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NAPA FIRES AND THE CORPS OF ENGINEERSImage result for evil nazi super science

If' you've been following the story of the Napa valley wild fires in northern California and the weird anomalous nature of some of the fire damage, then you'll want to know about this story. In fact, my email inbox was fairly overflowing with various versions of this story.  I big thank you to all of you who shared it.
So what's the big story? or rather, the big alleged story?
Well, first things first... what's the reason for my qualifications? Short answer: this is a clear case of caveat lector, "reader beware." I have no idea if this story is the sort of data obfuscation we've been seeing with respect to Las Vegas, or if it is something even worse, namely, just pure and simple fake news. In the final analysis, I suspect only the victims and dispossessed in California know the truth, and I'm sure that eventually we will hear it.
I'm also certain that those many readers here who sent various versions of the story were also, like me, reading it with that caveat lector in mind. So why send it at all, and why bother blogging about it?
Well, it's intriguing and necessary to do so because the article, if true, raises even more thorny questions about the nature of the fires that ravaged northern California. In short, according to this very short article, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is planning to rip out the foundations of the destroyed homes in order to cover up the evidence for the use of energy weapons in the fires:
You'll note that the article itself references the Los Angeles Times as carrying the story of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' involvement in "debris removal". Here's that article:
But unlike the short picture of the L.A. Times article, the Rumor Mills version is much more specific. In fact, one can cite the whole article for it is rather brief:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to rip out all foundations of homes burned in Santa Rosa Every last doubt about directed energy weapons being used to torch California just vanished. Residents who lost their homes have no choice - they must wait for the Army Corps of Engineers to rip out the foundations of their burned out homes before they can rebuild. Why would the Army Corps of Engineers have to be involved AT ALL if someone did not want them to be? Why is it not as easy as getting a sledge hammer and shovel to start over, or calling a contractor if that is how you wanted to do it?
People are not going to be allowed to do it. Instead, the Corps of Engineers is going to go through, rip everything out, and people are worried about them ripping out perfectly good foundations, rather than asking the real question: Why are they showing up at every burned home, even if people want it done differently? Here's a nice key question: If the corps of engineers are showing up to help, why are they only ripping things out, and not rebuilding anything? Why are they there AT ALL?
There would be no reason for them to 1. show up, 2. force their way in, even if you can pay to have someone else do it all, and 3, only destroy what is left and then leave, No reason at all, unless their real objective is to destroy all evidence that it was directed energy weapons that destroyed many of the homes, as many people online have speculated.
They are there to perform destruction of evidence. And in doing so, they are stopping people from rebuilding, people who want to start TODAY, not after the government is all done seizing their property and doing with it what they will. Since when is a wild fire a reason for the government to take control of your residential property inside city limits, and slow you in your recovery, when you have a contractor right there, ready to go, to rebuild it all? That is a new one, I never heard of that!
The LA times did not ask the same questions I did, but they at least make it clear what is going on if you read between the lines. (Emphasis added)
Now, I have no idea whether of not the presence of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is for the reasons stated in the article.  Like most regular readers here, I strongly suspect that something is very amiss with the fires simply because of the anomalous nature of the fire damage. Like many regular readers here, I also suspect the involvement of exotic energy weaponry. And, on first reading, it seems clear that we are dealing with a familiar pattern of the destruction of evidence: think WACO, Oklahoma City, 9/11... heck, even think of JFK's presidential limousine or missing brain.   While I'm not as suspicious as many people about the presence of the US military after a disaster, nor even about it participating in clean-up, I am suspicious about it doing so after such a strange and weird fire. It's the anomalous context of the fire damage that makes their presence strange, and which adds even more weirdness to the anomalous context of the fires. There is no doubt the U.S. military is present, for they can clearly be seen blocking roadways in any number of YouTube videos.
The question, at this stage, seems to be "why are they really there?" And the answers seem to fall into two broad categories. Accepting the thesis that they are indeed  there to destroy and cover up evidence of the existence and use of exotic energy weaponry(and possibly other materials.... accelerants have been mentioned, and the use of more than one mechanism also fits that "9/11" pattern), that fact would seem to indicate that the government has a suspicion, or firm and certain knowledge, of who was behind the fires, and possibly why. In other words, the military's presence there is a possible indicator of the involvement of some faction of the U.S. deep state itself.
That, in any case, is what the article is suggesting.
But I think it is worth maintaining the other highly speculative possibility that, while various factions of that American deep state may know or deeply suspect who is behind it, and how it was done, that it may have been caused by someone else. And if that be the case, then it is entirely possible that the presence of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is not for the destruction of evidence, but for its procurement and analysis. Perhaps the Corps is there to clean things up and render the area safe for habitation... we simply do not know. Recall only the strange similarities of this disaster to 9/11, and to the fact that whatever brought the Towers down, it was not airplane fuel, and whatever it was, crews were reporting hot fires long after the event, anomalous radioactivity, and so on.
One thing is certain, it deserves to be watched as closely as is possible.       

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Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s laptop hard drive MISSING as mystery deepens regarding motive for the attack

Image: Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s laptop hard drive MISSING as mystery deepens regarding motive for the attack
(Natural News) A new bombshell development has surfaced in the continuing investigation into the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history: The hard drive of a laptop belonging to Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is missing, say sources close to the probe.
As reported by ABC News, police and other investigators found the laptop in Paddock’s 32nd-story Mandalay Bay hotel room, from which he rained fire down on a crowd of 22,000 people attending an outdoor country music festival across from the famed casino/hotel Oct. 1. Reports said 58 people were killed in the attack and more than 500 wounded.
Sources told the news network that authorities were hoping to find some sort of clue, or motive, on the laptop, but are now stymied because it’s hard drive has been taken.
What’s also odd is that, according to authorities, Paddock had purchased software that is designed to wipe all data from hard drives, though it’s not clear whether the software was used on the laptop because authorities can’t locate the hard drive.
What makes this new development particularly odd is that it coincides with previous reports that the FBI confiscated cellphones and other personal devices from eyewitnesses of the shooting and wiped them clean before returning them.
YourNewsWire reported that one female eyewitness wrote about the incident in a Facebook post:
A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this? A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing.
Route 91 is the concert venue Paddock attacked.
A manager from the venue also confirmed that at least some of the content on his laptop was wiped by the FBI.
“Of course,” he wrote on Facebook. “It’s an active federal crime scene. They can wipe it clean. I was the beverage manager for the entire event.”
Other publications including Infowars reported that they were contacted by others who told the same story.
“The fact that all the information relating to the massacre has been deleted is sure to prompt further claims of a cover-up,” YourNewsWire reported.
Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has even written about the inconsistencies in the narrative regarding the shooting given by local police, which is also making people more suspicious:
I don’t know what happened — and, apparently, neither do the cops — but it’s kind of odd that we keep being told things that aren’t true about the Las Vegas massacre, from the basic timeline to this weird insistence that Paddock made a good living at gambling.
She went on to point out a number of irregularities and issues that remain unanswered, such as why Paddock checked into his Mandalay Bay hotel room days earlier than police initially said he did; why was he wearing gloves if he had planned to commit suicide all along (police said they determined that he planned to survive the attack); and why the shooter fired “200 rounds at a security guard who was checking on someone else’s room before beginning his massacre” [emphasis added]. (Related: Police: Vegas gunman shot security guard several minutes before rampage)
There are other unexplained irregularities too:
— One former CIA and intelligence officer said that his sources have told him police already know there was a political motive behind his rampage, but they are loathe to announce it yet. Retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a Fox News contributor, said, “My sources tell me they reviewed the information on those videos and there are things that do lay out some understanding of his motivation,” he said.
Las Vegas police also said that they had discovered Paddock “lead a secret double life,” which could also point to a possible motivate behind the attack.
J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.
Sources include:

Cannabis as a preventative: Studies show it helps guard against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis     ~ hehe Dude ? & me's "wonders" how LONG "they" have known 'bout this ???
Related image

