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Obama Validates Arpaio Report: Confesses to Illegal Presidency

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

On December 15, after a five-year investigation Maricopa Country, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released new forensic analysis evidence confirming that Barack Obama’s alleged birth certificate is a forgery. This was verified by completely independent forensic experts who discovered an authentic birth certificate from which forgers created a computer-generated modification transforming it into an official Obama birth certificate. The counterfeited document was released in 2011.

Arpaio noted that the fraud was a major violation of federal law—regardless of where Obama was born—and sent his findings to Congress. Predictably his conclusions were ignored by the mainstream media.

But Obama has been confessing unconsciously to his illegal presidency for some time in exactly the way Jesus and cutting-edge psychoanalysis reveals—in one “log in his eye” projection after another. Remember the new understanding of the human mind. A person’s subconscious, far more astute than we ever realized, quick-reads himself in the blink of an eye. So we listen to Obama’s projections which are both his quick-read take on himself and a model of correction.

This monumental paradigm shift in psychology allows us to understand unconscious communication and the human mind’s startling super-intel awareness of conflicts and resolution. This new knowledge about the human mind allows us to fully grasp a man’s meaning.

Understand the new science of unconscious communication provides the exclusive hard evidence—apart from circumstantial evidence (fraudulent birth certificate, refusal to release any records, etc.)—that Obama is an illegal president. His unconscious super-intel mind has specifically confessed in its unique language.

Projection confessions

Looking back at Obama’s recent comments, we find distinct projection confessions. While in Germany on November 17 he spoke about false news (a projection in itself) and how to determine the truth.

Obama declared, “In an age of so much misinformation—packaged very well…if we’re not serious about facts, about what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda then we have problems.”

In other words, he has disseminated misinformation about the legality of his smoothly packaged presidency, lied about the facts and propagandized America from the beginning of his candidacy.

Obama’s super-intel reports exactly where his deceit led. If we don’t discriminate between the truth and a lie and spot the propaganda, “we won’t know what to protect. We won’t know what to fight for.”

When the media, the Congress and the courts—all the way to the Supreme Court— submitted to Obama’s propaganda, together they carried out the biggest birth conspiracy of all: accepting his U.S. birth and Hawaiian birth certificate as true facts.

Indeed, they didn’t know what to protect or what to fight for—our very foundation, the rule of law. That’s how close we are to losing America. No wonder Congress can’t face Arpaio’s findings.

Obama’s super-intel warns us, “We can lose so much of what we’ve gained in terms of democratic freedoms…prosperity we come to take for granted.” He’s hinting that we can lose our democracy. We can take our prosperity for granted as great nations invariably do before they fall from within.

We return to Obama’s admonition to get the facts—precisely what Sheriff Arpaio has just provided. Facts are determined by reality, and our leaders have consistently ignored the reality of Obama’s phony birth certificate.

Here is where the breakthrough to the magnificent super-intel comes into play. Projections identify accurate unconscious facts someone wants to hide. The bottom line is that our brilliant super-intel picks up on the facts. It’s vastly superior to our conscious minds which remain prone to blind spots.

Imagery of illegality

Unconsciously Obama’s consistent projection imagery presents the deeper fact of his illegal presidency almost daily. In Obama’s extensive interview with Rolling Stone magazine one day after the election, he said the way to bring the country together in the face of false news “is how we create a common set of facts.” Note the repetitive projection that he has created “fake news” about his presidency, but he points again to the answer—get the facts.

In the interview, he specifically points to his illegal presidency, and he spontaneously links Trump’s surprising election to his own election.

Early on election night in 2008 his key advisors told him, “We don't think we're gonna win this thing.” Read his super-intel imagery; he didn’t think he should have won the election and didn’t really win because he had been ineligible to run.

Confirming his hidden confession, Obama then told how he would advise Trump, “Number 1, however you campaigned, once you're in this office, you are part of a legacy dating back to those first Revolutionaries. And this amazing experiment in democracy has to be tended."

It’s another projection confession. Obama campaigned as the first revolutionary illegitimate president and took office as such. He failed to tend to—protect—America’s amazing democracy. Instead he experimented with it, breaking the rule of law, our nation’s very foundation—and got away with it.

Don’t overlook his continued unconscious instructions to Trump: tend to democracy by enforcing the rule of law. Unknowingly Obama continues to instruct Trump to investigate his illegal presidency. As demonstrated in my recent book, The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession, Obama intuitively pleaded with Trump to hold him accountable and free him from his secret control by radical Islam. This led to Obama’s illegal candidacy and attack on America. Now Trump has new factual evidence: Arpaio’s proof of a forged Obama birth certificate.

Immigrant president

In the Rolling Stone interview, Obama makes a familiar reference to immigrants secretly referring to himself. The 2016 election results showed that “Democratic immigration-rights activists failed to realize borders mean something to the majority of Americans,” he said. His super-intel is saying he was an immigration-rights activist about his illegal presidency entitled to make up his own rules and assault millions of Americans who knew that without borders we have no country. His super-intel functions as a “rule of law” activist correcting him and confessing to his great misdeed.

His denial confession reveals his contradictory thinking. He insists that “the rule of law and values that stay true to our (his) immigrant roots…don’t have to be contradictory.” Notice Obama’s illogical thinking—he can both break the law and keep it at the same time as his key imagery declares, “I am an immigrant rooted in an illegal presidency.”

This matches his earlier comment that fake news created a “dust cloud of nonsense”—a perfect description of his fake presidency.

Ban illegal presidency

In rich projection imagery he then tells of people on Facebook “passing crazy stuff about [how he] has banned the Pledge of Allegiance.” Again secretly he admits that he behaved in a crazy way running as an illegal president and totally destroyed his allegiance to America. He reveals how distorted—“crazy”—his conscious thinking is so that it allows him to severely violate the law and it means nothing. His reference to the “Pledge” points to the oath of office he specifically violated on his Inauguration Day in 2009. He knows his presidency should be banned. He should still be impeached.

In the end Obama’s super-intel provides the antidote to his misleading of America with his illegitimate election. The answer—come back to the facts.

