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FSU Shooting: The Anticipation of Mass Fraud 

FSU_FootballBy Dr. Jason Kissner
While it is obviously vital to detect and deconstruct the fictitious narratives that often accompany mass events charged with political significance, here we will discuss another potential line of thought that should perhaps be pursued: the anticipation of mass fraud.

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Clearly, such a project confronts several major challenges. Foremost among them, perhaps, is accommodating the necessity to place strictures upon conjecture that are sufficient to distinguish reasoned supposition from wild speculation.
In recognition of this chief concern, the following addresses the FSU active shooting and applies a tentative, simple framework that is intended to guide the anticipation of mass fraud. The output of the analysis is, it is believed, a reasonable conjecture as to the occurrence of another conceivably linked mass event that will contain elements of fraud.
The elements of the simple framework, which can interact depending on the particular analysis one is performing, are:
1. A careful analysis of empirical irregularities associated with previous mass events reasonably believed to have been, at least in certain respects, fraudulent
2. Close inspection of timing issues pertaining to the release of information/disinformation regarding previous mass events that carry mass political significance
Discussion of the two elements is in order, but first it should be noted that the framework is inherently domain-constrained. That is, it is intended to apply only to the anticipation of mass events the occurrence of which can be reasonably anticipated because they might be viewed, on an empirical basis as subtended by previous events (this will become more clear as we proceed).
In other words, the set of potential mass frauds that cannot be conjectured, in specific ways, to build on the momentum of previous mass frauds are excluded from the coverage of the framework.
The elements can be fleshed out with application to the FSU active shooting. With respect to the first element and considering, at this point, the FSU active shooting as a “previous” mass event, we can observe that active shootings in which active shooters have returned to schools they once attended (e.g., several years prior) are, empirically, very rare.
Furthermore, Myron May (the alleged FSU active shooter) is said to have sent 10 packages before the shooting. I am not sure, but May might well have been the first active shooter to have done something like this. We might add that May is said, in the just-now linked CNN article, to have believed that the recipients were to receive the packages on Friday, the day after the shooting. Why May, if he were planning on a Thursday shooting, wouldn’t have sent the “Priority Mail” packages earlier is a reasonable question to ask.
Moreover, are we to believe that May’s selection of Priority Mail rather than, say, Express mail is to be attributed to financial concerns, mental illness, or some combination thereof? Given the circumstances, that seems rather unlikely. For example, May, a former prosecutor, had to have been aware that any packages he sent that were still in the system would be intercepted subsequent to the shooting, yet he seems to have believed it very important that the packages be received. Of course, it is possible that the packages are shams.
Another empirical oddity is that May seems to have been more itinerant than typical active shooters are, having taken up residences in, for example (there may be others) Texas and New Mexico before his return to Tallahassee.
And, bearing on the possibility that May might have been a TI, active shooters don’t typically hear voices and complain of energy weapons being directed against them either, although there are of course other examples of this having happened, as we saw with Aaron Alexis (another alliterative name, somewhat curiously—and one wonders whether, for some reason, the frequency of alliterative names among TIs is statistically greater than in the general population).
With reference to this last set of empirical irregularities, the expectation has to be that the general public will attribute May’s doings to a mental illness such as schizophrenia. What we get, therefore, are empirical questions in connection with the factor analytic structure of, say, schizophrenia as opposed to TI symptom clusters. For example, how often do schizophrenics exhibit the degree of itineracy that May apparently did?
If May was a TI, the empirical fact that active shooters very rarely execute active shootings at schools they once attended could be especially significant. A priori, May could have acted at any of the other locations he resided, but he acted at FSU—and precipitously, quite soon after his arrival in Tallahassee.
fsulibrary2Alone, the fact that he had ties to Tallahassee is not necessarily sufficient to account for the fact that the active shooting event took place at FSU since, as was stated above, active shooters at schools have only very rarely executed shootings at schools they’ve once attended. And, more generally, active shooters, whether they shoot in schools or not, aren’t typically “itinerant returners.”
In fact, if May was a TI, it is reasonable to suppose that he was directed to FSU—which might have been made easier to do by virtue of the fact that he had ties to the location. Thus, empirical considerations might be taken to suggest that the FSU event location was statistically very unusual, but perhaps not random.
This combination of empirically unusual but perhaps not random should, I believe, be a core background idea when attempting to anticipate future mass frauds. So why FSU?
This brings us to the second component, which has to do with the timing of information/disinformation relating to previous mass events charged with political significance.
Under this component, we might want to recognize that we don’t know what might be in the ten packages May sent, if he sent them at all. But that we are to believe he did send them might be all that matters. The information, if such it is, in those ten packages might well provide for a steady stream of injections that help keep the FSU shooting front and center until it is time to move to the next stage.
Perhaps more importantly, though, we should consider that a day after the FSU event, the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate released a 114 page report relating to Adam Lanza and hammering on gun control and mental illness. And, referencing the report, CNN is banging on about “Red Flags Missed at Newtown.” Many other “news” outlets have behaved similarly—seizing on, for some reason, the FSU event in particular, as an opportunity to re-inject the Sandy Hook fraud into mass consciousness.
It should go without saying that the 114 page report could have been released a week ago, or two weeks ago, etc. Instead, it was released the day after the FSU event. Partly, this functions to inculcate the notion that TI cases are simply mental illness cases, so that we are told implicitly to identify persons such as Mayes with the Adam Lanza construct.
But it may also be that the timing of the release has even more ominous implications. Largely, the Sandy Hook operation was a failure on the issue of gun control, although it has attained considerable success along the mental health monitoring front.
And yet, even from the standpoint of gun control, Sandy Hook still retains appreciable potential in the sense that it still reverberates in the public psyche, and the reverberations might well be harnessed to other active shooting events so as to maximize cumulative impact.
On this score, the evidence is clear that Sandy Hook has been tethered to FSU. This is the upshot of the analysis under component 2. The upshot of the component 1 analysis, you may recall, was that FSU may well have been a non-random target destination.
When these two conclusions are synthesized, we arrive at the assessment that the Sandy Hook and FSU events might be parlayed so as to result in something even more impactful than Sandy Hook.
Given Sandy Hook’s domination of the media cycle, such an event would have to sort into the register of the “very big” indeed. It may prove worthwhile to think here of the fact that while Sandy Hook was momentous, it did not involve victimization relating to a national institution steeped in tradition—an institution such as the NCAA Championship game.
FSU is very well situated to participate in the ridiculous four team playoff scheme that has been constructed (and it is worth noting that Condi Rice sits on the Playoff Selection Committee). Even with a loss, it is quite conceivable that FSU would be selected anyway; as of right now FSU is undefeated.
Another active shooting at a university whose football team is participating in the four team playoff would resonate profoundly if carefully, and malevolently, timed. ESPN fanatics would be reached for days on end, as well as causal viewers of the extravaganza.
Of course, the playoff games will take place during winter break, but certain persons will be on campus anyway—and there are always the early days of December. And, there is always the mind-bogglingly horrific possibility that the contact could be in January, and very directly tied to the games.
Such an event might well prompt even a “Republican” Congress to pass gun control legislation.
In sum, it is perhaps inherent in the nature of anticipation of such events as these that the probability of something like the above transpiring should be accounted as rather low, but the prospect does arguably have some empirical support in active shooting data as well as other information—and it meshes very well with Obama’s “lame-duck” determination to secure his fraudulent legacy.

Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. He holds degrees from Florida State University, The University of Florida, and Cornell University School of Law. Kissner’s research interests include active shootings and self-control. You can reach him at crimprof2010[ at]

Time Cloaks Are Almost Ready for the Real-World  ~ r u "catching" what is going on HERE ,folks !

​Time cloaking isn’t a brand new idea. The principle has been realized before in lab settings with help from man-made metamaterials, mostly as a proof-of-concept or theoretical demonstration. It’s amazing nonetheless: stitching together the past and the future to mask the present. Erasing history itself.
In 2013, a team from Purdue University, ​managed to hide data being transferred via a fiber-optic channel at speeds up to 1.5 gigabytes per second. The catch: The researchers hadn’t yet figured out how to uncloak the information, and so it remained hidden. Now, according to ​a new paper, the Purdue team has succeeded in both hiding and unhiding information via time cloaking while also passing data in and out of a “scrambling event,” adding yet another layer of security
So, no, we’re not talking about cloaking, like, a murder (though that’s not completely out of the question). Rather, what’s being hidden is information; this could well be viewed as a new sort of encryption, which happens to be something sorely needed. And what could be a better encryption strategy than erasing the information from history itself, but only to would-be snoops?

What could be a better encryption strategy than erasing the information from history itself?

The time cloaking idea is more intuitive than one might first imagine. Consider some fiber-optic channel carrying a message encoded in photons (particles of light). Those photons are heading toward a recipient at some velocity determined by the cable, but within this steady stream is an island, a large boulder, that’s moving much slower or not at all, which would be our message.
The water splits around the boulder upstream and comes back together downstream. The eavesdropper scans upstream for a message-boulder but all they see is water and more water. The boulder is hidden just by virtue of being slower than the river moving around it. Time cloaking basically just replaces the water with photons, such that photons behind the message in the fiber-optical cable rush around it, rejoining in front and leaving the eavesdropper with no view of the message.
The Purdue team has gone a bit beyond this basic concept, introducing a multi-wavelength version of the cloak such that a hidden version of the stream/channel is sent alongside a visible version. The target recipient gets the visible version, while everyone else gets the erased version. This wavelength "multiplexing" is how they beat the limitation of last year’s demonstration.
“One guy sees nothing, the other guy sees everything," Joseph Lukens, a study co-author and electrical engineering doctoral researcher, told New Scientist.
“We have demonstrated two new uses for temporal cloaking in high-speed telecommunications,” Lukens et al write. “The first, a multiwavelength cloak, allows data that are hidden from one wavelength channel to be transmitted along an alternative one; in the second, a corrupting event is cloaked from an input digital message, thereby allowing faithful transmission of the incoming data past an aggressive modulation signal."
Finally, the study concludes, "both realizations offer new perspectives on temporal cloaking for improving data communication systems rather than disturbing them.”

WORLD OF WHORECRAFT: PORN AND THE COOLIDGE EFFECT ~ yup chickens cum~in home to ...roost ~Young males at 23 are now complaining of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems because of something called the Coolidge effect.




