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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Killer on the (Saudi) King’s Highway

obama saudi arabia
There’s danger on the edge of town  Ride the king’s highway, baby  Weird scenes inside the gold mine  Ride the highway west, baby The Doors, The End
The killer awoke before dawn. He put his American desert boots on. He took a knife from the ancient gallery. And he walked on down the hall – bathed in desert sunlight.
The killer spoke with a British accent (London’s East End?) Father (Saud), I want to kill you. Mother (Langley?) I want to…
yeeeaaahh, c’mon!
Then the sartorially composed Man in Black beheaded American photojournalist James Foley.
This is not the end, beautiful friend. It’s just a new beginning in the never-ending Global War on Terror. Now starring Papa Saud’s brand new bag – The Caliph and his goons. This is the way Shock and Awe morphs into “Assad must go” morphs into Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, morphs into The Caliph’s Black Britannia goon responding to “humanitarian” bombing. I’m my own baby now. Watch me work. Bring it on.
Choice scenery. Good sound and vision production values. Careful editing. No unnecessary gore. No blood splattering. No Allahu Akbar shrieks. “A Message to America”, indeed – but most of all a message to the Ummah. As in we’re the Men in Black badasses. We run The Caliphate. We’re no mere death cult; we’re winners. And we take no prisoners.
And why did Islamic State, formerly ISIS, become winners? Because the “West” regimented, schooled, trained, logistically helped and weaponized most of IS’s Takfiri goons with a mission at hand: to destroy Syria. The “West” lauded them as “Syrian rebels”. Freedom fighters.
Washington even promoted Jabhat al-Nusra (the official al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, and a “terrorist organization”, according to the State Department) as “good” jihadis, as well as the preferred Saudi combo, the Islamic Front.
No wonder after photojournalist James Foley was kidnapped in November 2012 the Washington-sanctioned version was that he was being kept by “Assad must go” forces in a prison near Damascus.
Slouching towards Mecca 
The House of Saud, directly and indirectly, and the proverbial wealthy Gulf Cooperation Council donors are the Mom and Dad of ISIS. All duly vetted/approved by the industrial-military-Orwellian-Panopticon complex.
And yet “Assad must go” had other ideas for Syria. He didn’t go. He and his army resisted and counter-attacked. So the original mission in Syria morphed across the (non-existent) desert border towards Iraq. ISIS kept expanding – via extortion, kidnapping, captured oil fields, tribal smuggling networks.
The killer spoke with a British accent. Yet he may not be just a well-paid mercenary (500 from Britain, 700 from France, 500 from Belgium… ). He’s most certainly a true believer in the wider IS medievalist ideology as well as its no-holds-barred sectarian methods.
How convenient that IS strategy is totally divide and rule. Totally balkanization of Iraq. Totally mum on Israel’s slow-motion ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Totally useful in wagging the (beheading) dog to make the world forget about Gaza.
Moroever, IS/ISIS strategy, stripped to the bone, is Pentagon manual; clear, hold and build – then expand (to an area larger than Great Britain). It’s even Pentagon manual redux – as in building “coalitions of the willing” (see the alliance with “remnants” – Rummy talk – of the Saddam regime propelling their northern Iraq summer offensive.)
How convenient that the mighty Orwellian/Panopticon complex satellite maze could not identify a long convoy of gleaming white Toyotas crossing the desert towards their summer conquests. And how convenient that a Briton beheading an American – what a “special relationship” plot twist! – fully sanctions the Return of Iraq Bombing (“for months”, in Obama’s words); more strikes; more drones; perhaps more boots on the ground; perhaps, in the near future, a Syria extension.
IS also took over Tikrit, the birthplace of Saddam, in their summer adventure. Now Baghdad’s military are trying to take it back. IS welcomed them with minefields, booby-trapped buildings, an array of snipers and hardcore mortar fire. How convenient that Obama’s “humanitarian” bombs are not involved in R2P (“responsibility to protect”) Saddam’s birthplace. What really matters is the US consulate in Erbil, scores of CIA operatives and vast Big Oil interests in Iraqi Kurdistan.
And then there’s this ultimate plot twist; a pearl by a dissident Saudi researcher (in Arabic). He argues, in detail, that IS is essentially a revival of “pure” Wahhabism; not only that IS comes from outside the House of Saud’s dominions – in Iraq and the Levant – but tries hard to shatter the monarchy’s legitimacy.
The House of Saud’s counterpunch to the Arab Spring was (and remains) all about destroying or at least isolating the Muslim Brotherhood as an alternative Islamic rule/role model. Yet now comes IS – brimming with religious justification (however warped); military know-how; and an army of true – and well paid – believers.
Ride the king’s highway, baby. No staged/not staged beheading could possibly top the ultimate blowback: the “West” nurturing the Beast who would slouch towards Mecca to finally behead the House of Saud. And those killers shall also speak with a British accent.
Pepe Escobar is the author of Globalistan: How the Globalized World is Dissolving into Liquid War (Nimble Books, 2007), Red Zone Blues: a snapshot of Baghdad during the surge (Nimble Books, 2007), and Obama does Globalistan (Nimble Books, 2009).