Image: Cannabis as a preventative: Studies show it helps guard against cancer, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis
(Natural News)
While it seems like there’s no end to the debate about the legalized use of cannabis, even health experts can no longer deny that marijuana lets individuals enjoy certain medical benefits. Several studies have proven that cannabis is a preventative medicine that can reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, and certain neurodegenerative diseases.
There are studies that have also gathered proof that cannabis is a viable treatment for chronic pain and seizures. Others even believe that the regular use of cannabis oil can help treat cancer. (Related: Cannabis innovators set out to map the marijuana genome: new information could prevent the sale of falsely advertised bud.)
Pharmaceutical companies are also taking advantage of the benefits of the drug by funding the development of cannabinoid-based medicines. These drugs often contain cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the two cannabinoids that are responsible for the medicinal properties of the plant.
Despite these touted benefits of cannabis, not many are aware that it is also a good option for those considering preventative medicine for a number of common health issues. In 2014, researchers from the University of South Florida and Thomas Jefferson University collaborated on a study which revealed that THC contributes to the prevention of beta-amyloid plaque build-up in the brain. This plaque can cause nerve cell death and eventually, Alzheimer’s.
THC also improves mitochondrial function. A cell’s mitochondria take nutrients which, after being broken down, is turned into energy. Studies have proven that mitochondrial dysfunction is one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s.
A separate 2014 study made at Tel-Aviv University in Israel looked into the effects of extremely-low dosages of THC in protecting the brain from inflammation-induced deficits. Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s are some of the common neurodegenerative diseases. The researchers stated , “Our results suggest that an ultralow dose of TCH that lacks any psychotrophic [sic] activity protects the brain from neuroinflammation-induced cognitive damage and might be used as an effective drug for the treatment of neuroinflammatory conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases.”
Meanwhile, a 2017 study conducted by researchers from Dalhousie University in Canada shared findings on CBD’s effects on osteoarthritis (OA). A degenerative condition, at least millions of individuals all over the globe are diagnosed with OA. Its symptoms include join tneuropathy and pain.
HT Philpott of the Departments of Pharmacology and Anaesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine, one of the researchers, said that CBD can help prevent the development of nerve damage and joint pain in patients with OA.
Other studies have confirmed that cannabis can also help prevent the spread of cancer. Researchers have also studied which cannabinoids affect certain types of cancer cells. In 2014, researchers conducted a study at Ohio State University, and their findings were published in Oncotarget. Banda Chakravarti et al wrote, “Cannabinoids exert a direct anti-proliferative effect on tumors of different origin. They have been shown to be anti-migratory and anti-invasive and inhibit MMPs which in turn degrade the extra-cellular matrix (ECM), thus affecting metastasis of cancer to the distant organs.”
With proof such as those provided in the studies mentioned above, even skeptics might soon consider cannabis as a preventative medicine. In the meantime, medical experts are still looking into the best options for administering cannabinoids to help fight diseases such as cancer.

Uses of medical marijuana

Aside from recreational use, there are as many as 14 uses for medical marijuana. Here are some of them:
  • Minimizing seizures – Epidiolex, a strawberry-flavored oil with CBD, is now being used in a study involving 150 patients. Medical marijuana can soon help individuals with epilepsy find relief and reduce the occurrences of seizures in both children and adults.
  • Nausea relief – As early as the 80’s, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of synthetic versions of TCH to help patients with AIDS or those who need chemotherapy to deal with nausea and vomiting.
  • Pain reliefPatients with AIDS, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, and other injuries could soon take medical marijuana to help alleviate their pain. Trials on marijuana cigarettes with different THC-levels could soon help patients with chronic neuropathic pain that can’t be aided by other treatments.
Read more news about the benefits of medical marijuana at
Sources include:

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Can you imagine a rating system being fully implemented into society that is not only meant to establish your “trustworthiness,” but is available for everyone to see? Well, China is seriously considering doing just that, as detailed in the State Council of China‘s document published in 2014 called “Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System.”

Though this hierarchal system is currently voluntary, it is set to become mandatory in 2020. If you’re getting sort of a deja-vu feeling, that’s totally understandable. The system China proposed sounds eerily similar to an ominous social rating system featured in an episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror, which depicted a chilling Big-Brother-type, social-media-obsessed future.

China Plans to Implement Social Rating System by 2020

First, let’s review the details of China’s social rating system, called the “Social Credit System” (SCS). Try to envision a world in which you’re constantly monitored, judged for your actions, and literally evaluated based on every choice you make and action you take.
There will be different categories that you’ll be ranked on, including behaviour, personal preferences, and interpersonal relationships. From the people you hang out with to the amount of time you spend on social media and playing video games to the types of purchases you make and how much debt you have, the world will know. You can say goodbye to privacy under SCS, because Big Brother is stepping in to monitor your every move.
Of course, a lot of this already happens. Many governments including the U.S. already spy on their citizens, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram collect an overwhelming amount of information on you, and Google is secretly recording pretty much everything you do. Google keeps the texts/videos you send and literally tracks your every move thanks to your trusty Google Maps app (read more about that in our CE article here).
The primary issue with the rating system is, not only are they monitoring citizens even more than they do currently, which is already a substantial and arguably inappropriate amount, but they’re labelling their actions as “positive” or “negative” as well. Should we really be comfortable allowing the government to dictate what’s right or wrong?
Sure, there are certain laws that are in place for a reason, but ultimately the government does not always operate in favour of society because they often put the needs of corporations over the needs of their own citizens. Laws are often heavily influenced by corporations whose main goal is profit, not the betterment of humanity as a whole.
Many governments allow corporations like Monsanto to fill our food supply with carcinogenic herbicides, they let Big Pharma influence their drug approval processes and advertise drugs to the public, and they allow the meat and dairy industries to dictate what their food guides deem healthy for our bodies, despite going against doctors’ recommendations.
This is precisely why rating systems in societies could pose a huge problem: We all have different moral compasses. Much of what the government does, you may not support. So, what happens when you voice your opinion, particularly if it goes against the government’s regime, in hopes of inspiring positive change within society? Well, you could get a lower score, rendering you ‘less trustworthy’ and ultimately affecting your ability to get a mortgage, a job, a loan, etc.
Of course, you could decide to speak out against them, and hope your rating wouldn’t affect your overall wellbeing, but how would that affect your friends’ and family members’ ratings?
The Chinese government has described the system as a method to improve trust nationwide and cultivate a culture of “sincerity.”
The policy reads, “It will forge a public opinion environment where keeping trust is glorious. It will strengthen sincerity in government affairs, commercial sincerity, social sincerity and the construction of judicial credibility.”
According to the policy documents, if you receive a low score on the SCS, then you could face the following penalties:
  • You won’t be eligible for positions in public office
  • You will no longer have access to social security and welfare
  • You’ll face stricter regulations and “frisking” at Chinese customs
  • You’ll won’t be able to apply for any senior level positions in the food and drug sector
  • You won’t be able to sleep in a bed in overnight trains
  • You won’t be able to stay in higher-starred hotels and restaurants and will have more difficulty travelling
  • Your children could potentially suffer because they won’t be allowed to attend more expensive private schools
It’s very clear that this ranking system could create a lot of separatism and division, and allow the elite to gain even more special treatment than they already enjoy. This type of hierarchy is in no way conducive to equality, or a society that allows love to lead their decisions. We do not need to implement social ranking systems in order to increase sincerity within society; we simply need to have more compassion for other people and treat them like equals. 
The rating systems could seriously halt our personal growth, innovation, and thirst for knowledge as well. The government would be able to see exactly what books you’re reading and what you’re researching, and if it goes against the grain or challenges the current regime, then you could end up with a lower score. How are we going to be able to grow as a society if we don’t question the status quo?
We learn to improve ourselves by challenging the current norms and by stepping outside of our comfort zones. Renewable energy sources seriously threatened big oil and the government, yet this field was able to grow and advance because experts challenged our current energy system. We have made extreme advancements in health care because people found flaws in previous practices and had faith that they could improve them. This can be applied to quite literally every single industry, which is why these ranking systems could negatively affect growth, innovation, and our entire economic system as a whole.
If we can no longer challenge our current state of being and question our surroundings, then how can we continue to advance as a collective? As a collective, many of our strengths lie in our differences. A diverse society includes people with all different strengths and brackets of knowledge, but if we’re all racing to get a better ranking, then we could lose a lot of those differences in trying to become “people pleasers” and adhering to social norms.
How much could we be penalized for our creativity and forward-thinking under social ranking systems? It’s difficult to say. Perhaps there would be some benefits from this particular system being implemented in China, but until it is fully mandatory, we have no way of knowing the exact outcome.

China’s Social Ranking System Sounds a Lot Like This Episode of Black Mirror

Interestingly enough, an episode of the Netflix series Black Mirror could give us some insight into how social rating systems could play out if they become mandatory in the future. If you haven’t watched Season 3 Episode 1 of Black Mirror yet, titled “Nosedive,” I’d highly recommend you check it out! The best part about this show is that you don’t need to watch the episodes in order, so even if you’ve never seen the series, you can still watch this episode without feeling lost.
The episode is entirely based around a social ranking system that had been integrated into every aspect of society, similar to what China plans to implement widespread by 2020 (though much more technologically advanced).
The episode focuses on a single social media platform that allows users to rank one another. The higher your ranking on this platform, the higher social class you find yourself in. Your score determines your livelihood: your access to services, your trustworthiness, your value, and your employability.
Your scores can also increase or decrease astonishingly quickly. You could lose so much in an instant, thanks to only a few people disliking you. You’re having a bad day, or perhaps you’re struggling with your mental health? Well, that could cost you your score, too.
The irony of this social ranking system was that it forced people to become insincere and disingenuous. Rather than improving their sincerity like China hopes their program will, it ended up encouraging people to simply play a “number’s game,” striving to please others and doing anything they could to fit into society’s norms.
The social ranking system depicted in Black Mirror just forced people to kiss up to higher-ups, making their lives one big popularity contest. The problem with this mentality is, if we’re not willing to challenge our superiors and “the popular kids” and speak up when we have genuinely innovative ideas or when we know something is “wrong,” then we cannot grow as a collective.
Another issue with this form of social ranking is that people could start to value themselves based on their numerical ranking and how society views them. The entire point of self worth is to determine how much you value yourself, not how much other people value you. It’s called self worth for a reason; you should not measure your worth based on society’s standards, but rather your own standards.

