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Finally someone is saying it: the idea of a cashless society is nuts. No, not just nuts, it's insane. Of course, the plutocrats and technocrats that constitute "Mr. Globaloney," the "elite" of the west, will continue pushing the idea, but that only raises the issue of their sanity, not the wisdom or practicality of their ideas.  We all know, of course, why Mr. Globaloney wants such a thing and the "selling points" used to advance it: it will cut down on crime, terrorism, everyone will be tracked and hence crime will not pay and the world will be a bright and sunny place of peace, happiness, and brotherhood being run by transnational corporations and peace-loving pro-humanity international banksters like the late David Rockefailure.  The only thing it will mean is that the criminals will continue to hide their criminal activity, the banksters will continue to profit from it, and everyone else will be reduced to serfdom.
But there's a fly in Mr. Globaloney's ointment, and it's hinted at in this short article shared by Mr. V.T. and it raises issues I've raised before. But today, I want to throw something else into the high octane mix. In any case, here's the article:
Note carefully what Mr. Armstrong states, for it is a crucial point:
Let’s get something straight here. At the core of those responsible is really the NSA and Microsoft itself. The attack exploited a Windows networking protocol to spread within networks, and while Microsoft released a patch nearly two months ago, it’s become very clear that patch didn’t reach all users particularly because institutions often do not install patches fearing that proprietary software may not function.
If behind the curtain we have government demanding back-doors into iPhones and computer so they can listen to everything everywhere, well guess what – so can everyone else. Patches will work for individual users, but not major institutions. Trying to upgrade their operations is a real effort. They are slow to act and thus vulnerable.
In other words: (1) software is constantly having to be upgraded because (2) hackers and state and/or corporate and/or organizationally-sponsored cyber-warfare specialists are constantly probing various governments and institutions, which institutions are (3) slow to upgrade with patches lest their whole system go down.
The bottom line: no cyber-system of information exchange, including those of financial clearing, is safe. Indeed, a few years ago I blogged about cyber attacks on financial clearing houses and banks, where accounts were drained in milliseconds. The idea is not, of course, new, being the subject of movies and television series episodes (like Person of Interest), and of very real world stories. Recall, for a moment, that even the Federal Reserve has been hacked. Then there's Sony... on and on we could go.  The bottom line is that in any proposed cashless society, everyone is exposed to a risk that they otherwise would not be exposed to, including Mr. Globaloney. As I've indicated in discussions with Catherine Austin Fitts and others, and as I have suggested in some of my books, one may be absolutely certain that Mr. Globaloney keeps hard copy records of his holdings - the stock certificates, the bonds, the liens, the mortgages, deeds, and so on, and yes, probably a pile of money - somewhere, and probably uses such hard copy as the actual basis of his dealings in my hypothesized "hidden system of finance."
Now it's time to add that "other factor" which has not been, in my opinion, adequately discussed in this connection: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most thinkers speculating on the possible advent of AI hypothesize that it could, conceivably, not only render humanity obsolete, but that it would actively pursue its demise. Imagine, for a moment, allowing a cashless system of payments to evolve in a world where AI - according to some - lurks right around the corner, on top of cyber-systems demonstrably insecure to human hackers. At that juncture, the bad scenarios multiply like rabbits: such an AI might conceivably "throw in" with this or that human cyber-warfare group; it might, conversely, attempt to "plug the holes" in an ill-thought effort to "protect" humanity with the result that, with "all holes plugged" and "secure", nothing can get done. Or, in the ultimate exhibition of nastiness, it might simply expropriate all that "cyberwealth" of the cashless society and leave everyone penniless.
And who's to say that, in the process, it might not forge arrest warrants and issue bulletins for the immediate arrest of Mr. Globaloney and his cohorts to be held as potential terrorist threats (or dealt with summarily by ordering drone strikes on their known haunts)?
In short, Mr. Globaloney, you might want to rethink that whole cashlessness idea, for it might, coupled with looming AI, be an instrument not so much of law, order, and peace, but of the ultimate and irrecoverable chaos, and your own very permanent impoverishment.                                            

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The Zero Evidence World of US Criminal Misleaders

zero evidence
For decades now, the US political & military ruling class have offered zero evidence and flimsy pretexts to invade, attack and conduct mass murder. You want evidence? Here: have a big fat zero.

Zero evidence

is required for the global bully, the US military, to do what it wants, when it wants, to whomever it wants. US political and military leaders (or as I prefer to call them, political and military misleaders) have one law – we do whatever the f*ck we want – in line with the black magic of Aleister Crowley, who declared that “do what thou wilt” was the whole of his law. The recent Trump Syria strike has taken their aggressive and criminal lawlessness to yet another level. Trump didn’t either bother to ask Congress for permission to attack another country, nor to put a case forward at the UN, nor to submit it to the scrutiny of international law, nor apparently to check with anyone except his own cadre of hawkish generals, Zionists and billionaires. Along with zero evidence, the US usually proffers pretexts such as “WMDs”, “chemical weapons” or simply just “he’s a dictator killing is own people”, all of which turn out to be lies to cover up the fact they have zero evidence. This phenomenon has been going on for literally decades. When is the international community going to stand up to the US and demand that enough is enough?

