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The Deep Politics of God Revisited

by Paul David Collins ©, March 31st, 2008

The Kunz Murder

CNP | Lucifer's LodgeSome crime scenes are so grisly and gruesome that they beggar description. One such scene was discovered on March 4th, 1998 by a young teacher at the residence of Father Alfred Kunz (Kennedy 150). Father Kunz was discovered face down in a pool of his own blood with his throat cut (150). While the culprit was never found, there is a body of evidence that suggests Satanism was involved in the murder. A mutilated calf was discovered on a farm fifteen minutes away from Kunz’s dead body (150-151). The calf had its throat slit and its blood drained into a milk pail (151). The calf’s genitals had also been cut off (151). Cult experts consider calf mutilations to be “the calling card or ‘signature’ of Satanists” (151). Kunz’s slit throat was also significant. The oaths of many secret societies include throat slicing as a penalty for revealing a group’s closest secrets (152-53). Was Kunz exposing the operations of a cult? Kunz’s friend and associate, former Vatican insider Malachi Martin certainly thought so. Six weeks after Kunz’s murder, Martin appeared on a radio show claiming to have inside information that Kunz’s murder was carried out by Luciferians (153). Luciferians are not your garden variety devil worshippers, but they are devil worshippers nonetheless.
Kunz’s murder came shortly after he made it known that the format of his hour-long radio show called Catholic Family Hour was going to be modified (151). Malachi Martin, a former Vatican insider and expert on deviant sex rings within the Catholic Church, had become a regular guest on the show (151). The night Kunz was murdered was the exact same night that Kunz’s friend, Father Charles Fiore, took over the Catholic Family Hour show (151). Fiore planned to begin exposing satanic pedophile rings within the Catholic Church (151-52). Fiore was in a perfect position to collect intelligence on deviant sex rings both inside and outside the Catholic Church because of his participation in the Council for National Policy (CNP). Fiore had been on the CNP’s Board of Governors in 1982, and had been a CNP participant in 1984 and 1988 (“Council for National Policy: Selected Member Biographies,” no pagination). Fiore had also been a member of fellow CNP participant Ed McAteer’s Religious Roundtable Council (no pagination).

The CNP is a religious engineering project launched by Nelson Bunker Hunt, a board member and financier of the John Birch Society (JBS) (Aho, no pagination). JBS claims to be an organization opposed to the power elite and elitist machinations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. However, upon closer inspection, one discovers that the JBS is actually connected to the very elitist machinations it claims to be fighting. For instance, JBS members such as William Grede, William Benton McMillan, Robert Waring Stoddard, J. Nelson Shepherd, and Spruille Braden were either directly or indirectly associated with the CFR (no pagination).
The CNP was created with the remnants of the domestic surveillance/intel-gathering arm of the JBS, the Western Goals Foundation (no pagination). Again, Nelson Bunker Hunt, who was also a principal character at Western Goals, provided the starter-up money for the CNP (no pagination). Hunt would go on to serve as the CNP’s president from 1983 to 1984 and also served on the CNP’s board of Governors (no pagination). As was the case with the JBS, the CNP was presented to the American public as an alternative to the CFR. ABC’s Marc J. Ambinder has even characterized it as “the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relation” (no pagination). However, the CNP first Governing Board had three CFR members sitting on it: George F. Gilder, Dr. Edward Teller, and Guy Vander Jagt (Aho, no pagination). Later members of the CNP who were also CFR members included J. Peter Grace and Arnaud De Borchgrave (no pagination).
Several CNP participants have been close to or involved in deviant sex rings that litter the American political landscape.