The interview took place in the Oval Office. Obama commented, “Sitting behind that desk is sobering…it will have an impact on him [Trump] as it has on every president.” Obama soberly and solemnly acknowledges his true legacy as America’s only illegal president. He cannot live with himself without telling the truth subliminally.

Informed citizens only hope to constrain Obama

His super-intel reveals the stunning solution now, “I think the most important constraint on any president is the American people themselves, of an informed citizenry that is active and participating and engaged.” It’s as though he’s advising, “American citizens—of which I am not one—get the facts about my horrendous illegal presidency. Hear my super-intel telling you that secret fact again and then constrain me. Match it with the circumstantial facts of my suppression of my records. Match it with my forged birth certificate—now an undeniable fact.

Even our conservative leaders can suffer Beltway blindness. One leader—an outsider—saw it. Donald Trump was certain Obama was an illegal citizen. Can he now return to that belief for America’s sake? Obama himself tells us how important it is that he be brought to justice—America’s rule of law restored to its rightful place. Obama’s super-intel speaks not only for himself but for all America—to fight for and protect our nation.

Arpaio has done his part, now it’s up to the citizens.

Obama’s encouraging Americans to become informed and then take action. Constrain him by urging—insisting—their congressional representatives restore the rule of law. Deep down Obama knows he should be impeached—it’s the only way for justice to be satisfied.

Because of that unconscious fact he promises “that is going to be something that I will, in my own modest ways, continue to try to encourage for the rest of my life." Obama will continue to confess subliminally. His inner God-given moral compass demands it.

In the presidential debate when forced into the Obama birth certificate question, Donald Trump should have answered the question with this concept 2 + 2 = 5. As for the birth certificate issue, I have been forced by Big Brother media like yourselves to submit that the birth certificate is legitimate. To pass the test for political correctness I must concede this so called fact in spite of any evidence to the contrary. In The Brave New World we cannot have ideas or thoughts independent of the state apparatus and its media cartel.

Then as everyone gasps as his comment sinks in, he should have said the hell I will concede on the birth certificate issue. 2 + 2 = 4 and to hell with Big Brother too.

Nazi theory indeed specifically denies that such a thing as "the truth" exists. ... The implied objective of this line of thought is a nightmare world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past. If the Leader says of such and such an event, "It never happened" – well, it never happened. If he says that two and two are five – well, two and two are five. This prospect frightens me much more than bombs.

George Orwell

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell writes:

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?

In Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground, the protagonist implicitly supports the idea of two times two making five, spending several paragraphs considering the implications of rejecting the statement "two times two makes four."

In Napoléon le Petit, Victor Hugo writes: "Now, get seven million five hundred thousand votes to declare that two and two make five, that the straight line is the longest road, that the whole is less than its part; get it declared by eight millions, by ten millions, by a hundred millions of votes, you will not have advanced a step." Here, Hugo is echoing earlier French thought—Sieyès, in his "What Is the Third Estate?" uses the phrase, "Consequently if it be claimed that under the French constitution, 200,000 individuals out of 26 million citizens constitute two-thirds of the common will, only one comment is possible: it is a claim that two and two make five."

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food fer thought

Tu-154 crashed as a result of NATO's covert operation?

Posted by George Freund on December 28, 2016     ~ folks if "our so~called"  ELITE'S r do~in this shit ?  & we wonder Y the fuck the REST of the Planet(& off) r get~in the fuck AWAY from U.S. fast as they can   ..what does AMERICA offer the World   bombs,drones pain,suffering......death  fer "some~ones $$$"   & yet ole fantasy team owners& "our" wanna B singing stars / movie ass~struss~sis ....stumble bumble around ...stair~ing at their "phones" even as they fly the fuck OFF the road .....geez ~u.s. h fuck ?  .....we wonder ?

27.12.2016 19:46
Russia's Ministry for Transportation does not consider a terrorist attack to be one of the versions that led to the crash of the Tu-154 passenger airliner of the Russian Defence Ministry in the Black Sea on December 25. For the time being, we know that the weather was fine, the pilots were experienced, and the aircraft was technically sound.

The crash of the Tu-154 over the Black Sea looks very much like the explosion of the Russian passenger jetliner over Sinai Peninsula, when the Federal Security Bureau made an official announcement about the terrorist attack only two weeks after the crash. There is another version - of radio-electronic attack.

Black boxes may not give an answer to the question of whether there was a terrorist attack on board the Tu-154. This has already been the case in the investigation of the Sinai plane crash, before specialists found traces of two-component explosives in a can of Coke, hidden in a seat pocket. The explosion caused the plane to collapse in midair. This explained the reason why the fragments of the aircraft were scattered on a large territory, FSB Director Bortnikov then said.

The Tu-154B MO, Flight RA-85572, took off from Chkalovsky military airfield near Moscow on December 25th. The aircraft was en route to Damascus with a refuelling stop in Mozdok on a regular route across the Caspian Sea, Iran, Iraq and the whole of Syria. Mozdok was closed, and the plane detoured for 408 km in the opposite direction, to Adler, even though there were other airports working nearby (Mineralniye Vody, Nalchik, Makhachkala). Allegedly, the passengers of the aircraft were not allowed to leave the airplane in Adler for two hours. Reportedly, no one boarded the plane and nothing was loaded on the aircraft either. The plane was only refuelled, and then it took off at 5.25 a.m. Two minutes later, at 5.27 a.m., Flight RA-85572 stopped responding to dispatchers and went off radar screens.

During one of the briefings of the Ministry of Defence, the map showed that the plane disappeared from radar screens immediately after making a turn of 180 degrees. However, flightradar24 real time tracker did not reflect such a manoeuvre. Was the transponder turned off?

After the crash, the wreckage was scattered over an area of ​​about 10-12 square kilometers. Was it a current or an explosion? The Ministry for Transport said that the version of the terrorist act was not among the priorities. FSB officials rejected the version too.

