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Bill Clinton was a cocaine addict in the 1980's and also deep into the CIA-Dixie Mafia drug trade of Iran-Contra

Sally Perdue - a 1983 girlfriend said he layed out the coke paraphenalia "like a real pro" 

Bill told Gennifer Flowers that "he used so much cocaine his head was itching all the time"

Sharline Wilson, a sometime girlfriend of Roger and Dan Lasater saw Bill so coked up he slid down a wall into a trashcan. She thought it was cool we had a governor get high.

Betsey Wright told Larry Nichols that Bill had been to drug rehab 4 times, possibly, not confirmed at Betty Ford clinic,

Dr. Sam Houston said one night Bill came into the emergency room because of cocaine intoxication and Hillary followed and grabbed the doctors by the lapels and said they would be fired if they talked.

Roger Clinton was videotaped on a police undercover sting saying that he needed to buy more cocaine "because my brother has a nose like a vacuum cleaner" for cocaine.

Bill Clinton is on record as saying he doesn't even know what cocaine looks like.

Bill Clinton's closest friend in the 1980's was cocaine money launderer Dan Lasater who made sure the coke was free and easy.

L.D Brown went on vacation with the Clintons in Florida in the 1980's and was positive Bill went into the bathroom to use cocaine. He took a picture of a coked up Bill and put it on the back of his book Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation.

Terry Reed's book compromised lists Bill as deep into the cocaine trade

Barry and the Boys by Hopsicker - Bill Clinton good friends with CIA drug trafficker Barry Seal

Chip Tatum - had tape recordings of Buddy Young talking about Clinton and the drug trade in Arkansas

Jean Duffey interviewed the CIA man who ran Mena, AR and said BOB NASH Bill Clinton's flunkey came by and picked up a suitcase full of cash from Barry Seal

Bill Clinton telling L. D. Brown that the drugs were "It's Lasaster's deal. It's Lasater's deal. And your buddy Bush knows all about it."

Clinton covering up the murders of the Boys on the Tracks, Ives and Henry. Teenage boys killed by Saline County drug traffickers associated with Bill Clinton.


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Hillary Clinton played a critical role in demanding that Deadbeat Dad Bill Clinton Reject & Abandon Danney Williams, his only child


News on the President's Secret Son
Carl Limbacher
November 2, 1998

Thirteen-year-old Danny Williams knows all about his famous parent and he wants the truth to come out, says his aunt, Lucille Bolton.
"He wants to get it out in the open," Bolton told, speaking out for the first time. "He's aware that Bill Clinton is supposed to be his father."

Bolton was the boy's guardian for years as his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, led a hard life on the streets of Little Rock.

Meanwhile, Danny's alleged dad mapped out his road to the White House, offering neither financial nor emotional support for the boy.

In an exclusive interview with, Bolton described some of the challenges of caring for the boy she believed to be the president's only son as he grew up unacknowledged by his biological father in the poor black section of Arkansas’ capital. Once, she even tried to enlist the help of Hillary Clinton during a personal conversation with the state’s then first lady. Another time, Bolton showed up at the governor's mansion with little Danny in tow -- only to be turned away at the gates.

The Danny Williams story first broke in the Feb. 18, 1992, issue of the supermarket tabloid magazine the Globe. The Globe catalogued in detail the relationship between Bobbie Ann and Bill Clinton. Globe featured lengthy direct quotes from Danny's mother, who described encounters with Clinton that ranged from furitve oral sex behind the bushes to frolicking threesomes in the cabin owned by the president's late mother, Virginia Kelly.

Clinton reportedly paid handsomely for each session of sex. Bobbie Ann said that Danny was conceived during one of 13 such encounters.

Globe subjected Bolton and Bobbie Ann to two lie-detector tests each. Former Globe editor Phil Bunton confirmed to that both passed with flying colors. Of the polygraph verdict on her sister's claim that Clinton is Danny's father, Lucille Bolton told us emphatically, "Doesn't that mean it's true?"

Despite problems with the Globe's credibility, its original story did get some mainstream press coverage. In 1992, not even the then presidential candidate's press secretary, Susie Whitacre, would deny the story. "There is no comment to be made," was the only response she had to offer reporters who asked about Danny.

Clinton's love child was a significant undercurrent of talk and speculation among the press during Clinton's first run for president, and some of the facts of the case were the basis of Joe Klein's bestseller Primary Colors. Primary Colors is a story of how a young southern governor deals with a story about having a child with an underaged black girl in the days leadings up to the New Hampshire primary.

The real story of Williams never reached critical mass with the media in 1992. According to Phil Bunton, the Globe had planned a full-blown Gennifer Flowers-style news conference at which Bobbie Ann would introduce Clinton's long-lost son to the world. But her persistent drug problem made her an unconvincing witness at the time.

