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Melinda Gates makes a $375 MILLION donation to the abortion industry to accelerate DEPOPULATION of blacks   ~ hehe along wit ole zucky~man "these" "intell" ...front~men ...r fucking MONSTERS    Oops    ....but fucking ...hey "it's fer the      don't u c ? Image result for evil pic of bill gates

Image: Melinda Gates makes a $375 MILLION donation to the abortion industry to accelerate DEPOPULATION of blacks
(Natural News) At the recent Global Family Planning Summit in London, Melinda Gates, wife of the billionaire leftist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $375 million to organizations that provide contraceptives and abortions over the next four years, according to the U.K.-based magazine Marie Claire.
Although Gates stated that the money would only go towards contraceptives and sex education, explained that such a claim is utterly false. “The fundability of money makes it easier for pro-abortion organizations to provide abortion internationally,” Life News reported. “In other words, every dollar the Gates Foundation gives to Planned Parenthood for distributing birth control or building an abortion-friendly clinic frees up a dollar in Planned Parenthood’s budget to spend elsewhere.”
The fact that Melinda Gates would donate such a large amount to population control efforts is rather unsurprising, considering the fact that both she and her husband have been long time advocates of organizations such as Planned Parenthood. For example, between the years 2009 and 2013, the Gates Foundation reported donating $71 million to Planned Parenthood of America, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Planned Parenthood of Western Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Gates also gave an additional $46.1 million to Marie Stopes International, a British-based organization known for providing what they consider to be “safe abortion services,” in 2012. Planned Parenthood predominantly stations its abortion clinics in African-American neighborhoods, and the vast majority of abortions in America are carried out on African-American women.
In a blog post published in June 2014, Melinda Gates wrote, “Around the world there is a deep, broad, and powerful consensus: We should provide all women the information and tools to time and space their pregnancies in a safe and healthy way that works for them.” Gates went on to say, “In the United States and around the world the emotional and personal debate about abortion is threatening to get in the way of the lifesaving consensus regarding basic family planning.”

Murdering black babies described as “safety” for women

There is something quite odd about how Melinda Gates and other leftists talk about abortion. If you really take the time to listen to what they are saying, nine times out of ten abortion advocates will mention the word “safety.” They argue that they support Planned Parenthood so that women can get access to “safe abortions.” They tell us that they want women to be able to get the abortion procedure done in a “safe and comfortable” environment. One the website for Marie Stopes International, the organization says its provides “contraception and safe abortion services.”
The reality is that when it comes to abortion, it is never safe. When an innocent baby inside the womb is picked apart limb from limb, has it’s skull crushed by a pair of forceps and then is sucked out onto a tray with a vacuum, that is anything but safe.
Sadly, liberals, feminists and abortion advocates do not recognize a fetus to be a separate life form, complete with its own set of lungs, its own brain and its own beating heart. Instead, they routinely label it as “a clump of cells,” which then gives them the green light to treat it as such instead of as a living and breathing human being 
There is also something ironic about an international organization called Planned Parenthood that each and every day performs procedures that destroy the potential for parenthood. Taking the life of an innocent baby simply because it might be an inconvenience isn’t helping women prepare for being a parent, its preventing them from becoming a parent.
As a free citizen of the United States, Melinda Gates has a right to donate her money to virtually any organization that she wants. But just because she has a right to directly or indirectly fund abortion clinics and the horrors that go on inside of these facilities, doesn’t mean it is morally acceptable either.
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Chemotherapy found to activate cancer tumor growth mechanism in the body, MULTIPLYING cancers everywhere, usually killing the patient               ~ these MONSTERS have been doing THIS .....4 how long $?$Image result for evil nazi super science

Image: Chemotherapy found to activate cancer tumor growth mechanism in the body, MULTIPLYING cancers everywhere, usually killing the patient
(Natural News) It is considered the most effective treatment to fight cancer, but chemotherapy can do more harm than good, according to a shocking new study published in Science Translational Medicine.
The extremely aggressive therapy, which kills both cancerous and healthy cells, has been found to increase the chance of cancer cells migrating to other parts of the body. When this happens, the disease is called metastatic cancer, which is the most lethal form.
Chemotherapy gives people the false impression of “curing” the disease. Unfortunately, this is only half of the story. While shrinking primary tumors for some patients in the short term, chemotherapy drugs trigger a mechanism in the body which allows cancer cells to grow back faster and stronger. Most patients receiving chemotherapy are basically trading one cancer for another deadlier form of the disease. Yet, chemotherapy remains the go-to treatment.
For their study, researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York analyzed the effect of common chemotherapy drugs on breast cancer patients. Dr. George Karagiannis and colleagues discovered that two common chemo drugs increased the number of “doorways” on blood vessels. Via these little entry points, cancer cells can easily migrate to the bloodstream and other organs in the body.
Also, additional testing in mice showed more circulating cancer cells in the body and lungs after the drugs were administered. Lead author Dr. George Karagiannis told The Telegraph that given these results, every cancer patient receiving chemotherapy should be closely monitored to check if the disease is spreading.
“One approach would be to obtain a small amount of tumor tissue after a few doses of preoperative chemotherapy,” he said. “If we observe that the markers scores are increased we would recommend discontinuing chemo and having surgery first, followed by post-operative chemo. We are currently planning more extensive trials to address the issue,” Dr. George Karagiannis added.
Though the team’s research only examined the effect of chemotherapy-induced cancer cell growth and spread in breast cancer, they are currently experimenting on other cancers to see if similar effects occur.