The Zero Evidence Phenomenon in Past US Aggressions

The history of USA aggression against other sovereign nations is egregious and long. Ever since the end of World War II, the US has taken it upon itself to be the world policeman – except it’s really the bandit posing as the sheriff, the tyrant posing as the protector and the violent terrorist posing as the righteous commander. Former US government official William Blum (who worked in the Department of State) and Dr. Zoltan Grossman have compiled lists of the 70+ nations which the US has messed with and attacked, by way of at least one of the following: foreign meddling & intervention, subversion, regime change, assassination, military strike or invasion. Here is a partial list of attacked nations up until 1999:
“China 1945-49, Italy 1947-48, Greece 1947-49, Philippines 1945-53, South Korea 1945-53, Albania 1949-53, Germany 1950s, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1953-1990s, Middle East 1956-58, Indonesia 1957-58, British Guiana/Guyana 1953-64, Vietnam 1950-73, Cambodia 1955-73, The Congo/Zaire 1960-65, Brazil 1961-64, Dominican Republic 1963-66, Cuba 1959-present, Indonesia 1965, Chile 1964-7, Greece 1964-74, East Timor, 1975-present, Nicaragua 1978-89, Grenada 1979-84, Libya 1981-89, Panama 1989, Iraq 1990s, Afghanistan 1979-92, El Salvador 1980-92, Haiti 1987-94, Yugoslavia 1999”
Since 2000, the following countries have been a victim of US aggression in one form or another:
“Afghanistan 2001-present, Yemen 2002, Philippines 2002-?, Colombia 2003-?, Iraq 2003-present, Liberia 2003, Haiti 2004-5, Pakistan 2005-?, Somalia 2006-?, Syria 2008-present, Yemen 2009, Libya 2011-present”
These lists are incomplete. There are more nations that have suffered US aggression which are not on these lists. Every single nation in the world has to either kowtow to the US, befriend it and fight alongside it in its stupid, ugly and violent wars, and submit to allowing US military bases on its sovereign soil – or else be aligned against it, be branded a “rogue state” by the MSM and live in constant fear that the US and its cronies will one day invade (a realistic and even probable outcome). There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground.
How exactly is this not world conquest? How exactly is the US not a sprawling empire which does whatever it wants, puts its military bases wherever it wants and invades whomever it wants? It’s an Empire, not a Republic. The republic has been dead for a long time now. The US is run by the New World Order – and they want it all. All.
US aggression
US aggression has been relentless and unstoppable ever since the end of WWII.

Some Particularly Egregious Examples of Zero Evidence

Some appalling and atrocious examples of this “we do whatever we want” US foreign policy include the Vietnam War, which was started by the zero evidence Gulf of Tonkin incident (a false flag op of course), where there was literally zero evidence because there were literally zero Vietnamese ships involved. The US ships shot at empty space on the ocean and claimed they were being attacked! Then, in the false flag event of the millennium (9/11) there was zero evidence that Bin Laden ever did it, as the FBI tacitly admitted by not charging him with any crime. In the aftermath of 9/11, we were blessed with the wonderful and fake War on Terror™ (dreamt up by Zionist and neocon think tanks, including mass murderer and Israeli misleader Benjamin Netanyahu).
With the masses bamboozled by the neverending and impossible-to-win War on Terror, US misleader Colin Powell stepped up to the UN with zero evidence (in the form of a vial of powder) in support of invading a sovereign nation (Iraq). This time around the lie was WMDs. Later on in 2011, US misleader Obama stepped up to claim that a “dictator” (i.e. a legitimate leader named Gaddafi) was “killing his own people” (despite the fact that Libyans had a higher standard of living than all its surrounding neighbor nations in Africa). Thanks to the US and NATO invasion, Libya has become a hotbed of mayhem, terrorism, civil war and even now a center of slave trading. The truth is that it was only invaded because its leader stood up to US hegemony and tried to go against the petrodollar, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the MSM and the NGOs of George Soros (like Avaaz) who screamed for humanitarian intervention (aggressive invasion with no lawful basis under the pretext of saving innocent lives). Then in 2013, US misleader Obama again stepped up to claim that another “dictator” (i.e. an elected leader named Assad) was killing his own people with “chemical weapons” (despite the fact that UN investigators found zero evidence to back up this claim and instead found evidence that it was the US-backed rebels using them).
zero evidence 2
Above: exactly this much evidence.

“Proof At a Distance”

Fast forward to 2017, and we have a different puppet in the White House, but the zero evidence phenomenon, and US military psychopathy, remain the same. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who like Vladimir Putin, has shown himself to be very level headed in face of extreme and repeated US-UK-Israeli-NATO provocation, talked about the zero evidence phenomenon at a recent press conference where he was discussing the Syria matter with his US counterpart Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State. Lavrov said:
” … accusations that are being made in respect to the Syrian government, come exclusively from those who have ‘proof at a distance’ … Another example, another dictator: Saddam Hussein, who was hanged after an invasion. We all know how it ended. I think Tony Blair said publicly that the while thing was a fake. All the reasons behind the invasions of Iraq … So experiments of these sorts, based on an obsession wth some kind of dictator, regime change of a totalitarian or authoritarian leader – we have already seen. We know all too well how it ends. Positive examples, when a dictator was removed and then everything went great – I don’t recall. If they exist, I would be grateful if you would let me know.”
One has to wonder how much longer the blatant warmongering and aggression can go on before enough people wake up to it. How much longer will the US military (tool of the international banksters and the New World Order) be able to literally get away with murder by offering zero evidence and flimsy pretexts? Will enough nations in the international community, as well as enough Americans themselves, stand up to the bullying American political and military leadership and force these tyrants to look in the mirror, so they can see themselves for the lying psychopaths that they are?
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Seth Rich Murder Suspects Named by Genius Hacker!

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 22, 2017 at

My anonymous hacker source who I call Lou or Joe just dropped the nukes on the Seth Rich murder coverup that must now go viral! None of this information will be covered by the Fake News stooges such as Sean Hannity who never met a NWO pig he didn't love! Sean Hannity calls people like me "tin foil hat people" because that's what the CIA term is for anybody smart enough to stop believing known liars! Well, I just scooped you Sean Hannity and I'm asking patriots worldwide to get this information out through all available means! Tweet it to Trump, blast it on the evil Facebook to overload their censoring algorithms. Send it to your entire email list! We must get the story out viral or my source and possibly myself could be in danger over it!

This story is hotter than molten lava right now! An anonymous source in DC on Reddit says this story puts you in immediate danger right now! "To even mention this name in DC circles will bring you under automatic scrutiny." So the more you get it out there for me - the less danger for my source and me! Don't let the bad guys at the Fake News on TV win by censoring the Seth Rich murder by the Clinton Deep State any longer!

They can't put the toothpaste back in the tube if you get the story out hard on Monday! On a side note, my strong belief in Jesus Christ prevents me from ever taking my own life! So if anybody tells you Glenn Canady committed suicide they are lying! I'm also in the very good health right now. I would never take myself out of the game against the satanic new world order pigs our fake news serves. My hacker source is extremely smart and knows how the game is played. He has hundreds of people on the receiving end of his dead man switch that automatically sends out his insurance files electronically and by physical mail from all over the world if he doesn't reset the code after so many hours.