Final Thoughts 

We’re human beings, we often make mistakes, and in fact making mistakes can be a really beautiful part of life because we can turn our “mistakes” and “failures” into learning and growth opportunities. But, what if those mistakes became public? Would we be willing to take as many risks?
Although there could be some upsides to implementing a social ranking system, the risks far outweigh those potential benefits. So many of society’s problems today stem from our vying for social status and power, or from people holding their status over others. We certainly don’t need to add to this by further increasing separatism.
We need to encourage people to express themselves freely, question everything, and drop the fictitious barriers that social statuses create. We’re all human beings and we’re all equals, regardless of our social class or potential future social rankings.
If people start to value themselves based on a ranking system that may not even be “fairly ranked” to begin with, we will not become more sincere, we’ll just end up improving our “people pleasing” skills. We need to encourage others to go within to develop their self worth and build up their self love as well as express their creativity and their views; otherwise, we’ll end up regressing as a society instead of progressing.

Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Ran CIA Child Trafficking Ring

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on October 22, 2017 at

October 21, 2017

Source: Your News Wire | by Baxter Dmitry

Alleged Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, ran a drug running and child trafficking company – making millions of dollars in the process – according to explosive new evidence that threatens to disrupt the official narrative and prove law enforcement and mainstream media are colluding to misinform the public about the Las Vegas attack.

Paddock worked for government contractor Morton-Thiokol from 1985 to 1988, a predecessor company of the Lockheed Martin. After he retired in ’88, he continued earning millions. Gambling experts will tell you that the official narrative – that Paddock earned millions playing video poker – is an impossible fairytale.

Nobody earns millions playing video poker. If a professional gambler managed beat the system and profit regularly playing video poker, they would be banned from every casino in town – not welcomed with open arms and thousands of dollars in comps.

Let’s step out of mainstream media fairytale land and enter reality.

Paddock essentially retired in 1988. Then he started earning millions upon millions, every year. Where did these millions come from?

Paddock owned two planes during his time working for Morton-Thiokol and had a pilots license. Mainstream media are desperate to keep us in the dark about this, but we also know that he owned a company called Paradise Ranch, a joint venture with the Philippine Children’s Fund of America, a CA charity that “Provides a transitional home for American children we fly from the Philippines“.

There is a mainstream media blackout on this information. You won’t hear this on CNN. Exposing Paddock as a spook with ties to the elite does not suit their agenda. But this information is all verifiable and can be proved with a little digging.

Now, strangely enough, there is also a Paradise Ranch in the Philippines, his partner Marilou Danley’s home country. And this Paradise Ranch is right next to a former US Air Force base in the Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City – a well-known international hub of the darkest trade in the world, child sex trafficking.

Paddock didn’t make his millions playing video poker. He made millions in the darkest trade known to man. Paddock was an ex-CIA pilot running a human sex trafficking ring out of the Philippines, delivering children to the United States under cover of his company – the company that mainstream media is desperate for you not to know about.

But don’t worry – there’s nothing to see here. Mainstream media don’t think any of this is worth reporting. It’s just a big coincidence! Wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart and implicate anybody in a position of power or wealth, now would we?

Let’s face facts. We are not being told the truth about Stephen Paddock. He was “one of them”. He knew too much. He was an insider, a liability, and he was set up to take the fall. Stephen Paddock was a patsy.

As long as CNN and mainstream media continue colluding with law enforcement and major multination corporations in order to protect key players from legal and financial destruction, the survivors and families of the deceased will never receive the truth about what happened in Vegas, and why it happened.


What Do Stephen Paddock, The Las Vegas Massacre, Silk Way Airlines and Gun Running Have in Common?

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on October 22, 2017 at

October 19, 2017

What Do Stephen Paddock, The Las Vegas Massacre, Silk Way Airlines and Gun Running Have in Common?

New SVR Report reveals that Deep State Gun Runner was tied to Silk Way Airlines:


At the same time the CIA continues its “narrative fixing” meme about the Las Vegas massacre, this report continues, CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock’s Filipino girlfriend, named Marilou Danley, provided pro-Trump forces with vital intelligence about Paddock’s arms deliveries to ISIS terrorists in the Philippines—after which Danley was placed on the US “no fly” list preventing her from leaving America—and that enabled the Philippines military to defeat the remains of ISIS in the war-torn city of Marawi after their troops took out two leading members of the jihadi network.

To the truest understanding of CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock’s arms deals with ISIS terrorists in the Philippines, as it relates to the Las Vegas massacre, this report explains, began in July, 2017, when former Obama regime “holdover officials” embedded within President Trump’s Department of Transportation shockingly granted US air rights to Silk Way Airlines.

Note: Be sure to scroll below for extensive information on Silk Way Airlines.

Silk Way Airlines, this report explains, is an Azerbaijani state-run cargo airline that was exposed this past February (2017) as being a major carrier for “arms-to-terrorists” that it hid in diplomatic cargo—and whom investigative reporter Dilyana Gaytandzhieva documented the CIA was a major “customer” of—and that after making these revelations, was interrogated, tortured and then fired from her job for linking the CIA to Syrian terrorists.

Upon President Trump being alerted to these former Obama regime officials approving Silk Way Airlines flights in to the US, this report continues, FBI forces loyal to him revealed that an early June (2017) flight of this airline landed in Chicago and was met by “known associates” of the feared Las Vegas based Russian Mafia leader Razhden Shulaya—and whom these same FBI forces quickly put under arrest, along with nearly his entire criminal organization.

Note: This October 17, 2017 article corroberates the above mentioned arrest:

On 1 August, this report further details, a Silk Ways Airline flight from Dubai was scheduled to land in Chicago, but whose arrival was delayed until 3 August due to “mechanical issues”—and that upon its arrival, an American man named Stephen Paddock arrived at the US Customs gate of O’Hare International Airport, but before passing through, turned around and left—but with evidence proving his being in Chicago documented by his having booked a hotel room in this US city for both of these dates.

After the FBI linked both Las Vegas based Russian Mafia leader Razhden Shulaya and Las Vegas based Stephen Paddock to these Silk Ways Airline arms delivery cargo flights, directed by the CIA, and arriving in Chicago, this report continues, SVR intelligence analysts needed no “mental exertion” at all to quickly determine that they were both part of an international arms smuggling ring—and who were able to launder their millions-of-dollars of profit of in the American gambling mecca they both called home.

This report further notes that FBI forces loyal to President Trump have, also, now been rushed to Malta to aid in the investigation into the assassination bombing death of the renowned international investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia—whose stunning Panama Papers discoveries revealed “Deep State” leader Hillary Clinton’s vast money laundering operation linkages—to include her links to Russian oligarchs who paid her hundreds-of-millions in bribes that the Obama regime kept the American people from knowing about—but just hours ago, the US Senate announced its opening of an investigation into.

To the American ever being able to discover the shocking and horrible criminal truth about the “Deep State”, Hillary Clinton, CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, or the CIA itself, this report concludes, remains highly doubtful—particularly with new reports emerging that the CIA is now urgently pleadingthat President Trump not allow the release before the end of this month of thousands of top secret documents related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy—and that the CIA wants to keep the American people from seeing for another 25 years.

Original article can be found at:

The following article explains the significance of Silk Way Airlines, and was discussed here on my blog, in July:

Silk Way Airlines is the name of the transport company, that has been flying large amounts of weapons from Bulgaria, to Middle Eastern countries.

For background on this story, I recommend watching this video from Crowdsource the Truth.

The crowdsource investigation has been given a massive data dump of information, proving the illegal activity. The document below is only and example.

Here is the link to the Dilyana Files:

Take note that this dangerous cargo is flying under the cover of diplomatic clearance. This means, the flights can’t be inspected. This is how the Deep State criminals have been pulling this off for so long, without getting caught.

Hmm. I wonder how John McCain fits in to all of this? Something tells me we will find out.

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A 2nd Massacre & Massive Coverup Occurred at Hooters Casino Las Vegas on Oct. 1st

Who were the dead? And where did the wounded come from?