Chemotherapy is BIG business

While being no stranger to multi-billion-dollar fines for malpractice, the cancer industry generates higher profit margins than any other industry out there. The industry consists of criminal corporations, organizations, agencies, doctors, and oncologists we are supposed to be able to trust. Unfortunately, these people have no interest in finding a cure or promoting prevention strategies. Some doctors even go as far as to falsely diagnose people with cancer to keep the money flowing.
What’s worse, chemotherapy fails in an estimated 98 percent of all cancer cases, making people sicker than they already are. Since the cancer industry controls the medical world, alternative treatments that can cure thousands of people worldwide without any harmful side-effects are kept hidden from the public.
Since Nixon declared the “war on cancer” in the 1970s, billions of dollars have been granted to chemical cancer research, yet very little has improved. Where did all the money go? And why haven’t we found a cure after all these years? Or is there a cure the medical world is hiding from us?
The truth is, we all have been lied to, allowing the cancer industry to abuse our bodies. Stop falling for the empty promises of a criminal industry and start looking for real, natural solutions. They do exist. Find more information at
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All of you remember Lord James of Blackheath, don't you? Well, in case you've forgotten who he is, he was the British peer who, a few years ago, stood in the House of Lords and gave a most peculiar speech that cited unusual amounts of gold in the world. I wrote about his speech - which was causing something of a minor fuss on the internet at that time - in my book Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations. In fact, I cited much of his remarks, as Hansard reported them, in that book. The upshot of Lord Blackheath's remarks was that he was trying to get to the bottom of how much gold there was in the world, and as a result, contacted acquaintances in the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street (the Bank of England), and was given answers that amounted to approximately 1500 tons. There was, of course, much more to Lord Blackheath's remarks than just that, but that was one of the things that grabbed my attention, for at around the same time, the calls within Germany by Germans to audit their country's gold reserves had reached such a pitch that the Bundesbank decided to begin the process of repratriation of Germany's gold deposits from London, Paris, and most importantly, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Of course, I don't for a moment assume these pressures were the only reason Germany decided to do this. If anything, they were convenient pressures, when the real reasons were probably geopolitical, and growing mistrust between Berlin on the one hand, and London and Washington on the other.
In any case, the amounts being cited by Lord Blackheath were far below even the reported amounts of just German gold allegedly on deposit in New York. And of course, Lord Blackheath himself expressed no considerable mystification at the time at not being able to get any rational approximation from his contacts.
Well, Mr. J.R. found this article and passed it along, and I regard it as so significant in terms of my "high octane speculations" about hidden systems of finance, that I absolutely have to comment on it. Here's the article:
Now, much as I'd like to belabor the moral myopia of helping to smuggle children out of the United Kingdom when one suspects "something might be going on but I did it anyway," I suspect the article itself does a decent enough job of that.
So I will pass on to my high octane speculation of the day by way of a bit more background: my friend and colleague, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban development Catherine Austin Fitts has expressed the opinion - during an interview with Daniel Liszt, a.k.a. the "Dark Journalist" - that the western elites have always admired slavery as a system of economic privilege and control. The problem, she averred, was that the capital could not be "perfected," after all, slaves ran away to pursue a life of freedom and their own economic self interest. Now, however, the means of "perfecting the capital" are available, as the following article suggests:
Most of us, I'm quite certain, who read the second article will have a "John of Patmos moment" contemplating the dire implications of that development.
But if one is running covert human trafficking rings - whether for child sex slavery, adult sex slavery, or other forms of slavery - such technology does allow one to "keep track of the cargo," i.e., to perfect the "capital."
Which brings me chin-to-chin with my...
...High Octane Speculation of the day: For years, in several books, blogs, and interviews, I've maintained that there is in existence a hidden system of finance, whose basic "mechanics" is the trade in bearer securities backed by "gold", and hence, for me, I am of the opinion that the various "bearer bond scandals" are not, in spite of all official protestations to the contrary, easily dismissible as "simple counterfeiting scams." We are assured - at one time even by President Obama himself - that the "securities" recovered during these scandals are completely fake, and that there is absolutely nothing to it. Yet, the same scam is run repeatedly, over and over. As I've observed several times: "one does not counterfeit a seven dollar bill." In other words, even if the "securities" recovered during these scandals are fakes, no counterfeiter would attempt to run the same scam over and over again, unless there was an element of truth lurking somewhere in the center of it. The fact that many of these "securities" are "gold-backed" bearer bonds, takes us back once again to lord Blackheath's mystification a few years ago on the floor of the House of Lords, as recorded in Hansard's. My argument then was, in order to make a hidden system of finance work, and remain off the books, one key mechanism was the physical movement of such "securities."
Further research, however, revealed something else, namely, that the term "gold" often functioned as a codename for drugs, and given the overwhelming size of the underground drug economy as a proportion of the financial system, I also concluded that the "gold" backing these "securities" may not have been exclusively actual bullion, but drugs.
In recent years, however, we've seen an increase of stories about human trafficking and sex-slavery rings, involving every demographic from little children to Siamese women. The extent of these stories has touched every continent, implying that there are world-wide networks involved in this "business," which, given its vast extent, must also comprise an underground economy of considerable size. The Taken series of movies with Irish actor Liam Neeson explores this brutal system in fictional guise. The political purpose of such networks is, of course, rather obvious, for it entangles the rich and politically powerful in compromising activity, which create what Catherine Fitts has described as "control files" to blackmail compliance. With this possibility, one is looking at the implication that such rings are deeply and intimately entangled with the "deep state" and various intelligence agencies, and thus, with my hypothesized hidden system of finance.
Which brings me back to Lord Blackheath, and a final, new, speculation. What if "gold" is code not only for "drugs," but for human "cargo" and "capital", as part of this enormous network? In other words, what if slavery itself is a crucial component of this hidden system of finance? Need laborers to help build all those underground secret installations? If that sounds far-fetched, don't forget that there's precedent: the Nazis did it, and incidentally, they did it within an economic empire being run by the SS, where every unfortunate victim was tagged, tattooed, and numbered as the "capital assets" of the system.
Such a speculation goes a long way, for example, to explain the difficulties facing Vatican bank reform attempts, for if my speculation be true, then that bank would be intimately connected to these "financial activities," and hence, attempts to deal with clergy scandal abuses and Vatican financial reform are not two separate issues, but intimately connected. Just recently, George
Cardinal Pell, who was tasked by Pope Francis to oversee the Vatican budget, has returned to Australia to answer sexual abuse charges.
However, if what I am proposing is true, then the extent of this human trafficking-finance ring will not be confined solely or exclusively to the Vatican: it will be intimately entwined with other large financial institutions. The Vatican might just end up being the (convenient) patsy. The hypothesis might even go a long way to explain one possible reason behind all the mysterious banker deaths and "suicides" of the past few years.                                                 

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The ultimate bioweapon, scientists have developed an Extinction Gene Image result for evil nazi super science

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8th December 2016 Matthew Griffin


Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create, and deliver, Doomsday genes which can selectively target and exterminate entire species

Here’s a question that occurs only to madmen and geneticists…

How do you get a gene that kills a species to spread through a whole population?