I had an hour long interview with my source that was hacked and erased right before my eyes as it ended! My hacker source was also recording on his phone and his copy was deleted too! Neither of us had ever had this happen to us! It was probably because I gave a warning this interview was coming. I only did this because my source wanted everybody to get it out everywhere. I'll know next time to have more recorders going! I had to do a recap recording of everything we covered until my source can get safe enough to try an interview again. This article corrects a few mistakes I made on the recap video due to not remembering names or dates from memory. Luckily there is enough on the video and in this article to blow this Seth Rich murder case wide open!

Who Will not report on this story?

None of this information will be on the Fake News on TVs or on the controlled opposition tip of the spear Alex Jones who refuses to win the fight and is now running from my "Fire Everything Alex Jones" video challenge to him and all his fans! I've had thousands send him emails about it and still he runs from the one thing that can't be stopped! Will Mossad agent Matt Drudge who is controlled by Rupert Murdoch (reported by CIA operative Gene Chip Tatum) report on everything regarding the Seth Rich murder? We shall soon see if Drudge reports on all of this and not just a tiny piece. How can anybody trust Drudge who censors all information on Chemtrails, Poison in the Vaccines, the 9/11 False flag attack and never criticizes anything Israel or his Zionist masters do? You can always tell who somebody works for by who they will never criticize! When I want to see the Mossad spin on something, I go to Drudge.

Hackers known to my source were able to get into Seth's Gmail account to tie him as the WikiLeaks source! There is no doubt about it now! Here's a screen shot proving they hacked it. They found the evidence proving Seth Rich was killed for leaking the dirt on the Hillary Crime Syndicate and the DNC!

That's why KimDotCom tweeted out this to Google! These were all accounts of Seth Rich and Kim Dotcom knows it and so do all the hackers who put together all the pieces of the Seth Rich murder puzzle.

My source knows the people who got into all those accounts before Kim DotCom ever talked about it. This information proved Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails sent to Wikileaks but the hackers found out much more than this! The hackers tied the first officer on the scene, Robert Wingate Robinson, as being a running back for Georgetown while John Podesta was teaching there.

Here's information showing the first police officer (see police report below) at the Seth Rich murder scene was Robert Wingate-Robinson who was a running back for Georgetown while Podesta taught there.

Robert Wingate Robinson sister works for Hillary Clinton!

My hacker source says they've also tied police officer Robert Wingate Robinson's sister as working for Hillary Clinton! If proven true this is a pretty amazing coincidence that needs to be thoroughly investigated as that is just too convenient if Robert Wingate Robinson was either the killer or the coverup guy who was first on the scene.

Police Body Camera footage erased!

The police report shows police officer Robert Wingate Robinson who found Seth Rich and the other police officers were wearing a body camera but apparently my source reports the body camera footage is all missing! This needs immediate investigation by the FBI now that Clinton operative James Comey no longer controls it!

All area cameras erased!

The hackers were able to check out the surveillance cameras all around the murder scene and all had been tampered with and erased only for the period of the murder!

Seth Rich was identified as Leaker by the Deep State using secret printer watermarks!

One of the biggest revelations from my interview is when my source told me every printer on the planet now places a series of dots and watermarks on the page able to identify who printed it, where it was printed and even what computer printed it and more! He said less than 15 people in the world know everything that can be done with these watermarks and the special software used to decipher them! This is very important because my source told me the Department of Justice demanded scans of the physical copies of the leaks be given to them and my source says this allowed the Clinton Deep State to track all the leaks back to Seth Rich!

TimeLine according to the hacker source

Seth Rich begins working for the Voter Expansion Data Director at the DNC around the middle of 2014.

On July 22nd, 2015 John Podesta says he supports making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not there is a real basis for it.


June 30, 2016 time frame - The meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton happens on the Phoenix airport Tarmac. (Hacker says this is surely when the Clinton crime syndicate got the scanned files or hard copies from Loretta Lynch allowing them to track the leaks to Seth Rich using special watermark software)

On July 5th, 2016 Seth was offered job directly with Hillary Camp according to the hacker. (They must have offered him a ton of money to get him interested since we know he didn't like Hillary from his Tweet saying he did trust Hillary shown below and was a Bernie Sanders Supporter)

On July 10th, 2016 Seth Rich was murdered! Hacker reports this is why DNC never turned over their servers and wiped to erase all evidence

After Seth Rich was murdered, the DNC scum start blaming Russia for the leaks to cover their tracks! My source says these documents are surely what Bill Clinton got in the Tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch. The Deep State software was used to track the leaks to Seth! A week after the Tarmac meeting Seth Rich was hired by the DNC (to bring him into the trap) and four days later he was dead!

Seth Rich's Twitter account was Pandas4Bernie - here's what he said about Hillary Clinton! He wasn't a fan!

But you haven't seen anything yet! Here is Andrew Therriault, Hillary Clinton's IT person (according to my source) taunting the now dead Seth Rich's Panda pseudonym on Twitter and basically saying he was an "embarrassment". He's already been murdered 9 months prior at this point! This is cold blooded and apparently Andrew Therriault thought he would be cute at this point and rub it in a dead man's face!

Andrew went back and deleted this tweet after all of this information was put together by the hackers but you can't hide your old tweets! Notice how people are already trashing Andrew over his "joke"or taunt on murder victim Seth Rich!

Everybody named in this article MUST be examined for ties to the Seth Rich murder. There's not just some smoke here, there's a raging inferno! Body camera footage and all area cameras don't just go missing for no reason! Seth Rich was alive when he got to the hospital according to this witness who should be easy to track down but the cops swarmed the police and doctors were told to stand down and let him die!

I'll update this article as I hear more information from my source. Get this out as far and wide as you can to protect the source and thank you for your support! My source says we will get him on tape again very soon. Stay tuned and subscribe to the "Truth Warriors Youtube Channel".

Here was my first interview with the Genius Hacker who took down the pedophiles.

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Why Have the Crazed Mass Shootings Stopped?

