part of the bloodline means that you are above the law.
At first, Eggsy does not identify with the sophisticated demeanor of Galahad, which is in opposition to his rough upbringing. Eggsy is accustomed to dwelling in pubs and getting into fights with bums who barely act more civilized than feral animals. Portraying the masses as a wild stupid herd while portraying the elite as classy people is a classic way the movie industry celebrates the elite.
When one rowdy Londoner threatens Eggsy inside a pub, Galahad gets up and beats the crap out of everybody using high tech gadgets. You do not mess with the elite. During the end credits, we see Eggsy (who became a full fledged gentleman) beat the crap out of the same people again. He is now part of them.
When one rowdy Londoner threatens Eggsy inside a pub, Galahad gets up and beats the crap out of everybody there using high tech gadgets. Bloodine = good. Regular people = bad. During the end credits, we see Eggsy (who subsequently became a full-fledged gentleman) beat the crap out of the same people again, in the same pub. He became part of Them.
Before the pub fight, Galahad tells Eggsy:
“The lack of a silver spoon has set you on certain path, but you needn’t stay on it. If you’re prepared to adapt and learn, you can transform.”
In other words, Eggsy, who grew up in poverty, is fortunate enough to be part of the bloodline that gives him to opportunity to “ascend” to an elite level. He must however “transform” and be initiated to the elite. Like in occult secret societies, initiation to Kingsman involves an oath of secrecy under the penalty of death. In fact, Kingsman recruits are each given a bodybag to symbolically represent their fate if they break their oath.
The training of the recruits was filmed at Wrotham Park – a gigantic mansion that was built in 1754.
The fact that the Kingsman train at Wortham Park, which is the type of country house built by the elite for the elite, further reinforces who they are connected to.
The fact that the Kingsman train at Wrotham Park, which is the type of country house built by the elite for the elite, further reinforces who they are connected to.
The Wrotham Park mansion was designed by Isaac Ware, a renowned English architect and a Freemason. He is credited with bringing to England Palladean architecture, inspired by the works of Italian architect Andrea Palladio, a favorite of the occult elite.
The Freemasons’ cult of reason and admiration for the laws of geometry found its expression, as well as fulfillment, in the Italian architecture of the late Renaissance, with the works of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). The English Freemasons played a significant role in popularising his cult. It was thanks to the members of the Great Lodge of London that Palladio’s style became dominant in England, and later also in the United States.
– Mikołaj Gliński, The True Face of Freemasonry
At one point during the movie, we see a nice shot of the top of the mansion which prominently features Poseidon holding his trident. A great number of building and monuments built in the 18th and 19th century by the occult elite prominently feature Poseidon - maybe because he was the king of Atlantis - the sunken island from which the occult mysteries are said to originate from.
At one point during the movie, we see a nice shot of the top of the mansion which prominently features Poseidon holding his trident. A great number of building and monuments built in the 18th and 19th century by the occult elite prominently feature Poseidon – maybe because he was the king of Atlantis – the sunken island from which the occult mysteries are said to originate from.
Eggsy is taken to the mansion using a secret underground tunnel and discovers that hidden underneath that building are incredible resources.
You cannot get all of this stuff if you don't have that sweet Rothschild money.
You cannot get all of this stuff if you don’t have that sweet Rothschild money.
During his training, Eggsy also learns that the elite does not use media to reveal – but to conceal.
Behind Gallahad are the covers of newspapers after Kingsman accomplished something major - and they're all stupid, sensationalist stories that have nothing to do with them. Media is used to distract the masses while they're kept in the dark from the truth.
Behind Gallahad are the covers of newspapers the day after he accomplished something major for Kingsman. None of them mention him and all of them are about pointless, sensationalist news. Media is used to distract the masses while they are kept in the dark from the truth.
Not unlike initiation rituals of the occult elite occult, there is an important price to pay to enter that rarefied circle.
To complete his initiation with Kingsman, he is asked to shoot the dog he was asked to care for since he was a puppy.
To complete his initiation as a Kingsman, Eggsy is asked to shoot the dog he was asked to care for since it was a puppy.
Blood sacrifice, which involves the killing of a loved one to prove one’s loyalty, is the ultimate price to pay to enter the occult elite. Eggsy did not go through with it because, mainly, that scene would have outraged viewers (unlike killing Arabs). But the concept is there.