Growing up in Salt Lake City it has always been somewhat of joke or with a sneer to actually hear the horror stories that we were raised with regarding the viewing of pornography.
Truth is, pornography was never really all that wild in Salt Lake City because we had a Porn Czar. Literally a school marm of a woman that would actually view videos that are distributed to make sure that there was no full frontal nudity of males in the videos and no real sexual activity that is seen between couples.
Paula Houston was Utah’s Obscenity and Pornography Complaints Ombudsman or “porn czar.” Before rising to her post, she was a prosecutor.
Houston grew up in Columbia Falls, Montana, and graduated from Brigham Young University.
The role of the Obscenity and Pornography Complaints Ombudsman was to provide resources for residents attempting to curb the unwelcome presence of pornography in their neighborhoods and on the Internet. Houston came under fire on several fronts during her brief tenure. Critics doubted she could remain objective and fair in regards to pornography because she was a Mormon.
The American Civil Liberties Union opposed the creation of such a position, describing it as unnecessary given existing laws and feared Houston might violate due process, and First Amendment Rights.
The position was part of the attorney general’s office and in its creation; the annual budget for the “porn czar” was $150,000. So when the Attorney General’s office had to cut $750,000 from its budget, Houston’s job was made redundant.
So really what we saw in videos would be considered erotica and not porn.
This had me resentful of the state I lived in because as a young male I wanted the choice to view whatever I wanted without it being censored. The internet of course changed all that and by 1998 there were two three letter words that were the most popular being typed into search engines, UFO and SEX.
For the time the warning has come from the pulpit about how pornography ruins lives and we have heard from feminists about how it exploits women. Now we are hearing from behavioral science studies that while porn won’t kill you or necessarily ruin your life, it just may be the reason why men and women are having the worst time relating to each other and having intimate relationships.
In the last couple of years studies have been showing an increase in sexual problems among young males. While the numbers vary, a 2007 study of the American Journal of Medicine showed that this affects more than 18 million men in the United States over the age of 20. One of the factors has been attributed to the widespread exposure to internet porn.
Now they emphasize “one” of the factors because the research could not find any college age men that have not watched or participated in self gratification while watching internet porn.
According to the study again to emphasize:
Researches could not find any college aged males who were not using internet porn. This created a blind spot. Imagine if all guys started smoking at age 10 and there were no groups that didn’t, we would think that lung cancer is normal for all guys.
This means there is very little conclusive data available because of the fact that most males have viewed or are now viewing internet porn.
It is also interesting to note that of those who watch high speed pornography from the age of 10 to the age of 50 have developed problems in having to create enough dopamine necessary to have sexual relationships with real women. It is also interesting to note that it is easier to reverse the problem in older males than it is to reverse it in younger male groups.
This is a frightening trend.
Young males at 23 are now complaining of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems because of something called the Coolidge effect.
The Coolidge effect is based on an old joke old joke about Calvin Coolidge when he was President …. The President and Mrs. Coolidge were being shown [separately] around an experimental government farm.
When [Mrs. Coolidge] came to the chicken yard she noticed that a rooster was mating very frequently. She asked the attendant how often that happened and was told, “Dozens of times each day.” Mrs. Coolidge said, “Tell that to the President when he comes by.” Upon being told, President asked, “Same hen every time?” The reply was, “Oh, no, Mr. President, a different hen every time.” President: “Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.”
In biology and psychology, the Coolidge effect is a phenomenon seen in mammalian species whereby males and to a lesser extent females exhibit renewed sexual interest if introduced to new receptive sexual partners, even after refusing sex from prior but still available sexual partners.
The Coolidge effect applies because when the male mind indulges in rapid fire pornography that is rapid fire partnerships psychologically. Each one a particular fantasy or even a fetish, that in the real world or in a real relationship would not happen or even comes close.
This leaves the male unsatisfied and unable to produce the dopamine necessary to create a response, or even give pleasure to his sexual partner.
In this case pornography becomes a dopamine vampire.
Very simply put, addiction is the repetition of specific behavior that causes us to feel good. We feel good because we release certain hormones like dopamine. The more dopamine we release, the better we feel and chances of us wanting to repeat the same behavior. Dopamine feeds off novelty, meaning that novel and pleasurable experiences will cause our brains to release more dopamine than consecutive similar ones, to the point where we reach the Coolidge effect.
Internet porn is especially enticing to the reward circuitry because novelty is always just a click away. It is like the rat that is in the cage constantly pushing the button for his cocaine fix.
The World Wide Web is like an infinite stream of breasts, legs and lips, a place where we can see more ‘super hot’ women in a time span of 10 minutes than our ancestors could in multiple lifetimes.
The Coolidge Effect is no longer the exception but the rule.
Back in the day being a teenager and having those overwhelming feelings would send you over the top if you saw a female model in a bikini, or a still picture of a nipple , but now you have high speed high definition voyeurism where the rare chance of being in the presence of a real woman with sexual intentions loses its novelty.
After years of consistent consumption, this won’t cut it anymore. The same pornographic material won’t excite you either and you feel compelled to explore other novel endeavors that are considered perverted or warped.
Some of the brain changes that happen during the long term exposure to internet porn are being reported as:
  1. Desensitization — The more porn you watch, the more you need to reach the same amounts of dopamine release.
  2. Sensitization — The more porn you watch, the more associations with porn you are going to make when facing stimuli which can induce these thoughts. The incognito browsing function in Google Chrome’s browser is invented to surf the web anonymously without leaving visible trace on your computer. If you are used to watching porn on a computer and are afraid of leaving traces, this is a perfect solution for that. While the initial idea is to surf anonymously, you will start making associations with watching porn. Due to the rewired nerve connections in the brain the reward circuitry gets stimulated with cues related to the addiction.
  3. Hypofrontality — Reduced impulse control and weakened ability to foresee consequences. The more porn you watch, the more difficult it will be to refrain from watching it and the less you will care about the consequences.
  4. Dysfunctional stress circuits — Chances of a relapse increase. Dopamine works through the brains main stress area in a way that it increases the activity of the brain involved in addiction relapse. That is why often time’s addicts relapse during stressful periods in life.
Now, here is the most interesting part of the study. It seems that the high speed internet availability of pornography does not affect women.
The reason why most of this does not apply to women in the same way as to men is because of the difference in female and male perception of sexuality.
Men and women have different sexual cues. Simply put, men are primarily visually and externally focused and women are primarily psychologically and internally focused.
Among men psychological and physical arousal is intertwined together and porn is seen as an individual thing. Among women psychological and physical arousal is not necessarily linked. For women porn is more of a social thing. They prefer to read erotic novels or discuss the subject on forums, and the meaning of sex often transcends having sex and getting an orgasm. Therefore women are less prone to getting addicted to internet porn.
In a 2004 testimony before the United States Senate, Dr. Jill Manning shared some interesting data regarding pornography and relationships. In her research she found that 56 percent of divorce cases involved one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites. Another source, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, polled 350 divorce attorneys in 2003 where two thirds of them reported that the Internet played a significant role in the divorces, with excessive interest in online porn contributing to more than half such cases.
Is the porn addicted male becoming a pornosexual? Meaning that he cannot be aroused or even interested in real heterosexual or homosexual encounters? Is this a whole new sexuality where some men become isolated and can only relate and enjoy masturbatory virtual relationships?
Author Jodi Ellen Malpas recently dumped her husband of 10 years because he no longer lived up to the sexual fantasies she created in her own books. The 34-year-old, whose This Man trilogy has sold more than 500,000 copies, has left her husband of ten years after ‘falling in love’ with one of her characters. Malpas told the Daily Mail:
All my fictional men are strong, successful, sophisticated and enigmatic. I guess it’s hard for any living, breathing man to live up to such a fantasy. In This Man I created Jesse Ward, whose forceful personality was appealing to me. There is no denying I fell in love with him.
These types of fantasies are paving the way for the crossing of the uncanny valley where in the transhumant world man will be able to have relationships with sympathetic and empathetic virtual assistants and also have sexual relationships with robots.
Her, directed by Spike Jonze and starring Joaquin Phoenix, takes this issue head on as a man who is a loner realizes that his computer-operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson is meeting his every need intellectually.
We’ve seen numerous, examples of these types of films where the simulated woman or man is far more desirable. A film like Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ — and his beautiful robot Maria — illustrated these types of experiences when film was in its infancy.
Westworld and Futureworld were Michael Crichton’s vision of an amusement park where realistic robots would provide sex and entertainment for tourists. Of course, the train goes completely off the rails when a robotic gunslinger goes rogue and kills people.
In 1982, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner gave us the axiom “more human than human,” as the Tyrell Corporation introduced the Nexus 6 robot that is remarkably life-like. The only way to tell the difference between human and robot is to test the subject with a psychological exam that is administered using a Voight-Kampff machine.
What used to be science fiction is becoming reality. The simulation is becoming the reality. If the simulation is too uncannily real, then what is it?
David Levy is an author who has put into one book a future where sympathetic online systems combined with life like robots will satisfy the transhumanist sexual desires of humans. Levy’s book, Love and Sex with Robots, is perhaps the fullest exploration of the future of humans and robots, especially their interaction in the bedroom. It explores the details of internet-linked devices that transmit real physical contact.
And Levy is no fantasist. He is the only person to win the Loebner prize – an annual competition to determine which chat software is the most realistic – in two separate decades, first in 1997 and again in 2009.
According to 1,900 robotic experts, by 2025 human beings could be having sex with robots. “Robotic sex partners will be commonplace, although the source of scorn and division.”
A recent study in the UK found that one in five people would totally have sex with a robot. Which is interesting, to say the least. It may seem creepy, and cold, but the truth is there are many people who see the advantage to having robotic sex as opposed to the real thing.
As many people believe sex is all about how they feel rather than their partner. The fact is while we try to pleasure the partner we are with, a robot would only care about whether or not you are satisfied. This would guarantee orgasm, no emotional ties, and no risks of STD’s or pregnancy.
This is the future, unless we can retrain ourselves to have natural relationships the tendency to have a machine or a virtual partner is inevitable, it is a case of playing in the World of Warcraft as opposed to the world of whorecraft.
Tonight, Clyde talks to Gary Wilson, author of Your Brain on Porn, and one of the world’s leading experts on Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED).