Versions of the disaster

The basic versions of the crash are the following: a piloting error, a technical malfunction and improper alignment of cargo on board the plane. However, Tu-154 commander Roman Volkov had the total flight time of more than three thousand hours. He had made a number of flights to Hmeymim air base in Syria. Navigator Alexander Petukhov was awarded with the Order of Courage for landing an uncontrollable Tu-154 airplane in 2011.

According to experts' estimates, Tu-154 aircraft do not fall apart in the air for no reason. The plane was designed to withstand airborne loads that dramatically exceed common flight loads. The aircraft has a three-time margin of safety of all systems. Ageing and metal fatigue after replacement of spare parts is not critical for Tu-154.

The aircraft was crashing at a flight speed of about 300 km per hour, at an altitude of about 1,200 meters. If there had been an emergency on board, the crew would have reported it, even 15-20 seconds would have been enough for that, specialists said.

Many experts note that the nature of the fragments and their dispersal over long distances say speak of an explosion on board. For example, the rack chassis was found in the water. This part of the plane retracts immediately after take-off and remains in the gondola during the flight. Was there something in the gondola that caused the landing gear of the aircraft to separate?

Strangely enough, the plane belonged to the Russian Defence Ministry, and the passengers of the aircraft were not common passengers. They were actually well-known individuals in Russia. Who could plant a bomb in the plane? Was it like in Sharm el-Sheikh? The Chkalovsky airfield in the Moscow region is known as a well-protected military facility, where it is impossible to take a bomb on board a plane.

The airport in Sochi is an airport of dual use, where the level of protection is higher than at other conventional airports.

Here is an opinion from pilot-instructor Andrei Krasnoperov. "I had flown from Chkalovsky airfield to the east. There was no inspection at all, and the level of security there is much worse than at civilian airports," Krasnoperov said.

If this was a terrorist attack, it comes well into line with the killing of Russian Ambassador to Turkey. It also matches John Kirby's remarks, who said that Russia would lose more planes if it was not going to stop operations in Syria.

Noteworthy, disabled transponders and communication systems can be explained as follows. French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome had entered the Black Sea on the eve of the tragedy. The ship can send a strong impulse to deactivate all electronic equipment on board the aircraft. Israel resorts to this practice against Russian airplanes in Syria. It was reported that the bodies of the victims of the Tu-154 crash were wearing life jackets. Therefore, the crew had time to warn the passengers, but not the flight control officers. In this is the case, then this is a war against NATO, rather than an act of terrorism.

There is another question: what was the need to send a military ensemble to the war-torn country, where tens of thousands of terrorists and their mentors from NATO still long for vengeance? Are we complacent about the war in Syria? Have we won and defeated everyone? One could hear it both from the president, who said that Russia was stronger than any aggressor, and from the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defence and Security Viktor Ozerov, who said a few hours after the tragedy that the version of a terrorist attack was excluded.

Lyuba Lulko (Stepushova)


Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

I am firmly of the opinion this was a provocation by the Obama regime in cahoots with NATO to goad Russia into a sucker punch. Putin is too well versed in these matters to fall for it. However, it wouldn't take much. A commercial ship off the coast with a manpad would be sufficient. Even a fishing boat or yacht would suffice. The 180 degree turn may well have meant the pilots saw it coming and tried to turn out of the way. The large debris field is indicative of the plane being destroyed in the air. The twisted military mind might see it as revenge for MH17 even though it is most likely a false flag maneuver. Hold on to your hats. The conflict might only get worse. 


Antarctic Ice Hides Strange Habitat and Possible Nazi Base                                                     ~ some~thin "funny" IS go~in ON ...down there ?

It’s a battle of the real versus the surreal this week in Antarctica as news stories emerged of a newly-discovered, strange, under-ice habitat filled with unusual creatures and new discussion on an old satellite image of a large under-ice thing that some are now saying was (or is) a secret Nazi UFO base. What’s up (or down) in Antarctica?
Researchers dropping camera down hole drilled in Antarctic ice
Biologist Dr. Glenn Johnstone of the Australian Antarctic Division and his colleagues were rightly shocked when they cut a deep hole in the ice over O’Brien Bay near the Casey research station in East Antarctica, dropped in a robot camera with a bright light to pick up a data logger and found it surrounded by creatures not expected to be seen in these frigid waters.
This footage reveals a habitat that is productive, colorful, dynamic and full of a wide variety of biodiversity, including sponges, sea spiders, urchins, sea cucumbers and sea stars.
The average water temperature is -1.5C (29 F) underneath this 1.5 meters (5 ft.) thick sheet of ice that is over this lively habitat for ten months out of the year. The data logger retrieved will give additional measurement on salinity, oxygen, acidity and the effects of climate change there, but Johnstone says the creatures are relatively safe and frigidly sound there.
Occasionally an iceberg may move around and wipe out an unlucky community, but mostly the sea ice provides protection from the storms that rage above, making it a relatively stable environment in which biodiversity can flourish.
Should they also start watching for Nazi flying saucers? How about big asteroids?
A UFO hunting group is claiming that a 10-year-old satellite image of a massive dark spot under the ice in the eastern Antarctic area known as Wilkes Land is proof of the existence of a World War II Nazi base, possibly used for testing flying saucers or providing alien ships with a hiding place.
The anomaly was discovered in 2006 in images taken by NASA’s GRACE (Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment ) satellites. It measures 150 miles (240 km) across and about 850 meters (2,790 ft) deep under the ice. Because it’s circled by a 300 mile (480 km) wide crater, researchers at the time – like Ohio State University professor of geological sciences Ralph von Freese – speculated it was an asteroid who destructive force doubled that of another famous and disastrous impact and probably caused the Permian–Triassic extinction 250 million years ago.
This Wilkes Land impact is much bigger than the impact that killed the dinosaurs, and probably would have caused catastrophic damage at the time. All the environmental changes that would have resulted from the impact would have created a highly caustic environment that was really hard to endure. So it makes sense that a lot of life went extinct at that time.
Location of the Wilkes Land crater is circled (above center). An inset of the Chicxulub crater is included for comparison.
Location of the Wilkes Land crater is circled. An inset of the Chicxulub crater is included for comparison.
The UFO hunting group’s video points out that it sees no way to prove this, so it links the anomaly to sightings of saucer-shaped crevices in mountains, Operation Highjump (a famous post-WWII Antarctic naval expedition led by Admiral Richard Byrd) and other unexplained phenomenon on the already mysterious continent. It’s a big jump (high jump?) to then claim the anomaly is a secret abandoned UFO base, but that’s their case. This is not a new theory but may be the first to link it to the Wilkes Land crater.
It’s been a month of unusual activities in Antarctica with a crater, a crack, blue clouds, Buzz Aldrin and now some odd and unexpected but verified under-ice creatures. Until a hole is drilled and a camera dropped in, speculation and theories on asteroids and Nazi bases will continue to run – make that slide – rampant in and under Antarctica.