The CNP and Deviant Sex Rings

A thread of sexual deviance within the CNP becomes evident with CNP member James Dobson promotion of Joseph Nicolosi’s reparative therapy. Ostensibly, this controversial psychotherapy is designed to facilitate the abatement of the same-sex affinities exhibited by homosexuals. To prevent homosexuality in young boys, Nicolosi recommends that fathers should accompany their sons into the shower, where boys discover that their dads have penises, “just like his, only bigger” (no pagination). Nicolosi never adequately demonstrates how such a bizarre practice could effectively prevent sexual confusion. Reparative therapy itself has never produced any viable results. So, why is it still embraced by people in the Evangelical establishment? Is reparative therapy designed to cure young boys, or seduce them?
Another possible link between the CNP and organized groups of perverts is CNP participant Jack Abramoff and former Congressman Mark Foley. Foley became embroiled in scandal back in 2006 when it was discovered that the former congressman was sending questionable and sexually explicit e-mails to a sixteen year old former congressional page (Shwartz and Sauer, no pagination). The scandal led to the congressman’s resignation (Ross and Sauer, no pagination). A retired intelligence agency official with multiple Capitol Hill sources told investigative journalist Tom Flocco that federal agents linked Foley to GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff and GOP reporter/former male prostitute Jeff Gannon (no pagination). Flocco’s intelligence insider informed him that the sex / spy ring at the Watergate, Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton hotels in Washington, DC were operated by Abramoff (no pagination). The insider also told Flocco that Gannon and Abramoff acted as facilitators for the poker parties and an elaborate prostitution ring of pedophiles and extortion-friendly homosexuals-in-the-closet serving factions of the Republican leadership (no pagination). If Flocco’s sources are correct, the CNP is directly tied to network of deviant sex rings. Abramoff has been a member of the CNP (Council for National Policy: Selected Member Biographies, no pagination). Abramoff has collaborated with other CNP members, one being Grover Norquist. In June 2006, the Senate Indian Affairs Committee released an investigative report charging that CNP member Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform provided a channel for money to “surreptitiously finance grass-roots lobbying campaigns” (Schmidt and Grimaldi, no pagination). According to E-mails, Norquist’s organization retained a small percentage of these funds (no pagination).
Norquist’s Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy was also involved in Abramoff operations. Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi elaborates:
A second group Norquist was involved with, the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy received about $500,000 in Abramoff client funds; the council’s president has told Senate investigators that Abramoff often asked her to lobby a senior Interior Department official on his behalf. The committee report said the Justice Department should further investigate the organization’s dealings with the department and its former deputy secretary, J. Steven Griles. (no pagination)
Norquist and Abramoff have maintained a close friendship since they were leaders of the College Republicans (no pagination). CNP participants Jesse Helms and Alan Keyes also collaborated with Abramoff’s International Freedom Foundation, which was a Washington-based organization that received clandestine financing from the South African military to promote foreign advocates of apartheid (Ballenger, no pagination). Abramoff also arranged for CNP participant Tom DeLay’s sojourns to Saipan during the New Years of 1997 (Ross, no pagination). DeLay made at least three other expense-paid trips that were connected to Abramoff, including sojourns to Moscow in 1997, London and Scotland in 2000, and South Korea in 2001 (no pagination). At one time, CNP member Ralph Reed acted as an unpaid intern for Abramoff (“Jack Abramoff,” no pagination). Reed was invited to sleep on Abramoff couch and, in his book Active Faith, Reed even claims that Abramoff introduced him to his future wife (no pagination). Reed’s marketing company was also involved in Abramoff’s lobbying efforts (no pagination).This places the CNP very close to deviant sex rings, if Flocco’s allegations concerning Abramoff prove to be true and his intelligence source is legitimate.
Flocco’s contentions are strengthened by the fact that CNP participant Abramoff’s lobbying team was involved in writing Republican Representative Ralph Hall’s statements on the House floor. Hall’s presentation questioned the claims of a teenage girl purporting to be a victim of the sex trade in the Northern Marianas Islands (Kiel, no pagination). CNP participant DeLay was Abramoff’s strongest Congressional supporter on the Marianas issue, and Hall even accepted money from DeLay while he was still a democrat (no pagination). CNP participant Diana Weyrich was also Ralph Hall’s former staff assistant (Council for National Policy: Selected Member Biographies, no pagination). Evidently, these CNP-aligned parties had a vested interest in obfuscating specific details about the Marianas sex slave trade.
Covenant House also ties the CNP to deviant sex rings. According to John DeCamp, Covenant House was used to acquire children for the purposes of pedophilia. The former Nebraska senator provides the following description:
Lauded by the Reagan and Bush Administrations as a showcase for the privatization of social service, Covenant House had expanded into Guatemala as a gateway to South America. According to intelligence community sources, the purpose was procurement of children from South America for exploitation in a pedophile ring. The flagship Guatemalan mission of Covenant House was launched by a former business partner of Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza, Roberto Alejos Arzu, who had ties to the CIA, according to the Village Voice of Feb. 20, 1990. The Voice quoted Jean-Marie Simon, author of Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny: “It’s like having Idi Amin on the board of Amnesty International.” (180)
Robert Macauley, the founder of Americares, has been one of Covenant House’s major benefactors (180). CNP member J. Peter Grace helped found Americares (Collins, “Order of Malta valuable to church in Zaire,” no pagination). One of Americare’s largest contributors is none other than CNP participant Pat Robertson (no pagination). In February of 1989, when Covenant House director, Father Bruce Ritter, was accused to of having molested children at the youth organization, the powerful PR firm Hill and Knowlton dispatched Charles Perkins to help with Covenant House public relations dilemma (DeCamp 180). Perkins rushed from New York and gave aid to Covenant House for a fraction of Hill and Knowlton’s regular fee (180).
In 1986, one the Hill and Knowlton’s former employees, Robert Keith Gray, became chairman and CEO of the PR giant after his own firm was bought out by Hill and Knowlton (178). According to DeCamp, Gray is also reportedly a specialist in homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA (178). John DeCamp also reveals Gray’s relationship with two major covert operators, Edwin Wilson and Frank Terpil. DeCamp states:
During the Watergate era, Robert Keith Gray served on the board of Consultants International, founded by CIA agent Edwin Wilson. When Wilson and fellow agent Frank Terpil got caught running guns abroad, Gray tried to deny his connection with Wilson. “Yet ten years before,” according to Peter Maas’ book Manhunt, “in a top secret Navy review of Wilson’s intelligence career, Gray described Wilson as a person of ‘unqualified trust,’ with whom he’d been in contact ‘professionally two or three times a month’ since 1963.” (179)
Gray’s connection to Wilson is significant. Fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil has claimed that sexual blackmailing operations directed by the CIA were intensive in Washington during the Watergate era (DeCamp 179). Terpil also asserts that his former partner, Ed Wilson, was coordinating one of these sexual blackmail operations (179). In a letter to author Jim Hougan, Terpil revealed Wilson modus operandi:
Historically, one of Wilson Agency jobs was to subvert members of both houses [of Congress] by any means necessary Certain people could be easily coerced by living out their sexual fantasies in the flesh A remembrance of these occasions [was] permanently recorded via selected cameras The technicians in charge of filming [were] TSD [Technical Services Division of the CIA]. The unwitting porno stars advanced in their political careers, some of [whom] may still be in office. (Qtd. in DeCamp 179)
DeCamp asserts that the Wilson/Terpil/Gray operations were merely continuations of sexual blackmail operations ran by the infamous Roy Cohn:
Gray’s associate Wilson was apparently continuing the work of a reported collaborator of Gray from the 1950 -McCarthy committee counsel Roy Cohn, now dead of AIDS. According to the former head of the vice squad for one of America’s biggest cities, Cohn’s job was to run the little boys. Say you had an admiral, a general, a congressman, who did not want to go along with the program. Cohn’s job was to set them up, then they would go along. Cohn told me that himself. The first president of Tong Sun Park George Town Club, where Wilson sexual blackmail operations were reportedly run, was Robert Keith Gray. (179-80)
Cohn’s sexual blackmail operation may have even included the cult that Maury Terry alleges was behind the Son of Sam killings. Terry conducted a meticulous investigation into the Son of Sam murders and gathered compelling evidence that David Berkowitz was only one participant in what was, in fact, a string of cult killings. The cult behind these crimes was the satanic group known as the Process Church of the Final Judgement. According to David Berkowitz, the Process provided children for sex at parties held by wealthy people in Westchester, Manhattan, Connecticut, and Long Island (Terry 534). Berkowitz informed Terry that one of these parties were held at Cohn house in Connecticut and Berkowitz even got to meet the infamous McCarthy aide during the party (534). This may explain the satanic aspects of the deviant sex rings being exposed by Fiore, Martin, and Kunz. It may also explain why there were so many satanic features to the Kunz murder.
Cohn is important because of his connection to the CNP. After the mysterious death of Larry MacDonald, Cohn ran Western Goals Foundation for a short time ( “Western Goals Foundation,” no pagination). CNP participant John Singlaub was a joint-founder of Western Goals (no pagination). CNP participant J. Peter Grace had the CNP major funder, Roger Milliken, on the board of Directors of his W.R. and Grace Company (no pagination). One of Western Goals major contributors, Nelson Bunker Hunt, was a CNP participant (no pagination). Two other CNP participants, Daniel Graham and Mildred Jefferson, were also involved in Western Goals (no pagination). As stated earlier, the CNP was created with the remnants of Western Goals. It is also possible the CNP participant Abramoff sex/blackmail ring is yet another continuation of the Cohn/Wilson operation.
Is the CNP some monolithic conspiracy of sexual deviants? Of course not. However, it does seem to be part of a network where a sexually deviant subculture has flourished hiding under a cloak of family values.