10 Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You To Know ~ do the "think" that the dollar was booted out of his country had any~thin 2 do ? & "we" went in & saved em ??   yup   & just  HOW did mr. hitler "fool" ALL those MILLIONS of German cit's  um oh yea "pixy's dust " ( folks he did turn his Country around the beginning ) & gee ALL wit out the  "dollar"  but hey good beat evil ..right  Lol  ..just ask our "Homeland Security"  ... hey man ! fuck me! that name kinda got a nazi ring 2 it  Huh lol  ...don't fer~geet 2 fil in yer dossier er errr um yer FB page today boys & girls  lol  hummm

by .
It’s almost 2015, and every single year more and more people are starting to question the information presented to them from mainstream western media outlets, and for good reason. What we are often presented with by corporate media, especially when it comes to political issues and war overseas is a twist of what’s really happening and sometimes even a fabrication of the story.
One great example is the “terrorist” group Al-Qaeda, it’s well documented that this group was supported and possibly created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Not long ago an FBI whistleblower expressed her belief that the United States is reviving the terror scare with ISIS to promote and revive the terror war industry.
Here is a video of US four-star General Wesley Clark pretty much alluding to the same thing. One of the best examples to date were the tragic events that took place on 9/11. Other great examples are the acquisitions and territory take-overs for ulterior motives. The list goes on and on.


Gaddafi commonly stated that western powers were interested in taking over countries, specifically Libya, for their oil. Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch (who owns a large portion of western media) were recently granted oil territory by Israel in Syria (Golan Heights).(source) It’s stuff like this that makes it clear to many that something fishy is going on, and has always been going on.
He had great relationships with Hugo Chavez (who claimed the US caused the earthquake in Haiti via HAARP), Nelson Mandela and many more. At the same time, it has been reported that he has done some awful things, with the evidence of this out there, it’s hard to deny what he has done. But are we only to focus on the downsides? What about all the good he did?
He was often demonized and portrayed as a mad man and a fool by western media, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good in his heart. I am not saying that the terrible things he was reported to do are not real, I am simply presenting a different perspective, one that we never hear about. The same way we don’t hear about the atrocities committed by the western powers.
Based on my research, the Bush and Obama administrations seem to be very real war mongering radical regimes, puppeteered, controlled and influenced by a higher power. Bottom line, the way western media has depicted various Middle Eastern figures over the past decade is partially twisted. We are and have been, I believe, spoon fed lies on a daily basis when it comes to this topic.
I am not going to get into the politics as to why he has been praised and hated by many from various parts of the world, as this would require a very long article.  I will instead stick to this short list of 10 things about Gaddafi that “they” don’t want you to know.
“They want to do to Libya what they did to Iraq and what they are itching to do to Iran. They want to take back the oil, which was nationalized by these country’s revolutions. They want to re-establish military bases that were shut down by the revolutions and to install client regimes that will subordinate the country’s wealth and labor to imperialist corporate interests. All else is lies and deception.” (source)(He also expressed these feelings in many of his speeches)
“Bad” human, “good” human, it doesn’t matter. All humans have held light in their heart, no matter what they have done, no matter how much “evil” they have shown, and no matter how much we judge them. There are thing that they have shared that we can learn from, regardless of actions that are considered to be radical and extreme. It would be foolish of us to ignore these other sides.
***Much of this information was obtained through Gaddafi’s Green Book, a document that outlines his political philosophy. You can access it here.
*** There are also articles floating around on the internet like this that claim some of these “facts” are lies. That could be the case, it’s hard to know what to believe and that’s why I encourage more to focus on the video below and take a look at some of Gaddafi’s interviews as well as read his political philosophy that’s linked in the sources.

1. In Libya, a home is considered a natural human right.

In Gaddafi’s Green Book it states:
“Whoever possesses the house in which you dwell, the vehicle in which you ride or the income on which you live, possesses your freedom, or part of it. Freedom is indivisible. For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of satisfying their own needs. Whoever possesses the means of fulfilling your needs controls or exploits you, and may enslave you despite any legislation to the contrary.
The material needs of people that are basic and personal start with food, housing, clothing and transport and must be regulated as private and sacred and their satisfaction should not depend on hire. To satisfy these material needs through rent, gives the original owner the right to interfere in your personal life and to control your imperative needs, even if the original owner be the society in general. The original owner can usurp your freedom and take away your happiness. The interference of the original owner may include repossessing your clothes, even leaving you naked on the street. Likewise, the owner of your means of transportation may leave you stranded on the sidewalk, and the owner of your house may make you homeless.
People’s imperative needs cannot be regulated by legal or administrative procedures. They must be fundamentally implanted into the society in accordance with natural rules.”

 2. Education was free

Gaddafi’s view on education is something that seems to resonate with many. He believed that education had nothing to do with a routinized curriculum. He pointed to the fact that the western world has forced their youth to learn during specified hours while sitting in rows of desks, and that this type of education now prevails all over the world and goes against human freedom.
“State controlled education, which governments boast of whenever they are able to force it on their youths, is a method of suppressing freedom. It is a compulsory obliteration of a human being’s talent, as well as a coercive directing of a human being’s choices. It is an act of dictatorship destructive of freedom because it deprives people of their free choice, creativity and brilliance. To force a human being to learn according to a set curriculum is a dictatorial act. To impose certain subjects upon people is also a dictatorial act. 
He strongly believed that state controlled/standardized education is again, a “forced stultification” of the masses. He believed that all governments who set courses of education in terms of a formal curriculum and force people to learn them are coercing and manipulating their citizens.
“All methods of education prevailing in the world should be destroyed through a universal cultural evolution that frees the human mind from curricula of fanaticism which dictate a process of deliberate distortion of man’s tastes, conceptual ability and mentality.” 
He did not mean that schools should be closed, in fact he believed that education was important and that society should provide all types of education that gives the individual the chance to choose freely.
“Knowledge is a natural right of every human being of which no one has the right to deprive him or her under any pretext, except in a case where a person does something which deprives him or her of that right.” 