Bobbie Ann, however, is "in good health and off drugs now," her sister revealed during our chat -- which could certainly make it easier for Bobbie Ann and her son to go public.

What about the report in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last year that a woman claiming to be Bobbie Ann called the paper and denied any Clinton connection to Danny?

"She ain't denying nothing," Lucille says of Bobbie Ann, whom she says she'd spoken with just the night before our conversation.

Sister Lucille dismisses one report that had Bobbie Ann rotting away in a Maryland jail cell and another placing Danny in far-flung Australia.

"They're in Arkansas," said Bolton.

She turned Danny over to the care of Bobbie Ann's second sister, Shirley Howard, in 1994. And according to Bolton, Howard now would like to see Clinton take "one of those DNA tests" to establish once and for all just who Danny's dad is.

"She wants it out in the open, too," said Bolton.

As Bolton tells it, the Globe's 1992 expose wasn't the first time the Clintons were made aware that their daughter may have a sibling. In 1988, community activist Robert "Say" McIntosh began distributing fliers linking Bobbie Ann's child to Clinton, complete with a photo of Danny that bore a striking resemblance to the governor.

It was then that Danny's aunt, disturbed by the publicity, phoned the governor's mansion and actually got Hillary on the line. In the conversation, which lasted two or three minutes, Hillary asked, "Is it true that he has this illegitimate child?" and gave Lucille the number of a security agency to call in order "to get the publicity to stop."

She says that, a while later, she went personally to the governor’s mansion to show the Clintons the fliers McIntosh was distributing and also had Danny in tow in order to "get this stuff straightened out." But she was turned away by troopers at the gate.

To this day, 10 years after her sister Bobbie Ann confirmed to her what her family already suspected, Lucille Bolton remains convinced that her nephew Danny is the president's son.

"There's no buts, there's no ifs, there's no supposes about it," says Bobbie Ann Williams’ sister.

Coming soon in Lucille Bolton's account of the FBI's recent visit to Danny Williams’ house. Also, an exclusive interview with Robert "Say" McIntosh -- the man who first exposed Danny's presidential bloodline


Racist Cover-Up in Story of Clinton’s ‘Illegitimate Son’?

Carl Limbacher
December 15, 1998

Why won't the same media that chased the story of Rep. Dan Burton's love child and made national headlines out of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde's ancient affair report the Danny Williams story?
"Cause they're racist," says Robert "Say" McIntosh, the Little Rock community activist who first called attention to the story of Bill Clinton's alleged son in 1988.
Like Danny's family, McIntosh is convinced that the child is Clinton's: "If you see Danny, you can tell it's definitely his kid. I've met him, talked to him. Danny isn't black."
Both Danny's mom, Bobbie Ann Williams, and her husband, Danny Sr. are African-American.
McIntosh told that when he first found out that Danny's mom was claiming that her son was conceived during a sexual encounter with the then-Arkansas governor, he went straight to the press.
"I took it to the news media," he said, "because this was about the same time Gary Hart got in trouble."
Hart was 1988's odds-on favorite to snag the Democratic presidential nomination until he challenged the press to look into his private life. The Miami Herald did and reported an apparent Hart affair with then-party girl Donna Rice. When pictures of Rice snuggled on Hart's lap aboard the good ship "Monkey Business" appeared in a supermarket tabloid just days later, Hart's hopes for high office were toast.
But McIntosh got a distinctly indifferent reaction from reporters who had swarmed all over the Gary Hart story when he broached the topic of then-3-year-old Danny Williams.
"They told me: 'That's not news. If you find out that Clinton has been messing with some white women, that's news. Let us know,’" McIntosh recounted.
He said he was offended by that response, explaining, "You know, my mother is black, my wife is black and I've got eight black sisters."
McIntosh says that the media's nonchalance about his bombshell information wasn't universal:
"The press in London was interested," he said. "They've always been interested in this story."
Danny's aunt Lucille Bolton confirmed McIntosh's claim that the British press had been chasing this story, telling that a London reporter had called her the same day she spoke to us.
Ten years ago, after Little Rock's media thumbed its nose at the story, McIntosh took the news to the streets, printing up handbills with Danny's photo under the salacious headline: "The Hottest Thing Going: Bill Clinton's D**k [penis] Will Keep Him From Running for President of the United States of America."
The flier's text read:
"Please help me raise money to take care of [this] black baby, the 'black sheep of the family.' This baby is by a black woman. This picture is furnished by the Righteous Rev. Tommy Knots. Rev. Knots is an aide to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm. After he did a six-month investigation, God told him to bring it to me. All Clinton is willing to do for the mother is keep her out of jail and prison."
The last sentence refers to the prostitution charge Little Rock authorities could have brought against Danny's mother, who was working the streets when she hooked up with the person she claims is Danny's biological father.
Rev. Knots became involved, according to McIntosh, after Danny's mom contacted him at the Rose Law Firm about her son. She gave Knots the photo and told him that the governor wouldn't take care of the child. Bobbie Ann Williams had sought out Knots undoubtedly hoping that the news would reach one of Rose's leading lawyers, Hillary Clinton.
But it did no good. As happened with her sister Lucille Bolton in her one-on-one conversation with Hillary herself (see News on the President's Secret Son), Bobbie Ann's efforts to get the Clintons to acknowledge the child came up empty.
But it was McIntosh who was most vocal about the case. After Clinton announced his candidacy for president, McIntosh says he publicly called for the governor to take a paternity test. What was the reaction?
"They begged me not to do it," McIntosh says now. "Susie Whitacre [Clinton's then-press secretary] begged me to stop putting those fliers out. They never denied the story. They just begged me to stop."
McIntosh says he last spoke to Bobbie Ann in April, when she asked for his advice about the offer by "A Current Affair" to do her story. He told her she should be paid for her explosive account – at least $100,000. For whatever reason, Bobbie Ann's story has yet to hit the TV airwaves. (Internet bloodhound Matt Drudge has reported that "Hard Copy," a competitor of "A Current Affair," had a piece on Danny's mom in the works but backed out after Paramount executives nixed the idea.)
Some consider Robert "Say" McIntosh something of a loose cannon. Danny's aunt, Lucille Bolton, told that he was merely out for his own publicity. When questioned by at a recent pro-impeachment rally in Washington, D.C., former Clinton bodyguard L.D. Brown described McIntosh as "a nut."
Still, Brown and McIntosh offer amazingly similar accounts regarding the Clinton marriage. Brown regaled the rally with his eyewitness perspective on evidence that Hillary Clinton and the late Vincent Foster were involved in a love affair. He added that the failure to examine this aspect of Foster's life seriously compromised investigations into his suspicious death.
On the same subject, McIntosh told "Hillary and Bill don't have a real marriage. It's just a front. That's why Foster killed himself -- over Hillary."
Loose cannon or not, without Robert McIntosh, the Danny Williams story would have never seen the light of day. And with Little Rock still buzzing about the news he broke, it's a story with many chapters yet to be written.