When a Black Cop Killed an Innocent White Man in Utah, the Press Was Silent   ...Oops :o

Dillon-Taylor-picIt has been reported that cops kill about 500 innocent Americans per year. Yet most of those stories stay buried or, at best, see limited life in local media or the blogosphere. Only the select, as in selected by the media, stories become as big as the Michael Brown story. Certain stories simply transcend the perceived boredom of news headlines and become a part of pop culture.
Does the media intentionally stir up racial hatred? Is it part of their agenda?
Is it because blacks in Ferguson rioted and looted while whites in Salt Lake City have remained calm?
America needs to find answers because this racial divide is moronic. We are all “Americans” and not “African-Americans” or “Asian-Americans” or “Redneck-Americans” or anything else. We are Americans first and we need to remember that. It is OK to love and celebrate your heritage. It is not OK to let it consume who you are and carry hatred that will explode at a moment’s notice.
Ever heard of a kid named Dillon Taylor?
He was a white kid, 20 years old, who was killed by a black cop on August 11. This happened two days after Michael Brown was killed.
Dillon Taylor seems to be a young man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was leaving a 7-11 convenience store. Officers were in the area because there was a report of a man with a gun.
Taylor had headphones in and did not hear police when they asked him to lay down on the ground.
Taylor unfortunately reached into his pocket, for a cell phone, and that was the last thing he ever did. He had no gun. He did not rob any stores. He did not assault a police officer.
His “crime” was that he did not think and that non-crime cost him his life.
Officers were obviously in a heightened state of alert and a white kid with headphones happened to be killed by a black cop.
Do you think that was because of his race?
I don’t think it was and that’s my personal opinion, but…
Where are the riots in Salt Lake City?
Surely a lot of whites have to think that this was racially motivated. Right?
Wrong. I think most people (black and white) understand that it was probably not racially motivated. The frustration that falls over much of “white America” is that we are all thrown into one big pile of racists and if a white on black crime happens, the worst always gets assumed by a minority of people and is then pushed by the media, continually growing exponentially until out of control. That is when the real problems begin to happen.
That is also exactly where we are with the situation in Ferguson.
I live in a country where I am labeled a racist for not liking Obama’s policies. If I don’t like Obamacare I am a racist and even a white man will call me that, so long as he is a democrat.
When are people going to wake up and see that “the powers that be,” which include both media and government, want us to stay divided? They really don’t want me and a black man in Murrieta, California to agree on anything. That would eat away at the power that they only keep when we remain divided. We give them that power by our senseless bickering.
I think most of us could understand how the police might have felt that Dillon Taylor was reaching for a gun. I, for one, don’t think this had anything to do with race. I think it was about a cop who felt his life was in danger. So why is it so hard to believe that Darren Wilson could have thought the same thing?
Why is it that often times, when a white man, or any man who is not black in the case of George Zimmerman, kills a black man, it becomes a media circus?
We will get nowhere by avoiding the tough questions in the name of “political correctness.”
People need to stop thinking that the black man or the white man is their enemy and look at the real enemy that resides throughout the halls of capitol buildings all over this nation and in newsrooms in virtually every city.
America needs to do some soul searching and come together in spite of those who want us divided. A lot of us are waking up and that is what “the powers that be” fear. So what happens when they fear that we will come together?
They stir up more chaos just as they are doing in Ferguson and just as they did with Trayvon Martin.
Until Americans open their eyes and start to see the real enemy then this will continue.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


The other strange tale of Facebook’s disputed origins

Two contracts dispute whether 18-year-old Zuck sold half to accused scammer for $1,000.

Mark Zuckerberg in front of his original "The Facebook" profile.
Prosecutors say it took decades for Bernard Madoff to pull off one of the largest financial scams in US history to the tune of $65 billion, an elaborate Ponzi scheme perpetrated against the upper crust of society.
But perhaps there's an even bigger scam afoot, and it involves the ownership of Facebook. The social networking site is valued at $190 billion and used by billions of people daily across the globe.
Unlike Madoff's intricate accounting scheme that netted him a life sentence in 2009, the criminal proceedings surrounding the ownership of Facebook, at its core, rely on a two-page document—a contract that is either forged or worth billions of dollars. Either Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg, as an 18-year-old Harvard University student, promised half of his company to a rural New York man named Paul Ceglia, or he didn't.
Round One of this high-stakes battle went to Zuckerberg, who sits in the corner office of the Menlo Park, California-based social networking site. Ceglia, on the other side of the country, is currently free on $250,000 bond and must wear an electronic-monitoring ankle bracelet. He's in legal hot water, facing criminal fraud charges following accusations he forged a contract to hijack half of Facebook [PDF]. The wood-pellet salesman is staring down a maximum 40-year prison term if convicted—yet maintains that he's the true victim.
Paul Ceglia
Ceglia's jury trial in Manhattan federal court is scheduled for November 17, and the government's key witness is Zuckerberg. Other than Zuckerberg, prosecutors' main evidence is the asserted real contract [PDF] and a forensics analysis of the allegedly fake contract that prompted a federal judge in a different case to declare it was "a fabrication" and that Ceglia "knows it" [PDF]. On the other side of the table, however, Ceglia says Zuckerberg hacked or "planted" a forged contract—the one prosecutors say is the original—onto Ceglia family computers in a bid to protect Zuckerberg's own fortunes and to undermine Ceglia's claims. It's a position federal prosecutors contend is without "basis." Ceglia attorney Joseph Alioto, the former mayor of San Francisco, summed up his view of the prosecution. "There's a lot of dollars at stake, a lot of influence and power at stake," he said. "One of these people is lying, and it isn't Ceglia."

