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Alabama Supreme Court Reviews Shocking Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate Likely A Forgery

Alabama Supreme Court Reviews Shocking Evidence Obama’s Birth Certificate Likely A Forgery

We’ve written here before that the cascade of lies coming out of Obama and his administration raises reasonable doubt about everything Obama and his supporters have told the American people since he first appeared on the national political scene. This makes the unanswered questions about Obama’s birth certificate fair game for renewed inquiry.  Kenyans like to boast that he’s a native son (although that could easily be wishful thinking), while the Attorney General has threatened politicians who have looked into the matter.
Despite Obama’s efforts to squash the topic, though, it just keeps popping right back up. The Supreme Court of Alabama currently has pending before it yet another case challenging Barack Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service (“draft”) card.
So far, courts have dismissed all of cases questioning Obama’s birth certificate. This one, however, might be different. First, the expert witnesses not only have top-tier law-enforcement credentials, they also have the power of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio behind them. That is, they’re not fringe people; they are credible law enforcement officers. Second, the chief justice at the Alabama Supreme Court is Roy Moore, is a strict constructionist who believes that the Constitution means what it says. The Constitution’s statement that the president must be a “natural born” citizen is a requirement, not a suggestion.
In support of the petition before the Alabama Supreme Court, the plaintiffs filed the Affidavit (or statement sworn under penalty of perjury) from Michael Zullo. Zullo identifies himself as “a former sworn law enforcement office/criminal investigator and currently appointed by the elected Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joseph M. Arpaio as the commander of his Cold Case Posse and serving in this capacity as the chief investigator commissioned to investigate the allegations brought to his attention that President Obama’s identity documents were forged.”
The lengthy document contains some stunning allegations, not from the fevered swamplands of conspiracy theories, but from years of expert investigation and endless efforts to replicate multiple anomalies in the PDF file that Obama insists is a true and correct copy of his certified, long-form birth certificate.  Here are just a few of the highlights of Zullo’s lengthy affidavit:
According to Zullo, Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Possee convened a large group of experts to look at the PDF that the White House put on its own website, along with the claim that this PDF was a genuine scan of the paper copy of Obama’s certified long-form birth certificate. Only one reporter has ever been allowed to see the paper copy that was purportedly turned into the official scan. Zullo states conclusively that, after the first pass at reviewing the document, “All in attendance agreed unanimously that the White House computer image .pdf file contained anomalies that were unexplainable unless the document had been fabricated piecemeal by human intervention, rather than being copied from a genuine paper document.”
The affidavit then details the results of the intense investigation, which involved speaking with dozens of experts, traveling to Hawaii, reviewing media interviews with involved parties, and trying to scan in test original documents in an effort to replicate the anomalies that peppered the White House PDF. One of the most important things the investigators did was to analyze what the PDF’s defenders had to say. Interesting, according to Zullo, they didn’t have much to say:
As the investigation continued, various national and local media attempted to disqualify the investigative findings by fostering alternative explanations for the documents irregularities. Opponents made nothing more than superficial explanations alleging that the Obama documents irregularities were simply caused by nothing more than the automation processes of computer software. However, the media failed to put forth any investigative evidence to validate their theories, which were soundly defeated by over 1,200 independent computer software tests conducted by investigators.  (Emphasis added.)
To keep the investigation pure, the Cold Posse commissioned an entirely independent forensic document reviewer, who wouldn’t have been biased in any way by the Posse’s earlier conclusion that the birth certificate was a forgery, to look over the PDF yet another time. The person they selected was “a court certified handwriting analyst and forensic document examiner with over 20 years of experience providing document expertise to legal and law enforcement communities, corporations, financial institutions and private individuals for this task.”
This forensic document investigator, whom Zullo does not identify by name, conducted a completely independent review of the White House long-form PDF. He concluded that it could not possibly be a scan of an original document, but was, instead, an artificially-created electronic image file:
“…based on my observations and findings, it is clear that Certificate of Live Birth I examined is not a scan of an original paper birth certificate, but a digitally manufactured documented created by utilizing material from various sources.” And
“In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.”
Using their expertise and 1,200 experiments, the Cold Case Posse reached a conclusion as to the methodology some unknown person or persons used to create a false document:
Our investigation has also concluded that the method used to fabricate the document was by means of human logic and the distinct manual placement and distribution of electronic data between nine distinct computer generated “layers”. This type of layering is entirely uncharacteristic of a paper document that, when scanned, results in a simple, digitized, single layer photographic image.