Ambulances lined up at Hooters in Las Vegas on Sunday. October 1

Something Is VERY Wrong With This Picture (And Video)

State of the Nation
The preceding photo, which was taken in front of Hooters Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, is quite clear and indisputable.
It shows many ambulances (as many as 17 at one time) that were lining up right after the mass shooting at the HARVEST Country Music Festival.
However, there’s one HUGE problem with this crime scene.  It could not have happened as described by the mainstream media and law enforcement.
It especially could not have occurred as explained by the LVMPD and the FBI.  Those numerous armchair investigators who say no one died at the HARVEST are also categorically debunked.
Hundreds of injured — many of them seriously and/or mortally wounded could not have made the long trek from the HARVEST music venue after being shot.  The distance is simply too far.
As irrefutable evidence, the following video presents footage of concert-goers leaving the east gate of the venue who are not limping or shot or bloody or injured in any way.  They’re all just scrambling to get away from the Mandalay Bay as quickly as possible.
VIDEO: How Did D-Y-I-N-G Folks Make It This Far In Vegas?!?!
Therefore, how did the Hooters crime scene fill up with so many bodies and wounded so fast?

Ambulances lined up at Hooters

The following video taken from the MGM Grand by 2 hotel guests on October 1st clearly shows the many ambulances lining up and leaving with the dead and wounded.  The problem with this picture is that they could NOT have been HARVEST concert-goers.  So who were they?
VIDEOHOOTERS MYSTERY—Mandalay Bay/Las Vegas Shooting Aftermath Perspective from MGM Grand
The following excerpt from a recent Alt Media article reveals that the official narrative not only makes no sense, it smacks of a “massive coverup” by the LVMPD and FBI.  Such a complex and audacious coverup can only be implemented with the approval of FBI senior leadership and its DOJ overseers.
Where is AG Jeff Sessions where it concerns the worst mass shooting in U.S. history?  AWOL!  He needs to decisively address the obvious and alarming discrepancies that are disclosed (and implicit) by the following testimony.

15-minutes later, from the leisure of his hotel room, Franks managed to capture bombshell video footage which shows a total of 17 ambulances removing human bodies from Hooters, contradicting the official story told by Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo.
“They are just pulling so many bodies out of that Hooters,” a man’s voice can be heard saying at the 24-second mark. “I don’t know if people are dead — I don’t know if people are just injured — they just keep pullin’ them out though […] something definitely happened at Hooters though.”
“It must have happened at Hooters dude because they are all showing up there,” he said. “It looks like most of them are at Hooters.” (Source: VEGAS BOMBSHELL: VIDEO SHOWS 17 AMBULANCES PULLING BODIES OUT OF HOOTERS)

Screenshot taken from video shot from the MGM Grand of ambulances lining up at Hooters Hotel & Casino.

Massive Coverup by LVMPB and FBI

The evidence of a second mass shooting on that Sunday evening is now undeniable.  The Google map posted below indicates that the distance from the HARVEST to the Hooters Casino would have been, at the very least, a mile.  Given the grave condition of many of the wounded, as told by an eyewitness casino dealer at Hooters (see transcript below), it’s self-evident that those wounded pouring into the hotel were not arriving from the HARVEST.
NPR Interview: Hooters Casino Dealer Describes Scene Near Las Vegas Shooting

What in the world is really happened in Vegas?

The entire official story coming from the joint LVMPD-FBI task force has fallen apart since day one.  Actually, it began to unravel within minutes of the massacre.  And the naked deception by law enforcement continues to be exposed by the day.
Which begs the question: What really happened?  Who, really, were the victims at Hooters of this premeditated mass murder?  Who ordered the massacre and why?  And why did they specifically choose the HARVEST event?

LRAD theory

As if things could not get any stranger with the worst mass shooting in American history, there is now the distinct possibility that LRAD was also utilized.  If this particular piece of the psyop can be proven, then there is no question that the FEDs organized this false flag operation for multiple reasons, the most sinister of which can only be conjectured.
LRAD: Were the helicopters and drones in Vegas a part of a ‘Long Range Acoustic Device’ live test
State of the Nation
October 23, 2017

Recommended Reading
Las Vegas Mass Shooting Staged And Then Hijacked By NWO Globalist Cabal
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GENETICS, NEUROPHYSICS, AND COGNITIVE ENGINEERING  Related image   ~ hehe wakey, wakey ... eggs & bakey ...the "peeps" R start~in ...ta wakey

A few days ago I blogged about nanochips and a potential "nanochipping" agenda and its potentials for mind and behavior control on whole populations, along with the potentials for hacking that control. Well, Ms. P.H. found an extremely intriguing article and shared it - another "whopper doozie" - and this one is also worth bringing to your attention, for it heralds a whole new field of "engineering,"  that of 'cognitive engineering' via neurophysics and genetic engineering:
As noted, the essence of this new field is an alliance of "neuro-physics" (for want of a better term), and genetic engineering itself:
Cognitive physics reveals seminal new discoveries about the nature of awareness and its interactions with human neurology. It expresses the fundamental laws of awareness and its relationship with neurology in quantitative terms using scientific equations. Its axioms and formulas reveal cardinal laws governing the dynamic interplay between consciousness and the physical universe. These insights yield genetic engineering strategies for optimizing the brain’s neurological substrates for cognition.
Cognitive physics supplies CRISPR with the world’s first set of blueprints for reprogramming human DNA to enhance conscious awareness. It informs CRISPR how to modify neural pathways to generate brainwave signatures which resemble the patterns commonly found in neuroimaging studies of expanded awareness states.
(Emphasis Added)
The implication - and the high octane speculation - here is that the neural-imaging and physics of brain-and-information processing interaction can now actually serve as "targeting information" for genetic modification of DNA to create, more or less permanent states of "elevated consciousness." Of course, this leaves open the question of who gets to define what "elevated consciousness" is; a Buddhist monk or a Catholic mystic might and probably would have a very different understanding of this than would a transhumanist of the Ray Kurzweil technocratic mold.
Much more importantly, however, this "cognitive engineering" could and probably will impact the whole field of mind control technologies in a very insidious way, for it would allow the specific individual to be targeted, and his or her individual consciousness "engineered" according to the wants of the engineers. One might speak of a kind of DNA-mental resonance, which this technology could then exploit or modify in various ways. And of course, one could gather all kinds of genetic data from - you guessed it - nanochips surreptitiously slipped into people via their food and drink supply, vaccines, and so on.
The real question is: why the sudden urge to develop these technologies that I've been blogging about this week? The answer of course, is pure speculation, but nonetheless the answer seems rather obvious: people are "waking up" and no longer unquestionably buying the (often ridiculous) narratives being fed out of certain events, like airplane fuel bringing down the Twin Towers, or the "Lee Harvey Paddock lone nut" templates. In other words, it's not so much the information or narrative that has to be controlled but the response(s) to it. Indeed, the "information age" has really demonstrated the recalcitrant and stubborn nature of humanity: confronted by nonsense, humans will seek more information and develop alternative narratives that make more rational sense to them. It has also demonstrated that the old technique of controlling the information is no longer feasible in the Ipad-internet age. It took years for JFK assassination researchers not only to break down the official narrative, but to disseminate their results widely enough that a substantial portion of the population no longer accepts the official narrative but entertains alternative views. Today, narratives begin to break down almost immediately, and the cynicism of the public to official narratives since 9/11 has grown to the point that narratives are questioned almost as soon as they are put out. Information management and control as a measure of population control and social engineering is no longer feasible. One can no longer manipulate information as effectively; one must manipulate the response to it.
Hence, the powers that be have turned to mind control, and engineering people and their genetic information, and their cognitive states, directly.
All the more reason to be on guard when "they" come calling to tell you they want to put stuff into your body, and that it's not harmful and it's really for your own good.               