According to researcher William H. Kennedy, Kunz and Fiore collaborated with former Vatican insider Malachi Martin in gathering intelligence on deviant sex rings within the Catholic Church (146). In Keys of this Blood, Martin wrote about the existence of what he called a “superforce” within the Catholic Church (82). Martin claimed that “this superforce is a sort of ecclesiastical version of a hostile corporate takeover team” (83). He also claimed that the superforce was made up of “Churchmen of such rank and power within the Vatican and at key points of the hierarchic structure that they controlled the most vital organs and sinews of that structure, worldwide” (82). Several CNP participants are members of groups that may constitute the superforce. For instance, CNP participants William Simon and Frank Shakespeare are members of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) (“Council for National Policy: Selected Member Biographies,” no pagination). Deceased CNP participant J. Peter Grace was actually a President of the American Association of the Knights of Malta (no pagination). Ostensibly a traditional Catholic organization, the Knights of Malta are, in fact, major players in the realm of criminal politics. The group has major connection with the Nazis, both before and after the Second World War.
Knight of Malta Franz von Papen acted as a frontman for the Nazis when he became German Chancellor in 1932 (“Nazis, the Vatican, and CIA,” no pagination). That very same year, von Papen dissolved the Reichstag and began promoting new elections. When the new election were carried out, the Nazis became the dominant party in the new Reichstag (no pagination). In 1933, von Papen convinced President von Hindenberg to make Hitler Chancellor (no pagination). Hilter rewarded the Knight of Malta with the Vice-Chancellorship (no pagination). That same year, von Papen climbed the ranks of the Knights of Malta to become Knight Magistral Grand Cross (no pagination). One year later, von Papen assumed the role of Hitler’s Ambassador to Austria (no pagination). Von Papen also served as the Nazi Ambassador to Turkey from 1939 to 1944 (no pagination). His punishment for all of this was an acquittal at the Nuremburg trials and a munificent pension from Konrad Adenauer, the Chancellor after the war. Apparently, it pays to be Knight of Malta.
SMOM was also instrumental in establishing the postwar Nazi apparatus. SMOM member and West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer established Nazi chief of intelligence Reinhard Gehlen as the first head of the German secret service, the Bundesnachtrichtdienst (BND) (no pagination). When Otto Ambros, the chemist and Director of I.G. Farben who was responsible for the death of hundreds of people used as slave labor at Auschwitz, required assistance gaining entry into the United States, it was SMOM member and CNP participant J. Peter Grace who came to his aid (no pagination). Ambros went on to become a consultant for Grace’s chemical company, W.R. Grace and Company (no pagination). W.R. Grace and Company also had Friedrich Karl Flick sitting on its board (no pagination). In 1933, Flick’s father had given money hand over fist to the Nazi party after being assured by Hermann Goering, Hitler’s designated successor, that once the Nazis came to power, elections would cease for the rest of the decade and quite possibly the rest of the century (no pagination). It is no exaggeration to say that Grace had allowed his company to become a safe haven for Nazis after the war.
Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank in charge of European affairs Joseph J. Larkin was also a SMOM member (no pagination). Larkin kept Chase Bank’s doors open in Paris after the Nazis occupied the city (no pagination). Larkin was not motivated by simple greed. His actions show a genuine flirtation with fascism. He was a dedicated supporter of General Francisco Franco (no pagination). Both the Franco account and Reichbank account were overseen by Larkin (no pagination).
There is also a very close relationship between SMOM and Opus Dei. This relationship was established in the summer of 1976 when Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos selected Opus Dei member Adolfo Suarez to be the chief of the Spanish government after the dictator Francisco Franco died (no pagination). SMOM member Francis X. Standard, led “Evenings of Conversation” at the Opus Dei Headquarters in New York (no pagination). Present at some of these “Evenings of Conversation” were William Simon and Frank Shakespeare, both CNP participants and SMOM members (no pagination). CNP participant Paul Weyrich is a member of Opus Dei (Brayton, no pagination). David Clark, an expert at rescuing people out of cults, has called Opus Dei “cult-like” (Koloff, no pagination). Clark also contends that Opus Dei’s Catholic disguise is “bait and switch” (no pagination). His accusations are backed up by the testimonies of former members who claim that their reading materials were censored, that their salaries were turned over to Opus Dei, and that they were isolated from their families (no pagination).
Apparently, Opus Dei is just as guilty of flirting with fascism as SMOM. Vladimir Felzmann, a former Opus Dei priest, claims that Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva once said to him, “Vlad, Hitler couldn’t have been such a bad person” (Thompson, no pagination). Escriva also engaged in Holocaust denial, telling Felzmann that there was no way Hitler could have exterminated six million people and that the number was more likely to be around four million (no pagination). In Spain, Opus Dei was very active in the government of dictator Francisco Franco, collaborating with the country’s premier, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco (Lernoux 314). In Chile, Opus Dei backed the CIA-sponsored overthrow of Salvadore Allende (318). Opus Dei was represented in the government of dictator Augusto Pinochet by Hernan Cubillos, an Opus Dei member and Pinochet’s foreign minister (318).
By participating in the CNP, members of subversive organizations within the Catholic Church are able to extend their influence beyond the Catholic world. The tentacles of the superforce may reach farther than Father Martin realized. CNP participant Father Fiore was in a position to discover this.


Father Kunz may have been murdered to scare Fiore out of conducting a deeper investigation of deviant sex rings. If that was the objective, then the culprits were successful. The Kunz murder made Fiore begin to fear for his life and he backed off his previous plans to take Catholic Family Hour in a new direction (Kennedy 152). It was not too long until Father Kunz was joined by his friends and fellow crusaders for the truth. Malachi Martin died in July 1999 after years of cardiac problems (154). Father Fiore passed away in January 2002 (154). All three men stepped off into eternity without seeing the Catholic Church wake up to the danger that existed within its very midst. The superforce is still very much intact and active among the faithful, both in the Catholic and Protestant world.

Sources Cited

The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence   ~ folks you really should READ Dr.Joseph P.Farrell's article on ... 