Kingsman embody the mythical side of the occult elite, draped in ancient lore. The same way tailors drape their clients with lush fabrics, Kingsman drape the elite class with heroics. However, they then face off with the other side of the elite, the ugly, dirty, evil,  sadistic, violent, manipulative and power-hungry side that controls world politics and perceives the masses as a wild herd. This side is embodied by villain Richmond Valentine, whose nefarious agenda is perfectly matches the occult elite’s Agenda.

Richmond Valentine – The True Side of the Elite

Simply put, Valentine is an agent carrying out the elite’s Agenda and the scapegoat on which people can ultimately blame everything. For this reason, he is the exact opposite of the mythical side of the elite portrayed by Kingsman. He is a Black American guy who dresses in street wear, who is kind of cowardly and, to top it off,  speaks with a goofy lisp. While Kingsman look to the past with Arthurian references and traditions, Valentine is all the future. He is about the elite’s agenda today, about using mass media and technology to accomplish his plans.
Valentine’s sidekick Gazelle wears bladed prosthetic legs – the symbol of transhumanism. As stated several times before on this site, selling transhumanism is an important part of the elite’s Agenda. To make sure you get the picture, Gazelle uses her special legs to literally cut a Kingsman in half, proving that an “augmented” human is superior to a regular human.
Contrarily to the secrecy of the occult elite, Valentine is all over the media and constantly shows his face in the worlds of politics, entertainment and technology.
Richmond is live on SKY News promoting a movie about his life. You cannot be more in mass media.
Richmond is live on SKY News to promote a movie about his rise to power. You cannot be more in mass media.
Even while he seemingly represents the exact opposite of the occult elite, he nevertheless carries out its plan. His main goal: To kill everybody on earth, except a chosen few. Not unlike what the elite is doing now, he justifies massive depopulation using ecological arguments such as global warming.
“When you get a virus, you get a fever. That’s the human body raising its core temperature to kill the virus. The planet Earth works the same way. Global warming is the fever. Mankind is the virus. We’re making our planet sick. A cull is our only hope. If we don’t reduce our population ourselves, there is only one of two ways this can go. The host kills the virus or the virus kills the host. Either way … the result is the same. The virus dies. Sometimes a culling is the only way to ensure this species survives.
I am inviting you to be a part of a new world.”
Notice that Richmond uses the word “cull” to describe his plan, which is defined as: “selective slaughter of wild animals”. In animal breeding, culling is “the process of removing or segregating animals from a breeding stock based on specific criteria. This is done either to reinforce or exaggerate desirable characteristics, or to remove undesirable characteristics from the group.”
“Culling” therefore precisely describes the mind set of the elite: They view the masses as a wild animal breed that spun out of control and that needs to be brought down and selectively slaughtered. Guess who will be “selected” to survive? Not you!
Richmond has a notebook of the people he wants to save by bringing to his remote base while the world dies. Notice that there are no "regular" people on there.
Valentine keeps a list of the people he wants to save by keeping them safe in his remote base while the world collapses. Notice that the list is more about titles than it is about names.
Valentine is looking to reduce world population by inserting mind-controlling microchips inside mobile phones. At the flick of a switch, the chip causes people to go berserk and start killing each other.
To make sure his microchips are spread around the world, Richmond offers a free phone (embedded with a chip) to everyone. Of course, people line up in stores to get their free service.
To make sure his microchips are spread around the world, Valentine offers a free phone (embedded with a chip) to everyone. Of course, people line up in stores to get their free thing.
As an agent of the elite, Valentine’s plans operate at a level way above national government. At one point we even see him in the White House talking down to President Obama.
Richmond tells the President to "open his f*cking ears". The elite has no respect for governemnt officials - who are simply there as a puppet show.
Richmond tells the President to “open his f*cking ears”. The elite has no respect for government officials, they are their puppets.
Right after that scene at the White House, we see an interesting transition that carries heavy symbolic meaning:
Right after Richmond gives orders to the US President, we see a shot of the White House. Then, the camera pans up to a shot of the toilet bowls at the Kingsman HQ just as someone is about to take a crap. It is a subtle yet strong image describing how the elite literally craps on governments.