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Beginnings of the Secret Space Program? Nazi Bell Uncovered — Behind the Myth

(Simon Gunson) Put most simply the Nazi Bell was in fact a heavy particle accelerator used as an artificial neutron source to breed Protactinium 233 from Thorium 232. Protactinium would naturally degrade after 27 days into pure bomb grade Uranium 233
Uranium 233 derived from spent reactor waste is often contaminated by Uranium 232 when Thorium 230 gets bombarded by a second neutron, but in a particle accelerator this process does not have time to occur and thus U232 contamination is as low as one part per million and thus as safe to handle as weapons grade Plutonium.
According to speech notes recently uncovered in KGB archives, Heisenberg advocated harvesting Protactinium for a nuclear weapon at the Harneck Haus conference in July 1942. Later whilst interned at Farm Hall Cambridgeshire after the War, Heisenberg also identified harvesting Protactinium as one of three methods of obtaining fissile material for a nuclear bomb.
Plasma at 15 million degrees inside a Spherical Tokamak
Plasma at 15 million degrees inside a Spherical Tokamak
The other two of course, being to either enrich U235, or to reprocess Plutonium from spent fuel in a thermal nuclear  reactor… Our history books tell us all about these other two methods in Nazi Germany but are strangely silent on the Protactinium harvesting project. Why is that?
The wartime Chairman of AEG, Herman Bucher revealed to OSS informant Erwin Respondek that his company was funding development of a Heavy Particle Accelerator for the Atomic Bomb Project at Bisingen.
The process harnessed the fluorescent quality of Mercury to cause collisions between electrons and photons, which in result released thermal neutrons. The device was surrounded by a concave beryllium mirror to reflect neutrons back into a mass of Thorium oxide placed at the core. The machine generated this X-ray plasma in orbit around an axle which spun two carefully frequency  phased contra-rotating drums.
Respondek also revealed to the OSS that Heisenberg worked closely with Swiss engineer Dr Walter Dallenbach at a secret facility known as “Forschungsstelle D” at Bisingen to develop the Nazi bell. A report by the OSS in November 1944, cited information from an engineer named  Nagglestein who related Otto Hahn’s laboratory at Tailfingen in a town close to Bisingen was using Thorium to obtain Uranium for an Atomic Bomb.

How the Story Emerges

In August 1997 a Polish Intelligence officer with access to Polish Government documents made writer Igor Witkowski aware of the Nazi Bell. Original documents came from war crime interrogation of former SS Lt General Jakob Sporrenberg after the war.
According to Witkowski whilst working as a military journalist, an undisclosed member of Polish military intelligence showed him some interesting documents. Witkowski received discreet access over a period of a month during which he transcribed files by hand. These documents have not been independently verified, however there are several less well detailed corroborations of the Bell project from entirely different sources. Leader for the Bell project was Prof Walther Gerlach, who was also the leader of Germany’s Uranium project from January 1944. It’s logical to assume therefore that the Bell was part of Nazi Germany’s Atomic weapons project.
Witkowski read from Sporrenberg’s depositions for his War Crimes trial of a centrifuge device shaped like a Bell with a hemispherical domed top. The outer Bell was made of three inch thick ceramic, much like a high voltage porcelain insulator. Said to be 9 feet in diameter and 12-14 feet high. It consumed prodigious amounts of electrical power and glowed violet-blue when operated for short periods.
Popular rather mystical representation of the Bell
Inside the Bell was located two contra rotating drums. Norwegian born physicist Rolf Wideroe wrote in his autobiography about development of the Bell at Hamburg, by the company CHF Muller. In his patent his diagrams showed one sphere inside another spun on a common axle. As is common with particle accelerators a vacuum has to be created to propagate plasma inside these evacuated chambers. Then heated mercury vapour would have been bled into the cavity and then once spun up subjected to powerful discharges of electricity to ionise the Mercury. Under this influence the Mercury would fluoresce and photons would collide with extremely energetic electrons, creating Gamma X-rays. These X-rays in turn would stimulate the Beryllium oxide in the Xerum 525 to emit thermal neutrons. In turn these thermal neutrons would be absorbed by the Thorium 232 changing it into Protactinium 233.
Wideroe called this device the Wirbel-Rohr, or Vortex Tube. Patents for variations on the same theme had been applied for in 1935 by both Prof Max Steenbeck and his rival Swiss scientist Dr Walter Dallenbach. After WW2 Steenbeck co-operated with the Soviets to replicate the Nazi Bell. The Soviets named it the Tokamak.
The Bell concept exploited an even earlier patent. In March 1934 Hungarian scientist Leo Szilard applied for a patent which was titled “improvements in, or relating to the transmutation of Chemical Elements. His Patent described how radioactive bodies are generated by bombarding suitable elements with neutrons. Szilard went on to describe “such uncharged nuclei penetrate even substances containing the heavier elements without ionisation loss and cause the formation of radio-active substances.”
[1] Mercury (alternate accounts say amalgams of Mercury) were spun inside these drums. In likelihood the Mercury was introduced from beneath as a heated vapour. Jelly like compounds of Beryllium with Thorium were located in flasks contained within the central axis. The Nazis were known to have made special paraffin from Deuterium (heavy Hydrogen) because of it’s catalytic qualities in radioactive exchanges. Mercury also played a role by releasing photons into the plasma. It is the collision of energetic electrons with photons which gives off gamma radiation.
Beryllium compounds used in the Nazi Bell were called “Xerum 525.” During WW2 Nazi scientists discovered paraffin was useful as a moderator in reactor experiments. Paraffin would fit the description of “Xerum 525” as a pinkish jelly like substance. Pink colour possibly came from the mixing of Mercury (II) Iodide also known as Red Mercury into the compound, thus by implication Xerum 525 most likely contained Beryllium and Thorium suspended in heavy paraffin.


The Nazi Bell was initially housed in a basement beneath the Charity hospital in Berlin and thus the project was known as Charite Anlage.
From November 1943 the Nazi bell was housed in an underground laboratory beneath Gandau airfield on the western outskirts of Breslau, now known as the Polish city of Wroclaw. Xerum 525 compounds were supplied from a laboratory in the city of Danzig now known as Gydina. After operation the spent and altered compound was reprocessed at a laboratory west of Breslau then known as Neuberg.
It was shifted from Gandau in November 1944 to Furstenstein Castle and later in December 1944 located inside Wenceslas mine. Following the war Professor Manfred von Ardenne led two Soviet scientists Nicolai Flyerov (aka N.I. Frolov) and Igor Kurchatov to the Wenceslas mine and gave them a description of installing what he called a cyclotron in the mine.
This mine was abandoned before the war. Above ground there was a power station with two steam cooling towers. The bases of these have become known by various names like the “Henge” after Stonehenge, or the Fly Trap. Bizarre claims are made by some that these are related to Nazi UFOs.
Near the mine entrance Nobel Dynamit AG operated a bullet manufacturing plant. Wenceslas mine was also known by it’s codename Komplex Milkow. A short distance away was Ludwikowice. The area in wartime had been part of Germany’s Silesia region, but after the war most Germans were forced into East Germany and their homes were turned over to Polish refugees. In German the village was called Ludwidsdorf.
Modern Ludwikowice near the entrance to Wenceslas mine (Komplex Milkow) by Kamil Żylewicz


A constant criticism of the Bell story is that it is a myth based entirely upon the unverified claims of Polish author Igor Witkowski. In fact there are others who contribute small portions of the story who are also witnesses to the Bell at Ludwikowice.
  1. SS Lieutnant General Jakob Sporrenberg, Police Chief (ie Gestapo) Lublin (occupied Poland)
  2. SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Rudolf Schuster, from interrogation report at Berlin Document Centre about evacuation of the Bell by air in 1945.
  3. Dr Wilhelm Voss, Chief Executive of Skoda Works, Czechoslovakia given to Tom Agoston
  4. Soviet plasma scientist G.N. Frolov in 1983 interview referred to Prof Baron Manfred von Ardenne as first hand witness.
  5. Railway employee from Opole, Joachim Ibrom
  6. Dr Otto Cerny (whilst working at NASA, recounted Nazi Bell to Greg Rowe)
  7. Argentine Economic Ministry report declassified 1993 refers to Bell being unloaded in Argentina from a multi-engined German aircraft in May 1945
Other individuals who may not have first hand witnessed the Bell device itself have also contributed to understanding the project surrounding the Bell. Dr Ronald Richter strove to recreate the Bell project in Argentina after the war and the dismantling of his Bell device under political pressure applied upon Argentina in 1952 grant further insights.
It is also worth noting that Ardenne disclosed to Frolov that whilst Ardenne had installed one cyclotron like device in the mine at Ludwikowice, he said there was already another one inside the mine. At Bissingen in April 1945 the French captured what appears to have been another, incomplete Bell device created by the Swiss scientist Dallenbach. When ALSOS reached the Austrian town of Melk they came across another nuclear project with what was termed a transformer room. Dr Rolf Wideroe after the war referred to a device known as an X-ray transformer which also appears to be the Nazi Bell.
At least four such devices may have existed including Bells at Melk, Bissingen and Ludwikowice. Furthermore a giant underground transformer room at Jonsthal may have contained yet more Nazi Bell machines. The contents of Jonsthal remain classified by US authorities.
The Nazi Bell is intimately connected with the work of Swiss Plasma physicist Dallenbach’s work with Forschungsstelle D. Dallenbach was contracted by AEG and his laboratory was located at Bisengen in Germany just north of Zurich. Dallenbach scrupulously avoided giving any impression that he was anything other than a neutral during the war, however he was a fervent Nazi and several slip-ups by Nazi officials and his own deputy, revealed that he was working on an atomic bomb project vital to Germany’s war effort. Dallenbach himself maintained his work was pure research yet during his time in Germany the Nazis refused to fund any scientific work not vital to the war effort.