Bill sold pardon of Say McIntosh's son Tommy (1-20-93) in return for Say shutting up about Bill's only child:

Danny Williams


Saturday Feb. 24, 2001; 2:51 a.m. EST   NewsMax

Clinton Bio: President Traded Clemency for Silence on 'Love Child' Charge

Bill Clinton began abusing his executive pardon power on the very first day he entered the White House; arranging to commute a drug dealer's prison sentence to silence critics who charged he was a deadbeat dad, a biography of Hillary Clinton claims.

The case involved the son of Little Rock civil rights leader Robert "Say" McIntosh, who alleged during the 1980's that then-Governor Clinton had fathered an illegitimate child by local black prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams.

In her 1999 Hillary Clinton biography "The First Partner," author Joyce Milton reports that McIntosh publicly claimed Bill Clinton had promised to grant his then-imprisoned son an early release two years before becoming president.

At the time young Tommy McIntosh was serving a 50 year jail sentence on a cocaine rap.

The demand languished until Jan. 20, 1993, when the wheels of justice suddenly became unstuck.

With Clinton's successor Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker in D.C. for the inauguration, the job of fullfilling the clemency pledge fell to president pro tempore of the Arkansas State Senate, Dr. Jerry Jewell.

The order to spring Tommy McIntosh was signed as the new president was sworn in, releasing him years before he would have normally gotten anywhere near a parole board.

In January 1999 STAR Magazine claimed that a comparison of genetic information showed young Danny Williams' DNA did not match Clinton's, though an actual paternity test was never performed.

But before the news came out, Clinton's behavior suggested he believed the results could go either way.

"Right up to the day STAR revealed the test results, the White House failed to issue a flat denial of the allegations," Milton reported.

"Either Clinton did have relations with Bobbie Ann Williams at some point or, perhaps more likely, even his closest aides were never entirely sure that they could trust his protestations of innocence."

Tommy McIntosh's extraordinary early parole, says Milton, suggests that the Clinton camp "struck a deal with 'Say' McIntosh in exchange for his silence."

Weeks after his son's release, McIntosh said that his bargain with Clinton was sealed right after the election, telling the Washington Times:

"Those who question my credibility should ask themselves, 'If there was no deal, how did this happen?' How did my son get out of prison 18 years before he was eligible for parole?"

Tommy McIntosh later died in 2005, shot by his wife  You can read about in this web link and also about Bill Clinton's pardon of him in 1993.

Here is all about Say McIntosh, the "Al Sharpton" of Little Rock:

Clinton's son is named Danny Williams and was conceived of a
black prostitute, 21-year old Bobbie Ann Williams, in 1983.
Clinton paid Williams and tow other whores $400 each for a sex
orgy when Danny was conceived. He liked it so well that he paid
each of them a bonus of $50.

