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20 Declassified Files that Prove Governmental Crime and Conspiracy – Part 1

declassified files
Governmental crime & conspiracy is everywhere, but some still refuse to believe it. These 20 declassified files prove it – in undeniable black and white documents.

Declassified files are useful

in a world where truthtellers and open-minded investigators are shut down, censored and accused of being “conspiracy theorists.” Our world is fast becoming a digital censorship grid, where corporate technological behemoths like Google (who own YouTube) and Facebook rig algorithms (which control search engine results and news feeds) to elevate the information they want you to see and bury the information they don’t want you to see. Amazon too is part of this emerging multinational corporate technological oligarchy, and you may remember they have been caught censoring books in the past (such as No One Died at Sandy Hook by Jim Fetzer) by forbidding them to be sold on their platform. The handy thing about declassified docs is that they are genuine pieces of evidence that prove governmental criminality. It’s hard for naysayers and censors to deny the authenticity of governmental declassified files which show that our history is full of conspiracy fact, not conspiracy theory.
With that in mind, here is part 1 (click here for part 2) of a list of 20 declassified files (most from the US Government) proving the very real crimes it has been engaged in, spanning a variety of areas including forced sterilization, mind control, weather modification, false flag operations and igniting war. The documents speak for themselves.

Declassified Files: Operation Paperclip

Think that World War II ended with the defeat of the Nazis? Think again. They didn’t get defeated; they just went south (Argentina) and joined the ranks of their conquerors (US, UK, Russia) in a dirty deal of legal immunity for inside information. The German scientists, technicians and engineers had made brilliant and groundbreaking advances in many fields in the leadup to and during the war, and the victors didn’t have a moral problem with the Nazi weapons of destruction … the only problem was that the brilliant scientists were on the wrong side. The US got a sizeable portion of these Nazi scientists (around 1500) and smuggled them into NASA and the CIA, where some of them such as Wernher von Braun went on to make a name for themselves. Thus, the US willingly allowed its military and intelligence agencies to be infected with Nazi ideology, which continues to this day. You can read the declassified docs relating to Project Paperclip or Operation Paperclip here.
declassified docs Project Operation Paperclip
The Nazi scientists from Project or Operation Paperclip that were brought into the US.

Declassified Files: The Escape of Hitler and Other Nazis to Argentina

The mainstream narrative is that at the end of WWII, Hitler committed suicide in Berlin in a bunker. It’s a nice story, but apparently, that’s all it is – a story. In his book Hitler in Argentina: The Documented Truth of Hitler’s Escape from Berlin, author Harry Cooper produced a slew of astounding evidence that Hitler and other top Nazis such as Martin Bormann traveled in German submarines all the way to Argentina. Some of the evidence that this astonishing claim is true are these FBI declassified docs.
The article FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945 contains further information:
“Along with the FBI documents detailing an eye witness account of Hitler’s whereabouts in Argentina, more evidence is coming to light to help prove that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did not die in that bunker. In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina. This coincides with the sightings of the submarine U-530. Added proof comes in the form of newspaper articles detailing the construction of a Bavarian styled mansion in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. Further proof comes in the form of architect Alejandro Bustillo who wrote about his design and construction of Hitler’s new home which was financed by earlier wealthy German immigrants.
… [an] archeologist from Connecticut State, Nicholas Bellatoni was allowed to perform DNA testing on one of the skull fragments recovered. What he discovered set off a reaction through the intelligence and scholarly communities. Not only did the DNA not match any recorded samples thought to be Hitler’s, they did not match Eva Braun’s familiar DNA either.”

Declassified Files: Operation Northwoods

This is a great one for all those who think that the government would never hurt its own citizens. Operation Northwoods was the outrageous plan for the US military to attack its own people and cities (Washington DC and Miami) as a false flag operation to frame Cuba. It was a pretext to invade Cuba. The 1962 declassified US Joint Chiefs of Staff Memo was entitled “Operation Northwoods – Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba.” In its own words, the document states that a “series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.” Luckily JFK had the nous to reject the plan; by 1962 he had discerned the insidious influence of Military Intelligence Complex upon his presidency. You can find some of the declassified docs for Operation Northwoods here.
Northwoods Cartoon Mack White
An Operation Northwoods cartoon by Mack White.