Psybernetics: How Future Technology Will Enhance Psychic Abilities            ~    "think" every~thing  'bout   US   isn't   b'ing ..."harm~vested"

Many people claim to be able to perform such astounding feats as reading the minds of others, as well as seeing into the future to glimpse events that haven’t yet happened in chronological time. Claims among those believed to possess psychic abilities such as these, while remaining unproven scientifically, are still prolific enough that they have managed to permeate our culture, and have inspired numerous institutions over the decades to undertake attempts at explaining what they could be, how they could manifest, and perhaps most importantly, how others might attain the use of such “gifts.”
In truth, within the next several decades, we may begin to see technology that will allow humans abilities very similar to those which professed psychics already claim to have. But in such a world of tomorrow, could there be dangers associated with societies where virtually anyone can utilize psychic prowess to their advantage… and for good or ill, based solely on their own desire?

Recently at The Gralien Report, I wrote a piece that touched on an area that may point to the way some present technology is already tapping into people’s ability to predict things to come… and how some of us might even be able to turn a profit from doing so. The article focused on a new company called Intrade, which has created a market based on people’s predictions of events to come in the world of politics, money, sports, and a host of other areas of interest that “crowd-sources data from individuals who stand to gain monetarily from a circumstance, who thus are more likely to make educated guesses before risking their capital.”
I further speculated that Intrade’s unique process of “rewarding” those making predictions through their interface (if you’re correct about a prediction, your stocks rise in that market) could amount to the beginnings of a sort of functional “cyber-psy,” which I’ve begun to refer to as simply psybernetics. My reasons for this sort of speculation are simple: when there is a payoff on the other end of a prediction one is making (and furthermore, the risk of losing capital if they’re wrong), then we might suppose that people involved in such e-investing will be far more careful with the predictions they cast. The cumulative effect in the long run will be a likely trend toward correct probabilities among experienced users, which not only guarantees them profit, but also allows people to monitor the statistic results of information Intrade will be collecting… and thus offer “hints” of what the future may hold that are more likely to be accurate than the single guessing of any one person.
This isn’t the only area where information collected online has been examined for it’s potential use in predicting future events. A paper by Sitaram Asur and Bernardo A. Huberman of HP Labs in Palo Alto, California titled “Predicting the Future With Social Media” focused on a similar idea: that information gathered through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook may also yield information that can more accurately predict future events than major companies and market forecasts.
Could existing technology already be crowd-sourcing people’s telepathic abilities, or at very least, aggregating the most likely outcomes among people’s educated guesses to forecast the future? Taking this one step further, if trends such as these among websites begin to spill over into other new and emerging technologies in the coming years, we may very well begin to see a variety of forms of “psychic” capabilities becoming available to the masses, and perhaps not only those relegated to looking into the future.
Granted, there is always good that comes with the bad, too. In his book Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Human Souls, British author Nigel Kerner discussed a futuristic microchip for which the proposed design would entail the gathering of data on humans. Named the “Soul Catcher 2025” for the estimated year of its functional completion, the implanted device would allegedly “be like an aircraft’s black box and would enhance communications beyond current concepts,” allowing the recording of virtually every aspect of an individual’s existence; and perhaps even the ability to transfer that stored information to other locations. “By combining this information with a record of a person’s genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually,” according to Dr. Chris Winter of British Telecom’s Artificial Life team, who oversees the project. Indeed, while such technology might be incredible by today’s standards, it also seems that it could become inevitable in our future… and perhaps arriving packaged with certain dangerous potentials.
In essence, the very sorts of things that we might call “extra-sensory” today may become very accessible in a future world, where technological trends will continue to bridge the gap between our biological limitations, and the vast and incredible possibilities of tomorrow. Those things which still seem inaccessible to us now may indeed be well within the grasp of humanity in years to come… and with any luck, we’ll maintain the wisdom and moral capacity needed for handling such technology in ways that remain beneficial to our species.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Russia examines all possible reasons for Black Sea jet crash

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on December 27, 2016

VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV and VERONIKA SILCHENKO Associated PressDecember 25, 2016

SOCHI, Russia (AP) — Backed by ships, helicopters and drones, Russian rescue teams searched Sunday for victims after a Russian plane carrying 92 people to Syria crashed into the Black Sea shortly after takeoff. Investigators said they were looking into every possible cause for the crash, including a terror attack.

All 84 passengers and eight crew members on the Russian military's Tu-154 plane are believed to have died when it crashed two minutes after taking off at 5:25 a.m. in good weather from the southern Russian city of Sochi. The passengers included dozens of singers in Russia's world-famous military choir.

More than 3,000 rescue workers on 32 ships — including over 100 divers flown in from across Russia — were searching the crash site at sea and along the shore, the Defense Ministry said. Helicopters, drones and submersibles were being used to help spot bodies and debris. Powerful spotlights were brought in so the operation could continue all night.

Emergency crews found fragments of the plane about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) from shore. By Sunday evening, rescue teams had recovered 11 bodies and Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said fragments of other bodies were also found.

Asked if a terror attack was a possibility, Sokolov said investigators were looking into every possible reason for the crash. Several experts noted factors that suggested a terror attack, such as the crew's failure to report any malfunction and the fact that plane debris was scattered over a wide area.