It has been horrific to watch all mass shootings in America over the last 8 years. Everyone has been traumatized by the images of carnage week in and week out. Have you noticed these mass shootings are no longer happening in America?
In any political environment, it is important to observe what is actually happening not just what is being said. This is an observation only. Considering all the Machiavellian possibilities. Looking through history, it would be naïve not to question the surge of mass shootings in the Obama era in this context.
Under the Obama Administration, mass shootings were up many times over any previous president. A constant bombardment of horrific incidents involving mass shootings was endured by the public during the last 8 years. It seemed every couple of weeks a deranged person was killing in mass. Hardly a month went by without these scenes being projected through the media. With hyperventilating commentary from mainstream media on how gun rights were to blameThe constant drumbeat of gun control as the only answer to stop the carnage. Obama himself saying this had become routine. Routine indeed as there was a mass shooting on average of about every 3 weeks in the last term. Some shootings in clusters and others further apart. Sometimes multiple instances in a row when certain legislation was being pushed. Always used to for political advantage.
TruthStreamMedia CHART 
Accompanied by ridiculous coverage ready to go by the mainstream media. In many instances, the killers were known to the Intel Agencies like the San Bernardino shooters and the Boston Marathon bombers. Yet the Intel Agencies were called off months before each incident. This has happened many times. Instead of talking about false flags, Operation Gladio, or the Obama justice departmentprotecting their wind up toys from an investigation. Let’s ask a simple question. What happened to all the Obama Era Mass Shootings under the Trump Administration?
Mass Shootings under the Last Five Presidents
Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) 11 mass shootings
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) 12 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3

Bill Clinton
: 1993-2001 (8 years) 23 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4

George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) 20 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

Barrack H. Obama
: 2009-2015 (in 7th year) 162 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 18

Source: List of each event by TruthStreamMedia
What happened to all the Obama Era Mass Shootings under the Trump Administration?
We are already well past the longest time without a mass shooting under Obama. Statistically, if these were all organic events, there would have been one by now. Under Obama, there would have been several by now. Sometimes week in and week out. Trump has been in office for well over 100 days as of the writing of this article. Not one mass shooting or terrorist attack. Canada had a conveniently timed shooting when the temporary travel ban was introduced but nothing in America.
Why hasn’t there been many of these attacks in America since Trump was elected? Perhaps without the lax oversight or outright protection of a corrupt justice department. These wind-up toys can no longer operate in the continental United States. In the most heavily surveilled population on the planet, it would be very difficult to pull off one of these operations if the government were actually intent on stopping them. These types of operations take money and coordination that is very detectable by Intel agencies.
Trump has instructed the Justice Department to focus resources on actual terrorists, not veterans and gun owners. Breaking up and disrupting plans that would have gone through under Obama. Bringing to bear all of the surveillance tools used on the American people to stop actual plots.
 Is this what we are seeing?
Now there is no clear political advantage is to be gained through such acts by the establishment, mainstream media or gun control advocates. If a mass attack were to happen, it would only bolster Trump’s calls for better vetting of immigrants, border security, and 2nd Amendment rights. So they stop. Very interesting. Of course, mass shootings and terror attacks will never completely end. Yet the suspicion is there will be much less under a Trump Administration. Just an observation that many may be thinking themselves.

Strange Tales of Portals to Other Dimensions


There has been more and more weight given to the idea that there are other realities and dimensions besides our own, which bump against us and even overlap us. With this idea comes hand in hand the notion that traveling between them could also be possible, and there are accounts that point to the possibility that not only is this possible, but that such portals between these realms have already been opened. Intriguing, often a bit scary, and always weird, these cases of alleged gateways capture the imagination, and make us wonder whether alternate realities not only exist, but have already been visited by us.
Perhaps the most well-known tale of a supposed inter-dimensional portal concerns the town of Ong’s Hat, merely a speck on the map and one of the numerous abandoned old villages scattered throughout the remote Pine Barrens of the U.S. state of New Jersey. Purportedly getting its name from a man named Ong, who once threw up his fancy silk hat in frustration when the jealous lover of a woman he was having an affair with stomped on it, after which it became stuck on a pine branch, the town supposedly started as a single hut. By the 1860s, the village had apparently grown into quite a lively town known for bootlegging and supplying booze to the outlying areas. However, the town declined dramatically in the following years, and by the 1930s was all but abandoned, although it still showed up on maps, and in modern days it is merely feral, weed-choked ruins, crumbling buildings, and empty lots.
The small, rural town would perhaps have forever remained an obscure backwater ghost town if not for a curious book called Ong’s Hat: The Beginning, which was written by Joseph Matheny and published in 2002. The book claims that in 1978 a man by the name of Wali Fard settled in the New Jersey Pine Barrens after purchasing 200 acres there. Fard, who was a member of the secretive cult the Moorish Orthodox Church of America, had allegedly just returned from traveling the world studying various philosophies, magical practices and spiritualist techniques in such exotic locales as India, Perisa, and Afghanistan, and he would then join another cult called the Moorish Science Ashram. He was apparently an eccentric man to say the least, moving onto the property with a ragtag group composed of some runaway boys and two lesbian anarchists.
An abandoned building at Ong’s Hat
Once relocating to New Jersey, the book claims that Fard went about spreading the teachings of his sect and managing to draw about him quite a number of followers. Among this motley group of misfits, cultists, and general oddballs were two scientists by the names of Frank and Althea Dobbs, who were brother and sister and had their own bizarre history as they had been apparently raised within a UFO worshipping commune run by their father in Texas. The two had been doing research at Princeton on something they referred to as “cognitive chaos,” which is quite complex but basically entailed utilizing untapped parts of the brain to unlock vast human potential in the form of a wide variety of powers such as ESP, telepathy, curing diseases, conscious control of autonomic functions, and even halting the aging process, but they had earned the ire of their peers for their far-out fringe theories and been kicked out for what the university called “seditious nonsense.”  It seems that the two siblings had never really been accepted in the mainstream or in academia, but with Fard they found themselves among outcast kindred spirits willing to listen to them.
As soon as they migrated to the remote Pine Barrens, Frank and Althea supposedly immediately went about creating a makeshift lab in an abandoned barn, from which they could continue their work unfettered by the harsh criticism they had been subjected to before. So intrigued with their work was Fard and his cult that they subsequently established the “Institute of Chaos Studies” based on it, and this enabled the two scientists to have the funding and equipment that they needed to make progress the likes of which they had never seen before, as well as attracting two more local fringe scientists named Harold Acton and Martine Kallikak to help them. Among their many bizarre experiments were using various psychedelic drugs in an attempt to unlock mind powers, monitoring brain activity, and using electrical stimulation to try and manipulate the brain waves to produce the abilities they were convinced were lurking untapped within the mind. These experiments made use of an array of odd machines and devices, all slapped together and unorthodox to say the least.
Among these was a device they called “The Egg,” which was supposedly more or less a modified sensory deprivation chamber hooked up to computers and with various electrodes attached to a human subject to measure physiological responses, as well as a helmet equipped with “brain wave manipulators.” Apparently there were several versions of the machine built, which showed some promise in allegedly providing better control of autonomous body functions and bestowing various other powers such as inner heat, enhanced healing, and remission of sickness. However, it wasn’t until the 4th iteration of the device that things allegedly got truly bizarre.
A road in the New Jersey Pine Barrens near Ong’s Hat
By the third generation of the egg they had already been experimenting with trying to descend consciousness down to the quantum level, which they believed would enable actual travel to parallel dimensions, but they had not been successful. With the 4th generation machine, they further refined the process and tested it on one of the runaways, who was nicknamed Kit. During the test, the machine purportedly completely vanished before everyone’s eyes, only to reappear 7 minutes later with a startled but excited Kit, who claimed that he had been briefly transported to another dimension. The scientists were astounded by this, and called the portal they had apparently opened “The Gate.” They purportedly made several more successful jumps to this alternate reality, which was described as having an abundance of plant life and water, but no humans.
To add to all of this weirdness, Ong’s Hat was supposedly eventually threatened with a leak of dangerous nuclear material from nearby Fort Dix. In response, the residents began to use The Gate to flee to the parallel dimension, where they intended to stay and reestablish their town. According to the tale, the government found out about the experiments and the capabilities of the machine, which prompted them to storm the compound in a raid that killed several people there who were in the process of jumping over. The writer of the accounts, Joseph Matheny, apparently claimed to have found documents outlining these events and even interviewed one of the scientists involved with the creation of The Gate, which he had then posted online and later made into his book, but there has never been any corroboration that these alleged documents ever existed at all. Making matters further muddied is that Matheny has been rather vague on whether any of it was intended as fact, fiction, or a fusion of both.
Considering its remarkably dramatic nature, a lack of any evidence at all, and the sci-fi feel to the whole story, there are many who believe that this is all just that; science fiction that was picked up by the Internet, elaborated upon, and turned into a big conspiracy hoax. However, there are also those who think that it is in fact a reality, or at least based on reality, that has perhaps been made to merely look like a hoax to protect those behind its release to the public or to keep people from actually believing any of it. Whatever the case may be, it is certainly a weird story, and Ong’s Hat continues to fuel conspiracy theories and is occasionally brought up as a potentially real case of interdimensional travel.