"Artificial Intelligence and the Fall of Lucifer"  before u plug that trode up yer ass ? Oops

Is Alice's nightmare world becoming a reality? Note that Alice in Resident Evil is subjected to mind control and genetic manipulation by a secretive corporation that controls governments, the Umbrella Corp.
Is Alice’s nightmare world becoming a reality? Note that Alice in Resident Evil is subjected to mind control and genetic manipulation by a secretive corporation that controls governments, the Umbrella Corp.
By: Jay
In researching the MK ULTRA programs and their various offshoots, I came across an interesting connection to the coming SmartGrid.  Under Dr. Ewan Cameron, a prison tracking device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine was utilized to monitor inmates locations, heart rate and other personal details that were reciprocally transmitted to the good doctors.  What comes to the fore is the similarity with the development of the Smartphone and its new capabilities for monitoring heart rate, health, etc., as well as basically anything else.  Is there a connection between mind control and the coming A.I. takeover?  While this may sound like the ultimate paranoiac tin foliage, I suspect more at work here.
In my analysis, the rollout of the great technological utopia we are being sold was not the result of mere organic market forces that competed to produce harder, better, faster and stronger products.  The average libertarian, for example, believes this deception, presuming the “invisible hand” of the market results in a natural advancement, while any other economic model retarded growth and “progress.”  On the contrary, much of the technological progress we have seen in the last few decades is not the result of independent, competing ideas, but is rather the strategically timed and intentional release of the military industrial tech complex, given to an idiot public for the purpose of long term enslavement and depopulation.
The connection to MK ULTRA arises in relation to experiments with jc manipulation which I have already highlighted in regard to Dr. Michael Aquino and his infamous essay, “From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory,” where the combination of ELF/VLF and various RF manipulation is discussed in detail towards the end.  A Nexus Magazine article “Techniques Used by Governments for Mind Control,” by Sid Taylor outlines the RF experimentation in the MK programs:
This was Dr. Cameron’s ongoing “attempts to establish lasting effects in a patient’s behaviour” using a combination of particularly intensive electroshock, intensive repetition of prearranged verbal signals, partial sensory isolation, and repression of the driving period carried out by inducing continuous sleep for seven to ten days at the end of the treatment period. During research on sensor deprivation, Cameron experimented with the use of Curare, (the deadly poison used by South American Indians to tip their arrow heads), to immobilise his patients.
After one test he noted: “Although the patient was prepared by both prolonged sensory isolation (35 days) and by repeated depatterning, and although she received 101 days of positive driving, no favourable results were obtained.” Patients were regularly treated with hallucinogenic drugs, long periods in the “sleep room”, and testing in the Radio Telemetry Laboratory that was built by Rubinstein under Dr. Cameron’s direction. Here, patients were exposed to a range of RF and electromagnetic signals and monitored for changes in behaviour. It was later stated by other staff members who had worked at the Institute that not one patient sent to the Radio Telemetry Lab showed any signs of improvement afterwards.”
When we consider the intersect with drug experimentation, the cocktail of brainwashing, “imprinting” and RF frequency technology becomes clear as something engineered by design.  Taylor continues, echoing something akin to a mondo Faces of Death flick:
“There were an enormous number of MKUltra operations. The project farmed out work to eighty institutions, of which forty-four were colleges or universities, fifteen research facilities or private companies, twelve hospitals and three prisons. The estimated total cost of the operation was 10-25 million dollars.
Prisoners were used in experiments conducted at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville State Prison by Dr. James Hamilton. Funded by another chain of front organisations, Dr. Hamilton conducted “clinical testing of behavioural control materials.” In New Jersey, testing was conducted by Dr. Carl Pfieffer at the Borden Reformatory, on similar materials. At Holmesburg State Prison in Philadelphia volunteers were used to test a particularly violent incapacitating drug. Around the same time as these tests were being conducted by the CIA the US Army initiated two projects, THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT. They conducted experiments both home and abroad, and at one time the New York State Psychiatric Institute was conducting research under contract to the Army. Between 1955 and 1958 the Army also tested LSD on 1,000 volunteer US servicemen at Fort Bragg and the Army’s Chemical Warfare Laboratories at Edgewood….
Alice recovers from trauma based mind control, splitting her psyche in Resident Evil.
Alice recovers from trauma based healthcare, er, mind control, splitting her psyche in Resident Evil.
In this MKSearch sub-project the isolation chamber that had been constructed earlier by Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute was rebuilt at a laboratory of the National Institutes of Mental Health. This time, instead of humans, apes were to be subjected to a cruel combination of treatments. After first being lobotomised, the animals were kept in total isolation. The radio telemetry techniques developed earlier by Leonard Rubenstein were adapted so that radio frequency energy could be beamed into the brains of the highly disturbed animals. Many were then decapitated and their heads would be transplanted onto another body to see if the RF energy would bring them back to life. The apes that were not killed in this way were later bombarded with radio waves until they fell unconscious. Autopsies revealed that their brain tissue had literally been fried. These experiments were conducted around 1965/66, so it is a frightening reality that it is around 25 years since intelligence agencies covertly started experimenting with the use of radiated energy to control behavior….
After consultation with the DCI, Richard Helms, Dr. Gottlieb hired the former director of the Agency’s Office of Scientific Intelligence, Dr. Stephen Aldrich, and set him up in a safe house where a KGB defector had recently been interrogated and tortured continuously for almost three years, so that he could experiment with a device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine. This was a ‘Behavioural Transmitter-Reinforcer’ (BT-R) fitted to a body belt that received signals from, and transmitted signals to, a radio module. The machine was “linked to a missile tracking device which graphs the wearer’s location and displays it on a screen.” It was developed by Ralph K. Schwitzgebel in the Laboratory of Community Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. His brother, Robert, subsequently modified the prototype into a more refined final product. The machine drew enthusiastic praise from criminologists who were supportive of ORD’s concepts for the intelligence techniques of the new world order.
On December 10th 1972, Helmes cancelled Operation Often. The memo sent to Dr. Gottlieb to notify him was marked READ DESTROY. Dr Gottlieb resigned from the agency in January 1973. Before he left he was ordered by Helmes to shred all records from MKUltra – MKSearch.
130 boxes would later be discovered in the Langley archives that inexplicably, Dr Gottlieb had failed to destroy. It was thought that the records had been misfiled and would have been destroyed if Helms and Gottlieb had been aware of them.”
Mahle's revealing book, Denial and Deception.
Mahle’s revealing book, Denial and Deception. Image:
With all that madness in mind, when we consider the Smartphone, we see a device that utilizes RF and tracks your every move, desire and taste, with all of that data being transferred to mysterious third parties which are sold and stored in vast data centers around the globe.  In line with JC Collins’ thought, as well as NSA whistleblower William Binney, I have opined that this is all being stored with the intent of a global SmartGrid control system.  While it is true that one level competition between Silicon Valley tech companies may be permitted, the reality was elucidated years ago in former CIA operative Melissa Mahle’s 2004 autobiography, Denial and Deception: An Insider’s View of the CIA, where she explained the origins of In-Q-Tel:
“Rather than run a full in-house R&D program, Tenet authorized the directorate to create a technology-incubation organization, In-Q-Tel, to serve as an information technology portal from the private sector to the intelligence community…With an initial funding of 28.5 million in CIA funds, the venture focused on building productive relationships with small firms involved in IT innovation, In-Q-Tel concentrated on technologies that integrate Internet technology and applications to intelligence work, that develop new security and privacy technologies, and nurture data-mining technologies to take better advantage of the CIA’s vast storehouse of records, and modernize the CIA’s computer systems. (pg. 267)
In-Q-Tel was also instrumental in some other names you might recognize, like Google and Facebook.  James Corbett’s piece on this connection gives an excellent summary of these pseudo-free market firms:
For decades, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has been the American governmental body tasked with conducting high-risk, high-payoff research into cutting edge science and technology. Responsible most famously for developing the world’s first operational packet switching network that eventually became the core of the Internet, DARPA tends to garner headlines these days for some of its more outlandish research proposals and is generally looked upon a a blue-sky research agency whose endeavours only occasionally bear fruit….
Two of the names that come up most often in connection with In-Q-Tel, however, need no introduction: Google and Facebook.
The publicly available record on the Facebook/In-Q-Tel connection is tenuous. Facebook received $12.7 million in venture capital from Accel, whose manager, James Breyer, now sits on their board. He was formerly the chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, whose board included Gilman Louie, then the CEO of In-Q-Tel. The connection is indirect, but the suggestion of CIA involvement with Facebook, however tangential, is disturbing in the light of Facebook’s history of violating the privacy of its users….