The plane was taking the Defense Ministry's choir, the Alexandrov Ensemble, to perform at a New Year's concert at Hemeimeem air base in Syria's coastal province of Latakia. Those on board also included nine Russian journalists and a Russian doctor famous for her work in war zones.

Russian President Vladimir Putin went on television to declare Monday a nationwide day of mourning.

"We will conduct a thorough investigation into the reasons and will do everything to support the victims' families," Putin said.

The Black Sea search area — which covered over 10 square kilometers (about 4 square miles) — was made more difficult by underwater currents that carried debris and body fragments into the open sea. Sokolov said the plane's flight recorders did not have radio beacons, so locating them on the seabed was going to be challenging.

The Tu-154 is a Soviet-built three-engine airliner designed in the late 1960s. More than 1,000 have been built, and they have been used extensively in Russia and worldwide. The plane that crashed Sunday was built in 1983, and underwent factory check-ups and maintenance in 2014 and this year, according to the Defense Ministry.

Magomed Tolboyev, a decorated Russian test pilot, said it was clear that all on board had died in the crash.

"There is no chance to survive in such situation," he said, according to the Interfax news agency.

Before Sokolov spoke to reporters in Sochi, senior Russian lawmakers had ruled out a terror attack, arguing that the military plane was under reliable protection. Security is particularly tight in Sochi, the Black Sea city that hosted the 2014 Winter Games and is regularly visited by Putin, who often receives foreign leaders at his residence there.

But some experts said the crew's failure to report a malfunction pointed at a possible terror attack.

"Possible malfunctions ... certainly wouldn't have prevented the crew from reporting them," Vitaly Andreyev, a former senior Russian air traffic controller, told RIA Novosti.

Vadim Lukashevich, an independent aviation expert, told Dozhd TV that the crew's failure to communicate an equipment failure and the large area over which the plane's fragments were scattered raises the possibility of an attack.

Alexander Gusak, a former chief of a SWAT team at the main domestic security agency, the FSB, told Dozhd that Russian airports are still vulnerable to terror threats despite security cordons.

"It's possible to penetrate them. It's a matter of skills," he said.

Russian planes have been brought down previously by terror attacks.

In October 2015, a Russian plane carrying mostly Russian tourists back from vacation in Egypt was brought down by a bomb over the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people aboard. Officials said the explosive device was planted in the plane's luggage compartment. The local affiliate of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility.

In August 2004, two Russian planes were blown up in the skies over Russia on the same day by suicide bombers, killing 89 people. A Chechen warlord claimed responsibility.

In the last year, the Russian military has repeatedly flown Russian singers and artists to perform at Hemeimeem, the main hub for the Russian air campaign in Syria.

The passenger list released by the Defense Ministry included 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble, including its leader, Valery Khalilov. The ensemble is the official choir of the Russian military and also includes a band and a dance company. The choir sang "Get Lucky" at the opening of the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, becoming an online sensation.

The damage to the choir was reported to be devastating. Viktor Yeliseyev, head of the rival choir for the Russian National Guard, said "most singers of the choir have died."

Also on board was Yelizaveta Glinka, a Russian doctor who has won wide acclaim for her charity work, which has included missions to war zones in eastern Ukraine and Syria. Her foundation said Glinka was accompanying a medical shipment for a hospital in Syria.

"We never feel sure that we will come back alive," she said when Putin presented her with an award earlier this month. "But we are sure that kindness, compassion and charity are stronger than any weapon."

Syrian President Bashar Assad was among numerous foreign leaders who sent their condolences to Putin, saying he received news of the crash "with deep grief and sadness."

In recent years, Russian airlines have replaced their Tu-154s with more modern planes, but the military and other Russian government agencies have continued to use them. While noisy and fuel-guzzling, the plane is popular with crews that appreciate its maneuverability and ruggedness.

"It's an excellent plane, which has proven its reliability during decades of service," veteran pilot Oleg Smirnov said.

Still, since 1994, there's been 17 major plane crashes involving the Tu-154 that have killed over 1,760 people in all. Most resulted from human error.

In the latest previous deadly crash of a Tu-154, a plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others crashed in April 2010 while trying to land at a military airport in Smolensk in western Russia, killing everyone on board. Investigations by both Polish and Russian experts blamed pilot error in bad weather, but Polish authorities have launched a new probe.

Isachenkov reported from Moscow. Nataliya Vasilyeva in Moscow contributed to this report.

Rostov On Don, Russia. 25th Feb, 2015. Spravedlivaya Pomoshch Fund (Just Aid Foundation) director, Yelizaveta Glinka (a.k.a. Doctor Liza), front, seen in an aircraft of Russia's emergency situations ministry. The plane will transport ailing children evacuated from the city of Makiivka, Donetsk Region, to Moscow for treatment. TASS/Alamy Live News

The list of the passengers of the plane also includes Anton Gubankov, the chief of the Directorate of Culture of the Russian Defense Ministry, and prominent Russian humanitarian activist Elizaveta Glinka, the head of Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid) charity. Russia's Channel One, NTV and Zvezda broadcaster have confirmed that their journalists were among the passengers of the aircraft.

Some of these charity funds are sources of much money or used as fronts by intelligence agencies. That could make Dr. Liza a primary target for murder. Based on the fact the plane's wreckage was strewn over a large area and that there was no communication from the crew I believe the plane suffered a catastrophic failure. I would tend to think that implied it was either shot down by a portable missile system or had an explosive planted aboard. I think the Russians already know this and are taking the dialogue in another direction. There can be two reasons. If they admit a hostile act, they will be committed to respond. I think they see that as an inducement to conflict and will not take the bait preferring to wait until President Trump assumes office. Obama did state they would respond to Russian hacking in a time and a way of his choosing. The other reason could be internal to mask the murder of people who knew too much of corruption or deceit.


Posted by George Freund on December 26, 2016       ~hehe Oops ...FINALLY mr & mrs a~merry~ree~ka is starting ta catch on 2 our more~roll~lee core~rupt hollow soul~less EVIL devil  wor~shit~ting "elite class" ...ass pipes result for oh shit oh shit pic


Published: December 26, 2016

CNN, the network so thoroughly exposed by WikiLeaks as a propaganda mouthpiece of the establishment, have recorded their lowest ratings since records began. For the week ending December 18, CNN ranked a lowly number 18 for total viewers per day for ad supported cable networks.

