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Why Butch & Sundance & Etta Were Never Caught                                                                          if you haven't read any of Mr. Bosley's books ...get em they r great !!!

OK, this one is simple.

If you've read Empire of the Wheel 2: Friends From Sonora then you are up to speed on the whole scenario I propose regarding the legendary and notorious Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and their companion Etta Place. You already know that I have proposed Etta Place was a secular nun for an Episcopal order, likely one based in New York with posts in Texas, and was working undercover as a field asset -- not an agent -- for the US Secret Service. I also argue that she was assassinated in San Bernardino, California, on 18 Nov 1915 while probably still working for the Secret Service. The details and analysis are in the book, along with my theory about Butch and Sundance and their South American adventure. Again, refer to the book.

The question I am answering here is: Why did the Pinkerton men never catch Butch and Sundance?

Here's your answer:  Because they were never supposed to catch them.

Look at the history: Alan Pinkerton founded a spy network for Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War. That very network subsequently became the US Secret Service. Pinkerton founded and his sons went on to run The Pinkerton Detective Agency. My book already presents the fact that William Pinkerton, who was in charge of western operations during the time of Butch and Sundance's activity in the US, was known to have been a patron of the very same saloon in which Butch and the gang partied and were supposed to have met Etta Place. The book provides the details on that also. Essentially, I argue that William Pinkerton was generally aware that Etta was affiliated with the Secret Service and the implication is that the Pinkertons stood down. Remember, the railroads were very lucrative clientele for the Pinkerton agency and, as laid out in my book, there may have been railroad involvement in Butch and Sundance's activity. Pinkerton had more than one good reason to play ball if Etta and the boys were working undercover and I've already covered that this would account for them never being caught while in the US. But why were they not captured in South America?

Frank DiMaio
Well, here's a big clue and possibly the explanation for the answer to why the Pinkerton men never seemed to catch Butch and Sundance:  Frank DiMaio.

DiMaio was the Pinkerton man in South America. He 'happened to be in Argentina' when Butch and Sundance and Etta headed down that way. In spite of the trio establishing and living on a ranch and interacting with people daily, essentially being sitting ducks, DiMaio was never able to make any headway in confronting them.It seemed his approach was to hang back. Hmm. Even after Butch and Sundance were alleged to be robbing banks and such down there, DiMaio's efforts came to nothing. Even when Sundance and Etta were going back and forth between South America and the US, DiMaio didn't even catch them in that process, which should have been relatively easy. This does not make sense to me and I've heard the debate. DiMaio should have caught them.

Unless he was not supposed to.

And why would DiMaio be instructed not to catch them?

DiMaio's career with Pinkerton got its start working against the Sicilian Mafia in the United States. His first big case was to work undercover in a prison in 1891, investigating leads associated with the assassination of the New Orleans' Chief of Police David Hennessey. It just so happens that DiMaio's cover was established and facilitated by the agency overseeing the case. This particular agency created DiMaio's cover among counterfeiters and agents of this organization made the fake arrest to place DiMaio in prison to get close to a Mafia suspect.

Now which agency worked counterfeit issues back then -- and still does?

The United States Secret Service. Yes, the Secret Service was the lead agency on the Hennessey murder case operation that inserted Frank DiMaio into a prison under cover as a counterfeiter. DiMaio was an operative under the control of the Secret Service during the prison operation. DiMaio's career is hallmarked by his exemplary work investigating the Mafia in the US in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. During this time, the Secret Service was the federal agency. There was no FBI then. The Secret Service was the lead agency on counterfeiting and all national security matters as well as criminal enterprises of immigrant communities, the Italian Mafia being the primary concern in that regard. Essentially, everything Frank DiMaio did most and best fell under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Hennessey case prison operation might not have been the only time DiMaio operated under the supervision of the Secret Service, the federal agency with an intimate association to DiMaio's employers, the Pinkerton Agency.

Which brings us to South America. Frank DiMaio was the Pinkerton man assigned to pursue and report on Butch and Sundance and Etta in South America. If my speculation is correct that Etta Place was an operative for the Secret Service, then DiMaio may very well have been instructed to not make much of a real effort. In fact, it is quite possible that DiMaio could actually have been a support agent for Etta's assignment. If Frank DiMaio was an asset for the Secret Service, and there is documented fact to support this possibility, it explains why he was 'never able to catch up with them'.

In my opinion, Frank DiMaio's known history provides much to support my theory that Etta Place was indeed a Secret Service operative. I will add to this posting as I find more evidence.

