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Top 1% Own 39% Of All Global Wealth: Hoarding Soars As We Hurtle Toward Economic Oblivion

Little Boy - Poverty In Africa - Photo by Herman PietersAccording to a study that was just released by Boston Consulting Group, the wealthiest one percent now own 39 percent of all the wealth in the world.  Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent only own 1 percent of all the wealth in the world combined.  The global financial system has been designed to funnel wealth to the very top, and the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to expand at a frightening pace.  The global elite continue to hoard wealth and heap together enormous mountains of treasure in these troubled days even though the economic suffering around the planet continues to grow.  So exactly how have the global elite accumulated so much wealth?  Well, one of the primary ways is through the use of debt.  As I have written about previously, there is about 190 trillion dollars of debt in the world but global GDP is only about 70 trillion dollars.  Our debt-based global financial system systematically transfers wealth from us and our governments into the hands of the global elite.  And of course the gigantic banks and corporations that the elite control are constantly gobbling up everything of value that they can find: natural resources, profitable small businesses, real estate, politicians, etc.  Money, power, ownership and control are becoming very, very tightly concentrated at the top of the food chain, and that is a very dangerous thing for humanity.  When too much money and power gets into too few hands, it almost always results in tyranny.
What will eventually happen when the global elite have ALL the wealth?
Will the rest of us work as serfs in a system that they have iron-fisted control over?
And what if they decide that they don't really need billions of people working for them?  Will they decide to implement population control measures in order to reduce the number of "useless eaters"?  It is already happening in China and other highly centralized societies.
When all of the economic rewards of a society go to a very small handful of people, it tends to be very destabilizing.  We have seen this again and again throughout history.
When people have everything taken away from them and they have nothing left to lose, they tend to become very desperate.  And right now we are rapidly hurtling toward a time of great global instability.  Anger and frustration are growing all over the globe, and the rate at which the gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening seems to be accelerating.  Just check out these numbers...
-The wealthiest 1 percent of the global population now owns 39 percent of all the wealth on the planet.
-According to a report that was released last summer, the global elite have up to 32 TRILLION dollars stashed in offshore banks around the planet.
-According to a study conducted by Credit Suisse, the bottom two-thirds of the global population owns just 3.3% of all the wealth.
-A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research discovered that the bottom half of the world population owns approximately 1 percent of all global wealth.
-It is estimated that the entire continent of Africa only owns approximately 1 percent of the total wealth of the world.
-Approximately 1 billion people throughout the world go to bed hungry each night.
-If you can believe it, more than 3 billion people currently live on less than 2 dollar a day.
In the world that we live in, money equals power.  And the more money that the top one percent accumulate, the more power they will accumulate as well.
So exactly who are the top one percent?  I discussed this at length in my previous article entitled "Who Runs The World? Solid Proof That A Core Group Of Wealthy Elitists Is Pulling The Strings".  The global elite are absolutely obsessed with power and control and they have been working to implement their agenda for a very long time.  In the end, they hope to unite the entire planet under a monolithic global system that they control.  They are actually quite open about this - it is just that most people do not want to believe it.
The gap between the wealthy and the poor is rapidly growing in the United States as well.  Sadly, this means that the middle class is steadily disappearing as the ranks of those that are living in poverty continues to increase.
But of course not everyone is doing badly in the U.S. right now.  In fact, those that own stocks have had lots of reasons to celebrate in recent months.
So who owns stocks?
Well, the wealthy do of course.  In fact, approximately 60 percent of all individually held stocks are owned by the top 5 percent of all Americans.
During the last recession, Americans lost 16 trillion dollars of wealth.  Since then, about 45 percent of that wealth has been "recovered", but the vast majority of that "recovery" has been due to rising stock prices.  The following comes from a recent Washington Post article...
From the peak of the boom to the bottom of the bust, households watched a total of $16 trillion in wealth disappear amid sinking stock prices and the rubble of the real estate market. Since then, Americans have only been able to recapture 45 percent of that amount on average, after adjusting for inflation and population growth, according to the report from the St. Louis Fed released Thursday.
In addition, the report showed most of the improvement was due to gains in the stock market, which primarily benefit wealthy families. That means the recovery for other households has been even weaker.
“A conclusion that the financial damage of the crisis and recession largely has been repaired is not justified,” the report stated.
Once upon a time, the United States had the largest and most thriving middle class in the history of the world.  That was a great thing.  But now the middle class is being destroyed and government dependence has surged to an all-time high.
The following are some of the incredible statistics that show how wide the gap between the wealthy and the poor in America is becoming...
-The wealthiest 1 percent of all Americans now own more than a third of all the wealth in the United States.
-In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.
-According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.
-The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have as much wealth as the bottom one-third of all Americans combined.
-On average, households in the top 7 percent have 24 times as much wealth as households in the bottom 93 percent.
-Between 2009 and 2011, the wealth of the bottom 93 percent of all Americans declined by 4 percent, while the wealth of the top 7 percent of all Americans increased by 28 percent.
-The poorest 50 percent of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.
-The top 0.01% of all Americans make an average of $27,342,212.  The bottom 90% make an average of $31,244.
For much more on how poverty is rising and the middle class is being destroyed, please see my recent article entitled "22 Facts That Prove That The Bottom 90 Percent Of America Is Systematically Getting Poorer".
Obviously we have a huge problem here.
With each passing day, poverty is rising and more people are becoming dependent on the government.
So what is the solution to this mess?
Please feel free to voice your opinion by posting a comment below...
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UK: Soldier Killing Suspect Approached by MI5 to Become Informer