If any of the Ong’s Hat story is true, it wouldn’t be the only time that science has supposedly managed to unlock gateways to other dimensions. Ever since it was put into operation in September of 2008, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), operated by The European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, has been a wellspring of bizarre claims of interdimensional rifts and high strangeness. The largest and most powerful particle accelerator in the world, the LHC is located 300 feet underground directly below the the CERN Control Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, and is comprised of a vast loop stretching 27 kilometers (about 17 miles). This loop is more or less used to hurl subatomic particles at extreme speeds in order to smash them into each other to test what will happen for the purpose of unlocking some of the secrets of our universe, including recreating the conditions of the Big Bang, to find out how our universe was created and finding dark matter, among others. Perhaps one of the most famous discoveries linked to the various experiments at the LHC was the observation of Higgs Boson particles, which give matter mass and up until then had been purely theoretical.
The very presence of such a large scientific facility located deep underground, its innately somewhat scary-sounding premise of smashing particles together at the speed of light, and its being manned by scientists working on strange experiments, have perhaps not surprisingly at all given it a somewhat ominous reputation, causing quite a bit of concern among the public and spawning all sorts of wild theories about what is really going on there. In additions to alarm and fears that the LHC will create miniature black holes or undo reality itself are various ideas and rumors that CERN is up to all kinds of top-secret experiments down there in the bowels of the earth. One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that the facility is actively engaged in opening rifts between dimensions in order to enable teleportation, form doorways to alternate realities, and by some of the more far-out accounts to even open a gate between Earth and Heaven and Hell. There was even one rumor that in 2012 scientists at CERN had let in Biblical giants called the Nephilim through the gateway, which supposedly prompted them to shut the LHC down in order to make it more powerful.
The Large Hadron Collider
Some researchers into the matter have said that all sorts of strange beings could tumble through such a doorway. One author, researcher, and very vocal conspiracy theorist on the idea of the LHC creating doorways to strange realms is Stephen Quayle, who has claimed that everything from actual demons, to angels, to reptilian beasts and other things we cannot possibly fathom could be let in if such a gate were opened. Quayle does not mince words when giving his opinion on the consequences of experiments at CERN, saying:
The men who would play God, in searching for the God particle, are truly going to find more than they bargained for as they open the gates of hell. They will find inter-dimensional beings who have a taste for human flesh and humanity’s destruction. Most scientists, in lacking an understanding of the ‘supernatural entities’ that are going to confront them, are way beyond their ability to comprehend, let alone control, the forces of Pandora’s box that will be released.
While this may be at the extreme end of the spectrum of talk of the LHC opening up doorways to alternate dimensions, the idea that this is happening to some extent already is persistent. Evidence for this sort of interdimensional activity is often offered in the form of the various strange things that have allegedly been photographed or filmed in the skies over CERN over the years, including UFOS, strange vortexes, and other unexplained aerial phenomena. For instance, in December of 2015 footage was taken by some tourists of what seems to be an orb of some sort entering what appears to be some kind of portal or vortex, which vanishes as soon as the unidentified object enters it. Another similar video from May of 2016 supposedly shows some sort of portal in the clouds that appeared right after the power went out at CERN, an incident they claimed was caused by a weasel getting into some of the sensitive machinery.
Strange clouds allegedly photographed over CERN
It is Interesting to note that a lot of the anomalous events that have purportedly occurred at CERN seem to coincide with blackouts, such as an alleged ripple that was sent out from the facility in 2009 that purportedly disrupted the Earth’s magnetic field and distorted space and time, also right at the time of a blackout at the facility. A report from Russia claimed that this very same “time wave” had instantaneously teleported an Airbus on its way to Bolivia thousands of miles away to the Canary Islands, along with its 170 passengers. This time the blackout was blamed on a piece of bread that had fallen into the device after being dropped by a bird. One would hope that such an advanced scientific facility deep underground would be able to keep out all of the weasels, birds and bread that’ve seemingly been jamming their equipment.
One of the more recent such series of photographic oddness came in the wake of another ambitious project undertaken in recent years by CERN, which itself has already drawn a fair amount of conspiracy theories. The project is what CERN calls the Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment, or AWAKE, which has the aim of accelerating super-charged particles by way of “plasma wakefields driven by a proton beam.” It is not necessary to really understand what all of that means, only that it sounds rather ominous, scary even, and this may be why it has been singled out as one of the experiments focused on opening portals between worlds. On June 24, 2016, photographs of alarming, portal-shaped cloud formations were taken in the skies above CERN not long after the AWAKE project was off the ground and on the same day that an experiment was scheduled.
While photographs and videos such as these could have a rational explanation in known phenomena or even be cleverly crafted CGI hoaxes, there are a fairly large number of people who insist that these are the result of CERN experiments pursuing the opening of interdimensional doorways. Indeed, there have been many claims that these tears in the fabric between dimensions have been altering reality itself, subtly changing our universe to create phenomena like the Mandela Effect, instances of mass misremembered details which I have covered here at Mysterious Universe before on more than one occasion.
More weirdness photographed over CERN
Adding fuel to the fire are the conspiracy theories pointing to the potential connection and significance of the erection of a statue of the Hindu god Shiva, with the more sinister moniker “The Destroyer,” as well as the fact that the letters CERN are the first four letters of the name Cernunnos, who happens to be a pagan god of the underworld. It doesn’t stop there with the name game either. CERN is partially located in the French town of Saint-Genus-Poilly, and some have pointed to the fact that the word Poilly comes from Appolliacum, or the Latin word for a temple dedicated to the god Apollo, who was believed by the locals of the area to have created a portal to the underworld right around where CERN is located.
This could all be due to wild conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and panic, and it is unknown if the machine could ever possibly really even open an interdimensional gate anyway, but one thing that is for certain is that it is not only the ignorant public that have been wary of CERN and its particle collider, or who think that experiments with the LHC could have profound unexpected effects. For instance, legendary physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that the machine could create a black hole that ends all life as we know it, and even CERN’s own Director for Research and Scientific Computing, physicist Sergio Bertolucci, has claimed that it is quite possible that a doorway between dimensions could open, and has said that “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.” It is unclear whether the LHC is being used to open these portals, intentionally or otherwise, or not, but it does seem certain that conspiracy theories and fears will continue to swirl around it as long as it is in operation.
If you think so far that alleged doorways to other dimensions or rifts in reality are only the result of mankind tinkering with the laws of nature and the fabric of the very universe itself, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Indeed there are a few locations in the world that are said to serve as some sort of door to other realms as well.  One of these is said to be the Markawasi stone forest, located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Filled with granite boulders that are carved into various animal and humanoid shapes with unclear origins, the forest is already quite mysterious, and has long been a sacred place for the native peoples of the region. It is also said to harbor a portal to another world, thought to possibly be behind the mysterious vanishings that have long occurred in this mystical place.