Harvard gives birth to Facebook

History books are already filled with writings that Zuckerberg, as a Harvard University student, launched the social-networking site in 2004 as a Harvard-only network.
What's less known is that, as a computer science student, Zuckerberg freelanced programming work on the side. In 2003, one of his clients was Ceglia, whom he met via a Craigslist ad. Ceglia hired him to perform programming work for Ceglia's former online venture, StreetFax, which provided photographs of intersections to insurance adjusters.
Neither Zuckerberg nor Ceglia dispute this part of the story. It's essentially the only fact upon which they both agree. Herein lies the billion-dollar brouhaha:
As part of that so-called "work for hire" contract, Zuckerberg agreed to provide Ceglia with at least a 50-percent Facebook stake, and Ceglia fronted Zuckerberg $1,000 to make it happen. The contract references a project called "The Face Book" in one place and "The Page Book" elsewhere. At least that's Ceglia's position, according to the contract he submitted to the courts [PDF]. He sued Facebook and Zuckerberg in 2010, demanding the New York federal courts enforce the contract. Along the way, he produced as evidence e-mails between himself and Zuckerberg that seemingly bolstered his position.
Enlarge / Federal prosecutors say this paragraph from an April 28, 2003 contract between Ceglia and Zuckerberg is a hoax.
Facebook has maintained all along that there was no such "The Face Book" contract or e-mails, and the case has been drawn out by delays and a turnstile of attorney changes on Ceglia's side. Facebook, which declined comment for this story, has repeatedly claimed the photocopied contract submitted as evidence supporting Ceglia's claim was a manufactured forgery and not the original Streetfax contract Ceglia and Zuckerberg each signed. In a 2012 response to Ceglia's suit, for example, Facebook attorneys decried the lawsuit as "a massive fraud [PDF] on the federal courts and defendants." In an e-mail to Ars, however, Ceglia maintains the contract is "genuine."

Lawyers, lawyers, and more lawyers

Where there's a courthouse, there are lawyers. And where there's a courthouse with a lawsuit potentially worth billions of dollars, there are plenty more lawyers.
Maybe Facebook would just settle up with Ceglia to make the New York federal lawsuit go away? After all, it happened at least once before.
Facebook agreed in 2008 to pay Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss $65 million to resolve a dispute about whether Zuckerberg hijacked the idea for Facebook from them. The movie The Social Network dramatized the issue in its 2010 debut. But there would be no settlement offer to Ceglia from Facebook, and Ceglia began to churn through plaintiff's lawyers.
Ceglia went through at least nine law firms in his quest to assume half the Facebook helm.
Facebook's lawyers took that as evidence of sorts to bolster their position, at least in the public relations arena—saying the "revolving door of lawyers" underscored the fact that Ceglia was perpetrating "a hoax and a fraud."
As it turned out, even Ceglia's lawyers had doubts about the authenticity of Ceglia's claims, according to a 2011 document from a law firm that represented Ceglia. The document was admitted as evidence, Exhibit R.
The exhibit is a letter from Aaron Marks of the New York firm of Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman. It's to Dennis Vacco, of Buffalo's Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman. Kasowitz is explaining that a data examination firm it retained, Capsicum Group, took some images of the alleged "work for hire" contract from Ceglia's computer, and Kasowitz would release the firm to work with Vacco.
"In fact, upon my review on March 30 of certain documents that the Capsicum Group had retrieved that established that page 1 of the Exhibit B Contract is fabricated, I directed the Capsicum Group to stop work on analyzing Mr. Ceglia's materials, but to preserve the images," the letter said. "My firm also immediately withdrew as counsel to Mr. Ceglia that evening."

Digital forensics for sale

By 2012, Ceglia's lawsuit against Facebook and Zuckerberg devolved into what best could be described as a he-said, she-said affair. But Facebook dropped a bombshell in March of that year, a report [PDF] from the digital forensics firm of Stroz Friedberg.
Among other things, the firm concluded that Ceglia manipulated the original contract's text with a hex editor so the datestamps would appear real. The report also said that Ceglia performed a process known as "baking."
"Ceglia appears to have used clothespins or binder clips to suspend the document and expose it to sunlight," the report said. What's more, the report identified six versions on Ceglia's computer of the "work for hire" contract, all of which displayed a "metadata anomaly." The report said "the last printed dates are later than their last modified dates, which is impossible absent system clock backdating."
The report also discounted e-mails between Zuckerberg and Ceglia. The report said Ceglia reset the clock on his computer to 2003 and 2004 to produce e-mails of him discussing Facebook with Zuckerberg. Stroz Friedberg said the e-mails from October to April were not set to Eastern Standard Time.
"Put simply, Mr. Ceglia's purported e-mails dated between October 26, 2003 and April 4, 2004 display the time zone stamp reflecting Eastern Daylight Time. This would not be possible if the purported e-mails were authentic, as Eastern Standard Time was in effect at the time," the report said. Ceglia, however, commissioned his own expert opinions.
One of them came from San Francisco-based forensics consultant James Blanco. The "work for hire contract," he concluded, [PDF] was "an authentic, unaltered document."
In a June court filing that year, Blanco said the tan lines Stroz Friedberg discovered on the contract could have come, not from baking, but from "finger or thumb imprints that had lotion (or other chemicals or substances) on the hand, the result of gloved or ungloved hands touching the face/exposed arms then inadvertently leaving a protective coating on the document pages thus protecting those areas from exposure. That is, either gloved or ungloved fingers, having touched/rubbed the skin thus being contaminated with a cream or suntan lotion."
Four months later, in October, Ceglia was criminally charged, accused of mail and wire fraud. When announcing the charges, US Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York said Ceglia was seeking a "quick payday based on a blatant forgery." Bharara added that "Ceglia’s alleged conduct not only constitutes a massive fraud attempt, but also an attempted corruption of our legal system through the manufacture of false evidence. That is always intolerable. Dressing up a fraud as a lawsuit does not immunize you from prosecution.”
US District Judge Richard Arcara, who was presiding over Ceglia's lawsuit, eventually dismissed the case. In March of this year, Arcara declined Ceglia's petition to block the government's criminal charges against him. The judge ruled that "the purported contract upon which the motion is predicated is a fabrication and that plaintiff knows it." Along the way, Arcara ordered Ceglia to pay at least $97,000 in fees and sanctions for stonewalling the forensics analysis that gave rise to his criminal prosecution.