You can either make your gene deadly, and therefore impossible to pass on, or not – and make it useless. The solution in the past has been to try to create what are known as “silent” genes that can spread throughout a population with no negative side effects, for example, either introducing a deadly weakness to a man made chemical into a species genome, or creating dormant but deadly genes that can be activated when the right trigger presents itself.

Recently, with the advent of advanced new in vivo gene editing technology, it’s become possible to make genes that seem to defy evolution – and that means we could soon start releasing animals carrying doomsday, or, extinction genes, that spread with astonishing speed and which eventually kill off an entire species, or even entire ecosystems.

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction and nightmares, and many argue that that is where this type of technology should stay.

However, such an animal exists, and it’s currently sitting in a laboratory at Imperial College London. An apocalyptic mosquito carrying a gene that could one day end its entire species. It represents a controversial proposal to end the scourge of Malaria, which kills hundreds of thousands of people each and every year, by wiping out the mosquitoes that spread the disease. It also represents a fundamentally new ability for humanity – the power to easily and selectively snuff out an entire subcategory of life on Earth. And the new name for this technology? Gene Drive.

Sounds rather benign doesn’t it? Except for the fact, when combined with an extinction gene, which for example, in this case introduces sterility into an entire population, it’s anything but.

Gene Drive is a methodology that artificially increases a gene’s inheritance rate – these are found throughout nature, but despite decades of theorising, nobody, until now, and spurred on by the advent of CRISPR, a revolutionary gene editing technique that’s also goes under the moniker of the “Genesis Engine“, had a viable way to harness it.

CRISPR and Gene Editing 101

CRISPR’s “molecular scissors” are actually borrowed from viruses, allowing scientists to swap out one gene in a living organism for another gene, for example a doomsday gene, of their choice, and if you can get your gene spliced into the germ cells of a species then you can guarantee that the new trait will be passed down through the generations – classically, without Gene Drive, you can introduce only a 50% chance.

The chance is 50% because germ cells, like virtually all other cell types in humans and mosquitoes, have two copies of our genome, so when scientists splice in their attack gene, it will end up sitting across from a second, totally normal copy of the gene it just replaced. This means that when the two copies get pulled apart to form the half-genomes of two new, separate sperm cells, only one of those new sperm cells will have the spliced in sequence. The other will carry the same gene it would have, regardless.

So, if the spliced in gene lowers “evolutionary fitness”, then all that will happen is the other half of the offspring will thrive, and, as a result the infected “genetically crippled” individuals will be quickly bred out of the population.

Imperial College’s doomsday mosquito gets around these problems by applying two innovations.

First, it forces itself into 99% of a mosquito’s sperm cells, and thus into 99% of its offspring. It can do this by exploiting the natural process of the genomes proof reading abilities. Once the synthetic gene has been spliced in to replace a target gene, scientists can design the system to intentionally damage the other, natural copy of that target gene. Do enough damage and the cell’s machinery shows up to repair it back to normal. But what’s normal? Well, the DNA double helix provides a template and the repair enzymes end up using the spliced in gene as the guide for what the “natural version” is supposed to look like.

Once the natural version of our gene has been “repaired” into the engineered version, both alleles, or copies, of the gene have the new man made sequence. Now, when the germ cell divides into two sperm cells, both those sperm cells get the modified version of the gene. So now, no matter which of those sperm cells goes on to fertilize an egg, the resulting mosquito will inherit the inserted attack gene. And the germ cells of those offspring get the Gene Drive effect, carrying it on to the next generation, and the next, and the next and so on and so on.

But there’s still a problem. If infected mosquitoes give birth to 99% weakened mosquitoes, then those mosquitoes will simply get bred out by normal individuals from completely separate parents, and the attack will go nowhere. The key to this mosquito “bomb” is that while 99% of offspring get the engineered gene, that gene doesn’t cause any problems when there’s only one copy.

So, try to follow the counting here.

Scientists splice one copy of their experimental gene directly into a germ cell, where it then destroys and replaces the other copy and makes itself into the cell’s sole version of that gene. Then, the germ cell splits into two sperm cells, each of which has one infected copy in its half-sized genome. This infected half-genome then fertilizes a non-infected egg through normal breeding with another mosquito, combining to make a new mosquito with one copy of our synthetic gene, from our infected male’s sperm cell, and one copy of the natural gene, from the uninfected female’s egg cell.

Now, 99% of our infected male’s offspring are infected with a single copy of the gene we inserted, and become carriers who display no adverse effects. Most regular genes spreading through the mosquito population by natural processes have to spread without the Gene Drive ability to power them into 99% of offspring very quickly, meaning that even very advantageous genes won’t be able to spread as fast as our silent, seemingly useless one. With no downside to bias evolution against it, our gene will spread through the population in just a scant few generations.

Eventually, it will reach such a level of saturation in the population that these fully functioning carrier mosquitoes will begin to mate with one another through sheer chance, each donating infected sperm or egg cells 99% of the time, and thus giving rise to virtually all double-infected offspring. It’s these offspring, with both copies of the gene infected from conception, that express the genetic attack. The females of such mating events are completely sterile, while the males are free to continue breeding and passing on the disease.

What this means is that by the time the Gene Drive starts creating a substantial number of sterile, double-infected mosquitoes, the overall population will already have been infected too heavily to breed it out. With Gene Drive to keep the gene spreading in spite of evolution, the process should continue until there are simply no viable female mosquitoes left to breed with. By the Imperial College team’s calculations, this gene drive approach could completely wipe out a population of mosquitoes in as little as 11 generations, or about a year.