Walter Bosley


American Mafia: A History Of Its Rise To Power by Thomas Reppetto, Henry Holt & Co, 2004

Spirit of Vengeance: Nativism and Louisiana Justice 1921-1924 by John V Baiamonte, Jr; Louisiana State University Press, 1986

American Mafia History, article on Frank DiMaio by Thomas Hunt, author of Deep Water: Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia;

A conversation with my associate Rafe Marhefka

Thanks to Congress the UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step Forward

Posted by George Freund on September 1, 2015      hehe hey amerika !! wait till ya find OUT that your 401's/pensions/retire~ain't funs  ... has been ...looted  & we's "left" hold~in, pay~in the ....billlllll   & u's will wish 2 fucking hell  .....ya didn't give up yer ....booom~stick  mem~ment  Huhhhhh        fuck me's ...wonder if "they"  bannnnned   Ummm  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 7:10
Trapped within the fanfare Chinese Black Monday and the American stock market plunging almost 600 points yesterday, suspicious explosions in China and on an American military base, there has been a very important,  but quiet development ,which is escaping the attention of both the American people and the Independent Media.

The Corker Bill Spells the End of the Second Amendment

We are safe from the ravages of the UN Small Arms Treaty, aren’t we? In fact, many Senators have openly stated that they refuse to ratify this controversial treaty. Well, that is not exactly true. There is a new process established by the new Corker bill may very well have changed the way treaties are passed from here on out.
Under our Constitution, a full two thirds vote from senators for ratification to approve any kind of a treaty. This provision of the Constitution is very clear on this point and it is designed to prevent a treasonous subversion of the Constitution. However when one is living under a criminal enterprise, such as the one presented by the present criminal enterprise in power, who worries about following the rules? As a case in point, under the Corker bill, in order to have stopped the Iran nuclear deal, a two thirds vote to stop it from being implemented by the White House. This is not what the Constitution says and this out and out treason against the people of the United States as the Corker bill is a back door to taking our guns while nullifying the second Amendment.
Under the Corker bill, the following paragraphs describe what we are in for.

The Plot to Disarm America Is Commencing

The evidence is mounting that Obama and his colleagues at the United Nations are preparing for complete gun confiscation of civilian owned American guns. There is a new document, previously held secret, which has surfaced and clearly signals the intention of the United Nations to engage in gun confiscation in the relatively near future. The document is damning, however, the existence of the document is not even needed to prove the point that there is a major confrontation brewing between the American people and an international peace-keeping UN force, and it’s coming right around the corner.

Another Nail In America’s Coffin

The following is a smoking gun document that presents seven sequential steps designed to culminate in the total disarmament of the American nation. For those of you that know your history, you will note that there were 17 genocides in the 20th Century and in each case, these genocides were preceded by gun confiscation by the host government. According to theDemocide Project located at the University of Hawaii, governments killed far more people,  an estimated 26o million victims, than even war. History shows that if we ever allow government, the UN, or the U.S., to ever be able to seize our guns, we are signing our death warrant!
The following document is a declaration of war against the United States people. For those who find the document to be on the blurry side, scroll down to the Appendix to view a clearer copy.

The UN and its cohorts have accomplished steps 1-5 (see below). They are now working on steps 6 and 7 which would constitute complete disarmament of the American people.
The UN and its cohorts have accomplished steps 1-5 (see below). They are now working on steps 6 and 7 which would constitute complete disarmament of the American people.
If one examines the first five steps of the plot, it is easy to ascertain the pattern of gun confiscation that Obama has attempted to follow. I do not believe that Obama has to completely implement steps 1-5 before moving to enforce steps 6 and 7. Therefore, even though Obama has not completely implemented the first five steps across the country, he has done enough to usher in Steps 6 and 7 in this United Nations disarmament plan. Steps 6 and 7 are listed below:
“6. Finally, codification of laws to completely makes any and all firearms illegal to own, possess or use outside of military and law enforcement usage.
7. Creation of a United Nations Police Taskforce with the specific mission of assisting member nations with the collection of weaponry from civilian hands”.
The proof for the validity of the intentions signaled by this document does not lie in the authenticity of any single document. The smoking gun evidence that Obama is progressively moving towards seizing all 300,000,000 civilian guns in this country, lies in the ubiquitous manner in which Obama has pursued sequential and progressive steps toward the disarming of the American people. As it has been said, “Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says”. The cases in point would be what Obama has tried to accomplish after the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Batman Aurora, CO. shootings and the Sandy Hook event. With some very sloppy bootstrapping steps following these events, Obama has progressively attempted to make guns more difficult to obtain and he has greatly expanded what is defined as “military grade weapons” and to limit what is considered to be “appropriate” for hunting as he has tried to block Americans from obtaining as many of these weapons as possible.
“1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession”.
“4. Codification of laws to begin the restricting and strict licensing of hunting grade firearms.”
I am certain that most people familiar with present Second Amendment debates will recognize the various and omnipresent “gun buy-back” programs funded with your tax money designed to remove guns from civilian hands.
“2. Creation of programs to provide reasonable compensation for voluntary surrender of said arms”.
How many times have we witnessed Obama standing before the cameras and national press corps and threaten to take unilateral action against our gun rights following each one of the false flag events mentioned above? In each instance, Obama has used thinly veiled excuses that he only wants to take away guns that “military grade weapons”.
“1. Classification of military grade weapons to be made illegal for possession.
5. Codification of laws to restrict the sale of, and possession of ammunition and components to manufacture ammunition”.