Google’s connection to In-Q-Tel is more straightforward, if officially denied. In 2006, ex-CIA officer Robert David Steele told Homeland Security Today that Google “has been taking money and direction for elements of the US Intelligence Community, including the Office of Research and Development at the Central Intelligence Agency, In-Q-Tel, and in all probability, both the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command.” Later that year, a blogger claimed that an official Google spokesman had denied the claims, but no official press statement was released.”
Healthcare courtesy of the Red Queen!
Healthcare courtesy of the Red Queen!
So what about my claims about the same strategic goal associating all of this with mind control?  You’ll note that much of the very secret covert work pertains to nanotechnology, cancer and producing human resistance to the radioactive effects of all of this frequency pollution.  According to Business Insider, CIA startups are intimately connected to WiFi R&D, as well as with transhumanist Bilderberg attendee, Peter Thiel, stating:
“We’ve talked about Palantir before and the impact it is having on the Army intelligence community.  What we didn’t go into as much was the fact that In-Q-Tel was an early investor in the technology on behalf of the Central Intelligence Agency.  Palantir makes software that integrates data together from a wide array of resources and databases.
It’s one of the best programs at coordinating the vast databases accumulated by the U.S. intelligence apparatus. It assembles comprehensive dossiers on objects of interest, collated from the sprawling databases of intelligence agencies.”
And Corbett makes this connect to nanotech and bio-engineering and biometrics, illustrating further the danger these corporate-government mergers represent (operating under the guise of being private sector):
“The In-Q-Tel website currently lists two “practice areas,” “Information and Communication Technologies” and “Physical and Biological Technologies.” The latter field consists of “capabilities of interest” such as “The on-site determination of individual human traits for IC purposes” and “Tracking and/or authentication of both individuals and objects.” In-Q-Tel also lists two areas that are “on its radar” when it comes to biotech: Nano-bio Convergence and Physiological Intelligence. Detailed breakdowns of each area explain that the intelligence community is interested in, amongst other things, self-assembling batteries, single molecule detectors, targeted drug delivery platforms, and sensors that can tell where a person has been and what substances he has been handling from “biomarkers” like trace compounds in the breath or samples of skin.”
Thus the intersect of advanced technology, intelligence agencies and mind control is not far-fetched.  The reality is, all of this is war gamed and planned for implementation by an establishment that long ago adopted the panopticism model of Jeremy Bentham and the Malthusian Royal Society.  The goals have nothing to do with creating a tech utopia for you and your progeny, where you will fly off to floating moonbases and partake of Elysium-style healing machines with Matt Damon.
The same establishment that is publicly determined to destroy humanity en masse and implement the A.I. kill grid is rolling out their designs even faster than we “conspiracy theorists” expected!  In fact, this week mainstream news is reporting that IBM’s Watson, the famed Jeopardy-playing A.I. bot will play a role in determining health care!
Forbes writes, trying to dissuade fears of the bots making the decision on your care, but this ignores an important fact – the article itself touts Watson’s superiority to human decision making, which will inevitably lead to the conclusion the bots are a better option than the human, and on top of that, the establishment interested in fostering all this are committed to dysgenics (not actually eugenics), which is the destruction of the human genome:
“Watson has made huge strides in its medical prowess in two short years. In May 2011 IBM had already trained Watson to have the knowledge of a second-year medical student. In March 2012 IBM struck a deal with Memorial Sloan Kettering to ingest and analyze tens of thousands of the renowned cancer center’s patient records and histories, as well as all the publicly available clinical research it can get its hard drives on. Today Watson has analyzed 605,000 pieces of medical evidence, 2 million pages of text, 25,000 training cases and had the assist of 14,700 clinician hours fine-tuning its decision accuracy. Six “instances” of Watson have already been installed in the last 12 months.”
Mother Brain!
If you played Nintendo in the 80s like I did as a kid, you’ll recall Mother Brain, the ill-tempered A.I. behemoth from MetroidMetroid was actually far more accurate in its description of the actual “Mother” that is being erected and sold as a sexy Scarlett Johansson (as in Spike Jonze’s Her).  Mother Brain, like the Red Queen in Resident Evil and Skynet in Terminator is given a distinctly feminine quality because she functions as a synthetic anima mundi.  The system is selling her as sexy, but I assure you, this is anything but.
This week the BBC is reporting that a Swedish firm is offering employees to be RF microchipped, and the wage slaves willingly complied.  I have highlighted the microchipping plan as something decades old, which shows the rollout of all this is clearly planned years in advance and is not an organic market development.  It is with the microchip that we can see the clear connection between the mind control programs of MK ULTRA and the rise of the A.I. grid, as well as the mind control of marketing employed in selling everyone on this trap.  As I outlined in numerous previous analyses (and here), when we consider the T Phage nanotech the Royal Society finds appealing,  one wonders if the T Virus and the Red Queen aren’t real, and out for blood.