It just keeps getting "weirder and weirder"

Ceglia, who is appealing the dismissal of his lawsuit, told Ars the judge decided to "choose to believe only Facebook's 'experts,'" adding:
It is the only case on record where a citizen has been charged with mail and wire fraud for filing a lawsuit. The implication is clear. If filing a lawsuit can be mail and wire fraud, then every single lawsuit filed in America can be indicted for as it is in my case, it does not matter what the evidence shows or how many forensic tests you have completed to prove just that, it only matters who has friends in (the) Justice Department. For every lawsuit or at least almost every lawsuit, involves a dispute about property or money, the law requires that you use the wire and mail to submit court documents and all that is left is to allege that one party was lying. Now if that doesn't send the fear of God into you, if that doesn't send a shiver up your spine at how utterly frozen our right to a jury trial would be under this deluded thinking, then you really don't get it.
Ceglia said that the so-called original contract that does not mention him getting half the Facebook fortune was "forged" and planted, "perhaps by Zuckerberg himself," on his parents' computer, which was examined by Facebook as part of the civil discovery process.
"This 'image' they claim is the original is forged and we will prove it has no authenticating properties what so ever," Ceglia wrote in an e-mail to the Daily Reporter, his hometown newspaper, in 2011. "I would have expected more from him and his henchmen. We have known about this photoshopped 'image' for some time and I willingly handed it over to them, now they claim it is the original. Oh brother...it just keeps getting weirder and weirder."
In his e-mail to Ars, Ceglia said he was tired, too, of being the government's and the media's whipping boy. "It is clear that I have a right to petition and that I have every belief that a jury, faced not with media spin and half truths but the reality of the evidence will vindicate me and the constant slander I have endured and find the contract is authentic."
Alioto, Ceglia's current attorney, said Judge Arcara dismissed Ceglia's case despite Zuckerberg never submitting to a deposition, meaning the Facebook founder never faced live questioning from an opposing attorney.
"This guy goes to court and then they put him in jail for going to court. That is truly offensive," Alioto said of Ceglia's plight. "I believe if I have the opportunity to cross-examine Zuckerberg, his credibility will be in substantial doubt."
Alioto claimed the criminal case against Ceglia is based, in part, over the past of the US attorney, Bharara. Alioto claims Bharara brought the charges as a favor to his former law firm—Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher—the same firm that represents Facebook. Alioto points out that Orin Snyder, Facebook's lead attorney from Gibson Dunn who defended Facebook in Ceglia's lawsuit, was a former prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, which is now headed by Bharara.
"This is really a very bad situation," Alioto said.
Bharara's office declined comment for this report other than to confirm that Zuckerberg would be called to the witness stand. Snyder did not reply for comment.

If past is prologue

As it turns out, there appears to be little rallying behind Ceglia in his hometown of Wellsville, New York.
A 2011 Buffalo News profile said he was known around town as a "grifter:"
It's easy to generate a reputation in a community of about 5,000 people, and Ceglia is widely known around Wellsville as a grifter. His checkered history includes a felony drug conviction in Texas, a trespassing conviction in Florida, real-estate swindles, and a slew of affidavits from jilted customers.
In an e-mail, Ceglia described the newspaper article—which noted the now-41-year-old father of two sons was arrested in 1997 for possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms—as a "hatchet job."
I made a mistake in my early twenties and it set me straight... I got my shit together as is proven I think by the fact that Zuckerberg admits that I hired him as a part of my company... I think it is pretty clear that I was working my ass off to build a dot com to provide photographs of street intersections... Not a move "career criminals" usually make. I've worked hard for what I have and the facts are the facts... I traveled across the North East and then Florida building a database of street intersections, long before there was Google street view.
I've built homes in the Bahamas from the ground up and each and every bolt and machine in a wood pellet factory. I've built toilets in Kibera on my own dime and designed and built a refrigerator that runs directly off of wood or charcoal for use in developing nations... Before that was a prototype for a generator that runs from wave energy. I could continue but hopefully in trying to demonstrate that I don't just fit easily in your box I haven't given you so much that now you fit me in the one labeled "braggard" since that is far from who I am. I am a father and a husband, I have a close happy supportive family that I cherish above all else.
Ceglia's checkered past, however, strangely gave rise to his claim to Facebook and his latest legal troubles. He said he forgot about his alleged Facebook fortunes until he began rummaging through his files as part of an unrelated run-in with the law.
He and wife, Iasia, were arrested in 2009 and eventually sued by then-New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. They allegedly stiffed customers from his Allegany Pellets company out of about $200,000 for 1,900 tons of home-heating pellets. The Ceglias blamed the backlog on mechanical failures and said they never intended to cheat anybody.
“If this thing hadn’t happened the way it happened, no way I would have ever started looking through these ancient folders,” Ceglia told Bloomberg News in 2010. “That contract would just be sitting in there gathering dust.”
But Ceglia found the contract—allegedly fake or real depending on the side presenting—and now he awaits his day in court this November. And unless something unforeseen happens beforehand, Mark Zuckerberg will be there to see him, too.
"I have no interest in a plea deal of any sort. The very idea of it suggests that I have done something wrong," Ceglia told Ars. "Of course I intend to go to trial."