The orgy was held in his mother's house, about an hour from
Little Rock out the John Barrow Road.  the three street walkers
and the governor of Arkansas were driven in a state limousine,
apparently by state trooper Buddy Young, who waited until it was
over, then drove them back to town.

The story is confirmed by Lucille Bolton, sister of Williams and
aunt of Danny.  "There's no ifs, there's no supposes about it,"
says Bolton.  Moreover, "Danny wants to get this story out into
the open," she says.  Danny is now 14.

Both Danny and his mother, who, says Lucille, has kicked her
drug habit, still live in Little Rock.  Apparently to throw news
reporters off the trail, a rumor recently surfaced that both
were in Australia.  However, says Bolton, that's not true.

The story first saw the light of day in a small paper in
Georgia, "The Truth At Last", on September 15, 1992, when Danny
was 8.

Clinton's degenerate lifestyle is well-known to everyone around
him.  "The Wanderer", a Catholic paper published in Wisconsin,
says that Clinton forced Gennifer Flowers to abort his baby in
1978.  She has the evidence but the liberal press does not want
to print the story.


Quotes to remember the Clintons by: “Hillary Clinton is the War on Women”

Quotes to remember the Clintons by: “Hillary Clinton is the War on Women”


1) "Hillary Clinton is the War on Women." - Kathleen Willey, Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Victim.

2) “There is no way that she [Hillary] did not know what was going on, that women were being abused and accosted by her husband." - Paula Jones, to whom Clinton exposed his genitals and said 'kiss it."

3) “I want you to get rid of all these bitches he’s seeing … I want you to give me the names and addresses and phone numbers, and we can get them under control.” – Hillary Clinton to Private Investigator Ivan Duda who she paid to get information on 14 women in 1982.

Ed Klein, The Truth about Hillary, p. 99.

4) “Is Gennifer Flowers the sort of person who would commit suicide?” –Hillary-Hired Private Detective Jack Palladino to Gennifer Flowers’ roommate.
Candice Jackson, Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine, p. 80.

5) “That’s too bad. Bullseye was his name wasn’t it? … You’re just not getting the message, are you?” – Hillary’s Private Detective to Kathleen Willey and referring to Bullseye, her pet cat of 13 years, that the PI had  killed.
Kathleen Willey, Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton, p. 120.

6) "The only regret that I had about the whole thing was that Hillary did not pay me in a timely fashion.... I saved Hillary Clinton’s ass. You’d think she’d be more grateful to me.” - Private Detective Jack Palladino hired by Hillary.

7) "My God, I can do it again." - Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton, before he raped Juanita Broaddrick for the second time in 30 minutes on April 25, 1978 in Little Rock.
Candice Jackson, Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine, p. 226.

8) “I thought it was the coolest thing in the world that we had a governor who got high.” –   Sharline Wilson referring to her witnessing Bill Clinton and his cocaine use and who was sentenced to 30 years in prison because she saw too much.
[Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, p.262,]

9) “You better get some ice on that.” – Bill Clinton to Juanita Broaddrick after he had raped her and savagely bit her upper lip, bleeding and swollen. Clinton has also bitten at least two other victims.
Candice Jackson, Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine, p. 226. 

10) "I'm going back to my cottage to rape my wife."  Bill Clinton on vacation in Bermuda in summer 1979, to a new investment banker friend of his. 

[Edward Klein, The Truth About Hillary, p.91]

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Webb Hubbell was asked by WND if he was the real father of Chelsea Clinton - his reply was "NO COMMENT"

Webb Hubbell: 'No comment' on fathering Chelsea Clinton

Follows her video response: 'I'm so proud to be my parents' daughter'



NEW YORK – Is Chelsea Clinton not the daughter of Bill Clinton?

That’s been a rumor swirling in the dark underworld of Clinton family speculation for years.

But a new book by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, “The Clintons’ War on Women,” takes the story to a new level – naming the actual biological father as Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton administration.

The accusation garnered more attention last weekend when a video surfaced in which Morrow confronts Chelsea Clinton about the story at an Austin, Texas, book-signing event at which she was promoting her children’s book, “It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired, & Get Going.”

“Hey, Chelsea,” Morrow asked as he approached Chelsea signing books. “Has your mother ever told you you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton?”

“I’m so proud to be my parents’ daughter,” Chelsea answered, without specifying the identity of the parents of whom she was proud to be the daughter.


Meanwhile, WND caught up with Hubbell by telephone Wednesday to ask him about the accusations in the Stone-Morrow book.

“I have not read Roger Stone’s book, and I don’t plan to. Thank you very much,” said Hubbell abruptly.

When asked specifically about the accusation that he was Chelsea Clinton’s biological father, Hubbell responded: “No comment.”

“Well, you do know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton,” he said.