To put this into perspective, in this case, this is a genetic modification that wipes out Malaria by wiping out the Mosquito. In human terms you could compare it to wiping out HIV by wiping out humans, and while there are arguments for both sides of the fence the fact that we now have the technology, and the fact, furthermore, that we’ve already used it to create what’s come to be known as the Doomsday Mosquito humanity will find itself in moral and ethical deadlock.

Do you cure the disease that kills millions of people by genetically engineering a species to go extinct? And if we can genetically engineer one species to go extinct then which species is next? Us?

The last one, as terrifying as it might sound isn’t as far fetched as you might think, and governments around the world have already put this “ultimate bioweapon” on their watch list. As our understanding of this technology and this capability advances, and as costs continue to plummet, it is increasingly easy to see how one day a terrorist group could use it to quietly and subtly kill off an entire race, or population, of people. And if you think that that’s a giant leap then worryingly it isn’t.

Thanks to the Human Genome Project we can already identify and categorise individuals with specific traits – everything from the color of their hair to the color of their skin – as well as their evolutionary lineage and thanks to the rise of CRISPR and Synthetic Biology we now have the tools we need to help us create entire artificial genomes from scratch. By 2036, for example, scientists believe that they might even be able to use CRISPR technology to make the worlds first artificial human (ethics allowing, which of course they won’t, or at least ion the short term).

If we have the technology to eliminate an entire species from the face of the Earth – forever, then the only thing preventing us from pulling the genetic trigger is our moral compass and our belief in our ability to control the outcome and the next time there’s a mass extinction event it might not be an asteroid that’s the culprit.

In 2014, the Office of Naval Research began a four year research program, costing approximately four million dollars, to examine premonition and intuition. Dr. Peter Squire (above left), Office of Naval Research (ONR) program manager, expressed to Time that:
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“We have to understand what gives rise to this so-called ‘sixth sense,’ says Peter Squire, a program officer in ONR’s Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare and Combating Terrorism department. Today’s Navy scientists place less emphasis on trying to understand the phenomena theoretically and more on using technology to examine the mysterious process, which Navy scientists assure the public is not based on superstition. “If the researchers understand the process, there may be ways to accelerate it — and possibly spread the powers of intuition throughout military units,” says Dr. Squire. The Pentagon’s focus is to maximize the power of the sixth sense for operational use. “If we can characterize this intuitive decision-making process and model it, then the hope is to accelerate the acquisition of these skills,” says Lieutenant Commander Brent Olde of ONR’s Warfighter Performance Department for Human and Bioengineered Systems. “[Are] there ways to improve premonition through training?” he asks.
These types of phenomena are referred to as parapsychology (psi), often dubbed as pseudoscience within the mainstream. Not many people are aware of the fact that a number of publications have been published for decades showing statistically significant results.  In 1999, a statistics professor at UC Irvine published a paper showing that parapsychological experiments have produced much stronger results than those showing a daily dose of aspirin helps prevent a heart attack. She also showed that these results are much stronger than the research behind various drugs like antiplatelets, for example.
This is obviously serious legit stuff, especially if it’s being researched within the highest levels government, the Department of Defense. This specific research program came from reports within the field, where soldiers have used intuition for various operations.
“These reports from the field often detailed a ‘sixth sense’ or a ‘Spidey’ sense that alerted them to an impending attack…or that allowed them to respond to a novel situation without consciously analyzing the situation.” Commander Joseph Cohn, a program manager at the naval office, told the New York Times.
Even in the Times article, they admit that “If it saved lives, it was real,” and that “Since 1972, CIA and DoD research indications that premonition, precognition, appears to be weak in some, strong in others, and extraordinary in a rare few.”
This is true, and yes, research into these types of phenomena have been ongoing for a long time. This became most evident this year, as well as in 1995 when the US government released Project Stargate files. The files also show that these initiatives are international in scope.
Here is another one titled “Research into Paranormal Ability To Break Through Spatial Barriers”  that touches upon the same thing. This is elaborated on later in the article.
This particular document, which was declassified through a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), outlines specific people with very special abilities and how they’ve been studied by thousands of scientists and governments around the world for a very long time.
The document is on the CIA website, but only seems to be accessible from the Internet Archives, a San Francisco–based nonprofit digital library with the stated mission of “universal access to all knowledge.”
These facts were also outlined in a declassified US Air Force report on teleportation, which was made available through the Federation of American Scientists.
Below is a brief outline of the document:
  • In 1979, a major Chinese science journal, Ziran Zachi (Nature Journal), carried a report on “non-visual pattern recognition” in which numerous accounts of exceptional human body function were confirmed. As a result, an unofficial preliminary organization to study this type of thing under the watch of Nature Journal
  • In 1980, the Journal and the Chinese Human Body Science Association held a parapsychology (remote viewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance and more) conference in Shanghai with participants from over 20 research institutes and universities
  • In 1981, over 100 centres to study children with purported exceptional abilities and mental capabilities were formed with the cooperation of more than 100 formally trained scholars
  • In 1982, the Chinese Academy of Sciences sponsored a public hearing in Beijing that more than 4000 scholars attended regarding cases of parapsychological  abilities within humans. They called for “fair but  strictly controlled” tests to lead to a final judgement. After this happened, two Chinese scientists, Chen Hsin and Mei Lei, gave a speech on it at the joint convention of the Parapsychological Association and the Society for Psychical Research held at Cambridge University.Shortly after that in 1983, “a series of PK experiments with the subject Zhang Baosheng were conducted by 19 researchers led by Prof. Lin Shuhang of the physics department of Beijing Teachers college.”After this became known, as written in the document,  “in 1984, Zhang Baosheng became a full-time subject of the military-run psi research team.”
The document outlines how many of these scholars agreed that the scientific evidence for the ‘paranormal’ was not sufficient enough to make any conclusions. The next point is arguably the most important one disclosed in the document.
One of Zhang’s accomplishments involved moving sealed objects in and out of sealed containers. Which is also listed in the document above.
Is this really that far fetched? After all, at the quantum scale, teleportation has already occurred.
The list goes on and on, and it’s quite large.