Friday, January 30, 2015

No longer science fiction:

Posted by George Freund on January 28, 2015
Aborted human fetuses harvested to grow kidney organs in rats for transplantation into human patients

Monday, January 26, 2015

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

NaturalNews) Human fetal kidneys harvested from aborted babies are being surgically implanted into adult rats to grow new kidneys to be transplanted into awaiting human adults.

This procedure, which is under rapid development, is being framed as a medical breakthrough by scientists who appear to be completely blind to the moral and ethical issues at stake in such a scheme.

"[This] is definitely the first time an actual whole human organ has been grown in an animal, and has sustained the life of that animal," explains Eugene Gu, the founder and CEO of Ganogen, Inc. in Redwood, Calif. "Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage." [1] reports, "The research shows that it is feasible to remove a kidney from an aborted human fetus, and implant the organ into a rat, where the kidney can grow to a larger size."

From the website:

Study results have been published in the Jan. 22 issue of the American Journal of Transplantation.

The ethics question

To its credit, Live Science directly addresses the moral issues surrounding this technology, even offering quotes from a bioethicist who says the practice won't be tolerated. As reported on the website:

Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at NYU Langone Medical Center, said the study itself did not concern him. However, "there is no way we're ever going to use fetal human kidneys or any other solid organs for transplant," Caplan said. "American society is morally uncomfortable enough about abortion that growing organs from fetal remains will never be accepted, and will be banned in state after state."

The researchers said they hope Caplan is wrong...

The website does not appear to contain any ethics statement defining any limitations on how the developed technology might be used. It appears to company has likely not considered the ethical implications of its research. While there's no doubt the founders of the company have entered this realm with the best of intentions, they appear to be young, brilliant and naive, wholly unaware of what the roads to Hell are paved with.

Here's a picture, also from the website, showing some of the organs they've managed to grow from kidney tissue harvested from aborted human babies:

Abortion farms and organ factories

Western medicine today is dominated by the attitude of "heroic interventionism" lead by "medical mechanics" who celebrate each other's abilities to grow, harvest and transplant organs across an ever-expanding list of animal and human subjects.

But just because you can achieve such transplantation results doesn't mean you should. In the same way, yes you can genetically engineer food crops to combine insect genes with plant genes and release them into the wild, but it's probably not very wise to do so due to the very real possibility of self-replicating genetic pollution.

What happens if this new fetal tissue organ harvesting procedure becomes so successful that millions of customers line up to buy the new organs? You'd very quickly see for-profit medical corporations setting up fetal abortion farms to harvest their organs for the "organ factory."

Young women would be paid (or kidnapped) to get pregnant and have their unborn babies harvested for the organ tissue. Actually, this step is practically happening today as companies like Stem Express in Placerville, California, already sell aborted human fetal tissue for "medical research."

In Nigeria, a baby farm was already in operation where teenage girls were kidnapped and forced to be impregnated against their will, only to give birth and have their children stolen away for human trafficking profits. "Thirty-two pregnant girls were rescued from a maternity home run by a trafficking ring in the southern city of Aba," reports The Guardian. [2] "The girls, mostly of school age, were allegedly locked up at the Cross Foundation clinic so they could produce babies to be sold for illegal adoption or for use in ritual witchcraft."

U.S. corporations could then purchase the harvested aborted fetal tissue from such "baby factories" being run in other countries, then they'd bring the fetal tissue to U.S. facilities where large numbers of rats (which are mammals) are subjected to the torturous procedure of having their bodies cut open and implanted with the harvested human fetal organ cells in order to grow human kidneys.

Once the kidneys grow to a suitable size, the rats would obviously be killed to harvest those organs, which would then be transported to hospitals to be surgically transplanted into humans for profit. The mainstream media would dutifully celebrate the "lifesaving medical breakthrough" and describe the mad scientists as heroes for humanity.

The medical Matrix: turning a human baby into a profit center for medical corporations

If there's money to be made from harvesting the organs of aborted babies, make no mistake that there are corporations more than willing to profit from the blood money.

Even today, western medicine does not consider a human baby to be "alive" until after it is born... even though an unborn child shows every sign of life that would normally be considered "alive" in a rigorous scientific context. The unborn baby shows a heartbeat, brain activity, cellular growth, nutrient metabolism, waste elimination, muscular movement and even demonstrates emotions and reactions to stimuli. Clearly an unborn baby is alive. This not deniable except by those who are intentionally dishonest.

But thanks to a medical system that can abandon all ethics and declare an unborn baby to be something less than a living human being, there's nothing stopping biotechnology corporations from harvesting aborted human babies for profit.

And because there's no moral boundary against doing this with one baby, there's also no moral boundary against doing this with millions of babies in an "abortion farm" organ harvesting operation carried by a public company with its own stock symbol on Wall Street. Who knows, maybe your favorite retirement mutual fund will buy some shares, too, because all that matters are the earnings per share, right?

Here's a picture of a modern-day chicken meat factory. Replace the chickens with human babies and you begin to get an idea of the future where medical science operates without human ethics:

Watch The Island movie for a preview of how this might play out

In the sci-fi movie The Island, starring Ewan McGregor, the world's wealthy elite pay a biotech corporation to raise human clones in a medical facility as "living organ banks." Those human clones are later killed to have their organs harvested for transplantation into the paying customer.

Much like in our own world today, the clones are controlled through a system of total media propaganda. Regular media broadcasts remind the clones that it's unauthorized to venture outside the city because the entire world has been destroyed in a nuclear war and is now contaminated with radiation, they're told. This is conducted in exactly the same way citizens of our modern world are scared into government compliance through totally fabricated or engineered stories of terrorism.

When clones are ready to have their organs harvested, they are told they've "won the lottery" to retire in luxury on a tropical island. In reality, they are euthanized and cut open to have their organs harvested for corporate profits.

This scene from the film shows one clone waking up during the organ harvesting procedure and attempting to escape:

The cloned citizens of The Island are brutally controlled by the corporation and forced to live a life of total obedience and conformity. Even their diet is rigorously controlled by the corporation, but not out of any desire to promote health. Rather, it's a desire by the corporation to make sure its "product" remains healthy, harvestable and sellable.