“Tumulty’s response was interesting – she did not deny or challenge this blockbuster assertion but rather just seemed to confirm it by her awkward silence and accepting non-denial,” Morrow wrote.

In the blog post, Morrow also reported he subsequently asked an unnamed “longtime high-level Republican operative” a similar question: "How long have you known that Chelsea was not the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?

“He said since 1992,” Morrow continued.

“Then I asked, ‘Why didn’t you use it in the 1992 presidential campaign?’ His answer: ‘Because I was not running the 1992 campaign.’”

Morrow then asked, “Would you say that most high level Republican and Democratic political operatives know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?”

The longtime GOP replied, "Yes."



Gennifer Flowers, 1991-1992, had her home broken into several times and utterly ransacked by the Clintons


Gennifer Flowers: 'Clinton Offered Me Cocaine' - Thanks SamTrak

The President of the United States was a known drug user during his days as Governor of Arkansas, according to Gennifer Flowers, who carried on a 12 year love affair with Bill Clinton before he sought the White House in 1992.

Flowers alleges that she was an eyewitness to Clinton's marijuana use and says he offered her cocaine during their relationship.

Flowers gave her shocking account to Inside Cover during an exclusive appearance Friday afternoon on Sean Hannity's WABC talk radio show in New York, where the onetime Clinton confidante answered an array of probing questions on topics considered taboo in other news venues.

INSIDE COVER: Ms. Flowers, (former Clinton girlfriend) Sally Perdue says that Bill Clinton used drugs in her presence, specifically cocaine. Did you ever see Bill Clinton use drugs in your presence?

FLOWERS: Yes. He smoked marijuana in my presence and offered me the opportunity to snort cocaine if I wanted to. I wasn't into that. Bill clearly let me know that he did cocaine. And I know people that knew he did cocaine. He did tell me that when he would use a substantial amount of cocaine that his head would itch so badly that he would become self conscious at parties where he was doing this. Because all he wanted to do while people were talking to him is stand around and scratch his head.

What about the recently reported charge that Mrs. Clinton herself might have been unfaithful in her marriage? Inside Cover put the question to Flowers:

INSIDE COVER: Did Bill Clinton ever mention anything to you about Vincent Foster and Hillary?

FLOWERS: I asked him about that because I had heard it. And he said that, let's see, he had a cute little comment about that, an interesting comment. That "she was too tough for him," or something to that effect. I kind of thought that maybe he knew about it but just didn't want to acknowledge it.

The former Clinton girlfriend also shed new light on a controversial allegation she made earlier this week, when she called the President a "murderer" during a cable television interview.

When the WABC's Hannity noted that her comments to CNBC's Chris Matthews had provoked a "firestorm" of controversy, Flowers explained that she was talking about a list of names called "The Clinton Body Count"; 50 or more people connected to Bill Clinton who have died prematurely as he rose to political power.

Then Flowers described her own predicament:

"You know, I have been in fear for my life, I had been in fear for my safety before my story became public; a few months before and certainly since then. And I think you would agree with me that all of the women that have come forth and told their story about whatever type of relationship they had with Bill Clinton, all have said that they have been threatened."

Flowers said that just before her name became public in Jan. 1992, her home had been entered and ransacked, explaining that, "whoever that was (who broke in) had a key to my home."

Similarly, Juanita Broaddrick, who told Inside Cover in May that her house had been broken into just as she was considering going public with a rape allegation against Bill Clinton, said the burglars left no sign of forcible entry. A telephone answering machine tape was the only item taken from Broaddrick's home.

Flowers told Hannity that the experience has left her feeling extremely vulnerable. "To this day, I don't go out in a big public forum without security. I do various things to have more protection than the average person for my security; as does my husband, as does my mother."

Hannity pressed Flowers on the question of whether she believes Clinton was directly involved in ordering people killed:

"I believe that, that's very possible.... I'm not saying that Bill necessarily picked up the phone and placed an order. He perhaps may have had a discussion with some of his operatives and made known his wishes. Perhaps by not even using the words but making it clear to them what he wanted accomplished......I think, knowing Bill the way I know Bill, that he generally has a pretty good handle on what's going on around him and who's doing what, and when they're doing it and why they're doing it."

And what if she had kept quiet about her Clinton affair?

Flowers told Hannity, "I do not believe you and I would be talking today. I believe that I would be one of those mysterious suicides that you'll find on 'The Clinton Body Count'. I believe that I wouldn't be here. I believe I would be dead."

Flowers recalled the encounters that her friends and family had with San Francisco private detective Jack Palladino, who was paid $110,000 by Clinton's 1992 campaign to suppress what then-Clinton Chief of Staff Betsey Wright described as "bimbo eruptions."

HANNITY: I have a report here about how Jack Palladino once tracked down your friend Loren Kirk and grilled her about you. And one of the things he asked Loren Kirk was: "Is Gennifer the type to commit suicide?" Did you and Loren Kirk ever discuss this incident?