3. Medical treatment was free

It’s beyond me as to why medical care is not free in all countries. This should be basic human right and we’ve drifted far from it. Are we not capable of creating something better as to where medical treatment could be free for everyone in all countries? Gaddafi strongly believed in this, and created it for his people.

4. There were no electricity bills in Libya, electricity was free

The western world wants to put a meter on everything. It’s just another way, out of many, to enslave us. Basic human rights are not met in the western world, and what’s even more discouraging is the fact that most of us sit back and accept it, or don’t even realize it.

5.  Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great ManMade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country


6. All newlyweds in Libya would receive 60,000 Dinar ($50,000 USD) by the government to buy their first apartment to help start a family.

7. A portion of Libyan oil sales is or was  credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens

8. Libya had it’s own state bank

Libya had its own State bank, which provided loans to citizens at zero percent interest by law and they had no external debt.

 9. A bursary was given to mothers with newborn babies

When a Libyan woman gave birth she was given the equivalent to $5000 USD for herself and the child.

10. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need in Libya, the government would fund them to go abroad for it – not only free but they get US $2,300/month accommodation and car allowance

Was Gaddafi a terrorist? It doesn’t really seem like it, does it?  Below is a compilation of clips from around the world that might give you a different perspective.
For more information about Gaddafi and his thoughts, besides the video, you can read his Green Book outlining his political philosophy HERE.

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Scary Movie 3 (She's Alive)

Scary Movie 3 (She's Alive) ~  Oops hehe

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Genetically engineering life forms to travel and colonize space  ~ hehe maybe that's what the gmo's& all the spraying going on is ...about ? hummmm

| November 24, 2014 |

Genetic biotechnology is usually discussed in the context of current and emerging applications here on Earth, and rightly so, since we still live exclusively in our planetary cradle. But as humanity looks outward, we ponder what kind of life we ought to take with us to support outposts and eventually colonies off the Earth.
While the International Space Station (ISS) and the various spacecraft that ferry astronauts on short bouts through space depend on consumables brought up from Earth to maintain life support, this approach will not be practical for extensive lunar missions, much less long term occupation of more distant sites. If we’re to build permanent bases, and eventually colonies, on the Moon, Mars, asteroids, moons of outer planets or in free space, we’ll need recycling life support systems. This means air, water, and food replenished through microorganisms and plants, and it’s not a new idea.
Space exploration enthusiasts have been talking about it for decades, and it’s the most obvious application of microorganisms and plants transplanted from Earth. What is new, however, is the prospect of a comprehensive approach to develop and apply synthetic biology for a wide range of off-Earth outpost and colonization applications.
To this end, considering human outposts on the Moon and Mars, a recently published study from scientists based at NASA Ames Research Center and the University of California at Berkeley examines the potential of genetic technology, not only to achieve biologically-based life support systems, but also to facilitate other activities that must be sustained on colony worlds. Not discussed as often with biotechnology and space exploration in the same conversation, these other activities include generation of rocket propellant, synthesis of polymers, and production of pharmaceuticals. Together with the life support system, they paint a picture of the beckoning era of space activity that puts synthetic biology at center stage.
Although written specifically in the context of lunar and Martian outposts, the proposed biologically based technical infrastructure is just as applicable to a colony on less frequently discussed worlds, such as the dwarf planet Ceres or an outer planet moon, or to a colony that orbits in the Earth moon system, orbits Venus, Mars, or an outer planet, or makes its own orbit around the Sun (known as a free space colony), rather than being located on a celestial body.
Rocket fuel and life support
Emphasizing, the other potential applications of biotechnology, the new NASA/Berkeley study mentions replenishing gases for life support only briefly. As we’ll discuss a little later in connection with rocket fuel, the chemical elements needed, oxygen and nitrogen, are available in and in the vicinity of the places where we might put outposts. It’s just that the atoms of these elements are not in a breathable form. Rather they’re combined with atoms of other chemical elements. On Mars, for instance, there’s plenty of oxygen, but not a drop is useful either to mix with propellant in rocket engines, or for humans to breath. That’s because Martian oxygen atoms are bound with carbon atoms in molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2). For humans, CO2 is a waste product; instead, we need to breathe molecular oxygen (O2) to support life functions. But, in the presence of light, photosynthetic organisms, such as plants, algae, and certain bacteria take in CO2 and water (H2O) in and release O2. In the process, they make food.
The moon also has oxygen, but in the form of silicon dioxide (SiO2) in rocks, and both the moon and Mars have sources of water. While there are chemical and electrical methods that can split up and rearrange atoms of some of these compounds without the help of living things, the gist of the NASA/Berkeley conclusion is that using life forms, especially certain microorganisms, the amount of energy and effort needed to produce a given amount of oxygen can be reduced substantially using biological methods. The same is true for the production of rocket propellant and for nitrogen, which is needed both for human breathing (as N2 gas to dilute O2), to support plants (with the help of bacteria), and for certain types of rocket fuel.
Emphasizing the utility of microorganisms, the study also notes that genetic methods can increase the yields of the needed chemicals. One important example involves a type of microorganisms known as cyanobacteria. Descendants of ancient bacteria that are thought to have been the first major suppliers of oxygen gas to Earth’s oceans and atmosphere, cyanobacteria are photosynthetic; like plants, they consume CO2 and water, releasing O2. The genomes –the collection of genes– of various strains of cyanobacteria are small and their sequences are well known, making the capabilities of these organisms easy to manipulate with genetic engineering. In addition to already being able to use nitrogen directly, they can be enhanced with genes from other microbes with novel energy systems, including those with the capability of generating methane and hydrogen (both useful as rocket fuel).
Food and drug production
The NASA/Berkeley study includes an economic analysis showing the power of synthetic biology to produce food mass. Natures most famous method for this, photosynthesis, is extremely efficient; thus, colonies on the Moon, Mars, other bodies, or free space colonies will emphasis plant farming, and probably algae-based nutrition as well. You’re unlikely to see big farm animals, such as cows and pigs. They take up far too much land. But, due to their high protein to mass ration, its been suggested that space colonists might learn to farm and enjoy insects such as grasshoppers. Furthermore, possibly timed appropriately for space colonization, the technology for synthetic meat beckons. Since, colonists will largely on their own, the NASA/Berkeley report also discusses using synthetic biology for pharmaceutical production.
Adapting life to its new home
Certain regions of Earth feature environments similar to those on planets and moons that humans might colonize. Especially with a division of Earth life known as the Archaea domain, there are various microorganisms that can survive in extreme cold, high salinity (thought to characterized sources of underground Martian water, or ancient water on Mars), and certain Archaea are also methane produces. Thus, while not mentioned specifically in the recent report, researchers looking at applying biological methods to space exploration are also looking into prospect of modifying certain bacteria, such as cyanobacteria with Archaea genes.
All that mentioned above is but the tip of the iceberg. On Earth, there are organisms that resist radiation, heat, cold, and drying, even to the point of being able to live in the space vacuum. Considering potential space colonization environments compared with our homeworld in terms of gravity, radiation, and various other parameters, there are a lot of traits we might eventually genetically engineer into life forms that we bring to help them survive while they perform their task, whether circulating life support gasses, producing rocket fuel, eating up rock, or even terraforming –changing the colony’s entire environment to make it like Earth.
David Warmflash is an astrobiologist, physician, and science writer. Follow @CosmicEvolution to read what he’s saying on Twitter.