If You Want To Learn More About This Type of Thing, Listen To Russell Targ

Russell Targ is a physicist and author, a pioneer in the development of the laser and laser applications, and a co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) investigation of psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s. SRI is a research and development think tank in Menlo Park, California. Called “remote viewing,” his work in the psychic area has been published in Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), and the Proceedings of the American Association the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
The paper published in IEEE before the program went classified was titled “A Perceptual Channel For Information Transfer Over Kilometer Distances: Historical Perspectives and Recent Research.” It presented scientific evidence for the existence of a perceptual capacity channel whereby certain individuals are able to perceive and describe remote data not perceivable to any known sense.
He is author or co-author of nine books dealing with the scientific investigation of psychic abilities and Buddhist approaches to the transformation of consciousness.
TED even banned a talk by the co-founder of a 23-year government research program investigating parapsychology at Stanford Research Institute for the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, Air Force and Army Intelligence, NASA, and others.
“In this $25 million program we used ‘remote viewing’ to find a downed Russian bomber in North Africa, for which President Carter commended us. We found a kidnapped US general in Italy, and the kidnap car that snatched Patricia Hearst. We looked in on the US hostages in Iran, and predicted the imminent release, who was soon sent to Germany. We described a Russian weapons factory in Siberia, leading to a US congressional investigation about weakness in US security, etc. Our scientific findings were published in Nature, The Proc, IEEE, Proc. AAAS, and Proc. American Institute of Physics. I thought a TED audience would find this recently declassified material interesting. And no physics would be harmed in my presentation.” (source/Cancelled TEDx Talk)
You can view it below:

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Coincidences can be a weird thing. Disparate things can display connections which one might have never even thought possible, and it can force us to question just what this reality of ours is trying to say, or if it is all pure randomness. Within the world of strangely connected events, which is often referred to as synchronicity, there can also be darker aspects, wherein death and suffering can hold odd and seemingly improbable connections. What is the meaning behind these macabre connections, and does it have any significance or is it just meaningless chance? It is hard to say, but here we will look at some particular cases of such phenomena.
Many coincidences tied to the specter of death involve siblings or other family members, whose deaths seem to perhaps be tied together by forces we do not yet understand. One recent case comes from Helsinki, Finland in 2002, when it was reported in the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and also by the BBC that two twin brothers had died in quick succession in separate car accidents less than 1.5 km from each other, along the same stretch of highway just outside of the town of in Raahe, around 600 kilometres north of Helsinki. In the first accident, one of the brothers was reportedly riding his bicycle along highway 8 when he was struck down and killed by a passing vehicle. Just 2 hours later the second brother was also hit and killed by a car while trying to cross the highway just a stone’s throw away. At the time of the second accident, the victim supposedly had had no knowledge of what had just happened to his brother just hours before. One police officer at the scene, a Marja-Leena Huhtala, was quoted as saying:
This is simply a historic coincidence. Although the road is a busy one, accidents don’t occur every day. It made my hair stand on end when I heard the two were brothers, and identical twins at that. It came to mind that perhaps someone from upstairs had a say in this.
Another bizarrely coincidental series of family deaths concerning road accidents appeared in Phenomena: A Book of Wonders, by John Michell and Robert J. M. Rickard, and happened in Bermuda in 1975, when a man was fatally hit by a taxi while riding his moped down a busy city street. Exactly one year later, the dead man’s brother was allegedly riding the exact same moped down the same street in the same general location when he too was hit and killed by a taxi. Spookily, it was the same taxi driver, and even more baffling was that the very same passenger happened to be riding in the cab at the time of both accidents.
Bermuda taxis
Car accidents are not the only culprit in these mysterious deaths. In the book Chronogenetics: The Inheritance of Biological Time, by Luigi Gedda and Gianni Brenci, there is the odd case of twin brothers John and Arthur Mowforth, who lived in England just 80 miles away from each other. On May 22, 1975, at exactly the same time, both of the men experienced severe chest pains that saw them brought to two different hospitals, where they arrived at precisely the same time in the evening. Upon arrival, both men soon died of massive heart attacks, and the times of death were discovered to have been mere minutes apart.
Joining the ranks of strange coincidental deaths involving close family members is the story of John Gregory Tierney and his son, Patrick William Tierney, both of whom were involved with the construction of the Hoover Dam, which lies on the Colorado River on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada and Arizona, the reservoir of which provides the Las Vegas Valley with 90 percent of its drinking water. John Tierney was part of an initial team of surveyors involved in the pre-construction work of scouting suitable locations to build the dam. On December 20, 1922, John was caught in a flash flood on the volatile Colorado River, which carried him down the raging river where he would drown. His body would never be recovered. At the time, it was considered to be the first of an official estimate of 96 deaths that would be associated with the dangerous construction project.
Eventually, John’s son, Patrick William Tierney, would find himself working on construction of the Hoover Dam as well, after a desperate search for work during the Great Depression. Tragically, he would die when he fell from one of the massive intake towers on Arizona side of the dam to fatally plummet 320 feet to the ground. What makes this death of particular interest is that not only did it happen on December 20, 1935, which is 14 years to the day when his father had died, but Patrick Tierney would become known as the last known fatality directly linked to the dam’s construction. So here we have a father and son who both died on the same day 14 years apart, on the same project and with one of them being considered to be its first death while the other its last. It is certainly a curious case of dark serendipity. Dennis McBride, director of the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas, has said of the strange case:
The myths you can explain. (They) usually have some basis in fact. Here is a fact that has no explanation. The thing that cannot be explained is the very thing that happened.
Hoover Dam
Moving on into the weird world of macabre synchronicity and death we come to the various cases of assassinations and executions permeated with odd coincidences. One such case is that of King Umberto I of Italy, who on July 29, 1900 sat down to eat at a small restraint in the town of Monza. The meal would get progressively stranger as Umberto talked to the restaurant owner and found that they had a shocking amount of similarities. Besides looking so much alike that they could have been brothers, it soon became apparent that they were both from the same town, both had been born on March 14th, 1844, and they both had a wife named Margherita. On top of all of this, it turned out that the restaurant owner had opened his establishment on the very same day of Umberto’s coronation as the King of Italy. The following day, Umberto learned that this restaurant owner has been senselessly shot dead in the street, and later that day he too would be gunned down in the street by Italo-American anarchist Gaetano Bresci.
Another odd case is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914, an incident that was instrumental in sparking the start of World War I. In June of 1914, Ferdinand, who was heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was travelling through Sarajevo, Bosnia, for the purpose of checking the condition of armed forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On June 28, 1914, Ferdinand was riding in his car along with his wife, Sophie, when they took a wrong turn and were fatally gunned down at point blank range by 19-year-old Serbian extremist and nationalist Gavrilo Princip, who just so happened to have been standing at the street corner and had not planned the attack ahead of time, instead taking the opportunity to kill the Archduke, which would lead to the start WWI. In an odd coincidence, the license plate of Ferdinand’s vehicle read “A III118,” which aligns with the date of the official end of World War 1, Armistice Day, 11/11/18.
Perhaps the most famous assassination of all, which also just so happens to have drawn to itself a wide range of strange coincidences is that of John F. Kennedy, who was shot and killed on November 22, 1963. The assassination itself is already saturated with countless conspiracy theories, but here we will look at the strange synchronicity that has been pointed out between Kennedy and another famous president to be assassinated; Abraham Lincoln. The similarities between the two run the gamut from the intriguing to the paranoid. Besides both being elected to Congress exactly 100 years apart and also becoming president 100 years apart to the day, there is also the fact that they were both shot in the head on a Friday while seated beside their wives by killers who both had three names with a total of 15 letters, who were both detained by police officers named Baker. Additionally, Lincoln was killed while in Box no. 7 of Ford’s Theatre whereas Kennedy was sitting in the 7th car of the motorcade, and both had successors with the name Johnson. The list goes on and on, and there are many extensive lists of the many, many spooky similarities, both sensible a little more conspiratorial floating about.
One of the creepier coincidences between the two is that both seem to have weirdly predicted their deaths in a sense. Lincoln famously said not too long before his assassination, “If somebody wants to take my life, there is nothing I can do to prevent it,” and Kennedy made a similarly darkly portentous statement to his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy. Just hours before his own assassination, Kennnedy reportedly told his concerned wife, “Jackie, if somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?” It is ominous to be sure.
Numerous executions have also been beset with a wide range of coincidences, such as the execution of Jean Marie Dubarry, who was put to death in France on February 13, 1746 for killing his own father. Exactly a century later, on February 13, 1846, another man was executed in the same area, also for killing his father. His name? Jean Marie Dubarry. Just as strange was the execution of three men convicted of murdering a Sir Edmund Berry, and they were hanged on November 26, 1911, at Greenberry Hill in London. Curiously, the three condemned men were named Green, Berry and Hill.
Murders themselves can have moments of startling serendipity. In 1872, Baron Rodemire de Tarazone of France was murdered by a man named Claude Volbonne. Chillingly, the Baron’s father had also been killed 21 years earlier by an unrelated man who was also named Claude Volbonne. More gruesome is the case of the murders of Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford. Although their deaths were a full 157 years apart, the murders bear striking similarities and coincidences. They were both 20-years of age, with even the same exact birthday, and killed on the same day of the year, May 27, in the same general vicinity, with their respective bodies found just 300 yards apart. Both of them had been raped and then strangled to death after going to a dance in a new dress, and in both cases the main suspect was found to be named Thorton, both of whom were eventually acquitted of their crimes.
Other tales of dark synchronicity are harder to classify. Take the case of what has often been termed the “vengeful bullet.” In 1883, a man named Henry Ziegland broke up with his girlfriend, who then became so trapped in despondency that she allegedly killed herself. While this may be tragic, it would normally be the end of the story, but in this case the girl’s brother came looking for revenge, tracking Ziegland down and shooting him with a pistol, who fell to the earth in a spray of blood. Thinking the deed had been done, the killer then took his own life with a shot to the head.
It would turn out that the bullet fired at Ziegland had not killed him, and had in fact just grazed him enough to cause a lot of blood, but very little serious damage. The bullet itself had gone on to become lodged in a tree. Ziegland must have thought at the time that he had cheated death and come out on top, but a peculiar sequence of events would prove that things had merely been postponed. Ziegland turned his attention to the tree with the intention of cutting it down, but so massive was it that he decided to use dynamite to blow it up instead. When the explosives went off, the bullet that had been buried within it for all of this time was flung out at deadly velocity to strike him in the head, killing him just as it had been meant to years before. Perhaps death is not so easily cheated after all.
These are all seemingly very unlikely connections to be sure, and such absurd coincidences have been analyzed and picked apart for years. The main idea usually proposed is that these are just random chance, and that sooner or later there are going to be strange links between events, purely from a statistical standpoint. In this view, these events and details are in fact totally unrelated, and have just happened to have come together by statistical chance. After all, even if something has a million in one chance of happening, with over 7 billion people in the world that still adds up to a lot of weird occurrences. In this sense, extremely improbable events occur frequently, with one statistician named David Hand saying in his book The Improbability Principle, “Extremely improbable events are commonplace,” and another group of researchers saying, “With a large enough sample, any outrageous thing is likely to happen.” It can be seen with the lottery all of the time. Someone will win, and to them it will seem like a miracle, but statistically someone had to win. Then there is the fact that we will discard the usual expected outcomes to latch onto the ones which defy the odds and seem miraculous.
However, is this all just random chance and the effects of probability? There have been many researchers who have questioned whether sheer randomness can explain such synchronicity, including one Bernard Beitman, a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Virginia, who said, “I know there’s something more going on than we pay attention to. Random is not enough of an explanation for me.” There is also the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who spoke at length about synchronicity, and thought there was another force outside of causal effect at work here. He called this the the unus mundus, or one world, which he theorized was a connection between everything and everyone, and that these “coincidences” were actually manifestations of this order and structure to reality as we know it.
So what is it? Can cases such as we have looked at here be chalked up to simple aberrations and the result of the inevitable force of random probability? Is it just that sooner or later strange coincidences are going to pop up? Or maybe we are thinking too much about it. After all, if you take two disparate, random things and look at them for long enough you are bound to be able to find your own connections between them. Or perhaps there are no true coincidences? Perhaps this all has some deeper, profound and underlying meaning, some hint at something that flows through us and connects us on a level we have not even begun to comprehend? Is the universe itself trying to tell us something? These are questions thrown against the fabric of reality itself and so open to interpretation and opinion that it seems unlikely we will ever know for sure what is going on with such tales. Yet one cannot help but wonder if these are merely statistical hiccups or evidence of something far stranger at work.