Declassified Files: CoIntelPro

CoIntelPro has become a famous word of its own, derived from the full operational name Counter Intelligence Program. This was a program run by the FBI under Hoover which started in 1956. CoIntelPro was a series of undercover operations that targeted people and groups the US Government deemed were a problem, such as the communist party, other far left groups, civil rights groups, far right groups (e.g. the KKK) and individuals activists such as Martin Luther King. The scope of CoIntelPro was broad: it involved monitoring, surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting. Although then Attorney General Robert Kennedy authorized some spying, the FBI was given an inch and took a mile (much like today’s spy agencies), clearly overstepping the bounds of legality. It became a way for the government to intimidate and stifle dissidents. You can read declassified docs on CoIntelPro here.
declassified files operation mockingbird
The declassified files of Operation Mockingbird expose the almost complete control of the mainstream media by the CIA.

Declassified Files: Operation Mockingbird

Operation Mockingbird was a CIA project to infiltrate and covertly control the media. It began in the 1950s under then CIA director Allen Dulles. The declassified files (most are classified and secret, but a tiny fraction here) show how the CIA infiltrated the mainstream media and had its pieces inserted into TV, newspapers and journals everywhere as “news” when they were nothing more than lies and propaganda. Richard Salant, former President of CBS News, once said that “our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Mockingbird was famously exposed in the 1975 Church Committee hearings (see an video excerpt here). Nothing much has changed today. Journalists worldwide are still on the payroll, and some were brave enough to talk about it, such as the late Udo Ulfkotte.

Declassified Files: Operation MK Ultra

Operation MK Ultra has become so infamous that the term is basically synonymous with mind control. The “MK” of MK Ultra stands for mind kontrolle (German spelling of control), with a nod to the German Nazi scientists who developed it for the CIA who were brought in under Paperclip. In 1953, CIA agent Richard Helms (later CIA director in 1966) chose Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to run the TSS (Technical Service Staff) to develop truth serum drugs, hypnotic techniques and mind control techniques, with the purpose of creating spies, couriers and assassins. Eisenhower approved using Nazi scientists and Jewish victims as guinea pigs. MK Ultra was so large it had 149 sub-projects. By 1953, the emphasis of MK Ultra was LSD (see below), but by the 1960s, this had changed into biological radio communications. Helms later destroyed much of the MK Ultra archive when he left in 1972, but some declassified files remain.

Declassified Files: Operation Midnight Climax

Operation Midnight Climax, one of many MK Ultra sub-projects, used paid prostitutes to lure people into CIA safe houses in San Francisco, Marin and New York. There, they were surreptitiously given a wide range of substances, including LSD, and monitored behind one-way glass. This was not the first time, nor the last, that the US Government used drugs and other substances with which to experiment upon unsuspecting individuals. The point was to study the effects of LSD and gain research on the potential military and intelligence uses of sexual blackmail, surveillance technology and mind-altering drugs. Some of the declassified files are here.
declassified files CIA drug smuggling
Declassified files also show evidence of CIA drug smuggling.

Declassified Files: CIA Drug Smuggling

The CIA has long used illegal drugs to fund its illegal operations. Drugs are often one of the secret motivation behind wars. Vietnam is part of the Golden Triangle of heroin-producing opium poppies, Afghanistan is also home to huge swathes of opium poppies and after the US invaded many Central and South American countries, it took control of the cocaine production there. In 1996, journalist Gary Webb exposed the connection between the CIA, cocaine and the Nicaraguan contras. In the early 1980s the CIA pushed the sale of cocaine in Los Angeles to help finance their covert war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. You can read some of the declassified files on this here, including excerpts from Oliver North’s notebook obtained under the FOIA. North writes that Air Force General Richard Secord told him (North) that “14 M to finance [the arms in the warehouse] came from drugs.”