All along, the cloned humans -- which are considered corporate "property" -- are kept wholly oblivious to the real world and told how lucky they are to be the last of the survivors of the nuclear war (which never happened). This is the modern-day equivalent to President Obama telling us all how good the U.S. economy is doing and how lucky we are to be living in America.

What was once sci-fi may soon be reality

The greatest problem with science today is that it almost entirely conforms to corporate interests. As a result, it has no respect for ethics or morals. Whatever makes the most money becomes the new "science" of the day, regardless of the implications for human suffering or widespread tragedy.

Tinkering with life -- via genetic engineering, mass deployment of agricultural chemicals, cloning or organ harvesting -- is a territory fraught with ethical landmines. But motivated by greed, corporations will drive humanity right through a landscape littered with such landmines, oblivious to the violations of ethics, human rights or environmental integrity they are unleashing.

Make no mistake: If it were medically feasible right now to generate millions of dollars in transplant profits from the body of a two-year-old infant, the biotech corporations would have already declared two-year-olds to be "not yet human" and there would be massive farms running right this very minute harvesting organs from two-year-olds. Any person who protested the practice would, of course, be instantly labeled, "anti-science."

Case in point: There's money to be made right now from injecting two-year-olds with toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum, both of which are still intentionally manufactured into vaccines. Any person who protests the injecting of children with mercury is immediately labeled "anti-science" today, even though the science clearly says mercury is toxic to human neurology. Calls for removing neurotoxic substances from vaccines are met with derision by the vaccine industry, which insists all children should be injected with dozens of vaccines no matter how toxic the ingredients in them.

The exploitation of children's bodies has always been a profit center for medical corporations, and human organ harvesting, growing and transplantation may simply be the next step up for an industry deeply rooted in the evil that comes from ignoring medical ethics while prioritizing medical profits.

In effect, we are all living in The Island and being lied to on a daily basis about what's real. The truth, it turns out, does not support the profit interests of the all-powerful corporations.

Sources for this story include:

Surveillance state

Global surveillance industry gets a new toy

Looking at the state you’re in.  Palantir’s surveillance technology is wide-reaching.
When the government told the people of London that the eyes of the world would be on it during the Olympic Games, it failed to mention one particularly powerful watcher; a new software programme used for tracking potential troublemakers.
In the September edition of Wired Magazine, Shane Harris reports on the new American software company Palantir Technologies, new over here in the UK just in time for the Olympics.
Palantir has already won over intelligence agencies on both side of the Atlantic Ocean with its ability to assemble mountains of information and data for use in a cornucopia of causes.
‘The contradiction that we wanted to remove was between civil liberties and fighting terrorism,’ a Palantir co-founder said of his creation.
And what a creation it is.  The software processes large quantities of information from an almost endless range of data, including surveillance images, drone footage, electronic communications and health records.
The CIA, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security are but a few of the software’s biggest fans. In the USA at least, Palantir is being touted as a powerful tool in tackling scourges from terrestrial terrorism, drug trafficking and cyber hacking.
While not certain, Wired’s Harris also suggests that UK’s MI6, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and domestic security organisations are also users.
Related articles: the Bureau’s analysis of the global surveillance industry
Beyond the shady sunglasses professions, Palantir is used by corporations such as banking giant JPMorgan Chase and has helped gather victims’ names in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.  It has even assisted detailed investigative journalism projects, such as last month’s series on human tissue trafficking by the International Consoritum of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
Prodigal financial adviser Alex Karp and PayPal founder Peter Thiel were behind the idea. The duo worked with a coterie of Stanford tech-heads and together dreamed of Silicon Valley’s best brains uniting in a start-up for large organisations.
Launched in 2004, Palantir received early financial backing from In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology investment branch. Contemporary estimates put Palantir’s worth at £2.5 bn.
Palantir UK is currently seeking to hire four new staff for its Covent Garden office in London. According to the online advertisements, each role requires the successful candidate to ‘loath the bureaucracy’ and ‘have a deeply held belief that a revolution in intelligence affairs is not only possible, it is imminent.’
An obsession for JRR Tolkein may be an additional criterion; a ‘palantir’ is a crystal ball-like stone appearing in Tolkein’s lore and the company’s London office is named after an elvish town.
Despite Palantir’s praiseworthy track record so far, Wired’s Shane Harris reminds us that the software’s power is likely to lie in the hands of its user.
In 2010, an adviser to Bank of America approached Palantir to help bring down WikiLeaks. While Palantir never approved the collaboration, emails from the adviser detail his desire to target Julian Assange’s company, use the software to help launch cyberattacks on WikiLeaks and close the net around WikiLeaks’ sources by obtaining data on who submits leaks and from where.
When hacking group Anoymous revealed the emails, Palantir stopped discussions dead in their tracks and took legal advice. Senior Palantir officers, such as Karp, claim to have had no knowledge of the discussions.
There seems little doubt that Palantir in certain uses has already been a powerful force for good.
But with one enthusiastic Palantir employee on the record for having written to colleagues, “Damn it feels good to be a gansta,” there may be room for wariness.
Joining the Dots, by Shane Harris, is in the September issue of Wired.