FLOWERS: Yes, she told me about that. Several people called me and told me that they had been approached by Palladino. And they gave me a run down of the things that he had said, the questions he had asked, his demeanor.....

HANNITY: So it wasn't just Loren Kirk who relayed that question to you?

FLOWERS: Oh, no. It was many, many people. That was a very common question that he asked of every one of them.

HANNITY: That's bizarre.

The conversation turned to another name on the Clinton list. On June 26, 1992 Little Rock resident Gary Johnson was beaten to a pulp by two goons and left for dead, surviving only after an emergency operation to remove his punctured spleen saved his life.

Apparently Mr. Johnson had some very inconvenient evidence in his possession.

FLOWERS: He was my neighbor at Quawpaw Tower....He had a security camera mounted on the inside of his door at the peephole, so that the camera lens faced down the hallway. So that anyone who got off the elevator going in either direction, and especially coming towards that camera to my door, would clearly be in view of that camera lens. So after my story became public, Mr. Johnson came forward and said that he had this video of Bill coming to my door....

HANNITY: And he claims that they beat him up, took the tape and left him for dead. Is that right?

FLOWERS: That's what he says. And I've seen him in interviews talking about that. Now he's an attorney in Little Rock. And I believe that he did make a report with the Police Department in reference to everything. So it's a matter of public record.

Since 1992, Gary Johnson's account has been completely ignored by the mainstream press.

Gennifer Flowers is the fifth on-the-record source to corroborate charges that Clinton, while governor, used illegal drugs.

Others making the charge include a former head of the Arkansas State Police Association, another onetime Clinton girlfriend, and a Little Rock drug dealer who testified before a federal grand jury in 1990 that she witnessed Clinton consume some of the cocaine she sold his younger brother in a Little Rock nightspot.


Gennifer Flowers on the Clinton Terror Tactics of the 1992 Campaign: “I knew then that my life was in danger.”


            “I was learning more about the harm that often came to people who crossed Bill Clinton or the power structure that surrounded and supported him. It had been reported that the state troopers who worked for Bill often threatened and roughed up Bill’s enemies. For example, an attorney named Gary Johnson lived next door to me in the Quapaw Tower. I didn’t really know him other than to say hello when we met in the hall. But I had heard that he’d had a disagreement with the homeowners association of the building because he had installed a video camera overlooking the parking lot, and they told him he couldn’t do that. They explained that he didn’t own the exterior of the building, but he did own his portion of the interior. In response, Gary moved the camera from its perch overlooking the parking lot and placed it instead so that it had a view directly out his front door and down the hall. Because our doors were close together, he also got a very clear view of my apartment door. When rumors began circulating that Bill and I were having an affair, Gary let it be known that he actually had a videotape of Bill coming to my apartment. Big mistake. Not long after that, some large men forced their way into his place, beat him senseless and left him for dead. According to Gary, they kept asking where “the tape” was. Sure enough, the videotape with Bill on it disappeared.

            Gary, it seems, was a double threat because he was also acting as counsel for Larry Nichols, the man who filed the lawsuit against Bill Clinton.


[Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p. 94]


            “During this time, every day seemed to bring new worries. I wasn’t used to having my life spin out of control, and I vacillated between fear, frustration, and anger. As much as I would have liked to take matters into my own hands, I couldn’t think of a thing to do that might help. I had to count on Bill to deflect attention from me, and I wasn’t all that certain he could do so. As bad as things were, I couldn’t imagine they would get worse. But they did … and quickly.


            A week or so after I spoke with Bill, I came home to my apartments at the Forest Place Apartments (where I had moved after Bill and I broke up) and found the dead bolt on my door locked. Since I wasn’t in the habit of locking the dead bolt I thought maybe maintenance had been in to fix something and had locked the dead bolt when they left. But when I went inside, nothing had been done. That was curious. If maintenance had been inside to make repairs, they would always leave a receipt on the counter to show they had been there - for their own protection. But I looked around and there was nothing - no receipt and no signs they had worked on anything. I called the manager and asked if someone had been in, and she checked her records and told me that none of their people had been inside. It was a mystery.


            The same thing happened a few days later, and again, no receipt. This time, however, I noticed that my telephone had been moved from the nightstand by the bed to the dresser a few feet away. And there was what looked like dirt from a shoe or something on the floor, at the corner of the dresser, that hadn’t been there that morning. I called the manager and insisted that her maintenance crew must have been inside my apartment. “Someone’s been in here with a key, ‘cause they locked the dead bolt,” I told her. But, once again, she checked her records, and said, “No, no one has been in.”