CNN was beat out by channels such as The Cartoon Network and Home And Garden TV Network. Viewers obviously decided The Cartoon Network is closer to reality than what CNN pumps out. Perhaps most embarrassingly, The Food Network had more daily viewers than CNN.

How the mighty have fallen. For prime time viewers CNN did not even rank in the top 25.

CNN is falling apart, which is nice to see given they are an establishment run propaganda channel exposed by their former staff as accepting cash to play what amount to informercials for foreign dictators.

All these propaganda sites are being found outlike Snopes, whose owner is accused of embezzling money, spending hundreds of thousands on prostitutes, and has now married one. His new wife, who now works for Snopes as their administrator, was a high-end escort until last year. She also has an extensive history as a porn star and once ran for office under the anti-Bush slogans, “re-defeat Bush” and “don’t get screwed again”. To think Snopes claim they are “ethical” and “neutral.”

Once upon a time, the press held government’s feet to the fire as a rule. Now it’s an occasional minor exposé just so they can hold up something that resembles legitimacy for the year. The rest of the time it’s business as usual, lying, manipulating and ingratiating themselves with the ruling elite – attempting to protect the establishment from independent, legitimate inquiry – so they can still have access and keep that sweet establishment shill money flowing in.

Snopes backwards sepons.


noun. boiled meal

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Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment Cooperative Agreement

~hehe ya wonder or THINK"they" know  sum~thin ? (& maybe just maybe "they" have known some~thin)  fer a very ,very,VERY longgggggggggggggggggggg  ...time ( or maybe"they" wanna know what "we" have ....gathered HUH ? 

Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment Cooperative AgreementImage result for pics of giants

  • Department or Agency: Department of the Interior
  • Category of Funding Activity: Education
  • Estimated Funding: $150,000

Estimated Funding per Award


Number of Awards


Award Floor


Award Ceiling

National Park Service posted this education cooperative agreement on March 15, 2016. National Park Service is awarding 1 cooperative agreement with an estimated funding amount of $150,000 for Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment.
Below you will find more detailed information on this cooperative agreement, including funding estimates, eligibility information, similar grants that are available to apply for now, and more.
Data is from



General Information


This Funding Announcement is not a request for applications. This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service (NPS), intention to fund the following project activities without competition. ABSTRACT Funding Announcement P16AS00074 Project Title Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment Recipient Kawerak, Inc. Total Anticipated Award Amount 150000 Cost Share 0.00 Anticipated Length of Agreement 3 years Anticipated Period of Performance April 1, 2016 ⿿ April 1, 2019 Award Instrument Cooperative Agreement Statutory Authority 54 U.S.C. §101702(a) Cooperative Agreements, Transfer of Service Appropriated Funds CFDA # and Title 15.946-Cultural Resource Management Single Source Justification Criteria Cited N/A Point of Contact Erica Cordeiro OVERVIEW Our project is an examination and documentation of the Bering Strait region indigenous residents⿿ knowledge and beliefs about, and experiences with, supernatural phenomena. ⿿Supernatural⿿ is used here to refer to elements in and aspects of the environment such as little people, unexplained lights, sea monsters, invisible sea birds, animals with transformative powers, a variety of other non-human persons, landscape features with special powers, and other similar phenomena as defined by participants. This project includes collaborations with 17 of the 20 tribes in the Bering Strait region of Alaska. STATEMENT OF JOINT OBJECTIVES/PROJECT MANAGEMENT PLAN The primary objective of this project is to investigate Bering Strait Inuit residents⿿ beliefs and knowledge about (and experiences with) the supernatural environment, and to examine the roles these play in guiding interactions with animals, the landscape and the environment in general. Other project goals include: 1) To document as fully as possible from archival and other sources what is known about traditional beliefs, knowledge and experience regarding the supernatural, 2) To document contemporary beliefs, knowledge and experiences regarding the supernatural, 3) To explore the importance of the form, contexts, and significance of knowledge sharing about the supernatural, and 4) To return knowledge that has been previously documented to communities in an accessible format. RECIPIENT INVOLVEMENT A. Kawerak, Inc. agrees to: 1. Conduct archival research at the Kawerak Eskimo Heritage Program, Bering Straits Native Corporation and at the Alaska Polar Regions Collection at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to produce a detailed summary of the information pertaining indigenous resident⿿s knowledge about the supernatural environment and how these beliefs guide their interactions with animals, the landscape and the environment in general to make this information accessible to Bering Strait communities. 2. Conduct no less than 80 individual consultations with tribal elders and community members in villages across northwest Alaska including: Brevig Mission, Council, Diomede, Elim, Gambell, Golovon, King Island, Koyuk Mary⿿s Igloo, Nome, Savoonga, Shaktoolik, Shishmaref, Solomon, Stebbins, St. Michael, Teller, Unalakleet, Wales and White Mountain 3. Facilitate community meetings and storytelling nights in the collaborating communities. Community members of all ages will be encouraged to participate. Kawerak, Inc. will document these events through digital recordings. 4. Document community member⿿s personal experience with the supernatural through focus groups held in at least five communities with approximately five or six participants/group. 5. Record audio and/or video and transcribe the storytelling and consultations and to archive these with the Eskimo Heritage Program files. 6. Analyze archival material, transcripts and notes, participant observation notes, focus group and story-telling notes and other texts. 7. Produce a book manuscript, in addition to the archival summary, detailing the projects findings. 8. Report to Bering Strait communities through conferences and other meetings the results of the project (Year 3). NATIONAL PARK SERVICE INVOLVEMENT B. NPS agrees to: 1. Act as liaison with the partner and possible individuals or groups in the Beringia region that may be interested in the Traditional Knowledge of the Native People of Alaska regarding the ⿿Supernatural Environment⿝ and their interactions with the environment and natural world. 2. To the extent possible, assist with organizing workshops and trainings, assist making agreements on using government housing, and other logistical support. 3. Provide technical assistance and safety briefings related to project and geographic location. 4. Utilize the Beringia Program⿿s contacts in Alaska and Russia (especially in Native communities) to inform communities and organizations about the project. Assist with the dissemination of information working with local park units to post information, advertise workshops, and share project activities and outcome on the NPS Shared Beringian Heritage Program website and Alaska National Parks Facebook page. 5. Use the network of contacts, the Shared Beringia Heritage program website, and the Alaska National Parks Facebook page to share information from the final and interim reports with the public, as well as with targeted audiences through the development of a project-specific distribution plan. First and foremost it will be targeted toward the communities in the Bering Strait region. 6. Have the project products translated into Russian.