DC Police Department Budgets Its Asset Forfeiture Proceeds Years In Advance ~ protect & serve ?  yea fucking right HUH

from the citizens-warned-to-convert-cash-to-unusable-bitcoins-in-case-of-PD-budget-shortf dept

Asset forfeiture may be the greatest scam perpetuated on the American people by their government -- and it's all legal. For the most part, assets seized translate directly to monetary or physical gains for the agencies doing the seizing, an act often wholly separated from any American ideals of due process.

The New York Times recently obtained recording of asset forfeiture conferences which showed prosecutors advising cops on how to best exploit these programs to obtain additional funds and goods for their respective law enforcement agencies. In short, it appears that many agencies use asset forfeiture to fill departmental shopping lists, rather than as the criminal syndicate-crippling action it was intended to be.

The Washington Post has been digging into the oft-abused programs for the last six weeks. The latest article in this series comes to similar conclusions about how the programs are viewed by law enforcement agencies.
D.C. police have made plans for millions of dollars in anticipated proceeds from future civil seizures of cash and property, even though federal guidelines say “agencies may not commit” to such spending in advance, documents show.

The city’s proposed budget and financial plan for fiscal 2015 includes about $2.7 million for the District police department’s “special purpose fund” through 2018. The fund covers payments for informants and rewards.
There's a very good reason federal guidelines prohibit the counting of chickens asset forfeiture proceeds before they're hatched "liberated" at badgepoint by law enforcement. It helps curtail the abuse that results from perverted incentives. No one likes a budget shortfall, but very few government entities have the means to immediately impact the bottom line -- at least not in the way a few uniformed officers granted the power to arbitrarily seize the possessions of others can. No proof of criminal intent is needed and, thanks to an agreement with the DOJ, 80% of what it seizes goes directly to the District's law enforcement agencies, rather than into the District's general fund. All it takes to divert these funds to law enforcement is the invocation of federal crimes -- like drug possession.

The very convenient DOJ agreement works out incredibly well.
District financial records show that D.C. police receive about $670,000 annually from the Equitable Sharing Program. About $30,000 in proceeds from forfeitures under District law go into the general fund.
The Justice Department refused to comment on its agreement with DC law enforcement, one that sees nearly 96% of funds derived from forfeitures go directly into the PD's pockets. DC police chief Cathy Lanier defends the program -- and the pre-budgeting of anticipated seizures -- as being essential to "removing the profit gained from facilitating a crime."

But what Lanier portrays as crippling criminal enterprises appears to be equally targeted towards separating users from their next fix -- or simply separating random "suspects" from whatever they happen to have in their wallets.
Since 2009, D.C. officers have made more than 12,000 seizures under city and federal laws, according to records and data obtained from the city by The Washington Post through the District’s open records law. Half of the more than $5.5 million in cash seizures were for $141 or less, with more than a thousand for less than $20.
Because the system is primed for abuse, legislation has been introduced that would overhaul the city's asset forfeiture program, raising the threshold of proof needed to justify a seizure as well as forcing a majority of funds to be routed into the city's general fund. Unsurprisingly, cops aren't fans of the proposed legislation.
[T]he bill has been opposed by law enforcement officials, partly for the same reason other reform efforts across the country have been stymied: money. The officials also said it would create an administrative burden. In addition to tightening oversight and the rules for civil seizures, the District proposal would cut back on revenue.
Also unsurprisingly, officials can pinpoint the presumed revenue loss with stunning accuracy.
In a fiscal impact statement Wednesday, the city’s chief financial officer, Jeffrey S. DeWitt, said that the bill “could reduce federal resources­ received by the District by approximately $670,000” each year if the general fund provision takes effect.
Which is exactly the amount the PD receives from the Share-With-The-DOJ plan. DC's asset forfeiture program is beyond broken. When something starts out with the goal of crippling drug kingpins and ends up as an easy way to seize a mother's vehicle because her son was busted for misdemeanor possession while driving it, it's blatantly obvious that the program is serving no one but its direct beneficiaries.

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Satanism and the sexualization of children:
what do these two things have in common?
Read on, and find out…  ~ & this IS what we are "sponsoring" mr & mrs America ..we think the chicken's will NEVER cum home to ...roost huh !

… by Lasha Darkmoon

It has come to this: little children are now being taught Satanism in schools and encouraged to masturbate in the classroom by their teachers. These heavily medicated and dumbed down kids, without their parents’ knowledge or consent, are being systematically turned into the sex perverts and serial killers of the future.
These children don’t know how to add or subtract. They don’t know if the world is flat or round. They don’t know where the Atlantic Ocean is and they can’t find America on a world map.  But they know how to use a dildo.
Little girls are being given detailed instructions how to strip and strap on these artificial penises, which they are then told to insert into the vaginas of other little girls— 6th graders aged 11 and upwards who, like themselves, are presumably ready for the raptures of sapphic sex.
Where these beginner lesbians are expected to practice their sex games—for let’s not be killjoys and call their innocent erotic pastimes “perversions”—is not altogether clear.
“Shocking images [we are told]  out of a classroom in Nebraska illustrate how 11-12 year olds in 6th grade are being taught under new federally mandated Common Core educational standards how to use strap-on dildos. The pictures were taken by a student with a cellphone camera. They show a teacher demonstrating how to use a strap-on sex toy in a number of different positions.
In one image, the teacher even shows how to insert the strap-on while her buttocks are in the air and her legs up over her head. In another image, the woman shows the children how to wear a harness to which the strap-on is attached.
Newly implemented Common Core educational standards have been assailed for their attempt to create a lowest common denominator form of teaching which many assert only works to dumb down lessons and prevent smart students from excelling, but these images give a glimpse into an even darker side to the federally mandated rules.
The Secrets of the Fed website also points to a book being given to 4th graders under new Common Core standards entitled It’s Perfectly Normal, which teaches children as young as nine how to masturbate.”
(See here)

Explicit: 11-12 year olds get a sex toy lesson in Nebraska.
A teacher is shown  demonstrating the use of  a strap-on dildo (left).
She has her buttocks thrown up over her head (right),
showing how to insert the dildo in the desired orifice.