Charite Anlage

Numerous Top Secret codenames are associated with the so-called Nazi Bell. The term Nazi Bell however is just a modern affectation, due to the device’s resemblance to a Bell. When the Bell arrived in Argentina in May 1945 however, Argentine Intelligence referred in a report classified until 1993, calling this device the “Bell.”
By protocol of the Army Weapons Office session of 21.7.1942, this project was awarded the priority classification “Kriegsentscheidend” – decisive for the outcome of the war – the highest known category of secrecy and funding priority known in the Third Reich. No other known project had it. The electrical giant AEG provided the huge amounts of electrical power under the contract code-name “Charite-Anlage”.
The code name Charite-Anlage co-existed with Project Thor. Priority classification was invoked for the Bell with the Gestapo in 1944, quoted as SS/1940. This classification was cited seeking the release from  of engineer Richard Cremer from a 2 year sentence for defeatist attitudes. The name Charite-Anlage applied specifically to electrical engineering and manufacture of the Bell itself and the supply of power.
Another code name associated was Der Laternenträger (Lantern Bearer), a loose metaphor for the Light Bearer, Lucifer presumably refers to medical and biological experiments with radiation. It may also refer to the weaponisation of nuclear material produced by the Bell.Der Laternenträger research was based at Furstenstein Castle according to Gross Rosen camp survivour, Professor Mieczyslaw Moldavia. According to Prof Mieczyslaw Moldavia, other Researchers at Furstenstein Castle were also investigating and testing pressure suits for a manned V-2 rocket, known as the A-9/A10, part of a manned two stage rocket for attacking New York.
Rainer Karlsh’s book, Hitler’s Bombe relates that a team of physicists from Leibig University at Giessen carried out a lot of research at Ludwikowize, which is where the Nazi Bell was located. Sporrenberg commented on various animals and personnel dying horrible deaths after exposure to the Bell. He said their flesh would liquify. Giessen is north of Frankfurt am Main and it’s research appears focused on genetics and biological research. Was this ghastly research to discover what radiation could do to Germany’s enemies?
The project was also known as Kronos (Saturn) which refers to spin polarisation plasma physics. Thus it could easily be inferred that the rings of Saturn represent the plasma torus inside the Bell. The Bell exploited spin polarisation of atoms to create a plasma, it would be entirely fitting to apply Kronos to Gerlach’s scientific role. The final, but the most well known code name was Die Glocke. The meaning behind this code name or it’s association is entirely unclear.

Science behind the Bell

No credible satisfactory explanation of the Bell’s purpose has ever emerged and indeed it’s very existence is still disputed. Facts would suggest however, that the Bell used a hitherto barely mentioned alternate method to acquire fissile Uranium for Atomic weaponry. A photo-chemistry method mentioned in secretly recorded conversations between Nazi scientists interned at Farm Hall near Cambridge after the War.
At Farm Hall after the war, captured Nazi nuclear scientists repeatedly referred to obtaining fissile material from a photo-chemistry process. Our history books are silent on this method.
As I hypothesize this device worked, vapourised Mercury was spun in a magnetic field to provide excited electrons. Mercury is known to fluoresce easily. Under the influence of an elctro-magnetic filed electrons would disassociate from their atomic nucleii and would swirl around the machine much like a doughnut shaped plasma (toroid). As photons collided with free electrons those collision would generate X-rays.
The spinning of these electrons, probably in an evacuated low pressure chamber with just small amounts of mercury vapour, would lead to faster and faster speeds. With each rotation more and more electrons would be stripped from the Mercury perhaps causing double and triple ionisation.
Plasma is an electrically induced state of matter beyond those which we are normally used to, like solids, liquids, or gas. We have all see Plasma. It is present in Lightning.


During their incarceration at Farm Hall scientists, Gerlach, Diebner and Harteck all referred to the photo-chemistry method for obtaining fissile uranium, yet historical accounts of World War 2 remain utterly silent on what the process was which they referred to.
Whilst the science of photo chemistry is understood, the role it played in Nazi science is not mentioned and remains classified.
Photochemistry relies upon ionisation of an intermediary element to create a plasma. In this case using Mercury. X-rays would be generated from the ionised plasma. Sporrenberg referred to use of Beryllium  oxide inside the Bell centrifuge. Beryllium is known to donate slow neutrons when bombarded by X-rays. So how is that useful?
It is worth noting, there are slow neutrons and fast neutrons. Fast neutrons are only useful in fission for the splitting of atoms. What it appears the Nazis were attempting to achieve was fusion ,or the adding of neutrons and protons to Thorium 232 to transform it into Uranium 233.
An element is defined by the number of Protons in it’s nucleus. Normally the number of Protons and neutrons are the same, but in an isotope the number of Protons remains the same, but the number of neutrons can vary in a small percentage of atoms. This could be excess or lower numbers of neutrons. For Thorium to transmute to Uranium requires taking up extra protons. When Protons are emitted that is called Beta radiation.
Thorium has only one naturally occurring isotope therefore when converted to Uranium it would be relatively free from impurity. This is another important factor for building atomic weapons because more than 0.5% contamination renders U233 impossible to use in nuclear weapons.
Sporrenberg mentioned Xerum 525 placed at the central axis of the centrifuge. From his descriptions we can postulate that Xerum 525 was probably paraffin impregnated with Beryllium oxide and Thorium oxide.  Sporrenberg mentions red mercury which is Mercury (II) Iodide. This would have caused the red or pinkish colour which the jelly had. Red Mercury scintillates under X-rays and is used as a super-conductor.
Paraffin works by creating a large cross section, or target and by slowing down fast particles.

Spin Polarisation:

Principle scientist in charge of the Projekt Thor, was Prof Walther Gerlach. In 1922 he became famous as an understudy to Otto Stern, for their discovery of the deflection of atoms in a magnetic field, known as the Stern–Gerlach effect. This was also the basis of Quantum Physics.When Stern fled Jewish persecution Gerlach continued research at Goeth Institute, Frankfurt am Main where in 1933 he experimented with the fluroescence of Mercury under the influence of magnetic fields. Gerlach had also worked on transmutation of elements by photo chemistry.
I suggest the Bell, combined spin polarisation with another effect, photo-chemistry pioneered in 1936 by Dr Ronald Richter. Richter developed Carbide arc plasma furnaces for a chemical plant at Eger in Czechoslovakia. When the plant switch to developing Lithium batteries for U-boats Richter discovered he could induce radiation by injecting Deuterium into the Lithium plasma.
With photo-chemistry the concept creates a dense plasma contained by powerful electric magnets to cause fluorescence in Mercury. Excited Mercury ions would then cause Beryllium to emit slow neutrons to be captured by Thorium 232, changing it into Uranium 233.
A variation of this method using Uranium 238 could also conceivably breed Plutonium for atomic weapons without the need for a nuclear reactor.
Project Thor began with Heeres Versuchanstalt No.10 – Wehrmacht Laboratory in January 1942. The project office was originally located at Torgau. From November 1943 the project office relocated to  Neumakt west of Breslau (modern Wroclaw). During the War Torgau was a penal centre where prisoners were employed in explosives manufacture.
Dr Ing Ernst Nagelstein visited a conference in Switzerland on 2 November 1944 where he disclosed to an OSS agent present that Auer was refining Thorium to metal. He added there was no known industrial use for Thorium. He also added that Otto Hahn was working on an A-bomb using either Uranium or Thorium. This Thorium project is associated with Project Thor.
Thorium was mined in Silesia near the Bell’s location. Even larger stocks were available in France. Indeed when the Allies landed at Normandy in 1944, Germany urgently shipped tons of French Thorium by rail eastwards, deep into Germany. Why ship it so urgently and what made Thorium so important?
On 1 November 1943, Thor moved into it’s new home, a complex built beneath Gandau air base. Thor operated in partnership with private joint ventures by Fürstenau und Co. GmbH, AEG, Siemens and Bosch.
Thor also seems to have involved a powerful Tesla Coil, or Van der Graff generator built near Frankfurt am Main. Radiation from high voltage discharges were reported to have stopped engines of bomber aircraft flying overhead. This prompted a special Allied investigation called Project 1217 to investigate whether radiation discharges were a new form of weapon.
Prof Walther Gerlach who headed Thor for Heereswaffenamt was a dedicated scientist. In 1943 Gerlach received the Nobel prize for his work on spin polarisation of atoms. This itself was peculiar because his published work on the subject was in the 1920s and early 1930s. What prompted the awarding of recognition in 1943?
As an administrator, in emergency measures to progress the German A-bomb project, Gerlach was also charged with procuring fissile Uranium from January 1944. He was appointed in charge of the entire Uranium project by Heereswaffenamt, replacing Dr Abraham Essau.
Documents captured by ALSOS at Strassburg, often referred to as the Goudsmitt Papers which were classified after the War today reveal drawings of a tall standing device, looking like a Van der Graff generator, or perhaps a Tesla Coil. At the very top inside it’s spherical head was a spinning device. In the margin are notes describing 5 million volts!
Nazi research papers captured at Strassburg concerning wartime nuclear projects were classified and archived in USA. One report has a diagram of a tall cylindrical device said in the plan to generate 5 Million Electron Volts (5MeV). This device resembled a giant Van der Graff generator and had no obvious purpose for a conventional nuclear reactor.[2]
At the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biophysics in 1940, biologist Boris Rajewsky raised concerns about increased experimentation with artificial radiation and called for a project to research the effects of radiation. A 3 million volt device was built for Rajewsky’s research whose existence remains obscure.
When Gerlach took over from Essau in January 1944 he shunned KWI’s extravagant and wasteful research projects. He focused exclusively on development of nuclear weapons. At a meeting with Mentzell and Schumann in October 1944 they passed a motion not to turn over the still unfinished 3 million volt machine to Rajewsky because other previous high voltage “neutron generators” had been destroyed by Allied bombing. The new machine was vital for “the production of neutrons in physics and in the physics of explosives.” No information is available to identify what these earlier neutron generators were, or where their location was. [3]
After 22 July 1944, the SS took over all nuclear projects from Heereswaffenamt. Oversight of Thor was administered thereafter by Fuhrungsstab Kammler as one of his key responsibilities. Increasingly as the war neared it’s end, Kammler assumed direct control of several projects including production and testing of jet aircraft. Farrell in his book defines Kammler’s role as the production end.
The Bell was clearly part of a weapons project administered in part by the SS Armaments office, or Forschungen Entwicklungen, Patente (research development section patents) FEP headed by Admiral Rhein. The armaments office was overall headed by SS Brigadeführer Heinrich Gärtner. The Bell project was led by SS Obergruppenfuhrer Emil Mazauw. SS Lt General Dr Hans Kammler is often associated with the Bell project however Kammler’s command appears connected more with armaments production whilst Mauzaw’s command was focused on research and development. It is possible however given his responsibility for nuclear weapons that he was connected with the weaponisation of material produced by the Bell. [4]
Almost exactly a year after it arrived at Breslau, as Soviet forces fought across Poland the Bell was shifted a short distance south into foothills of the Owl Mountains inside a complex of tunnels beneath Furstenstein castle. The complex had been built by organisation Todt under the supervision of Xavier Dorsch These tunnels included a 2 kilometre long subterranean rail connection with the main railway line through Lubiechow in the valley below. The tunnel was connected with the castle above by elevator in a 50 metre tall shaft.
Laboratories for developing electrical discharge systems for the Bell were at Neumarkt (modern Sroda Slaska) and Leubus (modern Lubiaz) disguised in the facility of Schlesische Wekstätten dr Fűrstenau, (Furstenstein Castle) with corporate involvement by AEG (AEG-Allgemeine Elektrizitaets-Gesellschaft, Annaberg in Erzgebirge -bn) and Seimens (control mechanism). Manufacture of the complex, contra-rotating centrifugal drum mechanism was performed by BMAG (Berlin Anhaltische Maschinenbau AG) located at Dessau, home of the sprawling Junkers aircraft factory complex. In this context, BMAG was also awarded a contract for industrial scale production of Dr Erich Bagge’s Isotope Sluice centrifuges.
A sizeable underground facility existed at Schloss Fürstenstein (underneath Fürstenstein Castle) lower Silesia. Nearby and to the east The main Nazi Bell facility itself was located in the Wenceslas mine at Ludwigsdorf (modern Ludwikowize). First experiments with the Nazi Bell occurred in May and June 1944.

Evidence of the Project’s existence

At Farm Hall after the War whilst interned by the Allies, Prof Gerlach complained to colleagues about difficulties assembling the engineers required for his photo-chemistry project. [5][6]
Gerlach:  It is not true that we neglected the separation of isotopes. On the contrary, we discussed the whole thing at Tubingen in February and there was a meeting at Munich. Clusius, Harteck and I said that this photo chemical thing must be done. It took until the end of the year before the people who could do it were got together and the spectrograph obtained and special accommodation acquired, as the Litz Institute had been smashed up.
In fact one of his difficulties occured when project engineer, SS officer and ardent Nazi Dr Kurt Debus, denounced his colleague at AEG, Dr Richard Cremer to the Gestapo. On Cremer’s behalf another colleague Dr Carl Ramsuer intervened and wrote to the Gestapo about the importance of Cremer’s work referring to the nature of their project:
Loosely translated as language is not my strength the message says:
Herr Doctor-engineer Richard Kremer from AEG transformer factory, together with the research institute of AEG is developing the project with regard to high voltage, which was commissioned by the Office of Army Ordinance as a secret device, for deciding the course of war.
Realisation of this project is half dependent on Kremer, who is only AEG employee qualified in this special field of electricity. Without the co-operation of Kremer further implementation of this project is impossible. Can we not choose to temporarily waive punishment?

Anti Gravity Claims

Unfortunately the Nazi Bell attracts a lot of outlandish claims linking it to anti-gravity theories, or claims that it was a propulsion system for UFOs. I do not subscribe to, nor agree with such claims.
Some such claims may have been intended as disinformation by Sporrenberg to his interrogators. Others may be founded on Dr Ronald Richter’s work in Argentina during the early 1950s on plasma shockwave induced fusion and his claims in a letter seeking work in USA on plasma ramjet engines. Richter claimed this engine could enable vertical take of fighters, but with fuel consumption 20 times greater than that of a comparable jet engine.
Joseph Farrell wrote that Gerlach never before the war referred to Gravitational physics, nor after the war returned to the subject. Oddly I point out that Gerlach made no reference to the subject during the war either. Farrell apparently ignores the obvious that this absence only corroborates the Bell had nothing to do with anti-gravity.

Identities within the Bell Project

Of the other Nazi engineers or scientists claimed, or thought to be involved with the Nazi Bell, were Prof Kurt Debus, Dr Ronald Richter, Ing Otto Cerny, Dr Otto Ambros, Dr Elizabeth Adler and Ing Dr Richard Cramer. Witkowski  in his book noted from Polish Intelligence sources that the SS shot 66 scientists involved with the Bell to prevent their falling into Soviet hands.[7] These however may have been captured Soviet and eastern European “guest workers.”
There are two distinct bodies of scientists and engineers involved. Those who developed the device itself Like Richter, Cremer, Cerny and Debus, were more in the realm of high voltage electrical engineers. Ambros, Adler and Gerlach on the other hand were more likely concerned with the applications of the Bell device.
Photo of a Ju-290, four engined relative of the Ju-390 which evacuated the Bell.
Dr Elizabeth Adler was a mathematician said to have been evacuated with the Bell and Debus on a Junkers Ju-390 flight in April 1945.[8][9] Mathematics play an important role in calculating particle deflection in quantum physics. No record of Adler survives the war, however Gerlach’s assistant before the war was a talented mathematician Miss Elisabeth Borman who had also worked for Max Born. It is known that their favorite hotel in Stockholm was the Adler Hotel.
Dr Otto Ambros was expert in Chemical warfare and chairman of Albert Speer’s “S” Committee. The Bell served two different projects. One for nuclear physics and the other for biological warfare research, in particular studying the effects of radiation exposure on Concentration camp inmates, animals and plants.

Bell Engineers

Kurt Debus is best known for his role in managing V-2 launches for the SS and later working for NASA on Apollo moon launches. He also had expertise however in the measurement of high voltage discharges. His official NASA biography says:
Born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1908, Dr. Debus received all his schooling in that country. He attended Darmstadt University where he earned his initial and advanced degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. He served as a graduate assistant on the faculty for electrical engineering and high-voltage engineering while studying for his master’s degree. In 1939 he obtained his engineering doctorate with a thesis on surge voltages and was appointed assistant professor at the university. During this period he became actively engaged in the rocket research program at Peenemunde.
A common criticism of the Bell story is that the only reference to it’s existence is from Witkowski’s claim of Sporrenberg’s post war testimony, however Debus also described the Bell. Document dated April 22, 1943 Foreign Scientist Case Files, K Debus NARA/RG 28, US Nat. Archive, College Park, Maryland USA.
Another reference to the Bell’s existence comes from Prof Meiczyslaw Moldovia, a former prisoner of Gross Rosen Concentration camp who worked at the technical office in Furstenstein Castle. One of the few to survive
Dr Otto Cerny revealed his role in the Nazi Bell in the early 1960s whilst working for NASA to Greg Rowe’s father. Greg recalled listening to the conversation as a child and recounted it for Henry Stevens. Cerny described it as something like a ring of stones with a hoop inside which sat the Bell. Cerny also mentioned a concave mirror above the axis through which one could see backwards.[10] The JIOA list of scientists most of whom were recruited for Operation Paperclip to work for USA. The list refers to Cerny as “Elec. Instal. on Supersonics” and that he had been attached to the technical University of Vienna. The Vienna technical university was involved with an underground SS nuclear facility at Melk and a nuclear research laboratory at Zell am See.
Cremer was a transformer engineer from Oberschönweide whom together with the AEG Research Institute was developing the Hochspannungsprojekt (High Voltages Project) under contract to Heereswaffenamt (HWA). This project was reborn under the SS in July 1944, codenamed Charite Anlage with the priority code reference SS/1040. When Cremer was denounced to the Gestapo by Gerlach, AEG Research institute’s Prof Dr. Carl Ramsaur defended Cremer’s importance to the war effort and the highest priority work of Prof Dr E. Schumann, to secure Cremer’s release. Ramsaur’s letter links the Bell with German atomic bomb research.