Declassified Files: Operation Gladio

Operation Gladio, which still continues to this day, is the codename for a clandestine NATO “stay-behind” operation in Italy during the Cold War. The CIA spearheaded Gladio under the pretext of preventing the spread of Soviet communism in Europe. The name gladio is the Italian form of gladius, a type of Roman shortsword. Gladio came to refer to a whole range of stay-behind cells and groups in Europe, although originally, Operation Gladio was the Italian branch. Gladio became famous when then Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti talked about it. Gladio involved the Freemasons, Mafia members and the Vatican, who all united with the CIA and NATO in a holy war against communism. Operation Gladio was responsible for some horrible atrocities and false flag attacks in Italy, such as the bombing of Bologna train station in 1980. Today, even the Western-backed fighters in Nazi Ukraine and Syria are basically Gladio fighters. Declassified files on Gladio can be found here.
Stay tuned for part 2.


USS John S. McCain Collides with Merchant Ship

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 21, 2017     ~ the "covert" wars' r heating UP ?


The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) has arrived at Changi Naval Base following a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore on Aug. 21.

he collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time. Significant damage to the hull resulted in flooding to nearby compartments, including crew berthing, machinery, and communications rooms. Damage control efforts by the crew halted further flooding.

There are currently 10 Sailors missing and five injured. Four of the injured were medically evacuated by a Singapore Armed Forces helicopter to a hospital in Singapore for non-life threatening injuries. The fifth injured Sailor does not require further medical attention.

Search and rescue efforts continue in coordination with local authorities. The Republic of Singapore Fearless-class patrol ships RSS Gallant (97), RSS Resilience (82), and Singaporean Police Coast Guard vessel Basking Shark (55) are in the area rendering assistance.

Additionally, MH-60S helicopters and MV-22 Ospreys from the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) are in the area providing search and rescue assistance.

Alnic MC is a Liberian-flagged 600-foot oil and chemical tanker with a gross tonnage of 30,000.

The incident will be investigated.

CHANGI NAVAL BASE, REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE (Aug. 21, 2017) The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) arrives pier side at Changi Naval Base, Republic of Singapore following a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Significant damage to the hull resulted in flooding to nearby compartments, including crew berthing, machinery, and communications rooms. Damage control efforts by the crew halted further flooding. The incident will be investigated.

You have to wonder how a state of the art American warship could have a potential adversary get so close as to collide. Maybe it is an OMEN of something going to happen to Senator McCain. There are reports of very successful spoofing of ships' GPS sysyems in The Black Sea. That's another bad OMEN

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MSN: Corporations save billions as Americans die younger  ~ hehe "nothing" is EVER ..."related" ...yea right ?

Americans are dying younger despite our previous improvements in American life expectancy. For companies who pay out on pensions this could be good news: If people don’t end up living as long as they were projected to just a few years ago, employers won’t have to pay them as much in pension and other lifelong retirement benefits.1
RELATED ARTICLE: Due to the slight rise in the mortality rate, at least 12 large companies have reduced their estimates for how much they could owe retirees by a combined $9.7 billion. For instance, Lockheed Martin adjusted their “estimated retirement obligations”2 down by a total of around $1.6 billion for 2015 and 2016.
Mortality trends are only a small piece of the calculation companies make when estimating what they’ll owe retirees and the fact that people are dying slightly younger won’t cure corporate America’s pension problems but the simple fact that companies are taking it into account shows just how serious this problem is.

“Actuaries use two main factors to project death rates into the future: They start with current mortality levels—the percentages of people who die at a given age—and then make predictions about how those percentages might change with developments such as new medical treatments or changes to smoking or obesity rates. For instance, the widespread prescribing of cholesterol-lowering statins in the 1990s was “a huge driver of mortality improvement,” says Eric Keener, senior partner and chief actuary at Aon’s U.S. retirement practice. If medical science produces new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease or cancer, they could have similar effects.”3
Death rates for Americans over the age of 50 have improved, on average, by 1 percent each year since 1950:4
  • 2000 to 2009 saw annual improvements of 1.5 to 2 percent
  • However, from 2010 to 2014, death rates were only improving by about half a percent each year.
And so, in 2014, the Society of Actuaries updated their baseline mortality tables for the first time since 2000, reflecting the significant gains in life expectancies that had been seen through 2008. That led many companies to revise their estimates of pension obligations upward. But, those assumptions were far too optimistic. about how fast death rates would keep improving.
“Updates in the last two years, based on more recent mortality data, have pulled down companies’ estimates of what they’ll owe future retirees. The 2016 update would lower pension obligations by about 1.5 percent to 2 percent, all else being equal, according to the Society of Actuaries . (The group draws on data from the Social Security Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.)”note]MSN.[/note]
And pension obligations could get lower still because accurate death records take a long time for the government to compile. The most recent estimates published in 2016 only had mortality data through 2014. The picture for 2015 looks bleaker still.