“Common Core” — a euphemism for “Let’s corrupt the kiddies and turn them into little sex machines” — is being federally imposed on states across the nation. It is nothing less than mind pollution of minors cunningly disguised as “teaching”. Its opponents assert that it will not only eviscerate critical thinking and lower educational standards, but create adults who are little more  than zombies.
The basic rules of logic and mathematics are also being turned on their heads. As in Orwell’s great novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the protagonist Winston Smith was finally forced to acknowledge that 2 + 2 = 5, pupils in American schools today are being subjected to similar absurdities.
“Perhaps the most infamous example of how Common Core will manifest itself in America’s schooling system was illustrated by a bizarre video in which a Common Core curriculum director said that “3 x 4 = 11could be considered a correct answer so long as students could explain how they reached that number.”
The same Alice-in-Wonderland logic, if transferred to the sphere of ethics, could have bizarre consequences. If explaining how you arrived at an incorrect answer is equivalent to arriving at the correct answer, then explaining how you came to do the wrong thing (e.g. commit murder) is equivalent to doing the right thing (i.e. not committing murder).
Applying the same twisted logic, you can be a model citizen even if you are a serial killer — provided you can give a rational explanation of why you like killing people.
Common Core’s sex education standards have also faced fierce criticism, with one group even claiming that they represent “pornography”, which serves to desensitize children and increase their chances of sexual molestation.
“What is taught includes teaching inappropriate sexuality skills,” writes Joseph R. John. “According to child psychologists, children are not mentally equipped to [receive] sexual indoctrination in kindergarten. They are being indoctrinated in sexual practices they should never  be exposed to!”
Of one thing we can be certain. The Perversion Lobby will win in the end. They always do.




Our children have already undergone sexualization to an alarming degree. The average child’s first exposure to pornography is at the age of 11. Crystal Renaud, who was to write a book about her struggle with porn addiction, became addicted to pornography at the age of 11. She writes:
“Porn. Masturbation. Cybersex. Webcam sex. Phone sex. Anything you could think of, I watched, experienced and enjoyed. No matter how many times I said I would stop, I would just keep doing it.”
That porn addiction has an even more devastating effect on little boys is well known. The Oxbow Academy, an expensive boarding school in the wilds of Utah, is in fact a lock-down facility reserved exclusively for 13-to-17-year-old boys whom internet pornography has turned into virtual masturbation machines. Here they are sent by their parents to be “cured”.
As part of their therapy, Oxbow has implemented a prison-like regimen for the boys who are kept under constant supervision by staff members. Allowed only 10 minutes in the bathroom, the boys are monitored by video cameras and motion detectors at all times, even while asleep. This is to stop them masturbating to past memories of porn which have left an indelible impression on their minds, haunting them with flashbacks months after their last contact with inflammatory online imagery.
Shawn Brooks, founder of Oxbow Academy, says: “They have a hard time not masturbating every 15 or 20 minutes.” 
How sad. How desperately sad! Mom in her lonely bedroom making passionate love to her vibrator. Dad in his den drooling over internet porn. Little Stella in school trying on a strap-on dildo. And Simon at university attending a lecture on Satanic Sex and the Higher Sodomy.
What’s it all about? — This is about betrayal and the loss of honor. The parents have lost their honor and betrayed themselves. They have also betrayed their children. The children have continued the cycle of betrayal, betraying themselves as well as their parents.
All have been brought to this dreadful pass by the implacable hatred of another group: the dedicated destroyers of the family, the underminers of traditional morals—in short, by the merchants of spiritual death.
Who are these underminers of morality, these destroyers of the family, these spreaders of spiritual darkness—who are the Merchants of Death? You already know who they are. If you don’t know who they are, you are part of the problem. You are complicit in your own ruin and in the destruction of all that is precious.
“Modernization is about everyone becoming Jewish,” Yuri Slezkine noted in The Jewish Century. It is the widespread adoption of “Jewish values” that have brought us to this pass. This is how “Jewified” countries behave: dumbed down and brainwashed by their Jewish media, stupefied and morally contaminated by Jewish movies, dehumanized and brutalized by Jewish porn. This is what it is like to have soul cancer.



