Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chinese woman enthralled by smartphone game, breasts explode

Some people just have horrible luck.
Whether it’s your toilet exploding while taking a squat or being distressed by too many foreign words, it seems like some people just can’t catch a break. But this story might trump them all: A Chinese woman’s breasts have exploded.

Now, before you get images of Keanu Reeves wrangling speeding mammaries down a packed interstate, we should point out that it was actually less of an eruption and more of an uncomfortable pop.
The incident happened in Beijing City. Xiaoai, a woman with what were G-cup breasts until a few days ago, was lying face-down on her bed, playing a game on her smartphone. She was so enthralled with the game, in fact, that she spent four hours lying on her stomach. And then… it happened!
Suddenly, she felt an intense pain in her chest. Something was clearly not right.
Realizing there was something wrong with her body, Xiaoai went to the hospital, where she was examined. The staff soon realized that the silicon bags in her bust had burst!
She had gotten the implants five years ago after feeling troubled by her small chest size. However, her G-cup breasts weren’t able to take the four hours of constant pressure from her body weight and finally broke.
It’s utterly normal for a person to sleep on their stomach, though, right?? Is it really that easy for silicon bags to break like that? Inquiring minds need to know!
According to the doctor, this actually isn’t the first time that someone’s breasts have exploded in China. Previously, a woman’s silicon implants burst while breast-feeding. In Xiaoai’s case, though, it seems likely that the cause was the poor quality of the bags, explaining why they couldn’t handle the pressure.
The patient’s doctor urged people considering breast augmentation to only use proper, trust-worthy clinics. The physician added that people who’ve had breast implants for over 10 years should get a check-up immediately if they ever have any discomfort in their chest area.
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