But this trend isn’t unique to the U.S.: Canada and Britain have experienced similar slowing gains since 2011. Joseph Lu, chair of the Institute’s mortality research committee wrote, “These signs should be taken as warnings that worsened health care, behavior and environment can reverse decades of success in health and longevity.” Changes in life expectancy in the U.K. could cut 310 billion pounds from British private-sector pension obligations.
What no one seems to be able to answer is whether the slowdown is a short-term one or more permanent.


Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 19, 2017      ~ hehe  Oops ?

There is a very unique picture on the BBC today. An activist at the Charlottesville riots is wearing a Barcelona Football Club T shirt. It is quite the irony since Barcelona was the next step on the world stage for the fake news. Was it a clue? Was it arranged? Did the actor get his wardrobe mixed up? What are the odds? The chap at Charlottesville has turned his head away from the camera. He has a very unique bit of facial hair on his chin. Another man recently in the news does as well. He is Moussa Oukabir the Barcelona terrorist. It is a strange co-incidence to be sure. It may be called predictive programming. It may be the same company that supplied protesters in Charlottesville does overseas work as well. That's L.A. based company Crowds on Demand. There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio.

Moussa Oukabir Barcelona terrorist

Putin: ‘Pope Francis Is Not A Man Of God’     ~hehe wanna know Y the western "elites" can't fucking STAND this guy(PUTIN) ...he's calling OUT all "these" ...fucking FRAUDS  & AH oh yea ...peds   LOL man of God   ...hows bout that "god" wit an S on the back of his ...uni ? Image result for satan pic

Putin has slammed Pope Francis for “pushing a political ideology instead of running a church”, and warned that the pope is not a "man of God."
President Putin has slammed Pope Francis for “pushing a political ideology instead of running a church”, and warned that the leader of the Catholic Church “is not a man of God.”
Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position,” Putin said.
If you look at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God. Not the God of the Bible,” Putin said at the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt.
“He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression.
“As we have seen before in communist states, this system is not compatible with Christianity.
President Putin tours the Naval Cathedral of St Nicholas with Patriarch Kirill.
The pope has become increasingly brazen this year in pushing the globalist agenda and far-left talking points upon the masses. Earlier this year he called for a global central bank and financial authority, and more recently he said Americans need to be ruled by a world government as soon as possible for their own good.”
Pope Francis’s idea that Americans would be better off under a world government doesn’t stop there. The radical leftist pontiff also went on record stating that Europe should become one country under one government.
He is also on record calling for a China-style one child policy for Western nations, as well as telling a congregation in Rome that having a personal relationship with Jesus is “dangerous and harmful.”
While Putin is a practicing Christian, he is not a Roman Catholic, and the pope is not his leader. According to his recent statements, President Putin does not even consider Pope Francis to be Christian.
The Russian president is rarely openly critical of foreign leaders, instead preferring to use diplomacy to win people over to his side. However notorious globalists including George Soros, Jacob Rothschild and Bill Gates have received tongue lashings before, and now Pope Francis has joined their company.
Pope Francis is trying to lay the groundwork for a global communist government. President Putin is wise to his ruse and has called him out on it. It’s time for more world leaders to tell the pope to stay in his own lane.

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wakey wakey all's u's kooky lefties wing nut's & nat~tery fucked in the heads tighy righty's

let's  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL  the  rest  of U.S. ~in's  go  MASH  them crazy  indy~depends~ent's   .... k ?

First they came for our statues...

Posted  by Conspiracy Cafe on August 17, 2017  ~ hehe as more & more & More & More  kooky (both fucking sides) a~merry~cans ... keep falling 4 the same old "playbook" BOTH fucking "sides" r look~in more & more & More &    MORE     NAZI's   ( by god what 2  4 )    hehe u's kooky hate~ful (both sides) bast~erds    jeez~ U.S.    h   fucking christ  ... u can't tell which freaking "side"        HATES   the most  Oops .... now "let's" go catch that  fucking Bald Eagle & rapes "it's"  ....ass  WTF 

A monument of Robert E. Lee, who was a general in the Confederate Army, is removed in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., May 19, 2017.