Connecting the Dots for Gun Confiscation

Even if the the UN document designed to disarm America, listed above, was not genuine (and it is), the following, very public document has been proven to be very authentic.
Under the heading, “Hiding in plain sight”, the United Nations has been advertising for the following position for over a year:
Posting Title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4
Department/Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations
Duty Station: New York
Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration or related area. Experience working within peacekeeping, peace-building or development programmes operations is desirable. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, economic recovery is desirable. Experience coordinating multiple partner agencies, funds or programmes is desirable. 

We know that it's open psychological warfare on the home front with regard to firearms. False flag atrocities are all the rage these days. Schools, TV reporters, churches and shopping malls are representaive venues. There is a reason for it. There is a three step pogrom to totalitarianism. First they take the arms. Then they take the rights with manufactured terrorism as the rationale. Then they take YOU the new founded ENEMY of the state. It has happened all through time. We are at the arms and rights stage. The next is the arrest and genocide of the undesirable class. If you learned anything from the Cambodian genocide, it was the intellectual class that was the primary target. Had a good life university graduate, professional, servant of the present state? You're the first to go. The irony is many of those lobbied for the removal of both rights and arms. It will be an amazing lesson. We have further genocide videos to post. They are cold, hard truths. The Killing Fields is a great lesson and so is The Men Behind the Sun. Nothing wrong using use as a test animal if we're killing you anyway. Be on you guard. The price of freedom is eternal viligence.

DID THE OLD LADY OF THREADNEEDLE JUST ADMIT THAT MARKETS ARE MANIPULATED, AND THAT THE WHOLE BUSINESS LACKS ANY ETHICS?           ~Hehe as our elites "friends (parasites)" tell our elite "parasites" 2 take a hike & it's look~in more & more like the rest of um (World) ...r gonna soon say the same ....thing   Oops

When William Staatholder came over from the Netherlands to England to become William III, the first thing he did (well, one of the first things), was to charter a central bank in 1694. It's actually much more complicated than that, but that will have to do for now. That bank was, of course, the Bank of England which, like the American Federal Reserve, was a private company with a monopoly on the nation's credit. Unlike the Federal Reserve, the Old Lady of Theadneedle was nationalized in 1946.
So what's the purpose of this all-too-brief history lesson on central Banksters? Well, it's this intriguing article shared by Mr. G.B., who spotted it on the Old Lady of Threadneedle's website. Yes, the Bank of England has a website, and the mind boggles: what would Montagu Norman think of that? Well, most likely, Norman, who just loved the secrecy of central banking (along with his bosom buddy, Hjalmar Schacht), would be spinning in his grave. Anyway, here's the article:
Building Real Markets for the Good of the People
What intrigues me here is that we may be looking at yet more of those signals from the British oligarchy - this time coming from its very pinnacle - that it is extraordinarily unhappy with the direction Washington has been leading things, particularly with respect to its finance capital laissez faire attitude. After all, the derivatives and housing bubble were largely products of that type of regulatory culture and a culture of a near total collapse of ethics and any genuine concern for a genuine product and creativity: it's all been paper-driven profits. The headline alone suggests that the Old Lady realizes that markets for derivatives and other paper profits are not, in the final analysis "real markets" for "real people."
In short, we have yet another possible signal of the growing disatisfaction within the echelons of British power with the direction things are taking across the pond in the former colonies.
But wait, there's more, as the opening sentences describing the Old Lady's Forum indicate:
In order for markets to regain their social license, it is vital that public authorities and private market participants work together to reverse the tide of ethical drift.  This cannot be a one-off exercise and needs continuous engagement so that market infrastructure keeps pace with market innovation.
Therefore the Bank will hold an Open Forum this autumn that will bring together all stakeholders in Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities (FICC) markets – policymakers, financial market participants and users, academics, media representatives and wider society. (Enphases added)
Obviously, the City has been at the forefront of "the tide of ethical drift" in finance capital, but not nearly to the extent that it has across the pond. And the opening statement is a frank admission that finance capital has lost the trust of the very middle class investors it once relied upon, and that finance capital has so gutted.
So what do we really have here?
It is either a movement of pretense, designed to look like the world of British finance capital is concerned with the current direction, when it really isn't, and plans to go on reaping profits from the current situation, or it isn't. And if it isn't, then I suggest in my high octane speculation of the day, that it's another strong signal from Great Britain that the "special relationship's" days with Washington and Wall Street are numbered; it's a strong signal that Britain needs real markets dealing in real goods and manufacture and infrastructure, and not the shuffling of paper derivatives and paper profits. Britain's decision to join China's Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank is an indicator, a strong one, that the latter view of the forum is the proper one.
And notably, the date of the formum, November 11, 11/11, has its own obvious resonance, for it was on that day, in that month, at the eleventh hour, that the guns of World War One fell silent in 1918.