Key Info

Award Title Knowledge, Experience and Beliefs of the Supernatural Environment
Program Title Cultural Resources Management
Funding Type
Cooperative Agreement
Category of Funding Activity
Cost Sharing

Time Frame

Post Date March 15, 2016
Application Due Date
March 16, 2016
Due Date Info This project was submitted and selected from a 'Request For Proposals' posted 5/18/2015-September 14, 2015.
Archive Date March 24, 2016
This cooperative agreement was posted on March 15, 2016. This is not a request for applications, so please do not apply. Read the description for more information on this cooperative agreement.


Funding Opportunity #
CFDA Number

The “Vanishing Triangle” Remains One of Ireland’s Most Eerie Mysteries

“It is far easier to be sensible in cities than in many country places I could tell you of. When one walks on those grey roads at evening by the scented elder-bushes of the white cottages, watching the faint mountains gathering the clouds upon their heads, one all too readily discovers, beyond the thin cobweb veil of the senses, those creatures, the goblins, hurrying from the white square stone door to the north, or from the Heart Lake in the south.” – William Butler Yeats, “Kidnappers”
The women were all young, and the best efforts of police to find clues about their disappearances came up empty.
There were six women officially–nine by some counts–who went missing beginning in 1993. Rewards, some for as much as €10,000, were offered to those willing to come forward with any substantial information about the disappearances, but none bore any fruit. In the aftermath, the region where the disappearances occurred–all of them still unexplained today–would be marked with a name commemorating the odd and unsettling mystery that occurred here.
It is known today as Ireland’s “Vanishing Triangle”.
“She was always reaching out and touching someone,” said John McCarrick, the father of Annie McCarrick, the first of the girls to go missing. “She would never have gone a day without talking to someone. We were very, very concerned.” Annie had failed to show up at a dinner party she had planned to host, and days earlier, the New York native, attending school in Dublin, had not been present to accept a check from her job on payday.
Temple Bar
Annie was last seen, according to some, in a small pub call Johnny Fox’s, just outside Enniskerry, County Dublin. Annie had no boyfriend at the time, according to those who knew her, but those who had seen her at Johnny Fox’s swore that she had been in the company of a man that evening… it would be the last evening that anyone saw Annie alive.
The same year Annie McCarrick vanished, 40-year-old Eva Brennan went missing also, after leaving here parent’s home one night. The following January, Imelda Keenan, the youngest of the victims to-date, disappeared near Lomarard Street in Waterford. Keenan was followed by Josephine Dollard, a 21-year-old who went missing in 1995 after hitch-hiking from Dublin to her home in Kilkenny. She was last seen using a pay phone along what would be her final, and incomplete, journey.
Continuing the trend toward younger women, two 18-year-olds, Ciara Breen and Deirdre Jacob, 18, both went missing in 1998. The case of Miss Jacob, a student teacher at the time of her disappearance, remains one of the most puzzling of all the cases in the Vanishing Triangle, as there had been numerous witnesses who claimed to see her just yards from her parent’s home on the evening she vanished. Motorists saw the girl approaching her parent’s driveway, and security cameras managed to document her travels as she followed a familiar path she had known her entire life.
“Neighbors saw her about 200 yards from her home,” according to Geraldine Niland, an author and chronicler of missing women in Ireland. “And then, suddenly, she was gone. She literally was standing at the side of the road, about to cross over into her home, and then, she was gone.” Jacob vanished in broad daylight.
The final two women, both named Fiona, would disappear in 1996 an 1998; Miss Fiona Pender, 25, had been seven months pregnant when she vanished. Fiona Sinnott, age 19, had last been seen at a pub, much like Annie McCarrick just five years earlier.
While numerous theories exist linking the various disappearances, perhaps the most popular among them involves the idea that a serial killer may have been involved. Others argue that unusual daylight disappearances, like that of Deirdre Jacob, are more difficult to explain.
Ireland has a long history of mysterious disappearances, some of which extend well beyond the confines of the everyday. William Butler Yeats, though famed for his poetry, Yeats documented in his 1893 The Celtic Twilight a rather strange series of fabled kidnappings, which were attributed by legend to the “fae” or fairy folk. According to such legends, even those carried away into the haunted hills were sometimes allowed to revisit their families, albeit once, after a period of seven years:
“Sometimes those who are carried off are allowed after many years–seven usually–a final glimpse of their friends. Many years ago a woman vanished suddenly from a Sligo garden where she was walking with her husband. When her son, who was then a baby, had grown up he received word in some way, not handed down, that his mother was glamoured by faeries, and imprisoned for the time in a house in Glasgow and longing to see him. Glasgow in those days of sailing-ships seemed to the peasant mind almost over the edge of the known world, yet he, being a dutiful son, started away. For a long time he walked the streets of Glasgow; at last down in a cellar he saw his mother working. She was happy, she said, and had the best of good eating, and would he not eat? and therewith laid all kinds of food on the table; but he, knowing well that she was trying to cast on him the glamour by giving him faery food, that she might keep him with her, refused and came home to his people in Sligo.”
Ben Bulben
The legends of these “faery kidnappings” involved a great stone doorway, located toward the southern end of Ben Bulben, a sheer stony mountain nearest the Seaport town of Sligo:
“A little north of the town of Sligo, on the southern side of Ben Bulben, some hundreds of feet above the plain, is a small white square in the limestone. No mortal has ever touched it with his hand; no sheep or goat has ever browsed grass beside it. There is no more inaccessible place upon the earth, and few more encircled by awe to the deep considering. It is the door of faery-land.”
Yeats noted the prolific history of strange kidnappings, adding that, “There is hardly a valley or mountainside where folk cannot tell you of some one pillaged from amongst them,” emphasizing that, “Many near the white stone door in Ben Bulben have been stolen away.”
The mythologies related in Yeats’ prose are not to be taken as literal explanation behind Ireland’s mysterious disappearances, of course. Yet when pondering the seemingly inexplicable circumstances surrounding those who simply vanish into thin air, one almost cannot help but wonder, at times, if there weren’t some supernatural link that could be attributed; modern researchers of uncanny claims note that parallels exist in equal measure between inexplicable kidnappings and the faery lore of yesteryear… perhaps the legends have some basis–however remote–in fact, after all.
The disappearances of the Vanishing Triangle challenged the strength of communities around Dublin, and today a monument exists at Kilkenny Castle, in tribute to those who have vanished while wandering home alone along Ireland’s country roads.