Transcendence (2014) – Esoteric Analysis

Johnny Depp is Max Headroom.
Johnny Depp is Max Headroom.
By: Jay
Transcendence is the ultimate transhumanist film to date. Convalescence would have been a better name.  The film begins with some cataclysmic future event that has caused the collapse of civilization to a pre-electrical state.  Rewind a few years, and we see Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster, a scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence on the verge of discovering the final key to mapping the human mind so it can be downloaded onto a floppy disc.  Dr. Caster calls this point of singularity “transcendence,” where man will finally overcome his bodily limitations and load himself up to Youtube.  Following a presentation at a tech conference on how man will create “god,” Dr. Caster is mortally wounded by a radical anti-tech Luddite group, RIFT (Revolutionary Independence From Technology), leading to his desire to be the first willing test subject of human AI. Simultaneously, attacks on AI labs occur nationwide, prompting FBI involvement.  Dr. Caster, as you might guess, is successfully downloaded into a computer, leading to an exponential growth in his intelligence and power enabling him to become a ghost in the machine accessing infinite data.
After becoming Max Headroom, Caster hacka into the supercomputer PINN (Physically Independent Neural Network) he formerly worked on to track and identify all the members of RIFT globally   The true reveal here is not that Johnny Depp can be placed on a thumb drive like Scarlett in Lucy, but that what is real are the NSA supercomputers that can literally track anyone, anywhere through AI, just like PINN can in the film.  As I have written many times, the NSA supercomputers exist to do this very thing, ultimately achieving real-time, 3D modelling of all events.  NSA programmer William Binney recently revealed to the mainstream what had been known for a long time to alternative media: The purpose of all this tech surveillance and grid has nothing to do with terrorism, and everything to do with AI and panoptic population control.
The Guardian recently reported on Binney:
“At least 80% of fibre-optic cables globally go via the US”, Binney said. “This is no accident and allows the US to view all communication coming in. At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US. The NSA lies about what it stores.”  The NSA will soon be able to collect 966 exabytes a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning of humankind until 2003 amount to only five exabytes.  “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said…“The NSA is mass-collecting on everyone, and it’s said to be about terrorism but inside the US it has stopped zero attacks.”
As is usual, the ridiculous pseudo-philosophical question is raised in this kind of film comes to the fore – is Max Headroom “self-aware”?  Here, to be “alive” has been replaced with a psychological and ambiguously loaded philosophical concept “self-aware,” instead of the classic idea of the soul.  Individual man is no longer viewed as an embodiment of human nature with psyche, nous or mind, but as a single entity, a body, with mind or psyche being collapsed into body (mind is brain).  With these presuppositions, it is only rational to conclude consciousness is purely a series of algorithms.  Since fMRI scans can image the energy waves emanating from the brain, the brain is nothing more than these recorded sensory impressions, like an image on film.
Regular readers will immediately see the fallacy here, where once again the entire premise of all transhumanism and enlightenment mythology is the presupposition that “man” is a body with a blank slate video recorder (brain).  If that’s all man is, then these electrical impulses can be mapped and put into an algorithm, and thus transferred to a hard drive. In logic, this is called the fallacy of composition, wherein what is true in part is assumed to be the case for the whole.  Since man’s mind does record experience like a computerized camera, well then man must just be a mobile computer camera.  What this ignores and merely moves back a step is the perennial philosophical question Plato raised long ago – what is it you are referring to when you say “man”?  For strictly empirical philosophy, there can be no universals. And yet the entire metaphysical superstructure of how it’s even possible to build a computer at all, the preconditions for a computer’s possible existence, are based on the diametrically opposite philosophies of Enlightenment empiricism, materialism and scientism.
Just like Lucy, Transcendence wants viewers to think these are supremely deep questions that, instead of actually being based in reason or real science, fly off into the realm of absurd myth. Stop and consider for a moment how similar the fairy tale of a genie in a bottle is to the idea of Scarlett or Johnny being downloaded into a thumb drive.  Put in this perspective, how laughable is it when worshipers at the scientistic cult altars mock us for being “superstitious”? Ultimately, the film doesn’t deserve a long, in-depth analysis, as the rest of the plot amounts to Caster erecting an underground super tech facility to build himself a new body.  So, like Lucy, man achieves godhood and masters nature through nanotech.  As one perceptive friend said of Lucy that equally applies here, “This is the kind of film stupid people think is ‘smart.'”  Further, the bad guys are the backwards humans who are afraid of the dangers of technology – and they also have….guns!  The good guys are the scientists who want to create a utopia.  If we could just be evolved enough to get past guns and tribalism, why we could become gods!  Yet do you really think all those underground supercomputers and all that nanotech wizardry is being developed to make everyone a god, as if it will be doled out in a government cheese line?  Given the colossal lies the establishment foists upon the public daily, are you truly that stupid?
The only reason the film should be analyzed is because it is the first film completely taken up with the notion of transhumanism, aside from perhaps 2001. It is also very honest about its point – man creates his own god, since theology is nothing more than man making up deities.  And it turns out in the storyline that the superbeing really was Dr. Caster (a point that had been doubted), because the great climax is that he recycled himself and his chick into a nanotech puddle, where they can both reside in their home garden. If it wasn’t a description of a film plot, readers would accuse me of being stoned in writing that, but one has to wonder – is Lucy just this same film redone? This time around, instead of being stuck in a stuffy plastic hard drive, you can download yourself into a puddle in a garden.  It’s sooooo zen, maaaaaan.  The real message here is the continued willingness of man to believe in utter lies and nonsense that flies in the face of the metalogic that undergirds man’s actual tech logic.  And in denying metalogic, man ends with the conclusion that he is his own god in potentia, just waiting to come to perfect tech gnosis through which he can become the deus ex machina, and then irrationally dissolve into the Absolute.  In conclusion, Transcendence is just the tired, age old pagan psychodrama retold over and over, like the meaningless cyclical metaphysic that forms its narrative foundation.

Dr. Michael Baden Did Not Do Michael Brown Autopsy. Then Who Did?


Shawn Parcells Did.  Who Dat You Say? Well Let Me Do some splainin.

Seems Like Missy Plays nice with her subjects
Seems Like Missy Plays nice with her subjects

Quick Update!