Now here's one that prompts so much high octane speculation that, again, I don't know where to begin. It was shared by Mr. M.D., and it's a jaw-dropper for sure:
Alchemy 2.0 – Low Energy Nuclear Reactor Creates Gold and Platinum
Now here's the paragraphs that leaped out at me:
"The transmutation from lead to gold has been mankind’s dream for millennia. Lattice Energy LLC, a company from Chicago, IL, claims to have developed a process for energy production, utilizing a low-energy nuclear reactor (LENR) that, as a byproduct of neutron captures on tungsten, will create a mix of precious metals."
How is this done? Consider the use of combinations of nanotechnology, materials engineering, to create a lattice structure with unique abilities to engineer things at a quantum level:
"What enabled Lattice’s new approach were recent advances in nanotechnology. “Nanotechnology and LENR are joined at the hip”, said Larsen. “It is one of the reasons why this could not be done back in 1989-90. Before our work, nobody had a grasp on the theory of neutron creation from protons and electrons in tabletop apparatus; nor on exactly how to apply advanced nanotechnology to build well-performing prototype devices.”
"Combining the know-how of experts from a variety of disciplines including electro-dynamics, quantum electro-dynamics, nuclear physics and solid state physics, lead to the development of a theoretical foundation which is now ready to be prototyped, and put to the test."
And the result?
"Larsen’s theory that gold, platinum and several other metals can be created by his process is based on findings by Japanese physicist Prof. Hantaro Nagaoka who successfully transmuted tungsten into gold back in 1924. Nagaoka’s results have been verified by several institutions in recent independent experiments but so far there has been no effort to commercialize the process. “Now that the LENR transmutation process is well understood the use of nanotechnology may change all that”, believes Larsen.
“'The neutron-catalyzed LENR process follows rows of the periodic table of elements”, he went on, meaning that heavier metals than the starting targets’ will be created. The work published by Larsen and his team suggests that a tungsten target, for instance, will absorb neutrons and gradually be transmuted to gold, platinum and other platinum group metals. “And because LENR products are not dangerously radioactive”, Larsen added, “conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized.”
“Can we scale this up to a commercial process that makes money?” – Larsen is convinced it may be possible. (Emphases added)
Now, readers of my book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell will recall that I wrote about Professor Nagaoka's experiments in transumation in that book (as well as referring to it again in The Philosophers' Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter). The German physicist Walther Gerlach also reported on similar experiments that were being done at the time in Weimar Germany in a short article in 1924 in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a process which he clearly and explicitly called alchemy, and which he called for further research.
The discoveries were significant, in that quantum mechanics will still in its youth, and nuclear fission had not yet been discovered, so some other process was clearly at work. What is intriguing to contemplate, however, is what happened next, particularly in Germany, where a number of patents were taken out by Siemens and other firms in the 1920s for what can only be described as "alchemical processes." These were, of course, not commercially viable at the time. Or were they? During the same time period, General Erich Ludendorff, an early supporter of Hitler and the Nazis (and the real head of the German military and Kaiserreich in the final half of World War One), a participant in the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, was also a backer of a number of alchemical schemes to produce gold to the tune of a personal cost to him of 100,000 Reichsmarks, in a little known affair(today, though it was well known at the time and something of an international scandal) known as the Tausend Affair, named after a con artist by the name of Franz Tausend who claimed to be able to produce gold. Tausend was tried and found guilty of fraud in Germany, but the process, and Gerlach's own international prestige as a scientist, would not allow the idea to go away.
Indeed, Reichsfuehrer SS, Heinrich Himmler, according to one of his infamous underlings, Oswald Pohl, had the SS conducted secret "alchemy" experiments in hidden laboratories scattered around the Reich, after the Nazi assumption of power, experiments that in my books I have argued were somehow connected to the wider German research coupled with their atom bomb project and as well to the Nazi Bell project.
This brings us to the final statements in this fascinating article, that the LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) products are not radioactive and, moreover, that "conventional metal recovery processes can be utilized, and that the process might be scaled up to become commercially feasible. Readers here will recall that in the past few days I blogged about a story of the recovery of radioactive gold from nuclear weapons projects (See THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO “HMMM…” : AND SPEAKING OF GOLDFINGER…). There I pointed out the following:
"But here, I am bold to suggest, we are dealing with perhaps a bit of obfuscation and deliberate dissembling, for the article states that this recovered gold was merely from the nuclear weapons themselves. But as I've also indicated with the U-234 story, gold is the metal of choice for storage of highly enriched uranium. Thus, one must also consider that gold used for storage of enriched uranium might also have been reprocessed, and that consideration would lead to higher figures for such reprocessed gold. Thus, any way one slices it, a certain amount of the world's gold is of necessity essential for the thermonuclear powers (the USA, Russia, France, the UK, China, and in a de facto sense, Germany, and in a probable but "unannounced" sense, India and Israel).
"So one reason for the obfuscated bullion figures is "national security," but in a dual, not a singular, sense, for such figures would obviously, disclose the financial health of a nation, and in the deeper murkier sense, discrepancies between the publicly stated figures and actual amounts of bullion on deposit would disclose how large (or small) a nation's nuclear program really was. One would, in effect, have to obfuscate the amounts of bullion estimates lower than the actual amounts of existing bullion if simply for the reason that some of the world bullion stockpile was irradiated. This raises the possibility that such nuclear programs may have been far larger than even publicly available figures of warheads and megatonnage that were bandied about during the Cold War have indicated. And for the gold-bugs and gold standard advocates, this would also mean that the gold standard, in the thermonuclear age, is really an H-bomb standard."
But now let us suppose that the techniques of Nagaoka and those referred to by Dr. Gerlach in the 1920s continued to be covertly researched and used from that time period until now. If that be the case, then it is possible that some technique for the manufacture or transmutation of elements by "cold fusion" means might also be (1) used to render radioactive precious metals such as gold non-radioactive, and (2) to produce quantities of bullions covertly, and perhaps in large scale.
The bottom line here is that such technologies have been known since the 1920s. Update them a bit with nanotechnology and the latest materials engineering that it enables, couple them to such alchemical techniques, and this means that the idea of the obfuscation of the amounts of gold (or silver or platinum) bullion in existence takes on a new significance, for once again, one would want to obfuscate that number lower than the actual amount in existence (and perpetually being added to not simply by mining, but by transmutational technologies). This means, once again, that standard financial analysis models are simply inadequate because they are not accounting for technological possibilities and their implications. One wonders if, indeed, behind the curious fact that Japan and Germany during the Second World War seemed to have a whole lot of gold, a fact that became a terrible secret, given that much of it was plunder and, quite literally, extracted from the teeth of murdered victims of those regimes, one wonders if there doesn't lurk and even darker secret, that is disguised by the other secret, namely, that not all of that gold was plunder, but rather, made.
When I was a boy, I loved to read the Uncle Scrooge comic books of illustrator Karl Barks, who would construct the stories oftentimes around some piece of obscure esoteric lore - lost cities of the Incas, ancient technologies, and so on. In one instance, "Uncle Scrooge and the Fabulous Philosopher's Stone," Scrooge goes in search for the mythical philosophers' stone, and actually finds it (interestingly enough in the labyrinth of King Minos of Crete, and after a run in with the labyrinth's guardian, the Minotaur). While searching for the stone, he is shadowed by a mysterious bearded man in a bowler hat. Once the stone is discovered, the man revealed himself as "Monsieur Matressface", who works for "The International Monetary Council," who insists that Scrooge relinquish the stone, since such a terrible power might ruin the world economy if left in private hands.
Nazis. Cold Fusion, Japanese physicists.1920s alchemy patents. Uncle Scrooge.
Gold bugs, take note.