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Will Smith & Trey Songz Gay Relationship Exposed

Will Smith & Trey Songz Gay Relationship Exposed

Will Smith and Trey Songz in Miami in August
By Staff Will Smith and Trey Songz are allegedly gay lovers.
The “Fresh Prince” actor/rapper and R&B singer have both been the object of gay and bisexual rumors for awhile.
Last year, it was reported that Trey, who is allegedly versatile, which means he is a bottom and a top, dated R&B singer Brandon Hines.
The National Enquirer wrote recently: “Tongues are wagging that Will is enjoying a ‘bromance’ with R&B artist Trey Songz, who’s been the subject of gay whispers himself.

“On Aug. 18, the Men in Black star sat at a VIP table with Trey during an event at The Setai’s penthouse in Miami’s trendy South Beach – and the two reportedly hooked up again the following evening to enjoy dinner and the local nightlife.
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“For years, Internet bloggers have claimed that Trey had numerous gay relationships with men in the music industry. The 26-year-old Grammy-nominated artist, best known for his album Ready, had repeatedly denied that he is gay, insisting on an interview: ‘I love the ladies.’”

Troy Taylor, a record company executive and mentor to the singer told the Enquirer: “I know that Trey and Will have been friends for a very long time, but I can’t speak to the nature of their relationship. It’s none of my business.”

Will Smith in I-Robot and Trey Songz Shirtless Showing Off Muscles
One of Smith’s friends said: “Will stood by Trey’s side and watched helplessly as his good friend has been the target of false gay rumors. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, Will has turned to Trey for advice on how to deal with it. Trey told Will to just be true to who he is – no matter what this is – and he assured Will the rumors will ultimately pass.”
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Why would Will Smith turn to him for help? He and Jada Pinkett Smith have been the objects of gay and bisexual stories for a lot longer than Trey Songz.
Actor Duane Martin was allegedly Will Smith’s gay lover in the past. He recently divorced TV actress Tisha Campbell after exposing himself as gay.

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Gay rumors have increased since Will’s 13-year alleged “marriage of convenience” to Jada Pinkett Smith is on the verge of collapse after he reportedly caught her in an affair with Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony.
Troy Taylor was allegedly one of the first gay lovers for both Trey Songz and Brandon Hines.
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Taylor was quite revealing when he visited Wendy Williams’s radio show in 2009, and she asked him a the hypothetical question if a Rihanna and Chris Brown were in a sinking boat, who would he rescue? He said he would save Chris Brown.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett deny they are divorcing.
They have two famous kids together Willow and Jaden, and one son, Trey, from Smith’s prior marriage


  1. you all need to find something better to do and stop hating on my boo trey songz. But i guess i would be kinda mad too if i was making $5 an hour and he's making miillions... LMAO to the fucking haters.

    1. @sophia i agree wit you they do need to get a damn life for starters!!Now bloggers 1)why this didn't come outt for will when he was on the fresh prince 2) As Soon As people knew will was geting that paper and he wasn't a "Fly by Night" type of Rapper/Actor and was a real family man plus stayed out of the spotlight with his family #3)IF Anyone would have known HE would have been Gay it would be trey's Mother so until she say or he says "I'm Gay" PUBLICILY i'll belive it sooo til then..LEAVE MY HUSBAND TREY SONGZ ALONE!!Ya fake a@# lonely Muthaf$%7's

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  2. It isn't hating to suggest someone is gay or bi. Also, man can be a great family father, a great family man, and a great husband to a women, and still be actively bi-sexual (so long as his wife is aware of, okay with, and agrees to it, and, most importantly, they have honest, ongoing communication about it.) Same thing for women, obviously. Of course, any children should basically be shielded from certain realities until they are old enough to understand, and afterward parents need to be honest and discriminatingly direct with them about it, but above all making sure they understand they are loved and safe , and that no matter what, the family comes first.

  3. I put nothing past anyone and do not hate on any one who choses to love another person as long as god loves them then so do I because anyone can fall in love or lust we are all subject to that