One of the giveaways that this was a layered document was the fact that they were able to lift out entirely the image of registrar stamp allegedly confirming that the underlying “paper” certificate was indeed what it purported to be: a genuine copy of the original long-form birth certificate.’’ (Examples of all these anomalies, and more, are contained in the Mara Zebrest report, embedded at the bottom of this post.)
The affidavit states precisely what was wrong with Dr. Onaka’s rubber-stamped signature and rubber-stamped date:
The registrar’s signature stamp and the date stamp adjacent to it each appear independently on separate layers of the electronic image. Furthermore, these distinct layers contain no other data of any kind. Our experts have considered the possibility that the ink used for these two stamps might have been of a sufficiently distinct color to be distinguished from all other colors on an original paper document and thus isolated. However, we have concluded that no scan of an original document could produce such separation of individually distinct items into distinct layers with no other data on them.
The registrar’s stamp appears to have been imported from another unknown source document.
Investigators intently focused on the fact that the stamp cannot have been placed on the document pursuant to state and federal laws as one of many indications that the document is a forgery and, therefore, that it cannot be relied upon as verification, legal or otherwise, of the date, place or circumstances of Mr. Obama’s birth.
The date stamp next to the registrar’s signature stamp exhibited a similar grave anomaly, allowing it to be moved about electronically within the document – which would have been impossible if the document were the scanned and certified copy that official statements profess it to be.
We were particularly disturbed to find that the registrar’s date and signature stamps could be picked up and moved around the document at will, leaving behind a distinct white halo impression of the two stamps.
On our test document, with a single layer and a single link, any manipulation of this kind was impossible.
That the registrar’s signature and date stamps were both created by links to external objects imported into the Obama birth certificate is also confirmed by turning on “Links” in the “Window” menu in Adobe Illustrator.
Not only was the registrar date stamp imported from an external link, it was scaled and then rotated clockwise by 90 degrees to be placed in the document. . . .
Nor can the birth certificate’s defenders claim that it was the State of Hawaii itself that put together the PDF. As the Cold Case Posse determined, “Hawaii State Statues and Hawaii Department of Health policy do not authorize the Hawaii Department of Health to create a computer generated .pdf file as an officially certified document severing as a verification of a live birth event.”
In addition, contending that Hawaii created the PDF puts the lie to the White House’s statement that it obtained a genuine paper copy, and then scanned it into a PDF file for public consumption.  Indeed, the White House put forth an elaborate story detailing how it came to possess the paper copies.  Zullo summarizes the White House’s narrative:
The very creation this .pdf file runs in direct conflict with the Hawaii Department of Health’s own admission declaring they released two paper copies of a “Birth Document” to the President’s attorney Perkins Coie partner Judith Corley on April 25, 2011.
According to copies of letters released by White House officials, Judith Corley initiated the process and traveled to Hawaii to pick up two photo copies of Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate, not an electronic .pdf file. The two copies released to Judith Corley have never been made public.
The Cold Case Posse also discovered that no one in the Hawaii registrar’s office was willing to go on record to stand by the claim that the PDF file was a perfect representation of the original paper copy in the registrar’s office:
Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett requested verification of Mr. Obama’s birth records from the State of Hawaii Department of Health:
“Please verify that the attached copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama is a true and accurate representation of the original record in your files.”
However, Hawaii Department of Health State Registrar Dr. Alvin T. Onaka did not verify the White House computer image as a true or accurate representation of the original birth record, only responding, “the information in the copy … that you attached with your request matches the original record in our file.”
Hawaii officials cleverly focused on the representation of information depicted in the fraudulent image diverting attention to the foundation of the request of Secretary of State Bennett. “Please verify that the attached copy of the Certificate of Live Birth for Mr. Obama is a true and accurate representation of the original record in your files.”
The affidavit also details the ease with which false birth certificates are created, and notes that there is a thriving industry in Washington, D.C. that makes forged birth certificates for a price.
In addition to problems with the PDF itself, Zullo also focuses on inconsistencies and omissions in the stories Hawaii officials told about the birth certificate.  For example, Zullo details the saga of former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie.  Abercrombie initially stated that he was present at Obama’s birth, and then recanted. Then he stated that he would look for the birth certificate, to prevent political ramifications, but produced nothing. Indeed, he fell completely silent as if the birth certificate could not be located.
Abercrombie’s passivity is bizarre, because Hawaii has a well-organized binder system that keeps birth certificates in neatly bound books that are kept in chronological order.  Indeed, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, former Director of Health for Hawaii, has made several interesting statements about Hawaii’s well-organized filing system, all of which contradict Gov. Abercrombie’s inability to produce a document that ought to be right on the August 1961 shelf:
In October, 2008, she said Hawaiian law forbade the issuance of certified copies of original birth certificates to persons with no tangible interest in the record, but added that she and Dr. Alvin Onaka, the Registrar of Vital Statistics, had personally seen and verified the original birth certificate “in accordance with state policies and procedures”.
