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Posted by George Freund on October 12, 2015          ~ yea fuck~in right ...Huh ! ... go head, give UP yer boom~stick ?

Pensioner has his face sewn back together 'from ear to ear' after being beaten by burglars in his own home

  • Tommy Ward fighting for his life after being savagely beaten during raid
  • He suffered a fractured skull, broken ribs, jaw and finger and a head injury
  • 80-year-old was attacked during raid at home in which £30,000 was stolen


77 year old widow beaten with iron bar

  • Geraldine Winner was hit on the head with an iron bar during the burglary 
  • She was forced to hand over jewellery gifted to her by her late husband
  • The film director's widow was made to endure three hour ordeal as the unidentified burglars rifled through her possessions


These people will never be poster children for the liberal left gun control agenda. President Obama will shed no tears, but this is the reality of being a crime victim. The British took the arms from the people and they made resisting intruders a crime. Mind control must work very well then that we accept the result.In the next case if guns were banned, how did the cop killer get the gun? Those nasty handguns don't exist in private hands. The fallacy of gun control should be obvious but the hue and cry is absent. This is how gun control works in the UK. It works the same everywhere. The fairy tale society promised does not and cannot exist. After the INQUISITION the right to bear arms was put in the British Bill of Rights. Some lessons have to be learned more than once.

Unarmed policeman shot dead by bailed IRA suspect in murder-suicide

  • Tony Golden was shot dead by IRA suspect Adrian Crevan Mackin Sunday
  • Mackin then killed himself as well after killing in Omeath, Co Louth
  • Garda Golden, a father of three, was responding to a domestic row
  • Concerns were for Mackin's girlfriend Siobhan Phillips, whom he shot too

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