One Dr. Raul Rios Centeno provided a report from one of his patients, who seemed to have encountered the supposed doorway, peeked through it, and lived to tell the tale. The patient had come to Centeno to be treated for a disorder called Hemiplegia, which results in weakness or complete paralysis of the entire left or right side of the body. During her examination, the woman told Centeno that she had been camping with friends at the forest and in the evening had gone out on a hike. During this hike she claimed that they had come across an isolated cabin that besides being odd to be there in the first place was very bizarre in other ways as well.
The woman said that the cabin was of an unusual design, and around it were cavorting figures wearing what appeared to be very old fashioned clothes, the whole surreal scene cast in the flickering light of torches that had been set up around them. As they took in this weird sight, the woman said that she had suddenly felt herself being irresistibly drawn towards the cabin by some unseen force. So strong was this force that her friends had to physically pull her away as she was inexorably pulled in. They were finally successful in releasing her from whatever had been gripping her, but from that point on the entire side of her body that had been under the influence of the mysterious force was paralyzed. She would tell the doctor that she believed that what they had seen had been a glimpse through a portal to another dimension, and that if she had not been pulled away in time she would have gone through, never to be seen again. Centeno would conclude that the influences of this vortex to the other dimension had disrupted the woman’s nervous system.

Amazingly, Peru has another place said to be a gateway to another world. Called Puerta De Hayu Marka, or “Gate Of The Gods,” and lying around 800 miles southeast of Lima, it is what appears to be a doorway leading to nowhere that has been carved into a sheer stone wall for mysterious purposes that have been lost to time. More than just an unusual tourist attraction and a source of fascination for archeologists, locals believe that the doorway once served as a portal to other dimensions, and legend agrees. According to the ancient Incas, there was a device said to look like a golden disk that could be used by a priest to activate the doorway. This gateway was believed to be a direct link to the gods, and it was thought that not only could priests go through but whatever lied on the other side could as well.
The legend says that this disk was found after it had fallen from the sky, and that at least one priest upon opening the portal went through it to never return. Interestingly, archeologists studying the gate have indeed found a depression in the solid stone that seems to be for the purpose of inserting a disc-shaped object. Was this ever an actual doorway to another dimension or is it all just an archeological oddity surrounded by myth and lore? It is uncertain what happened to the supposed “key” to the gateway, or what would actually happen if one were to put it in that stone depression. Whatever the Puerta De Hayu Marka is or was, it is an intriguing story, and has earned it the fitting nickname of “The Real Stargate.”
Is it possible that doorways to other realities and dimensions exist, be they manmade or otherwise? Is this even possible? With more and more scientific attention being paid to the possibilities of other parallel dimensions brushing up against our own, it is seeming to be more and more plausible that these realities are out there, although whether we will ever be able to travel between them remains unclear. Yet as long as stories like these keep popping up it is curious to think that not only may such portals be possible, but that they may already exist.