Right after Richmond gives orders to the US President, we see a shot of the White House. Then, the camera pans up to a shot of the toilet bowls at the Kingsman HQ just as some guy is about to go number two. It is a subtle yet strong image describing how the elite literally craps on “democratic governments”.
The elite not only craps on governments, it craps on religions as well because, in their “new world” there would be only one world religion. One scene in the movie sums up the elite’s entire plan for religions.
The South Glade Mission Church with a gloomy message ... or is it a warning from the elite?
The South Glade Mission Church with a gloomy message … or is it a warning from the elite?
In the movie, the South Glad Mission Church is a hate group based in Kentucky that Valentine uses for his own nefarious purposes. We then see a greasy-haired preacher talking about everything but Jesus.
“Our filthy government condones sodomy, divorce, abortion. And, yet, there is still doubt this is the work of the antichrist! You do not have to be a Jew, a n*gger, a whore or an atheist, science-loving evolution spouter….”
The movie makers made the preacher as awful and offensive as possible to make the viewers hate him and, by proxy, hate Christians in general. Galahad, who has been sent to that church, does not agree with what he is hearing and gets up. He then tells a woman:
“I’m a Catholic whore whose currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works in a military abortion clinic. So, hail Satan and have a lovely afternoon madam”.
Then Galahad proceeds to kill every single person in that church, in a long, dragged-out, extremely gory scene as cool rock music plays in the background.
Galahad stands in the church surrounded by all of the people he killed. This was one big Illuminati orgy scene.
Galahad stands in the church surrounded by all of the people he killed. This was one big Illuminati orgy scene.
Although the violence was rationalized by the fact that Galahad was under the influence of Valentine’s chip, the movie nevertheless put something very specific on the screen: One of the heroes of the film says “hail Satan” and then kills every single person inside a church. That is what the elite wants us to see and absorb.
Richmond finally manages to gather his elite guests in a secret underground location where they all chill out and have drinks while the world collapses.
The "select few" await the countdown to celebrate the deaths of billions.
The “select few” await the countdown to celebrate the deaths of billions.
Valentine then gives a speech to his guest that reflects the mind state of the occult elite:
“I just want to remind you that today is a day of celebration. We must put aside all thoughts of death and focus on birth. The birth of a new age. We mustn’t morn those who give their lives today. We should honor their sacrifice and their role in saving the human race.
We must put aside doubt and guilt. You are the chosen people. When folks tell their kids the story of Noah’s Ark, is Noah the bad guy? No! Is God the bad guy? No!”
Notice how Richmond refers to Noah’s Ark to describe what is happening. As I stated in several other articles, the elite loves the story of Noah’s Ark as it also refers to a “cleansing” of humanity (see my articles on the movies 2012, Noah, etc.). Valentine is also comparing himself to God because he started the second “cleansing”.
Richmond then activates the switch. We then see a shot of regular people walking around with their phones, taking selfies and insta-tweeting (or whatever the kids do these days). They quickly turn into animals.
The microchips inside people's phones causes them to lose their minds and start killing each other.
The microchips inside phones causes people them to lose their minds and start killing each other around the world.
Luckily, Eggsy puts on a suit, combs his hair and kills everybody in Valentine’s lair to save the world.
In the end, the “good guys” won but … they’re ultimately on the same side as the bad guys. Although Valentine’s plan failed, a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE still died around the world. Nobody however seems to care. Eggsy even grabs some champagne and has celebratory sex with the Queen of Denmark … symbolizing the elite reproducing with itself.

In Conclusion

For comedic spy movie that does not take itself too seriously, Kingsman: The Secret Service is nevertheless symbolically heavy and charged with several layers of messages. The movie sums up everything the occult elite is about as a showcase for the mythical aura that has been cultivating for years, while also revealing the elite’s darker plans through a hip-hop villain.
In the end, the movie is an “Elite 101” course, an exposé of everything they want the viewers to absorb. While the elite’s plans are embodied by the bad guy in the movie, they are nevertheless there for the viewer to see and internalize. So, while you believe you are being entertained, you are also getting a hefty dose of predictive programming, which contributes to shape your attitudes and opinions towards specific issues. What else would you expect from the king’s men?