THE AFTERMATH OF THE ONSEN SUMMIT: JAPAN AND RUSSIA INK BILLIONS IN ...     ~ hehe the "only" thing "our" so~called "elites"  can offer the World ... death,destruction,ka~oss   ...hummm & we's  wonder ,wonder ... y O y the rest of the Planet (&off)   everybody is ....jump~in ship ....from   u.s. ???

After the Onsen summit between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, I made a basic prediction that the issue of the Kuril islands would not be a stumbling block for Russia and Japan moving forward with lucrative trade deals. There is a simple geopolitical reality driving these events: as US power declines, Japan needs other strong allies, and a secure supply of energy, and Russia is  ready to hand with energy resources in Siberia that are close to hand. Russia, in turn, needs Japan as a counter-balance to growing Chinese influence, and also as a financial and technological ally in its long term plans to develop the region. For the foreseeable future, Japan's and Russia's geopolitical and financial interests coincide to an amazing degree, and to a degree completely unimaginable just a half a century ago.
What I did not expect were for so many details and deals to be worked out so quickly; I was thinking in terms of a few weeks or perhaps months, but Moscow and Tokyo are apparently on a much faster clock than I am, according to this story from Russia Insider shared by Ms. B. and Mr. V.K.:
There's two basic points in this article that I want to bring to your attention.
Firstly, note the size and extent of the recently inked deals, and note the contextual template in which they are made:
Vladimir Putin's recent visit to Japan has proven quite lucrative. The two countries have closed 23 deals on offshore oil and LNG that are worth billions of dollars.
The deals included Russian state-owned oil giant Rosneft and a consortium of Japanese companies comprising Marubeni Corporation, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) and INPEX Corp. signing a Heads of Agreement for joint exploration, development and production offshore Russia, according to Rosneft.
Russia has gradually been shifting its focus east following the implementation of sanctions against the country by the West over its annexation of Crimea. Prior to this weekend’s deals, the focus had been on China and India, with ties between Russia and Japan complicated by the territorial dispute over the islands, which Russia refers to as the Kuril Islands, and Japan calls the Northern Territories.
While not much is being said here about the possible role the Kuril islands have played in these negotiations, I strong suspect that they played some, for recall that in my News and Views from the Nefarium that discussed the Onsen summit, and in subsequent blogs, it appears that Japan and Russia are pursuing a different way of resolving the territorial dispute by making the disputed islands the centerpiece of a kind of "free trade zone", operating under Russian law but with full Japanese access.  While time will tell if this speculation proves to be true, as I suspect it is, it is a natural solution to the needs of both countries and geopolitically, the islands are situated to be the physical "port of entry" for the flow of goods, capital, services, technology and human exchange  for the long-term plans of both countries represented by these deals. The fact that Russia Insider (which, in case you didn't know, is a Russian government site) would mention the Kuril islands in the context of these deals is a subtle way of admitting that they were indeed the context in which these deals were made. Russia is, in short, sending messages, though subtle ones. Again, time will tell if this reading is correct, but I suspect it is because this paragraph from the article strongly suggests it:
The new deals signed with Japan could yield billions for companies from both countries in the Kuril Islands, which Russia annexed following World War II, but which are still claimed by the Japanese.
But there a second point here, and a second message. The article concludes with a self-evident bit of propaganda and posturing:
Ever since the European Union decided to hitch its wagon to the falling star of US transatlantic hegemony and impose self-destructive economic sanctions on Russia, Moscow has increasingly turned East, toward Asia, for trade and investment.
Not only is the United States poised to lose its influence in Europe if continues pressing the EU to maintain sanctions, but it may even lose Asian allies as countries like Japan and the Philippines realize there(sic) economic interests lie in Asia and not in North America.
Looking more deeply behind these rather blunt statements - indeed, they recall the tone of the "Radio Moscow" and TASS and Pravda of the Cold War - what these deals also suggest is that they allow, via Japan, a deeper Russian financial penetration into the Pacific rim, and for Japan, a similar opportunity for more independent foreign policy maneuvering room via its growing financial ties with Russia. Putting this high octane speculation a bit more crudely, perhaps we are witnessing the emergence of a Russo-Japanese "interest" within the wider context of the Shanghai accord nations and BRICSA bloc. Indeed, the wording of that last paragraph in the article, using the word "ally" and Japan in the same context, and pointing out that financial interests are driving new geopolitical realities, suggests that perhaps much more was discussed privately between the Russian and Japanese delegations than simply trade deals.If so, the dance between the major powers of the region - the USA, India, China, Russia, and Japan - will become increasingly delicate and intricate, with up and coming economies like Indonesia playing increasingly important roles. What to look for? With trade inevitably comes joint  and mutual political interests. Watch for Russia and Japan to start making joint political statements on regional geopolitical matters. It will start as a slow trickle, but it will come. It will come because Russia's "Pacific pivot" appears to be happening much more quickly than the USA's, perhaps because Russia is offering something other than aircraft carrier battle groups, bases, and drones...