            In spite of all the recent happenings, it didn’t click in my mind that it could be anyone other than building maintenance. I figured maybe one of the crew knew I was gone all day, so he sneaked in to make phone calls or just hide out for a while. I was exasperated- it was just one more irritation stacked on top of an already-large pile. Boy! Was I na├»ve. I wrote a formal letter of complaint to management and insisted they follow proper procedure if their maintenance people needed to enter my apartment. Something screwy was going on and I wanted it on record that I had complained, just in case something turned up missing or I found some other problem.


            A few days later, I came home to find the door ajar. Puzzled, I pushed it open, and stepped in. I couldn’t believe my eyes; my whole apartment had been ransacked - furniture turned upside down, drawers emptied onto the floor, linens stripped off the bed. I was stunned. I dropped to my knees in the doorway and started shaking uncontrollably. This wasn’t maintenance that had been inside my apartment. This was something much bigger, and I knew it had to be related to Bill. It scared me out of my mind.


            For some reason, I didn’t even think that someone might still be in my apartment. I just saw all the devastation and finally figured out just what was happening. I was so frightened and didn’t want to be alone, so I called a friend and kept her on the phone while I started going through my things to see if anything was missing. I still shudder to think what might have happened if someone had been waiting for me!


            I eventually let my friend go, and I put in a call to Bill. He wasn’t at the mansion, but I hoped he would get back to me quickly to advise. I didn’t bother calling the police … I knew this was a crime that would never be solved. It was a sickening process, going through the chaos they had left. It horrified and angered me to think that someone had touched and inspected nearly everything I owned. What a feeling of violation!


            As I sifted through the mess, a chilling thought hit me: the person responsible for this might not be looking for something on Bill and me. This could be Bill himself, looking for what I had on him. But I couldn’t imagine him thinking I was a threat. After all, I had tried to cooperate in every way I could to keep our affair quiet. Yet, looking around at what had done to my apartment, I felt anything was possible. It was hard maintaining rational thought while standing in the midst of such destruction.


            Thank goodness I had put the tapes of our conversations in what I thought was a safe place, away from my apartment a few days earlier. Intuition told me I should do that, just in case. As far as I knew, the tapes were the only hard evidence of our relationship. But I had jewelry in my apartment … I had appliances, TVs, stereo equipment, all the normal things a burglar would be looking for. Nothing was missing. But it was obvious, everything in the apartment had been meticulously scrutinized.


            My apartment had a long walk-in closet crammed full. Every item of clothing had been ripped off its hanger and thrown on the floor; everything on the shelves had been pulled down, gone through, and tossed on the floor; every shoe had been inspected to see if there was anything inside. The intruders had even flipped my mattress over to check underneath. Boxes of photographs were scattered across the floor. I frantically searched my memory, trying to remember if a picture of Bill and me together had ever been taken. I didn’t think so, but right then I wasn’t sure of anything. It was like a scene from a bad movie. Although I was no expert, it appeared to have been done by professionals. Whoever ransacked my apartment knew exactly what they were doing.


            Standing amid the chaos, my emotions overwhelmed me. I felt anger about what had been done to my apartment; frustration because the media attention had cost me my singing job; and panic because I knew the lid was close to blowing off the badly kept secret of my relationship with Bill. This was not a game - it was deadly serious. I didn’t know whom I could trust - including Bill. I knew then that my life was in danger.


[Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, pp. 95-98]





In 1999 the Clintons planted a disinformation story in The Star about an utterly bogus Bill Clinton/Danney Williams DNA test

Complete and utter bullshit from The Star. No DNA test - NEVER HAPPENED - DISINFORMATION - It was placed there to clean up things for Hillary's 2000 Senate race.

Danney Williams, born in 1985, in fact is the abandoned son of deadbeat dad Bill Clinton.

Note to Howard Kurtz - The Star Mag article on Clinton/Danney Williams DNA test was complete and utter bullshit and it never happened.
1999 Star Mag was owned by Clinton insider Roger Altman who planted this disinformation piece in The Star -


By Howard Kurtz January 11, 1999

In Washington's seemingly endless sex wars, another allegation that had seeped into parts of the mainstream media has suddenly evaporated. From the Drudge Report on the Internet to the "Tonight" show on NBC, the word was that the supermarket tabloid the Star was investigating what turned out to be an utterly bogus charge by an Arkansas woman that President Clinton had fathered her son during the 1980s. But a DNA test financed by the Star disproved the rumor, first published by another tabloid, the Globe, back in 1992. "There was no match, nothing even close," Star Editor Phil Bunton said yesterday. "We went into it thinking it was more likely to be untrue than true. We might run a couple of paragraphs saying we investigated it and it proved to be untrue." Which raises a basic journalistic question: Why was the so-called "love child" story reported at all? The Star, which brought the world Gennifer Flowers, had offered big bucks to the 13-year-old if his blood sample matched the description of the president's DNA in Kenneth Starr's report. The results, disproving his mother's charge, were reported over the weekend by Time magazine and in Matt Drudge's cyberspace column. After Drudge disclosed the Star inquiry 10 days ago, the allegations quickly made their way into the New York Post, New York Daily News, Washington Times and Boston Herald. They have been mentioned on MSNBC and Fox News Channel talk shows, and joked about by Jay Leno and on "Imus in the Morning." In an unusual approach, the Washington Times's front-page headline began, "Media abuzz with rumors that Clinton fathered boy." The story began, "Nearly all the newspapers, including this one, and the network newscasts have declined to publish the particulars . . ." 