I’ve added some additional copy. Seems reporter pictured above is a bigger part of story then I gave her credit for. Shucks as you can see by the above tweet she was playing with Crump way back when St. Trayvon was Canonized. 
By, Frances Robles, and Julie Bosman.   Aug, 17 2014
FERGUSON, Mo. — Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was killed by a police officer, sparking protests around the nation, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, a preliminary private autopsy performed on Sunday found.
One of the bullets entered the top of Mr. Brown’s skull, suggesting his head was bent forward when it struck him and caused a fatal injury, according to Dr. Michael M. Baden, the former chief medical examiner for the City of New York, who flew to Missouri on Sunday at the family’s request to conduct the separate autopsy. It was likely the last of bullets to hit him, he said. 
[...]  Prof. Shawn L. Parcells, a pathologist assistant based in Kansas, assisted Dr. Baden.
“You do this for the families,” Mr. Parcells said.
The two medical experts conducted the four-hour examination Sunday at the Austin A. Layne Mortuary in St. Louis. Benjamin L. Crump, a lawyer for Mr. Brown’s family who paid their travel expenses, hired them.  (link)
Reading this article by Frances Robles would give you the impression Dr. Michael M. Baden actually “conducted” the autopsy on 8/17/14.
Alas a review of the timeline shows a divergent reality.   The Scheme Team are up to their old tricks.
Parks and Crump
1) Wed Aug 13 – Professor Parcells was contacted by attorney’ Benjamin Crump and Gray (allegedly just to assist Baden).  Parcells was on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell Tuesday night and stated he was contacted by attorneys Crump and Gray on Wednesday 8/13.
2) Fri Aug 15 – Daryl Parks gave a press conference sharing his disgust the Ferguson Police had release the strong arm robbery footage.   During the presser he told the media that their 2nd independent autopsy had already been performed (citation link)
Knowing they were going to bring in Dr. Baden, that’s why when questioned about the second autopsy Parks said:



If Parcells was just supposed to be assisting Baden, why was Parks stating that the autopsy had already been performed two days before Baden was even flown in?
The actual truth appears to be – a rather controversial person Shawn Parcells, who is NOT a forensic pathologist, was used by the Scheme Team to conduct an autopsy – and then Professor Baden was brought in AFTER to meet with Parcells and give his OPINION of it.
In essence lend his credibility toward it.
Shawn Parcells is not a pathologist,  he is a voice for hire.  Here’s some articles on the lack of credentials for Parcells and the concerns therein:
“[...]  some coroners and medical examiners in Missouri say Parcells has inflated his qualifications and performed autopsies without a medical license. Others allege that doctors whose signatures were on some autopsy reports were not present at the autopsies, did not review the work or never actually signed the documents.”
“Police in Andrew County are looking into allegations that a pathologist Parcells listed on a 2012 autopsy was never consulted.”
“Shramek said he became alarmed when Parcells asked what to put down as the cause of death on an autopsy report instead of following the evidence.”
“Others, such as Dr. Mary Case, the medical examiner for St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson counties, have been outspoken about the allegations against Parcells.
“It’s very bad for our state if there’s someone doing autopsies without a medical license,” she said. “This is a huge atrocity, an invitation to disaster, and it needs to stop.”   (link)
The guy is not a DR. He’s a fraud.
More HERE, and HERE, and HERE
The bottom line is that Dr. Michael M. Baden never performed an autopsy on Mike Brown.  Instead he signed off on an opinion of a forensic examination completed by a controversial Forensic Pathologist Assistant, who did an evaluation of Mike Brown’s body at the request of the Scheme Team.
Dr. Baden was flown in later to review the findings of the Forensic Pathologist Assistant, Shawn Parcells, and give it credibility in the eyes of a non-questioning media.
The Scheme Team then took Dr. Baden’s evaluation of the Shawn Parcell review, and handed it off to their New York Times friend and cohort, Frances Robles.  Selling it as if Dr. Baden had actually conducted the physical exam himself.
Frances worked with the Scheme Team in 2012 while she was at the Miami Herald and was part of their inner circle of media types willing to sell the Trayvon Story.   The Trayvon Martin Story was also full of similarly false and manufactured media evidence.
The Rest From  Here
~Steve~                                              H/T  Reader Snuffy

