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Room 32135 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas

Stephen Paddock suicide victim? Take careful note of the spent casings on top of the blood stains particularly the ones in the thick deep pattern on the left. The casings appear to be dry at the top. If they were on the ground and the blood flowed out, I would expect them to be bloodstained on the top. The one closest to the head would have created a dam effect to the flow. There should be lines around it. There aren't any. I would entertain the probability they were added afterwards.

Notice both rifles have bipods. The body is still there.

In this photo the body has been removed. So has one of the rifles with a bipod. It was the one over the foot. It had a solid stock. The other has a skeleton one.

In this photo we see the two original rifles. Take note of the hatchet on the floor. It offers perspective.

This image shows the new rifle without the bipod as well. Generally we don't move things around a crime scene until the investigation is complete. We're not sure of the timelines because we aren't privy to when the photos were taken. However, it is rather strange a new gun appears on the floor and the original was removed. 

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