Editor in Chief Wesley Pruden said journalists and political insiders have "been talking about that story for a week. Why should we deprive our readers of knowing what the journalists are talking about? I thought we had a pretty straightforward story." But Doyle McManus, Washington bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times, described the Washington Times's stance as "Here's a story so slimy we don't print it, but here's what it is." Pruden, for his part, said he would run any negative test results on the front page. The New York Post, which trumpeted the original charge with a screaming banner headline, ran yesterday's follow-up inside the paper. Drudge said he disclosed the testing "because the DNA chase was happening. The woman was out there making these fantastic claims. . . . The president said he never met her. I reported it all." The brief episode is another reminder that today's technology provides lots of ways for disputed charges to reach millions -- the Star buzz was all over talk radio and the Internet -- even if the major newspapers, network newscasts and magazines choose not to report them. Bunton, who warned last week that the story might be a "hoax," acknowledged that "we did a pretty bad job of keeping this under wraps." But he said the Star only "paid a very nominal amount to take the blood test." Money was clearly the driving force in the Star investigation, just as it was when Hustler publisher and Clinton supporter Larry Flynt bought information about past extramarital affairs that led Rep. Bob Livingston (R-La.) to renounce the House speakership and declare his intention to resign. In most cases, said McManus, "these allegations have been unearthed initially not by investigative reporters but by people with partisan axes to grind, and those people have had to mount a concerted effort to get them into the mainstream media. We have somehow become the perplexed, confused and in some way passive recipients of this flood of allegations." As these various sexual bombshells detonate or implode, journalists may be among the casualties. If they eagerly report the allegations, they are accused of wallowing in sleaze. If they ignore the allegations, they are accused of covering up for one side or the other. If they try to check out the allegations, they are criticized for invading people's privacy. But independent confirmation, followed by a decision on whether to publish, may well be the best course in this unsavory environment. STARR'S COMEBACK The good news for Kenneth Starr is that 69 percent of the on-air evaluations of him during the House impeachment hearings were negative. According to the Center for Media and Public Affairs, which studied the CBS, ABC and NBC evening newscasts, the independent counsel's coverage was even worse -- nearly 85 percent negative -- from late July until he began defending himself at the hearings. During the same period, on-air evaluations of the Republicans were 77 percent negative. As for the president who was being impeached, his evaluations were a mere 62 percent negative. SHALIT MOVES ON Ruth Shalit has left the New Republic and may get into television. Shalit, 28, apologized in 1995 for several instances of plagiarism. 

She is said to have decided that she would always be identified with her past mistakes as long as she remained at the magazine. After "six rich and eventful years," Shalit said, "it's time to move on and do something else. I have been thinking about television and other things." Shalit has had discussions with ABC about a producing job, but a network spokeswoman said there are no plans to hire her. OLD HOME WEEK U.S. News & World Report is welcoming back several alumni who either jumped ship or were pushed overboard when James Fallows was in charge. In his early months as editor, Stephen Smith has hired political columnist Michael Barone, who had left for Reader's Digest; contributing editor Steve Roberts, who will continue to write his column (with wife Cokie) for the New York Daily News; investigative reporter Ed Pound, who had gone to USA Today; and Executive Editor Brian Duffy, who had left for The Washington Post and then the Wall Street Journal. Also signing up as a senior writer is Jodie Allen, former editor of The Post's Outlook section and most recently Washington editor of Slate. The hiring binge isn't over; operators are standing by. NAKED TRUTH A BBC producer has been allowed to keep her job after running around a restaurant in nothing but her socks to win a $165 bet. No film at 11. CAPTION: Kenneth Starr's on-air evaluations during the House impeachment hearings were "only" 69 percent negative -- a better showing than on the evening news.

Tabloid King Altman Answers Critics

Alex Kuczynski of the New York Times raked Roger C. Altman over the coals yesterday for becoming a tabloid tycoon. It's about time somebody did. Roger Altman is not to be confused with the three Robert Altmans who, are, respectively, a celebrated film director, a former law partner to Clark Clifford, and a former Rolling Stone photographer who took these compelling shots of hippies during the 1960s (counterintuitively, it is the lawyer who is married to Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter). Roger Altman is a former deputy treasury secretary and continuing Clinton intimate whose investment company, Evercore Partners, owns American Media, which in turn owns the National Enquirer, the Star, and--most appalling of all, because it is so clearly the most nutty tabloid in America--the Weekly World News.