Blast seen and heard in a chemical industry zone in Lijin, Dongying City of Shandong

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The Time Machine Chronicles: Where Nuts and Pencil-necks Collide

Time Machine Feature

The Time Machine Chronicles: Where Nuts and Pencil-necks Collide

Wouldn’t we all like to go back in time and change just one or two things from our past in order to improve our current situation? We’ve all made mistakes. Some of us want another shot at a few poor, difficult-to-recover-from decisions that made life difficult for a while; some of us want one more chance to put the right bandages on past failures to flip them into a successes; and some of us just think about going back in time to 1913 so we can put every penny we can beg, steal, or borrow, on Donerail to win the Kentucky Derby at 91.45-1 odds. Whatever our motivations for time travel, we’re going to have to put our faith in people who think outside our known universal box to actually experience it.
The issue between now and when time travel is finally a reality, will be separating the time-travel wackos from the time-travel wickedly brilliant. Anyone can make public proclamations, or official requests for recognition, if they find the right opportunities to do so. Opportunities to be seen and heard are located within the application in-box of the Patent Office, and within the digital camera of the recently graduated, rookie broadcast journalist, assigned to deal with the crazy guy down the block because the producer thinks it’s funny.
Here are eight examples of inventors, scientists, and dreamers, claiming to know the keys to time travel, and in a few cases, even claiming to already have keys to a time machine.
Well, kind of anyway.

Marlin Pohlman’s time machine proposal is on lock-down

In April 2004, a man named Marlin B. Pohlman filed an application for a patent on his method of gravity distortion and time displacement. The computer scientist started his time-twisting project to occupy himself while undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His application filing made headlines throughout the world, but so far, 9 years later, his application has not been approved by the Patent Office. The documentation retrieved using a Google Patent Search all refers to his class A1 application, and not a Class B1,  granting of a patent.
Pohlman used Robert Geroch’s Splitting Theorem, and the work from a few others, to conclude space-time could not only warped, but with the right equipment, one could move throughout space-like boundaries. You can read the application for yourself online. Space-Time-Warp-Marlin-Pohlman
In addition to Pohlman’s mysterious claims, there is the question of his possible connection to a man known as John Titor, who claimed to be from the future, but was sent back to 1975 so he could retrieve computer parts to debug their attempts to use ancient software. People began connecting the two when it was discovered Pohlman’s patent application was strikingly similar to time machine plans Titor published in a time traveler forum years before.

The fact his patent application has not been approved is probably a good thing, because earlier this year he admitted to an Oregon judge, “I probably made a math error.” He wasn’t in court to discuss his patent application though, he was in court facing charges alleging he drugged and sexually assaulted four women between the ages of 19 and 27. The latest update on his court troubles indicate he is awaiting trial, and trying to make the court-issued bail amount of $1.5 million.
Depending on the outcome, we might eventually see Pohlman come back with an improved plan to warp time and change his present situation.

Wasfi Alshdaifat, the time bender

Spacetime_curvature Alshdaifat
Application WO2013088425 A2 is currently sitting at the Patent Office, and has been since April of this year. On the surface, the file looks just like every other file, but closer inspection reveals this file is far from ordinary. This file contains documents proposing a way to split the Fourth Dimension via a space compression, time dilation device (SCTD) for the purposes of time travel.
Alshdaifat’s patent application is a response to Marlin B. Pohlman’s request to patent his gravity distortion and time displacement method, claiming Pohlman’s science was flawed and only his patent proposal would really dilate time.
In the background information of the patent application, Alshdaifat wrote:

A recent invention titled a method for gravity distortion and time displacement , filed by Marlin B. Pohlman under patent publication No.: US 2006/0073976 A1, is aiming to create space-time curvatures (distortion) by the formation of Godel- type geodesically complete space-time envelops complete with closed time-like curves.It seems that the human thinking about time travel, is still governed by their desires and imaginations, and not governed by a deep understanding of time dilation, which is not a time travel to the future or to the past, it is an interaction in-between a matter owning four dimensions, with space-time owning four dimensions too, in condition that the matter is moving through this space at a relative speed of light.But since achieving the speed of light via the available tools, or even through those expected to be produced on the future according to the human available capabilities, is still beyond the expectation of the human beings, they tried to find a way for another solutions, which pushed them far away from the location where they should think deeply to find a solution.…Such a time dilation, would not take the human beings into the future or to the past, but it will slow the time on the enclosed matter, which lead to a vast scientific and economical benefits.
Alshdaifat then outlines a device that uses concentrated gamma rays to dilate time and slow it down, which he claims is a more realistic claim than Pohlman’s claim his device could move people either forward or backward in time. Alshdaifat wrote:

A method for making space compression, time dilation machine, depending on the known principles of space contract, and accompanied time dilation, in addition to a new assumption, that space and time are wavy, if the 3-dimensions of space are compressed, the 4th -dimension time which is vertical on the space is dilated, such that the time waves frequency (ticks) are decreased, due to the elongation of the observed length of the time waves.A six faces of a cone, made from a highly concentrated gamma rays layers, are created, by six gamma rays emitting rays through convex lenses, to create the cone, wherein the gamma rays passing the cone are reflected by concave mirrors again towards the layers, while the whole cone is compressed by the curved space in-between compressed facing magnets with similar poles, then compressing the cone inward, compresses the space enclosed by it, and dilate the time.
Patent office documentation indicates they have requested more information regarding Alshdaifat’s claim he has a right to patent the device, given the similarity to another patent application, presumably Pohlman’s. One interesting fact about Alshdaifat is his other many patent applications are for inventions such as improved washing machine mechanics, accordion covers for automobiles, and automobile tires. His application to patent his time travel idea is most certainly not like his others.

Michael Kwok, the Supercomputer idea

Michael Kwok is another wannabe time traveler who submitted his plans for an artificially intelligent, group of robots sharing one massive brain giving them the ability to monitor the position of everything in time and space at all times in January 2008. The robots in his proposal then use atom manipulators to move objects along the continually monitored timeline. Kwok has also filed patents on the hardware and software behind the human artificial intelligence machine, as well as his plans for a second artificially intelligent time machine.
Kwok wrote in his patent application for a Practical Time Machine Using Dynamic Efficient Virtual and Real Robots:

A method for time travel, which allows an object or a group of objects to travel into the past or the future, as well as a method to cut objects from the past or future and paste them to the current environment. The present invention, called the practical time machine, requires teams of super intelligent robots that work together in the virtual world and the real world to generate a perfect timeline of planet Earth. The timeline of Earth records all objects, events and actions every fraction of a nanosecond for the past or the future. A time traveler will set a time travel date; the time traveler can be one object or a group of objects. Next, atom manipulators are scattered throughout the Earth to change objects in our current environment based on the timeline; and incrementally, change the current environment until the time travel date. Each atom manipulator is intelligent and manipulates the current environment as well as generating ghost machines to manipulate the current environment. Also, components of the practical time machine can be used to create technology for the purpose of: building cars, planes and rockets that travel at the speed of light, building intelligent weapons, creating physical objects from thin air, using a chamber to manipulate objects, building force fields, making objects invisible, building super powerful lasers, building anti-gravity machines, creating strong metals and alloys, creating the smallest computer chips, collecting energy without any solar panels or wind turbines, making physical DNA, manipulating existing DNA, making single cell organisms, controlling the software and hardware of computers and servers without an internet connection, and manipulating any object in the world.
He too has yet to see a patent approved.
The public has also yet to see time shifting robots materialize.

Takahiro Towata Wants to do the Time Warp Again

When it comes to moving travelers throughout space-time, Alshdaifat claims he can slow it down, Kwok claims super-intelligent robots will scoot us around the timeline, but Takahiro Towata has taken the matter in an entirely different direction with his patent application for what is essentially a time-bending warp drive.
To be clear, the warp drive isn’t like what we see in sci-fi movies, but Towata’s warp drive is simply a machine that moves an object along at ultra-high speed and rides the curvature of time as it warps.
He claims in the application:

In the inventions according to claims 1 to 6, it is made possible that travel in space-time is instantaneously performed, and not only space warp travel (warp) in spaces on the Earth and in universe spaces but also temporal travel, that is, temporal travel (time travel) into the future and past are instantaneously performed.In the following, the invention will be described in detail in relation to physical theories as conventional techniques.Space warp travel (warp: warp drive)Heretofore although the term “warp” means “a method of traveling a warped space at ultra high speed, which appears in the SF world, until now, discussions are putting forward in the world of physics. For example, the Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed a paper related to warp drive in 1994.The principle of the warp drive by Alcubierre is that “a small big bang is produced behind a spaceship as well as a small big crunch is always produced ahead of the spaceship to create a flow that allows the spaceship to travel forward at a velocity faster than light speed”.This Alcubierre’s idea is based on Einstein’s general relativity, in which a “warp bubble” is created that a three-dimensional space is compressed into a plane on which the spaceship is placed and space-time above the plane is expanded as well as space-time below is compressed…
In other words, all these years later, some, like Towata, are still leaning on the writings of Albert Einstein when it comes to time travel.  Unfortunately, even Einstein’s connection to the patent industry, hasn’t seemed to have enough gravitational pull to get Towata’s application approved.
Of course, that doesn’t mean Towata’s idea wouldn’t work. I guess.

The Vatican Might Have an Eye on the Future

At best some might dismiss the idea of Italian Priest and Scientist Pellegrino Ernetti creating a machine allowing him to peer back into time and see famous events like the crucifixion of Christ as being pure fantasy, but let us not underestimate the power of divine intervention and the power of The Church.
There are those who believe Ernetti not only built such a machine in the 1960s, but they also believe it is currently stored away in a secure location at The Vatican.
Ernetti claimed the Chronovisor could read the sound waves and pick up the electromagnetic radiation left behind when major events transpire. Ernetti was labeled a fake by critics when some of his visions from the Chronovisor were identical to known works of art about the same subjects. Yet the conspiracy theory remains. Does The Church have its hand-made, holy viewfinder of the future hidden away somewhere? Or is this just another weird tale from man’s history of exploring the possibilities of time travel?

Professor Ronald Mallett wants to build Time Machine this century

If there is one diamond in this roughneck motley crew of time machine inventors, it would have to be Ronald Mallett, a PhD-wielding Professor of Physics from the University of Connecticut. His views on the possibility of time travel have made him a popular point of discussion among the theoretical physics community.
Mallett believes worm holes are the key to slipping through space-time, and he envisions a machine that uses light to take advantage of these slip opportunities.
Here Mullett gives a brief, but far more detailed description of his ideas:
The limitations of his time machine proposal lies in the fact one can’t travel backward in time to a point before the machine existed to be the transporting device. This snag is also how Mallett deals with the question on every skeptic’s mind, “If people in the future have time machines why haven’t we encountered a verifiable time traveler?”
Unlike the other time machine designs in this list, Mallett’s ideas are being discussed and tested by other theoretical physicists rather than just being tossed onto a pile of government office papers where the only attention it receives comes from guys like me researching stories like this one.
• Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov, says he’s already got one TimeMachineChernobrov
Patents? He don’t need no stinking patents. All Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov needs is someone to spread the word on the time travel work he’s been conducting since 1987. He got just that in 2011 when attention was cast Chernobrov’s way for publicly claiming to have successfully built a working time machine.

Chernobrov and his team at Moscow Aircraft University are believed to have killed a few cockroaches and mice, and driven a dog mad, by exposing the animals to time shifting tests. Those failures allegedly led to success with some more ingenuity. Figuring the animals were affected by body parts shifting in time at different speeds, they tweaked the machine. Then Chernobrov and eight of his team members used the machine on themselves and expereinced a 3-percent time shift.
There have yet to be any widely distributed reports declaring the Chernobrov machine to be hokum, but the lack of follow up stories and research being available online since his 2011 announcement speaks volumes as to the credibility given to Chernobrov’s claims by the scientific community.

Ali Razeqi, Has Eyes on the Future

The latest hey-guys-I’ve-built-a-time-machine claimant is Iranian Center for Strategic Inventions Managing Director Ali Razeqi.
In June, Razeqi told the local state-run news organization he built a machine that can see anywhere from 3 to 5 years into the future and report those happenings back to the user. His machine is like the Vatican’s Chronovisor time viewer, only in reverse.
When it comes down to it, his machine is not nearly as influential as one that can move bodies, but it does give one the advantage when looking ahead to a day at the racetrack. So in that regard, the time-bending benefits of Razeqi’s creation are off the charts.
Critics of Razeqi’s machine are equating it to a Nostradmian parlor trick that has yet to even be exhibited in public. Until a demonstration occurs, we might never know whether Razeqi is onto something hot, or whether he is just another guy trying to dupe us all with something that’s not.
It seems at this point we’re all doomed to living with what has happened to us thus far, and do our best to manage those hyperbolic curve balls traveling at light speed right for us from the future.
One can only hope Dr. Mallett is correct on his assumption physicists will solve the time travel problem before the end of this century. While many time travel ideas just sound ludicrous, the boring science guys who lurk in darkened cubby holes in the physics departments of universities throughout the world, are steadily making progress at proving time might one day be conquered.




