Monday, October 12, 2015

The most hilarious gun control memes: How gun control advocates protect their yards with idiotic signs; why bombs are clocks, but Pop-Tarts are guns... and more

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) How do gun control advocates protect their yards? By surgically removing the teeth of their dogs and posting "Teeth-Free Zone" signs in their yards.
Or at least that's the proposition of a hilarious new infographic meme from (see below).

I've gathered a few of the most notable infographic memes on the topic of gun control. Why bother with this task? Because behind every mass shooting is a media LIE. Take this most recent Oregon shooting as an example. The mainstream media is reporting the shooter (Christopher Mercer) as a white guy who was a Republican and a white supremacist.

It's all a media lie. In reality, Mercer was mixed-race with an African-American mother (CNN photoshopped his picture to make him look white), and he was a vocal supporter of the Irish Republican Army militant group, not the Republican party of the USA. Mercer was an immigrant from the UK and he was also taking prescription medications while suffering from severe depression. You don't hear any of that in the P.C. mainstream media, do ya?

Just like the hilarious distortion of "facts" by the mainstream media, the arguments of anti-gun people are so ludicrous you just have to laugh at them. So here's the first hilarious gun control meme which takes aim at the idiotic concept of "Gun Free Zones":

The Politically Correct Guide to Leftist Doublespeak

From, check out the "Politically Correct Guide to Leftist Doublespeak," created as a hilarious commentary on the left's wildly shifting definitions of what things really are.

Somehow, a suitcase bomb-looking device is called a "clock," but when a Pop-Tart is shaped into a crude outline of a pistol, that's called a "gun" and gets a child suspended from school.

Note to P.C. bros and other P.C. dweebs: please demonstrate your P.C. idiocy by posting the most insanely rude, aggressive and bullying comments possible after viewing this satire meme, thereby demonstrating your total intolerance for satire and free speech. HINT: This is why comedians don't tour colleges anymore, because P.C. idiocy has turned college students into intolerant, humorless twits:

Now for a more serious tone... he's what happens when governments take the guns away from the citizens

And finally, in the category of human tragedy and genocide, here's an historical photo that's accurately annotated with the truth about gun control.

When governments take guns away from the citizens, it's usually not very long before those citizens are lined up over a ditch and executed by government officers who are "just following orders" (and using guns to commit genocide).

Right now, Obama and the gun control idiots (Michael Moore and Julianne Moore, to name two Moores) can't wait to recreate the above scene in America. In their minds, the people in the ditches should be Republicans, while the government agents committing the genocide should be obedient democrats carrying out Obama's executive orders "for the good of society."

Yep, there's nothing new under the sun, folks. Gun control and genocide has already been tried, and it didn't turn out too well for the Jews...

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