To this day, Dr. Fukino is the only person who has said publicly that she has personally inspected Mr. Obama’s actual birth certificate in a bound book in a vault at the Department of Health.
Interestingly, when Dr. Fukino said only persons of interest could see the document, she did not seem to think that, by throwing his hat in the presidential ring, Barack Obama gave every American person the right to know if his birth was consistent with the constitutional requirement for a President of the United States of America.
Apropos the binding, it’s interesting to note the left margin of Obama’s birth certificate. A casual glance makes it look as if the left side has that bend we expect from putting bound documents on a copy machine – except that the bend doesn’t go all the way to the top or the bottom. Try to imagine any possible way in which a document bound in a book, when photocopied, could have that type of left margin:
False bend showing margin of book
The affidavit also details the way in which Obama’s alleged Selective Service card also has every indication of being a forgery:
Investigators also examined Mr. Obama’s Selective Service registration card bearing Mr. Obama’s signature, which displays a Post Office Date stamp, “July 29, 80,” in the lower right corner. For comparison purposes, investigators reviewed a number of authentic Selective Service registration cards of other individuals, obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests.
All the authentic registration cards the investigators inspected displayed a Post Office stamp indicating the calendar year date stamp with four digits, for example “1980”. This was in sharp contrast to Mr. Obama’s card which displayed a two digit date stamp of “80” for the year.
Investigators interviewed several Post Office employees who verified that it was standard procedure to utilize only a four digit date stamp. Investigators learned that the date stamp that would have been utilized in 1980 was identified as a Pica Post Office stamp set that could only be obtained through postal supply houses.
Investigators located that particular stamp set but were unsuccessful in locating a four digit 1980 date stamp insert.
Noticing irregularities in the date stamp, namely the date “80” on Mr. Obama’s registration card, it is offset low and to right when compared to the full four digit “1980” date stamps on other cards. Investigators believed that this anomaly was created by the severing of an intact four year “2008” date stamp and inverting the remaining “08” inverting it to cause it to display “80”.
Although it doesn’t relate directly to whether the documents were forged or not, Zullo’s affidavit throws in one other piece of information. There are absolutely no INS passenger cards for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu “for the entire week of August 2, 1961 through August 7, 1961, were completely missing from the microfilm roll. This included the alleged date of Mr. Obama’s birth (August 4, 1961).”
Obama himself certain has not been forthcoming in proving his bona fides. The affidavit ends with a long list of relevant documents about his upbringing that Obama has absolutely refused to release:
Record not released including the follow:
Original, long-form 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate.
Marriage license between Obama’s father (Barak Sr.) and mother (Stanley Ann Dunham)
Name change (Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama)
Obama’s adoption records
Records of Obama’s and his mother’s repatriation as US citizens on return from return from Indonesia
Obama’s baptism records
Noelani Elementary School (Hawaii)
Punahou School financial aid or school records
Occidental College financial aid records
Harvard Law School records
Columbia senior thesis
Columbia College records
Obama’s record with Illinois State Bar Association
Obama’s files from career as an Illinois State Senator
Obama’s law client list
Obama’s medical records
Obama’s passport records
We here at Mr. Conservative accept as the above constitutes evidence that President Obama has failed to produce proof that he is a natural born United States citizen. The absence of this proof, though, is not affirmative evidence of anything else. That is, a forged birth certificate does not prove Kenyan birth. It takes only a small amount of imagination to come up with multiple scenarios that might explain why Obama does not want people to see his real birth certificate:
1. He might have been adopted, which would put the lie to his whole political persona as the son of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.
2. He might be someone else’s son, which would also destroy his image as someone with a foot in America and a foot in Africa.
3. He might have been illegitimate, which nobody would care about nowadays, but that might matter to him – especially if the certificate did not prove a tie between him and Barack Obama, Sr.
4. Here’s a wild one: He wouldn’t be the first child to grow up thinking he had a mother and a grandmother, only to discover that his grandmother was really his mother, and that the woman he called his “mother” was actually his sister. Again, we doubt that anybody would hold it against him, but it might matter to him.
5. He might indeed have been born abroad, and then been brought to Hawaii, which had very lax rules controlling anchor babies, in order to get all the benefits of being an American citizen.
In the absence of clear evidence about the circumstances of Obama’s birth, it’s almost too easy to come up with story lines that either challenge his autobiography or that challenge his natural born status.


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