So many people saw the following article on Zero Hedge and sent it along that I have to blog about it. In fact, I talked about this story in last Thursday's News and Views from the Nefarium (July 27, 2017), and indicated that I regarded this story as so significant that I would probably write my thoughts out in a written blog as well. Here's the story(and brace yourself, it's very long):
Now, what caught my eye were these paragraphs toward the end:
Again, all the Dutch gold is allocated, and yet DNB declared in a newspaper the bar list can't be published because it would cost "hundreds of thousands of euros" - this has appeared to be an embarrassing statement and truly blows DNB's credibility. If DNB doesn't wish to disclose its bar list, for whatever reason, it would have done wise not to comment at all on this issue.
But why all the nonsense? Time to speculate. We'll run through a few scenarios:  
Scenario 1) Publishing a bar list might limit DNB's future flexibility to intervene in financial markets. Currently, DNB hasn't got any gold leased out. But if the bar list would be published, my central bank would be obstructed in future covert leasing activities.
Suppose, the gold price spikes in five months from now. DNB, or multiple central banks in concert, decide to lease out monetary gold in order to calm the physical market. When the leases would be undone several years later, surely the bars returned will not be the ones lend out. Following this scenario, when a bar list is published now it would be inaccurate in a few years time; showing bars that are long gone, and can show up on private gold ETF inventory lists.
If readers question wether central bankers are capable of 'not telling the truth', consider what DNB's Governor said in an interview early 2012 when asked if he would repatriate any gold from the FRBNY. His answer was firm: "No". However, shortly after, DNB started to prepare repatriating by reinforcing its headquarters. A new security barrier was constructed around the compound. DNB confirmed to me this was done to prevent any trucks from crashing the building. Likely, the Governor 'did not tell the truth' in the interview for strategic reasons.
Scenario 2) It's possible the BOE claims to provide its clients gold bar lists and auditing rights, but in reality it doesn't. Meaning, DNB doesn't have a bar list from the BOE that complies with LBMA standards, which forces them to come up with excuses whenever confronted. This scenario could mean custodial gold at the BOE (and FRBNY) has been embezzled.
In 2016 economist Guillermo Barba pressured the Banco de México to publish a gold bar list of the Mexican gold stored at the BOE. In February 2017 Banco de México delivered Barba a list, but it didn't satisfy LBMA standards by far. Surely this was done on purpose, because how the list was distributed can never have been how the BOE keeps it. So prior to distribution parts of the list were edited. Barba pressured Banxico once more and received a new list in March 2017 (click here to download the list). But neither did the new list satisfy LBMA standards! The column in the list that reads "serial number", doesn't disclose the serial numbers physically inscribed on the bars, which makes them uniquely identifiable, but shows the BOE's internal numbering. In my opinion Barba was fooled twice by Banxico. Or Banxico was fooled twice by the BOE.
In July 2014 the Australian central bank (RBA) published its bar list of gold stored at the BOE due to intense efforts by gold blogger Bullion Baron. But alas, the RBA gold bar list does not disclose unique serial numbers (click here to download).
Now, note that in addition to Germany making some efforts just a few years ago not only to audit its gold reserves on deposit in foreign central banks, chiefly the Bank of England, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (BOE and FRBNY respectively), a move which was quickly followed by Hugo Chaves in Venezuela, we may now add, as much more recent participants, parties in The Netherlands, Australia, Mexico, and(if one reads a little farther), Ireland.
In each case, what results are "lists that are not lists", without serial numbers, and so on. This is not coincidence, folks; it's a pattern. As the above quotation makes clear, there could be sound policy reasons for this, as outlined in "Scenario 1", but it also provides an opportunity for massive fraud and embezzlement as outlined in "Scenario 2", which has always been my suspicion.
After all, if one is dealing with a central banking system where there is no clear accounting mechanism and an apparently evident but unwritten policy to avoid it, the opportunity arises to use gold over and over again - to rehypothecate it - almost endlessly. And that, of course, is fraud.
But then we read the following paragraphs a little further on:
There is proof FRBNY clients have not been able to audit their gold in New York, at least not in 2007. The German Bundes Rechnungshof released a report in 2012 on the safety of the German gold abroad. Although the report is heavily redacted, on page 10 we read German auditors were not allowed entrance in the FRBNY gold vault to inspect their precious metals, nor were any other clients:
A possibility for the owners to physically record the holdings of their gold is not provided in the terms and conditions. According to the FRBNY, it's a long-term practice not to allow the owners to inspect their assets in the interest of a safe working and control process. It has confirmed to the Bundesbank that these conditions for gold custody also apply to all other clients that store gold at the FRBNY.
 In response to repeated requests from the internal auditors of the Bundesbank, their representatives were given the opportunity to enter the vault system in June 2007 to get an impression of the safety precautions. However, the employees were not given access to the vault compartments, but only to an entrance hall. An examination of gold was therefore not possible.
 [Four redacted paragraphs follow]
Clearly the Germans were blocked from auditing their metal, and for decades all FRBNY clients had suffered the same fate. Not surprisingly, after the developments between the OeNB, BOE, Bundesbank and FRBNY both European central banks decided to repatriate significant shares of their gold stored overseas. And both repatriate over the course of multiple years, which accentuates the friction between the custodians and their clients. (Emphasis added by me.)
As I stated in my News and Views from the Nefarium last Thursday, this practice has apparently been going on for a very long time, for it recalled a curious incident recorded by the inter-war president of the German Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht, in his memoirs. There Schacht recounts a personal visit to the New York Federal Reserve in 1928, where his personal friend, Benjamin Strong, was in charge. Asking to see the Reichsbank's gold deposits while on a tour of the vaults, the staff of the bank, embarrassed, reported that they could not locate it! Schacht then records that he smiled at his friend Strong, and said words to the effect that it was "ok" and that he "knew" the bank was "good for it."
As I have argued in Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, the shenanigans in the interwar period with gold included taking a considerable store of gold from Chiang Kai-Shek's Nationalist China. After these curious incidents, decades later, we saw the emergence of the "Morgenthau" Federal Reserve(d) bonds, allegedly made in 1934, and without Henry Morgenthau's - Franklin Roosevelt's Secretary of the Treasury - knowledge. Roosevelt, of course, confiscated everyone's gold. I've always thought that these were the first initial steps in the establishment of a covertsystem of finance, steps that would be greatly augmented after World War Two. (The Morgenthau "bonds", incidentally, and as I'm sure regular readers here are well aware, have always been denounced by official circles as being entirely fraudulent.)
What all of this suggests to me, in today's high octane speculation, is that this system is being defended by every artifice imaginable. But it may not be possible to do so much longer, for as I also suggested in Thursday's News and Views, and as I have remarked in other blogs and News and Views, there now appears to be a covert economic war taking place between the "Anglosphere" and Europe. In this respect, last year's BREXIT vote and more recent US policy decisions and statements may be a part of this economic warfare between the US-Aglosphere and the European Union(read, Germany). If that is the case, the German audits, studies, and recent comments from Merkel's government - even to the point of threatening counter-sanctions against the USA - appear to be a component of the unwinding of this system.
Whether these speculations be true or not, something is happening, and the central banks of the west appear to be involved in a system-wide practice of evasion and obfuscation at a fundamental level.
That should give everyone pause.           