Clues to Bell’s Purpose

Dr Eric Schumann of course was working on designs in 1943 with Dr Walter Trinks for hollow, shaped charge tactical atomic weapons using Uranium 233 as their fissile mass. These tactical nuclear weapons fired superhot slugs of Lithium at Beryllium and Lithium Deuteride to cause a brief rush of neutrons in what is termed a Duteron beam. The question of course arises where would Schumann obtain extremely rare and hard to separate Uranium 233?
The answer I suggest is the Bell produced Uranium 233 for Schumann. Rainer Karlsch disclosed in his book Hitler’s Bombe that Schumann & Trinks had a laboratory at Grief near Peenemunde where R/Admiral Otto Haxel experimented with superheated Lithium at 20,000 atmospheres, using hollow shaped charges.
Dr Ronald Richter experiment in late 1936 with arc furnaces whilst producing Lithium for U-boat batteries. He discovered that by injecting Deterium into the plasma from Lithium, it would produce radiation. Richter could use the level of radiation produced to monitor the temperature inside the furnace. In 1942 Richeter was recruited to work on the Bell project.

Bell as a Uranium/Plutonium Breeder?

Otto Hahn experimented before the war with Lise Meitner on photo-fission techniques to determine the properties of slow neutrons and transmutation of elements. Because Hahn was not particularly gifted, or insightful, he relied heavily upon Meitner who as a Jewish scientist fled to Stockholm in 1938. Hahn used the excellent air mail service between Berlin and Stockholm throughout the war to seek Meitner’s advice and unwittingly was the prime security breech for Nazi Germany’s entire nuclear effort. Everything Hahn knew was relayed to MI5 through Operation Epsilon. [11]
Dr Ing Ernst Nagelstein contacted the OSS in Switzerland on 2nd November 1944 and disclosed that the Auer Company was refining Thorium to metal and he claimed there was no known use in Germany  for Thorium. In pre war days Thorium had been used in toothpaste, but this use had ceased during the war. Apart from large captured stocks of Thorium in France, which were suddenly removed to Germany in 1944 after Normandy landings, Thorium was also mined in the Erzbirge, right next to the Wenceslas mine,  home to the Bell project. Nagelstein added that Otto Hahn was working on the Atomic bomb using either Thorium, or Uranium.
Other scientists known to have been involved included Dr Herman Oberth who in late September 1944 journeyed with Dr Herbert Jensen (nuclear physicist), Dr Edward Tholen and Dr Elizabeth Adler from Prague to Breslau. The Nazi Bell was located a short distance southwest of Breslau. [12] Oberth’s wartime expertise lay in developing special explosives. Schumann relied upon special high speed explosives for his shaped hollow charge mini nukes.
The importance of Schumann being linked with the Bell project is that he and Trinks had made a patent application for a hollow charge A-bomb  which specified use of U233 as it’s fissile core. Thorium 232, if bombarded by Protons with less than 14MeV energy, may be transmuted to Uranium 233 without the risk of dangerous contamination by Uranium 232. This process is called Photo Fission, or Recoil Based Fuel Breeding. This method can also breed Plutonium 239 from Uranium 238.
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Flight of the Nazi Bell

A Junkers Ju-290 very similar to the six engined Ju-390 which evacuated the Nazi Bell
A Junkers Ju-290 very similar to the six engined Ju-390 which evacuated the Nazi Bell
Anyone from the former Third Reich who might know anything was interrogated to piece together the facts and undoubtedly there was some awareness of Projekt Thor, but not a thorough grasp. It is from various interrogations that we have our clearest view. Three primary soures referred to:
  1. SS Lieutnant General Jakob Sporrenberg, Police Chief (ie Gestapo) Lublin (occupied Poland)
  2. SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Rudolf Schuster, from interrogation report at Berlin Document Centre
  3. Dr Wilhelm Voss, Chief Executive of Skoda Works, Czechoslovakia given to Tom Agoston
Kammler oversaw removal and evacuation of the Bell project. He was frequently at Gross-Rosen concentration camp which supplied labour for an immense underground construction in the Eulengebirge Mountains. There is said to be a vast complex of tunnels over 35 square kilometres of territory. Today several tunnels are privately owned and open for tourists. Others are flooded and impossible to access. The existence of this complex is confirmed in a Polish document dated Warsaw 6 May 1947 “Action for De-Arming Oder Line” which speaks of the removal of huge quantities of machinery from the interior of this location before it was destroyed by explosives.
In April 1945 the Nazi Government in Berlin was preparing to evacuate key personnel and records from the capital. A vast armada of transport aircraft was required for this task. On 17 April 1945 Kammler responded to Berlin’s request for use of transport aircraft under his command. Kammler refused.
Betr: LKW Junkers
Gemaess Führerbefehl gehen Massnahmen Strahlflugzeug Militärischen voraus.  Bin deshalb nicht in der Lage gewesen, gewünschten LKW freizustellen. Bau-Insp. der Waffen-SS Reich Süd, Gez. Kammler
translated as:
Re: Lorry Junkers
In accordance with Führer-Order jet aircraft measures take precedence over military. Have therefore not been in the position to release the lorry you require. Bau-Insp etc, signed Kammler.
Lorry was simply code for the Junkers aircraft. This gives us an approximate date for the Bell’s evacuation. About 17 April 1945. Below is an excerpt from a Soviet military map at the time:
As the story is told, In April 1945 as Soviet forces closed on Schweidnz (modern Swidnica). At an airfield merely described by Rudolf Schuster as “West of Opole” the Bell was loaded on a Junkers Ju-390 aircraft. Other sources suggest the airfield may have been Bystzyca Klodzka airfield situated in a valley within the Eulenbirge mountains themseleves and indeed west of Opole.  Bystzyca Klodzka was connected by narrow guage railway with the Wenceslas mine at Ludwikowice.
Schuster noted the Ju-390 aircraft was hidden under tarpaulins at the airfield, but beneath those tarpaulins it was painted in pale blue with markings of the Sweedish Air Force. It departed with passengers engineer SS Mjr. Kurt Debus, mathematician Elizabeth Adler & scientist Dr Herman Obeth, for Bodo in Norway. Elisabeth Adler has proven impossible to identify with certainty, but she appears to have been Prof Walther Gerlach’s previous laboratory assistant Elisabeth Borman. She was a mathematician in her own right.
At this point German sources fell silent however in 1993 under pressure from the US Government a new administration in Argentina convened a Parliamentary Commission to investigate wartime support for the Nazis. A previously classified report of the Economic Ministry disclosed intelligence about a multi engined german aircraft arriving at Entre Rios province (northern Argentina) in May 1945. There it unloaded a device described only as a Bell. The report itself was not published.
Many years later, Abel Basti’s 2004 tourist guide to “Bariloche Nazi”, disclosed the report’s claims about the Bell arriving in 1945. Basti probably obtained this document by giving numerous undertakings to the Argentine authorities. This is not an abnormal procedure in this country. The Argentine Government does not wish to have sensitive matters involving its Nazi past given official airing, but occasionally Argentine authors are allowed to see documents unofficially. Undertakings usually include promising not to publish any photocopy, not to show the copy to anybody else, not to quote the issuing office, and to change important sensitive details – in this particular document it is not clear whether the aircraft landed in Uruguay, or Argentina because the location is deliberately obscured and confused.
At this point Witkowski re-enters the trail of evidence disclosing sightings witnessing a six engined Ju-390 aircraft being dismantled at a German owned ranch in Paysandu Province. The farm described is in an area east of Paysandu on the road east to Rivera at the village of “19 de abril” about 60 kilometres out of town. From there local inhabitants recall the aircraft’s parts were taken away and dumped in the River Uruguay which is two kilometres wide at this point.
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