New Leads Could Help Solve the Mystery of Norway’s Most Haunting Unexplained Death


It was a most unusual letter, making requests of a peculiarly specific nature about a mysterious substance, discovered within an abandoned suitcase.
“Dear Mrs. S. Lengaingne,” it began.
“Please find enclosed a photo of a to us unknown cosmetique brand.”
“As we are urgently interested to know what brand it might be and in what country it is manufactured, eventually also the name of the manufacturer, we ask you kindly to see whether you know it and inform us accordingly.”
The suitcase containing this mystery substance–a variety of eczema cream– had been found with the Bergen railway station luggage department. Accompanying the cream had also been various clothing, a number of different wigs, currency of Norwegian, German, British, Belgian, and Swiss origin, combs, brushes, cosmetics, and a small, curious assortment of teaspoons.
Bergen Station, where the mystery woman’s suitcase was recovered.
All the labels on the clothing and other items, including the eczema cream, had been removed or rubbed off.
It seemed very much the likes of something from a novel of spies and espionage… hence the reason authorities had penned the inquisitive letter, with such interest in identifying the contents in this abandoned suitcase.  And yet, these weren’t even the most unusual aspects of the unfolding mystery; the suitcase had become an interest for homicide investigators because fingerprints, discovered upon the belongings inside, were a match for those of a badly burned corpse, discovered in Norway’s Isdalen valley.
The gruesome discovery of the “Isdal Woman”, as she became known, remains one of the most grisly, and perpelxing unexplained deaths in the history of Norway.
The strange affair began in November, 1970, where on the morning of the 29th a hiker and his two daughters came upon a most unsettling discovery: the remains of an individual, presumably a woman, whose badly burned remains were stiff and contorted, the arms drawn up into a characteristic “boxing position” typical of death by burning.
Authorities were notified, and upon examination of the remains, all of the clothing that remained on the body had been removed of any tags or identifying markings. Additionally, grouped in small assemblages around the body had been jewelry, small containers, and other items which investigators likened to having a ceremonial appearance, lending to speculation as to whether the victim was involved in some kind of ritual killing.
With the subsequent discovery of the suitcase at Bergen, the fingerprints within matching “Isdal Woman’s” remains, and the similarity between items in both instances with all the tags or labeling removed, it seemed that answers to this strange death would be forthcoming shortly.
However, days passed, then weeks, and on into months and years, yet no conclusive determination as to what had happened ever came to light.
The Isdalen Valley, where the thusly named “Isdal Woman” was found.
That isn’t to say that there weren’t a number of leads that turned up, each adding to the strangeness of the emerging narrative. A pair of boots found near the remains were traced back to a store in Stavanger, upon discovery of a bag from the Oscar Rørtvedt’s Footwear Store within the mystery suitcase. A salesman there recalled having sold a pair of boots similar to those found during the investigation to an English speaking woman, though she spoke with a foreign accent, and carried a strong scent that he likened to garlic. The mysterious woman, whom he described as well dressed and attractive, took an unusually long time to select the boots before making her purchase.
The description given by the shoe salesman was later used to trace the woman to a hotel where she stayed, booking a room under the name of Fanella Lorch. However, similar leads began to indicate that “Fanella Lorch” had stayed at a number of hotels in the country, though using different names at each. This further seemed to indicate that she would have had to use fake identification on several occasions, in order to register at the hotels she visited.
At some of the hotels where she stayed, the woman had asked to change rooms; on at least one occasion, she did so three separate times during a single stay. Hotel staff that served or interacted with the mystery woman recalled that she used English, as well as some German, when she spoke.
Due to the air of espionage that the story evoked, Norway’s intelligence services quietly began investigating the case also, without public disclosure of their interest in the case. Though perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the entire affair had been a coded note which the mystery woman carried in her luggage; portions of this note were later decrypted by investigators, who discerned that it made references to locations where she had stayed during her travels.
Another perplexing aspect to the “Isdal Woman” mystery had been the results of her autopsy. It was presumed, based on the condition of her teeth, that the woman had been attended by a dentist perhaps in Central or Southern Europe, or possibly South America. Results of the autopsy also revealed the cause of death to be poisoning from Fenemal carbon-monoxide. In addition to the burns, the presence of petrol indicated this as being the substance used to ignite the fire which caused them. Finally, she was found to have consumed as many as seventy sleeping pills, some of which had not been fully absorbed into her bloodstream at the time of her death.
It seemed evident that the deceased woman had been of an age somewhere between her twenties and forties, though for a woman of such youth, possessed an unusual amount of dental fillings, bridges, and gold crowns. It was long believed that this portion of the lower jaw of the mystery woman had been lost, but following an investigation by Norway’s national broadcasting company NRK, a new lead could have emerged in the case which some investigators hope will shed light on the woman’s strange death.
Specifically, the supposedly “missing” lower jaw was recently recovered from the Norwegian forensic archives, which allows modern technologies to be employed in the ongoing effort to understand who, precisely, the “Isdal Woman” had been.
BBC News reported on the current studies, which involve studies aimed at determining chemical signatures from samples of the deceased woman’s teeth, which may reveal details as specific as where she was born, and where she traveled throughout her life:
Because the isotope analysis tracks compounds absorbed at specific stages of tooth development, the researchers now think the Isdal woman moved from eastern or central Europe further west between childhood and adolescence.
And while the age of the woman at the time her death was unknown, some of the indicators in the teeth suggest she may have moved just before or during World War II, NRK reports.
Was she a spy, as so many have speculated, based on her unusual behavior, and penchant for costumes without identifying tags or labels? Whatever the truth of her origins is revealed to be, after 46 years of investigation–and intrigue–we may be closing in on the final answers to the riddle of the Isdal Woman.