What Really Happened to MH17? An Open Source Investigation

by James Corbett
July 20, 2014
This post is intended as a round-up of available information on MH17 from various sources around the web. Corbett Report members are encouraged to debate and discuss the situation in the commments thread below, ask questions, suggest links, and otherwise contribute to this investigation. The article will be updated with information as the investigation continues. [Not a Corbett Report member? Sign up today.]
via Aviation-Safety.net
“A Boeing 777-200 passenger plane, operating Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, crashed in the Ukraine, east of Donetsk. All 298 on board were killed. Flight MH17 departed the gate at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands at 12:14 hours local time, bound for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was airborne at 12:30 (10:30 UTC) from runway 36C and reached a cruising altitude of FL310 at 12:53 (10:53 UTC). Ninety minutes into the flight, at 12:01 UTC and just prior to entering Ukrainian airspace, the flight climbed to FL330. This altitude was maintained until last contact by ADS-B receivers of flight tracking websites, about 13:21 UTC.
“At the point of last contact it was flying 1000 feet above airspace that had been restricted as a result of ongoing fighting in the area. Malaysia Airlines reported that MH17 filed a flight plan requesting FL350 throughout Ukrainian airspace. However, the flight was instructed by Ukrainian air traffic control to fly at FL330.”
via ZeroHedge:
Flight paths via Zerohedge
Perhaps the best visualization of what the issue is, comes from Vagelis Karmiros who has collated all the recent MH-17 flight paths as tracked by Flightaware and shows that while all ten most recent paths pass safely well south of the Donetsk region, and cross the zone above the Sea of Azov, it was only today’s tragic flight that passed straight overhead Donetsk.
via New York Times:
A survey of flights to Asia from Europe in the last week found that some airlines had been flying over eastern Ukraine and some had been avoiding the area. Source: Flight path data from flightradar24.com
Ukraine’s Position
ITAR-TASS reported in June that Donetsk defense forces seized BUK missile defence systems from an army unit operating in the region, a point repeated and echoed by NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Philip Breedlove in a Pentagon press briefing on June 30. However, this was directly contradicted on July 18th by Ukrainian Prosecutor-General Vitaly Yarema, who told Ukrainian Pravda that militias do not have access to BUK delivery systems or S-300s.
On July 19, Ukrainian intelligence posted what they claim to be intercepted communications showing Russian responsibility for the downing of MH17 along with an English transcript. Numerous alternative media sources claim that the creation timestamp on the video indicates it was created before the crash took place.
Ukraine also claims that a post appeared on the social media account of rebel commander Igor Strelkov exactly 35 minutes after the crash appearing to take credit for the downing. Subsequent reporting, however, pointed out that the post was ambiguously worded and the social media account in question may not be run by Strelkov at all.
The Ukraine security service also published a video on July 18th purporting to show the actual BUK missile launcher used to bring down the plane being shuttled back across the border from Ukraine to Russia. Despite the fact that there is no confirmation from any source when, where or how this video was taken, or whether it in fact shows a BUK system on a Russian transport vehicle, it has been uncritically reported on in much of the western press.
Alternative Positions
In a statement issued late in the day on July 17th, Russian President Putin said: “I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine. And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.”
A report originally posted to RT.com shortly after the downing suggested that the real target of the missile might have been President Putin’s plane, which was said to have been scheduled to fly over the exact same airspace as MH17 less than an hour after it was shot down. This claim has since been retracted and RT has noted that Putin has been avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether since the recent coup took place in Kiev.
According to a report circulating widely in the alternative media, a Spanish air traffic controller working in the Ukraine on the 17th tweeted a series of messages indicating that the Ukrainian military shot down the flight and that “Kiev authorities” and “foreigners” subsequently took over the civilian air traffic control center overseeing the disputed airspace in an apparent cover-up. The twitter account (@spainbuca) of the alleged air traffic controller, “Carlos,” was then reportedly removed. [UPDATE: RT has conducted interviews with Carlos, who has been deported from Ukraine.]
Some researchers suggest that the timing of the disaster, coming as it does right after Putin heralded the beginning of the long-awaited BRICS Development Bank is more than coincidental. This theory posits that the crash was staged by the US/EU/NATO or other powers as part of a proxy war taking place in the “new cold war” between Russia (one of the key players in an organization that is seen as a key rival to the so-called “Washington Consensus” institutions, the IMF and the World Bank) and the US.
Some have suggested that the takedown of MH17 was also related to the six passengers on board who were heading to an AIDS conference in Melbourne hosted by the International AIDS society. The theory holds that the researchers were going to question the origins of AIDS and were taken out in a similar manner to Dr. Jonathan Mann.
Yet others point to the numerology of MH17, noting “Flight MH17, a Boeing 777, first flew on 7-17-97 and crashed 17 years later, on 7-17-14.” It has also been linked to a bizarre video of a speech IMF President Christine Lagarde gave at the National Press Club in Washington on January 15, 2014 in which she repeatedly told the audience to pay attention to the “magic number 7″ and made numerological connections to WWI and other events.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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The tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its seven astronauts will live forever in the memory of the American public. While the actual cause may never be known beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is nevertheless possible that an outside force acted upon the spaceship, an outside force that may have been set in motion many decades ago by the work of the legendary inventor, Nikola Tesla, and the shadowy scientists who followed in his wake.
I wrote a short book about this idea, entitled “Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray and the Columbia Disaster,” which has recently been revamped by Timothy Green Beckley’s Global Communications. The book has received some attention over the years, including requests for radio and television appearances, and the decision to republish it in a new format is part of Beckley’s continuing efforts to introduce readers to books and concepts that may have slipped through the cracks of their paranormal reading menu the first time around.
Let us review the events of February 1, 2003.
As reported in the February 10, 2003 issue of “Time Magazine,” the final 45 minutes of the Columbia’s descent to death went like this:
“Commander Rick Husband fired his de-orbit engines at 8:15 AM Eastern Time when the ship was high over the Indian Ocean. Half an hour – and half a world – later, it hit the edges of the atmosphere just north of Hawaii at an altitude of about 400,000 feet. Shortly after, a faint pink glow began to surround the ship, as atmospheric friction caused temperatures to rise to between 750 and 3000 degrees across various parts of the spacecraft’s underbelly.
Is a form of Tesla technology responsible for the Columbia space shuttle disaster?