The other day I was having a conversation with someone who read a study somewhere that it was official – cell phone waves are harming our brains. At first I thought it was just another scare story about cell phone usage and that it sounded like another attempt at fear porn.
I had mentioned during a conversation that I watched a You Tube video that demonstrated how four cell phones when arranged a certain way will pop popcorn when they start ringing. Well later I found out that it was all faked and so for a time I started writing it off as some internet hoax.
Then of course I had a bit of curiosity as to why hospitals and airplanes ban the use of cell phones.
Well of course the excuse is because their electromagnetic transmissions can interfere with sensitive electrical devices. So in my paranoid leap of logic you wonder, if it message with hospital equipment and planes, how does it affect your brain function?
Not to mention the Wi-Fi electronic cloud that surrounds us everyday—could this also a reason to make tin foil hats a fashion statement?
Now, think about this, all our thoughts, sensations and actions happen because bioelectricity generated by neurons and transmitted through complex neural circuits basically fire off inside our skull.
It is an electrical marvel for sure, in fact it is the same bioelectric mechanism that fires the heart and keeps the blood flowing through the body. The whole body responds to stimulus because of electrical signals that fire between neurons generates electric fields that radiate out of brain tissue as electrical waves.
Measurements of such brainwaves are found with the aid of an EEG. An electroencephalogram provides powerful insights into brain function and remains as a valuable diagnostic tool for doctors. So fundamental are brainwaves to the internal workings of the mind, they have become the ultimate, legal definition drawing the line between life and death.
With every healthy person there are brainwaves that change with conscious and unconscious thought. Also the bioelectricity response also is different during moments of arousal. Scientists have realized this through many studies using what is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or (TMS). This technique uses powerful pulses of electromagnetic radiation beamed into a person’s brain to jam or excite particular brain circuits.
Although a cell phone is much less powerful than TMS, the question still remains: Could the electrical signals coming from a phone affect certain brainwaves operating in resonance with cell phone transmission frequencies? After all, the caller’s cerebral cortex is just centimeters away from radiation broadcast from the phone’s antenna. Two studies provide some revealing news.
Scientific American recently released a study that had my bioelectric brain thinking that perhaps exposure to what is called electro smog or the Wi-Fi cloud may alter the way we are thinking and may even alter our electronic brain processes.
Rodney Croft, of the Brain Science Institute, Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, tested whether cell phone transmissions could alter a person’s brainwaves.
The researchers monitored the brainwaves of 120 healthy men and women while a Nokia 6110 cell phone, one of the most popular cell phones in the world—were strapped to their heads.
A computer controlled the phone’s transmissions in a double-blind experimental design, which meant that neither the test subject nor researchers knew whether the cell phone was transmitting or idle while EEG data were collected.
The data showed that when the cell phone was transmitting, the power of a characteristic brain-wave pattern called alpha waves in the person’s brain was boosted significantly. The increased alpha wave activity was greatest in brain tissue directly beneath to the cell phone, strengthening the case that the phone was responsible for the observed effect.
Alpha waves fluctuate at a rate of eight to 12 cycles per second (Hertz). These brainwaves reflect a person’s state of arousal and attention. Alpha waves are generally regarded as an indicator of reduced mental effort, “cortical idling” or mind wandering. But this conventional view is perhaps an oversimplification. Croft, for example, argues that the alpha wave is really regulating the shift of attention between external and internal inputs. Alpha waves increase in power when a person shifts his or her consciousness of the external world to internal thoughts; they also are the key brainwave signatures of sleep.
So then are we to believe that If cell phone signals boost a person’s alpha waves, does this put them into a into an altered state of consciousness or have any effect at all on the workings of their mind that can be observed in a person’s behavior?
James Horne and colleagues at the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England devised another experiment to test this question. The result was surprising. Not only could the cell phone signals alter a person’s behavior during the call, the effects of the disrupted brain-wave patterns continued long after the phone was switched off.
Neo-Luddites and tinfoil-hat wearers have been sounding the alarm for decades, the safety of wireless signals is getting attention in circles that might make you take notice: The World Health Organization, the European Environmental Agency, and the British Health Protection Agency are all asking questions, not just about cell phones, but about lower-power signals such as Wi-Fi.
Now keep in mind that we are enveloped in radio signals all the time, and there has not been any deaths attributed to this type of exposure right? Are there really people out there that get sick when exposed to the electric smog cloud?
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide claim to suffer symptoms, ranging from itchy skin to fatigue and nausea, that they attribute to radio waves, including low-power emissions such as Wi-Fi. The condition is known as electrosensitivity, or electrohypersensitivity if the symptoms are particularly debilitating.