Friday, July 28, 2017

Even though this may not come as a surprise to most of you, it is still something that is happening all around us, all the time, and right under our noses: Google is quietly recording everything we do, from conversations we have over the phone and texts to videos we send and create over webcams and camera phones. As if that weren’t enough, they are even tracking our movements and logging every place we visit.

The question then becomes, is this something innocent civilians need to be concerned about? Many people argue that since they have nothing to hide, being surveilled in this way doesn’t bother them. But regardless of whether we ‘deserve’ to be watched or not, isn’t this also a HUGE invasion of privacy?
Or is this simply part of the bargain when we willingly put our personal information, photos, and conversations online via social media?
The fact of the matter is that Google has a record of all of this, so you could theoretically listen to conversations you had years ago. Weird. If you knew that this had been happening while it was happening, would you still have been fine with it? If you had been given a choice to have these things recorded or not, what would you have chosen?
This raises obvious and disturbing parallels to the thought police in George Orwell’s classic 1989. At what point do we decide that enough is enough and demand our privacy? To do so, would it mean giving up our precious smartphones, which have become completely engrained into who we are and how we experience each other and the world around us? How much do we value privacy? Or is it a value?
As Snowden has said, “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”
It’s a valid point. He is responsible for exposing a lot of digital privacy information to U.S. citizens, and if it weren’t for him, many of us wouldn’t even know that the NSA was literally recording our every move, including things we were led to believe were private. Intimate conversations with loved ones, personal discussions with family members, silly jokes that could potentially be taken out of context — anything you say that is technically against the U.S. government could see you labelled as a terrorist, according to the Patriot Act.
Keep in mind that Google specifically claims this information is never used against you, but merely recorded for your best interest and to enhance your online experience. This begs the question, why not give us the option? If this is solely for our benefit, why not promote this feature and have users sign up for the specific functions they want and leave those they don’t? Yes this is public information, but how many people really know about it and how to access it? Having this information technically available to the public but not realistically accessible or publicized is much like hiding in plain sight.
Google now processes, on average, over 40,000 search inquiries every second, which translates to 0ver 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, worldwide. The data collected from these searches is stored for each individual who conducted them. You can find out a lot about a person from their search history. Through analyzing this data, companies can then steer the results in a particular direction and the entity that is the internet could effectively influence the world. More specifically, Google could predict the future based on trends.
This information is often tied directly to location data retrieved from the device being used. This means that not only does the search engine know what your interests are, but also how they manifest and relate to where you are at any given moment. To some, perhaps many, this could be a good thing. Having your phone pop up and tell you about all the cool things that are in close proximity to where you are based on your accumulated interests at any given moment could be useful.
Let’s not forget Google’s motto: “Don’t Be Evil.” Of course, this could be a great way of simply being ‘not evil.’ But as to whether or not they are using this accumulated information for their best interest at the cost of your privacy is up to you, and luckily, you do have the option to turn all of this tracking and recording off.
If you would like to turn off this tracking, please check out the following steps provided by the Free Thought Project:
  • You can start this eye-opening journey by heading to Google’s history page and looking at the long list of recordings. The company has a specific audio page as well as their record of where you’ve been on the internet.
  • If you’ve never disabled the feature, you will see a list of audio recordings, even some done outside of the Google app, as well as a transcript of the audio Google has converted to text.
  • What we recommend is after scrolling through Google’s recordings of your search history, delete them all and disable the functions.
  • To delete particular files, you can click the check box on the left and then move back to the top of the page and select “delete”. To get rid of everything, you can press the “More” button, select “Delete options” and then “Advanced” and click through.
  • The easiest way to stop Google recording everything is to turn off the virtual assistant and never to use voice search. But that solution also gets at the central problem of much privacy and data use today – doing so cuts off one of the most useful things about having an Android phone or using Google search.
*Please note, just because you turn off this tracking and recording feature on Google does not mean that you won’t continue to be tracked, recorded, and followed. The safest way to avoid this is to leave your smartphone at home from time to time, and cover your camera and mic on your webcam, computer, and smartphone. It is important to note that many Smart TVs also have these recording functions for audio and video, so if you are concerned about your privacy, be sure to unplug them when not in use.
Much Love