“The astronauts, busy monitoring their deceleration, temperature, hydraulics and more, didn’t have much time to watch the light show play out, and by the time the pink glow brightened from faint pink to bright pink to plasma white, the ship had arced around the planet into thick air and daylight.
“On the ground, things were smooth, too. At Cape Canaveral, the conditions were perfect for landing, with temperatures in the low 70s and a light breeze blowing, well within NASA’s wind limits. The families of some of the seven crew members had already been shown to the runway, assembling for their close-up view of the touchdown.”
But into that idyllic picture, the problems seemed to come from nowhere.
As the ship was flying over San Francisco, several technical malfunctions began to happen in rapid succession, with many of the shuttle’s sensors suddenly ceasing to transmit data back to Mission Control. As the Columbia reached the skies over Texas, spacecraft communicator Charlie Hobaugh attempted to alert the seven crew members. Commander Rick Husband began to respond to Hobaugh, but his transmission went dead before the astronaut could complete his first sentence.
Hobaugh tried repeatedly to re-establish contact, but soon the ship was coming apart over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When the shuttle failed to land on schedule at 9:16 AM, NASA began a search and rescue effort.
“With reports coming back of a debris field that stretched from eastern Texas to Louisiana, and possibly even further, NASA put out the somewhat disingenuous word that fumes from the fragments could be dangerous and that people who found them should leave them where they lay and alert the authorities – as if any toxic fuel could have survived the heat of re-entry,” “Time Magazine” reported.
Was that initial warning from NASA about people not touching the fragments they found an early attempt to cover up just exactly what caused the Columbia to crash? Even the normally stalwart “Time Magazine” seems to distrust NASA’s real intentions there, calling the warning “disingenuous,” and one is led to speculate that the wreckage could have held clues vital to understanding whether a top-secret particle beam weapon was the real culprit in what happened to Space Shuttle Columbia and the seven astronauts who entrusted their lives to the integrity of the ship.
The idea of terrorism being involved was also an early concern, but that was quickly dismissed. Theoretically, a shoulder-launched missile could shoot down an aircraft, but no such missile could have reached the altitude the Columbia was at when it disintegrated. Also, security around the shuttle was simply so tight that it was considered impossible that some kind of explosive could have been smuggled onboard at some point prior to takeoff.
The mainstream press grappled publicly with other mysteries as well. The day after the Columbia disaster, “The San Francisco Chronicle” ran an article about photos taken by an amateur astronomer who photographed the space shuttles whenever their orbits carried them over the Bay Area. The photos revealed what appeared to be electrical phenomena flashing around the track of the shuttle’s passage. The photographer, who asked not to be identified, said, “They clearly record an electrical discharge like a lightning bolt flashing past, and I was snapping the pictures almost exactly when the Columbia may have been breaking up during re-entry.”
The “Chronicle” reporter, who was also the paper’s science editor, was invited to see the photos on the astronomer’s computer screen and wrote, “They are indeed puzzling. They show a bright, scraggly flash of orange light, tinged with pale purple, and shaped somewhat like a deformed L.” He also wrote that just as the flash appeared to cross the Columbia’s contrail, it seems as if the contrail brightened, thickened and began to wobble. The photographer said he could see none of this activity with his own eyes, but that it had showed up clearly on his film when he developed it.
On February 5, the “Chronicle” ran a follow-up story about NASA’s interest in the photographs. The space agency dispatched former shuttle astronaut Tammy Jernigan, then a manager at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, to the San Francisco home of the amateur astronomer/photographer to examine the digital images. After viewing the photos, Jernigan also took the camera itself to NASA headquarters in Houston on a specially chartered T-38 jet.
“It certainly appears very anomalous,” Jernigan said of the strange purple light visible on the images. “We sure will be very interested in taking a very hard look at this.”
Did some unknown weapon cause the mysterious flash? Is that why NASA sent a former astronaut to view the images, then flew the camera itself to Houston?
From the account of the Columbia tragedy, we next flashback to September 22, 1940, when an article appeared in “The New York Times” in which Nikola Tesla first revealed his “Death Ray” to the public. The entire text of the article is included in “Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray and the Columbia Disaster,” but I will present only portions of it here. The article was headlined, “Death Ray For Planes.”
In the article, Tesla declared that he stood ready to divulge to the United States government the secret of his “teleforce,” which he claimed could melt an airplane motor at a distance of 250 miles. The device would allow for a “Chinese Wall of Defense” to be built around the U.S. that would protect the country from any attack by an enemy air force, no matter how large.
The Death Ray was based on an entirely new principle of physics that no one had ever dreamed about, and different from the principles involved in Tesla’s earlier inventions relating to the transmission of electrical power from a distance. The new type of force would operate through a beam one-hundred-millionth of a square centimeter in diameter, and could be generated from a special plant that would cost no more than $200,000 and would take only three months to construct. A dozen such plants, located at strategic points along the coast, would be enough to defend the country against all aerial attack.
Tesla further claimed that the beam could melt any engine, whether diesel or gasoline, and would also ignite the explosives aboard any bomber. No possible defense against it could be devised, as the beam would be all-penetrating through wood and metal alike.  
This is obviously nearly laughably “dated” material, given that it speaks of planes powered by gasoline and diesel fuel. The technology of military aircraft has come so far since the era in which Tesla was speaking that it becomes difficult to see the relevance of his claims at all. But let us read further.
“The New York Times” writer continues by saying, “The beam, he states, involves four new inventions, two of which already have been tested. One of these is a method and apparatus that eliminates the need for a ‘high vacuum’; a second is a process for producing ‘very great electrical force’; the third is a method of amplifying this force, and the fourth is a new method for producing ‘a tremendous repelling electrical force.’ This would be the projector, or the gun of the system.”
Tesla also told the reporter that the voltage used to propel the beam to its target would attain a potential of 80 million volts, thus causing microscopic electrical particles of matter to be catapulted on their mission of defensive destruction. Tesla said he had been working on the invention for many years and had made numerous improvements on it.
It is interesting to note that Tesla was promoting the invention as a weapon of defense, not as an offensive weapon of mass destruction. Tesla said that, given adequate funding, he could have the device up and running within three months. Had the government taken him up on his offer, he might have had the Death Ray in place before the attack at Pearl Harbor, which happened a little more than a year after Tesla went public with his proposal in “The New York Times.”
According to writer and Tesla expert Tim Swartz, what Tesla is describing is to our current age the familiar concept of the particle beam weapon.
Part II of this series continues tomorrow: Tuesday, January 7, 2014! http://ufodigest.com/article/death-ray-0107