The past week, besides being a week for what seems to be becoming a regular monthly installment of Antarctic strangeness,  has also been a week of very bizarre technology and science stories, and this one was no exception. It was sent by Ms. K.M. and many others, and I have to talk about it, especially since I blogged about that Russian study of atmospheric gravity waves just a few days ago. Consider the implications of this one:
I want to draw attention to the following statements, for the form the basis and focus of today's high octane speculation:
Recently, the Van Allen Probes detected something strange as they monitored the activity of charged particles caught within Earth's magnetic field - these dangerous solar discharges were being kept at bay by some kind of low frequency barrier.
When researchers investigated, they found that this barrier had been actively pushing the Van Allen Belts away from Earth over the past few decades, and now the lower limits of the radiation streams are actually further away from us than they were in the 1960s.
So what's changed?
A certain type of communications, called Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio communications, have become far more common now than in the 60s, and the team at NASA confirmed that they can influence how and where certain particles in space move about.
In other words, thanks to VLF, we now have anthropogenic (or human-made) space weather.
"A number of experiments and observations have figured out that, under the right conditions, radio communications signals in the VLF frequency range can in fact affect the properties of the high-energy radiation environment around the Earth," says one of the team, Phil Erickson from the MIT Haystack Observatory in Massachusetts.
Most of us won't have much to do with VLF signals in our everyday life, but they're a mainstay in many engineering, scientific, and military operations.
Now, for those who don't know, Very Low Frequency waves are waves that are generated by radio antennae - very long ones, as one can imagine - that are so big that they must be buried in the ground, in the Earth itself. The system, as the article points out, is used in military applications, one primary use being to communicate with submerged submarines. What many people do not know, is that the USA's use of VLF ground-based antennae for military communications actually dates from World War One, when one of the first such systems was used to communicate with General "Black Jack" Pershing's American Expeditionary Force in Europe. In effect, the system uses the Earth itself as the broadcast medium, or, if one prefers, the Earth becomes a component in the antennae itself, perhaps even a kind of amplifier.
In turn, this means (as one might expect), that the Earth begins to broadcast VLF waves into space.
And herewith we begin our high octane speculation of the day, because I cannot help but think that this is so elementary that NASA should hardly be surprised that the use of VLF broadcasting has had and is having an effect on "space weather." On the contrary, I rather suspect that NASA(and other space agencies) knew all along that this would be the result; it is, after all, rather obvious. What is being measured, rather, is not the strength of their feigned surprise, but the strength and effects of the broadcast bubble itself. In short, we might be looking at what I have called in other contexts, "data correlation experiments", i.e., experiments designed to correlate seemingly disjunct and disparate data sets, in this case, the strength (and perhaps frequencies) of VLF broadcasting, and changes in local space environment and solar wind deflection. While we're at it, we might as well add the possibility that one might also look at correlations of broadcasting and solar activity, to see if perhaps resonance effects might be being induced in the Sun itself.
From these wild and woolly speculations, it's a short step, of course, to the idea that this activity has been, to a certain extent, engineered deliberately. We have been told before that VLF ground antennae were for the purpose of military communication, as if this is the sole purpose they exist for. But, as noted above, the idea that this broadcast system would not have an effect on local "space weather" would seem to be the real surprise, not the discovery that it did. Thus, it is entirely possible in my view that this may have been - in addition to military communications - one of the original, and by the nature of the case, very top secret goals of using them.
To put all this as country simple as possible: in my high octane opinion of the day, we're looking at military engineering of the entire planet (Farrell Corollary number one to the Kardashev classification system), in this case, perhaps for environmental defense, and possibly something much more.                  

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Just when you thought it was safe to revisit the subject of Antarctica, or perhaps, even thought it was the one safe place on Earth to vacation - perhaps lounge on the shore and throw in your fishing line, or have a nice leisurely ski vacation, or maybe just to sit by the fire, enjoying a good book and a brandy and cigar - the place seems to defy sense. It refuses to go away or walk quietly off the stage. Just when you think the curtain has gone down on all the high strangeness there, strangeness struts onstage again.
But this one may be even stranger than strange.
Yes, that's right, stranger than the strangeness of people associated with the place. Stranger than Hermann Goering, Patriarch Kiril III of Moscow, John Kerry. Even stranger than Apollo astronaut Buz Aldrin.
In fact, it's so stranger that when people sent me various articles about it, I didn't believe it. But then I found something that confirmed the wild articles people were sending me on a government website. But when I read the website, I not only said "You're kidding," but I made an exact print out of it, to make a picture, so I can post it here along with the link, should said government decide to live down to its reputation as perfide Albion and remove its posting. To use the colloquialism, I was gobsmacked when I read it. So, with a big "thank you" to all of you who found this story, without further ado, the link:
And here's the pictures:
UK Antarctica Travel Alert Article
Now, a simple search through the website reveals what is just routine boilerplate: How to get married in Antarctica, and so on. Easily programmed by any competent programmer tasked with the monstrous job of programming a government website: "How to get married in [fill in the blank here]; contact the [Fill in the appropriate bureaucracy here]." Hence, when we come to the lines advising "Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance (the appropriate link follows), specifying Antarctica, before you travel," one can be fairly certain that the entire sentence was simple standard programmed boilerplate, and that "Antarctica" is the variable here.
So in that context, consider this line:
"Although there's no recent history of terrorism in the British Antarctic Territory, attack's can't be ruled out."
And then follows yet another helpful link to aid you in planning your fun-filled family vacation to New Brighton-on-the-ice.
Now, 98% of me thinks the line is just standard, pre-programmed boilerplate, the usual bland "we're your government and we're here to pretend we're being helpful" sort of thing. After all, access to Antarctica is strictly controlled; in fact, it's the one place on earth where borders are strictly controlled, and so far, the controllers don't seem too interested in setting up cells of ISIS, Al Qaeda,  Daesh, the Irish Republican Army, Irgun, Bakhuninites, or whatever its current "approved-name-of-the-month" happens to be.
It's that remaining 2% that bothers me (as you probably guessed), for suppose that the "travel alert" is not standard boiler plate. High octane speculation? To be sure. But suppose, for a moment, it's not boiler plate. That would mean, in turn, that the door has been cracked, just a bit, to reveal that the southern polar continent is a place of violence, not global warming, not increasing ozone holes, not melting icecaps, not oddly and unusually warm weather, but a place of human violence. A place where some sort of war is being waged. A place where the stakes are high enough that terrorism is a viable strategy.
I read that line, and I cannot help but think of the three part article that appeared in Nexus magazine in late 2005 and early 2006, recounting via the usual "anonymous whistleblower" a story of SIS commandos fighting it out on the southern polar ice with "polar men." I cannot help but think of last year's trip of US Secretary of State John Kerry to the continent; I cannot help but think of the Patriarch of Moscow's visit, of Buzz Aldrin's visit, of Hermann Goering's sponsorship of a Nazi expedition there. And when I put the announcement in that context, that slim 2% would seem, in my opinion, to grow...
While you're contemplating all that, consider this article from RT:
That's right... those reactors down there could be snatched up by terrorists posing as tourists... or... perhaps someone else left "dirty bomb parts" down there...