Believe it or not, in a 2002 survey in California, 3.2 percent of respondents reported being “allergic or very sensitive” to being near electrical devices.
While the United States tends to downplay the possible dangers, Europe is not taking any chances. They have already created the Benevento Resolution in 2006, calling on governments to take a number of precautionary steps to reduce RF exposures and inform the public on exposure levels from technologies like Wi-Fi and WiMax.
There is also the BioInitiative Report, which is supported by the European Environmental Agency, which is a 600-page document proposing that conventional guidelines for RF exposure inadequately take into account the biological realities of how organisms are likely to react to RF radiation.
Recently there was a case of elctrohypersensitivty being recorded in Massachusetts.
The family of a student at the Fay School in Southboro has filed a lawsuit claiming the school’s strong Wi-Fi signal caused the boy to become ill. The boy was diagnosed with electrohypersensitivty after he frequently experienced headaches, nosebleeds, nausea, and other symptoms while sitting in class after the school installed a new, more powerful wireless internet system in 2013.
The school has said in response that its Wi-Fi signals were found in a recent investigation to be well below the levels required by federal safety standards.
The unidentified parents of the student are asking for an injunction from U.S. District Court that would require the Fay School to switch to Ethernet cable Internet, turn down the Wi-Fi signal in their child’s classroom, or make some other accommodation, which they say the school has refused to do to date. The suit also seeks $250,000 in damages, court records show.
The family says in the lawsuit they would have to withdraw their boy if the school does not provide their requested accommodations, however, it is something they don’t want to do, given that their child is in the middle of a nine-year plan at the private school that would be interrupted as a result.
Along with the complaint, the plaintiffs submitted to the court several letters from doctors confirming the adverse health effects the school’s Wi-Fi, which the family says “emits substantially greater radiofrequency/microwave emissions than … more low-grade systems used in most homes,” could be causing illness in a sufferer of EHS.
But whether EHS is a real condition is debatable in the wider medical community; the World Health Organization, for instance, acknowledges the existence of EHS, but clarifies it “is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.”
The Fay School said in a statement that after hearing the family’s concerns about its Wi-Fi, it hired a company called Isotrope, LLC, which specializes in measurement and analysis of radio communication signals and evaluation of emissions safety compliance, to perform an analysis in January.
Isotrope found that the combined levels of access point emissions, broadcast radio and television signals, and other RFE emissions on campus ‘were substantially less than one ten-thousandth (1/10,000th) of the applicable (FCC) safety limit.
The school declined to comment directly on the family’s subsequent lawsuit, citing its policy “to not offer public comment on pending litigation.”
Now, what is most unfortunate is that it appears that science, by its nature, will never “prove” that the electronic smog cloud is causing these maladies in people.
Human health studies are further complicated because you can’t experiment on people and watch them suffer if they are sensitive, and epidemiology studies can’t really prove cause, only correlation. Controlled laboratory studies may find hard evidence of biological effects. But, doctors are saying that “the problem isn’t with biological effects, the question is if the biological effect leads to a health problem or symptom of EHS.”
We can all agree that technology always has a way to either kill us or harm us. Your car can crash and injure you or kill you —we take risks all the time with technology because the benefit outweighs the probability of danger. So is this the case with the electronic smog? Does the outlook look cloudy with a chance of nausea and nosebleeds? Not to mention, brain wave altering and the various cancers that are being reported?
Risk and uncertainty are difficult topics in risk-taking cultures like our own. The irony is that medical science is telling us that we are healthier now than we have ever been.
People are not going to panic over correlation and it could be found that the sensitivity to the electric smog could be similar to a peanut allergy.
Until then most people who haven’t experienced the symptom of electromagnetic sensitivity will see it as some nutty concept.

Video Comparison: Visual Features of “Real” Shooting vs. Parker/Ward Shooting Footage

wdbj-reportYouTube video presents “real bullet shots and fake shots in Virginia WDBJ TV News Live Broadcast Shooting.”

The video below shows footage of shooting an actual handgun, complete with recoil/muzzle flip, spent casings exiting the weapon, and bullet impact versus the footage of the August 26 reported shooting of broadcast journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward which suggests the potential use of blanks or the equivalent during the event.

EXPOSED LIVE TV SHOOTING HOAX Fake News Reporter Alison Parker Shooting Compared to Real Shooting

Such comparisons deserve the utmost scrutiny. Yet so too does the overall Western corporate news coverage (or exhibition?) of such tragic events. This is particularly the case in the wake of such sensationalized events as Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, Charleston, Chattanooga, and many others in between.