Whether destroying statues of Robert E. Lee or Abraham Lincoln - those who try to erase the past are eerily reminiscent of UNESCO denying the Jewish roots on the Temple Mount.

Jack Engelhard, 17/08/17 05:18

צילום: מתוך האתר האישי

Jack Engelhard’s classic international bestselling novel Indecent Proposal, which later became a worldwide hit movie, has been republished to meet readers’ demands. His other major works include Compulsive: A Novel, his award-winning post-Holocaust Montreal memoir Escape from Mount Moriah, plus Slot Attendant: A Novel About A Novelist. 

Seeing the tempest in Charlottesville, VA as an opportunity not to be missed, they came for a Confederate statue in Durham, N.C., stomping it to the ground.

The same happened in Baltimore.

Other memorials are likewise being targeted and as President Trump pointed out, “Where does it end?”

Altogether three times, so far, Trump has been perfectly clear about his disdain for white supremacists but none of it counts for one reason.

Because he is Donald Trump and they hate him and they hear him only from the filter of their own misconceptions, misinterpretations and prejudices.

Behind their high-minded moralizing lurks their animosity for one man, Trump.

He asked if founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are next to be toppled from our heritage and erased from our memories.

In fact, next they want monuments of Theodore Roosevelt in New York City and of Frank Rizzo in Philadelphia obliterated.

That’s only a partial list and in no particular order…and they, the vandals, sure enough call themselves Social Justice Warriors.

More to the point, they are brutes, the Radicalized Left’s Foot Soldiers and Remembrance of Things Past is not for them, that is, if it does not conform to their Progressive ideology. Or as British novelist L.P. Hartley had it (in his book “The Go-Between”;), “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

"Why exactly are they all dumping on Trump for Charlottesville? That’s because he won’t give them the satisfaction of blaming ONLY those despicable white supremacists."

Quite so…and the past is not always a friendly reminder of who we were and what we did, like slavery. That makes us uncomfortable. We wish it weren’t so. But it’s our history. Some of it is disgraceful, indeed slavery; much of it quite glorious, indeed liberty.

But the past is what we’re stuck with; and we don’t get to choose yes from column A, and no from column B.

We don’t get to pull ourselves from our roots as if the good, the bad and the ugly never happened. Once we do that, we’ve handed ourselves over to the mobs who want the past, present and future only to themselves. The best of who we are is also at risk when we fall for the tyranny of forgetfulness. (Taken from the novel, “The Bathsheba Deadline.”

We saw how anarchy plays at the UN when UNESCO passed resolutions denying Israel its sovereignty to its very own heritage as to the Temple Mount and the Cave of the Patriarchs. If Jewish Heritage, codified in every Bible, can be so easily trampled, our chances of freedom and tolerance in the United States aren’t much safer via our Constitution.

They – the Progressive vandals – they come with lofty words to commit the basest acts. They had their pretext in Virginia, but nearly every college campus is now owned and operated by the Violent Left. Conservative speakers have no chance. BDS, which torments Jews on and off campus, forms from the Radical Left. Why is Trump wrong to call them out?

To the well-fed well-paid (Soros) mobs of the Left, the game is fair so long as diversity is THEIR diversity and only when free speech is THEIR free speech, not yours or mine, If you seek relief from the media -- well we know that’s no place for reasoned thinking or debate.

Even Fox News has been taken over by Trump derangement panelists…and why exactly are they all dumping on him for Charlottesville?

That’s because he won’t give them the satisfaction of blaming ONLY those despicable white supremacists.

He knows the Left, equally despicable and often brutish and barbaric. They don’t want to hear this. They will parse each word of his and attribute words to him that he never spoke because in the end it’s all about Trump and getting him to pay the price for getting elected president.

Hours ago, meanwhile, a statue of Lincoln was defaced in Manhattan. That too is the tyranny of forgetfulness.

So what’s next from the Index of Forbidden Works that doomed millions from the Spanish Inquisition? Book burning? Mob Rule?

Trump is right. Where does it end?

Where it has always ended in the past in destroying the people not the books, culture or statues.