And now, if you will permit, a short digression, a slight autobiographical detour or personal memoir whose object is to persuade you that Satanism is a real force for evil in the world and that I have personal knowledge of this based on experience. My flirtation with the black arts, though it lasted no more than eighteen months during my late teens, left a deep impression on my mind.
Truly, it was through Evil that I learned to love Good, for it was the Devil who pitchforked me into God’s arms.
When I was eighteen, I met an older man, a French aristocrat, who took a fancy to me and wanted to make me the thirteenth witch in his coven. I met him in a park. He came and sat down next to me on the bench where I was sunning myself and started leafing through a book called La Clef des Grands Mystères. I was fascinated. A little frisson ran through me and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation of arcane thrills to come. Mesmerized, I sat there in a semi-trance, waiting for the Master to speak the first word..
And so we got into conversation, the Mage and I, as if destiny had willed it. He told me he belonged to the Temple of Set and invited me back to his mist-enshrouded manor house to inspect his library.
During the walk back to his country estate, through pleasant woods and fields, he asked me with a twinkle in his eye if I would “like to be a witch”. I laughed and told him I would make a very poor witch. Later, when I got to know the man better, he would call me his “Gothic princess” and insist I wear black lipstick to please him and placate the dark gods.
Nothing of an intimate nature ever took place between us. I wouldn’t let it, having taken an oath on my 13th birthday to remain a virgin until I was thirty. He was too weird, in any case, for close human contact. Pale and cadaverous, like a tall gravedigger dressed in black, the man’s long, raven straight hair and pallid complexion resembled my own. His pet name for me was “Tiger Lily”.
Why did I hang out with this spooky guy? I had an ulterior motive. To have access to his library of rare occult books. These included books in Latin and French almost impossible to find nowadays except among the wealthiest aficionados of the occult arts.
One of the first books my newly acquired  friend showed me was Jean Bodin’s De la Demonomanie des Sorciers, published in Antwerp in 1593, one of the most important manuals on witchcraft and demonology. I had hardly sat down and he was reading me bits in French about the copulation of witches with demons.
The rarest manual on demonology ever published happened to be in his library. I was to read this later from cover to cover with the help of a medieval  Latin dictionary. This was one of the few surviving copies of the notorious De Praestigiis Daemonum by Johannes Wierus, the disciple of the greatest magician of the Renaissance, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. The secrets I earned from that recondite book I have never forgotten. That forbidden knowledge brought me almost to the brink of madness.
I had more than enough exposure to Satanism over the next 18 months, so I know what it’s like to fall under its maleficient influence. Immature, as naive as a novice nun, I would nevertheless adore reading these musty tomes on demonology and black magic, kabalistic spells and incantations, the Sabbats and “the drawing down of the moon”. I would spend all night, high on strong coffee and amphetamines, poring over the esoteric works of Emanuel Swedenborg,  Eliphas Levi, and Aleister Crowley.
“DO WHAT THOU WILT shall be the whole of the law.” was Crowley’s most famous pronouncement. The great English Satanist (1875-1947) was never quite sure who created the universe, God or Satan. Nor was I during those heady days. Hence this memorable witticism of Crowley’s made me go into raptures when I first read it:
“I was in the death struggle with self. God and Satan fought for my soul those three long hours. God conquered. Now I have only one doubt left—which of the twain was God?”
Crowley was quite a character, it seems, but I found it hard to sympathize with his personal habits. They bordered on the grotesque. Thus when invited out to dinner at people’s houses, very posh houses indeed, Crowley would shock all the High Society guests by defecating openly on the drawing room carpet.
If the Host should protest, Crowley would lecture the company on “silly bourgeois conventions”, such as visiting the bathroom, and end up quoting his famous motto, “DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW!”
Reader, I didn’t make up this story. You will find it  in John Symond’s book, The Great Beast: The life and magick of Aleister Crowley.
Like all Satanists, Crowley was a sexual libertine. Promiscuous sex, masturbation on a heroic scale, and the writing of sensational poetry featured as important parts of this demoniac’s daily routine. It was in the French aristocrat’s library that I was to discover a slim volume of erotic verse by Crowley, entitled White Stains.  This bizarre volume of fleurs du mal, published privately in Amsterdam when Crowley was still only 23, was intended as a lyrical celebration of Richard von Krafft-Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis.
An odd combination, you might think: poetry and sexual perversion.
Being an aspiring poet myself, I was soon to learn Crowley’s dithyrambic Hymn To Pan by heart.  Lounging opposite my spooky gentleman friend on a chaise longue in his lamp-lit study, and sipping a chilled Amontillado from El Puerto de Santa Maria, fresh from my host’s cobwebbed cellars, I would recite to him this poem in my darkest, most whispery voice:
I am Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan!
I am thy mate, I am thy man,
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to equinox.
And I rave and I rape and I rip and I rend
Everlasting, world without end!—
Mannikin, maiden, maenad, man,
In the might of Pan!
Io Pan! Io Pan Pan! Pan! Io Pan!

This has been a long digression. For this I sincerely apologize. My only excuse is that it  is closely connected with the subject matter of this essay: Satanism, especially the diabolical corruption of minors by the combination of sex and Satanism in the school curriculum. 
The Satanic Temple [we read here] has announced that it will provide pamphlets on Satanism to students in Florida, following the school board’s decision permitting the distribution of religious [!] materials.
The [Satanic] sect tells school children about their legal rights … to practice Satanism. Earlier this month, the school system made a decision to let any religious and atheist materials be provided in schools.
Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves explains: “We think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth.
“I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and its Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer.” (Emphasis added)
The Satanic Temple came into the media spotlight recently after announcing that it intended to erect a seven-foot statue of Baphomet next to a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol.
Baphomet, formerly a pagan idol, is, needless to say, associated with the Devil. Baphomet is always represented in art as horned and goat-footed, the goat being an ancient  symbol of lust. Baphomet moreover, according to Crowley, is closely associated with spermatozoa and is the product of sex magick, i.e., the result of a primal autoerotic act by Satan Trismegistus, the archetypal Masturbator, who decided in his wisdom that the object of the Divine Seed was to waste it.
It is quite clearly the Devil, symbol of primordial Lust, whom our children are now being encouraged to worship.
That is, of course, not strictly true. The propaganda is infinitely more subtle and therefore all the harder to resist. Our children are being offered “diversity” and “freedom of choice”. They are being offered Satanism as an “alternative” to God.
Ultimately, little John and Mary must be protected from the indoctrination of their parents — sadly trapped  as these misguided adults are by “traditional moral values” and silly old-fashioned ideals like “honor and decency”.
Instead, children must be taught to trust their liberal, neo-Bolshevik “liberators”: the elite media owners and mind manipulators who offer us all so many goodies straight out of Pandora’s box: diversity, pluralism, “choice”, moral relativism, and a wide range of “exciting alternatives” including the chance to go to hell in a handcart.
Above all, sex—sex in its most depraved forms, including propaganda for incest and bestiality—must be rammed down our children’s throats at all times so that they can think of nothing else but SEX, SEX, SEX.
I won’t mince my words. Never in the history of the world has there been such a program of black propaganda, as there is today, designed to work on the malleable minds of children and turn them into a thoroughly degenerate bunch of sexual perverts.
The other day I came across a little boy, aged about 11-12, masturbating openly over some internet porn in the library. “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked him gently.
He gave me a crooked smile. “I dunno,” he said. “Probably a serial killer.”  
I felt desperately sorry for this little boy. He could have been my own son. Blame him I could not. He was the product of a depraved erotomaniacal culture deliberately brought into being by a degenerate Jew-controlled media empire which includes our education system.
Parents remain totally unaware of the pornographic obscenities being rammed into their children’s minds on a daily basis. Here are a few examples of what our children are being exposed to at school, all in the name of “sex education”. All examples  come from a meticulously documented study by Jim Hoft, Child Pornography in the Classroom:
These include first-person narratives ostensibly informing children of real-life situations in which they might find themselves involved sooner or later: public masturbation in classrooms with “semen flying through the air”, explicit sex acts between pre-schoolers, anal sex between boys on school premises, 6-year-old boys performing fellatio on fellow first-graders in school restrooms, 13-year-olds “getting my cock sucked”, and older teenage boys enjoying the “exquisite bitter taste” of their best friend’s semen.
If I were to ask my little 8-year-old nephew, in the presence of his parents, if he had experienced any of these abominations at school, they would look at me in absolute horror. That I should even think of these obscenities and try to pollute the mind of their little son by suggesting he might be a suitable candidate for Sodom and Gomorrah, would be regarded by his good parents as a sure sign of my own depravity. My own complete corruption.
Lasha, How could you even THINK of such things?
Good question. But even more to the point, how can the State think of such things? How can our education authorities actually hire adults to write such filthy stories for children?  How can the government be so mindlessly stupid as to licence such sick-minded perverts to enter the same room as our children and act as their moral instructors?
It beggars belief.
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