Western politicians have far more blood on their hands than the young Africans

Two British-Nigerians frightened the great former colonial empire to death by nearly beheading a soldier, in London. Yet British and other western politicians have far more blood on their hands than the young Africans. “This killing was no more awful than those committed by the military from the U.S. or other NATO nations.”
If terrorism can be defined as the wanton killing of innocent people, then there are many terrorists around the globe. Most of those terrorists are not members of al-Qaeda, al-Shabab or other organizations whose names the corporate media repeat ad nauseam. Neither are they the often decried “homegrown,” “lone wolves” or “free lancers.” Instead they are the otherwise respected presidents, prime ministers and cabinet secretaries who serve the governments in the so-called civilized nations of the world. The killing and maiming they are responsible for is swept under the rug, known only to those who survive their acts of aggression.
It is important to keep these facts in mind after the killing of a British soldier near his barracks in Woolwich, London. Lee Rigby was first run over by a car and then hacked to death by two men who immediately took responsibility for the killing. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale calmly spoke to witnesses whorecorded them blood soaked and armed with knives and meat cleavers.
The howls of outrage spread from the U.K. to the U.S. The deed was called depraved, sick, disgusting, savage, horrifying, etc. Those adjectives are in fact correct but this killing was no more awful than those committed by the military from the U.S. or other NATO nations. Lee Rigby was decapitated in Woolwich but bombs and bullets decapitate. Babies in Fallujah, Iraq are born without heads because of the lingering effects of depleted uranium. In Gaza, the Israelis terrorize a civilian population with impunity, killing men, women and children, sometimes killing entire families who are all defenseless.
In the now famous Collateral Murder video revealed by Wikileaks, American troops can be seen running over and crushing an Iraqi they had just shot to death. The soldiers killed eight people in total, two of whom were journalists. They also shot two children and killed their father. Former American soldier Ethan McCord tells the story of what he witnessed that day. “One guy’s head was off, the top of his head was completely off and his brains were on the ground and the smell, the smell still haunts me every day. I don’t know how to describe it.” Rigby faced the same fate as the men killed by American troops. He was no more deserving of such a fate, but his death isn’t any worse.
Not only is it important to acknowledge the terror committed by the governments that consider themselves so aggrieved, but there are crucial questions about the killers themselves which need answering. Just as in the recent Boston marathon bombings, the suspects had repeated contacts with their nation’s intelligence service.
One of the suspects in the Woolwich killing, Michael Adebolajo, was arrested in Kenya in 2010 as a suspected al-Shabab fighter. He told friends and family that he was tortured by Kenyan security before being deported back to Britain. After he returned home he and his family were approached numerous times by MI5 in an effort to enlist him as an informer. One of Adebolajo’s friends, Abu Nusaybah, was arrested at the BBC’s studios after giving an interview about his friend’s experiences.
Adebolajo’s family describes him as a man who came home forever changed and who attempted to get legal help to stop the harassment against him. The MI5s and the FBIs of the world are often given too much credit as creators of grand conspiracy. Sometimes they just screw up. Apparently MI5 is no more competent than their counterparts in the United States but like them they are protected by powerful people. The world will hear very little if anything about Adebolajo and MI5.
There are young men who go to Somalia to help defend it from the onslaught of violence committed against it by western nations. The United States conspired with Ethiopia to invade that country and in the process killed thousands of people. Al-Shabab might be labeled terrorist in the capitals of the west, but they have not created the blood bath in Somalia. The respected presidents and prime ministers get the blame for those atrocities.
Violence does beget violence but the violence committed by the state is supported by the media and sadly by the masses of uninformed people. There are now protests in Britain not about that government’s complicity in the destruction of Iraq or Libya but about Lee Rigby. Rigby deserves protest but so do the victims of western state terrorism. As long as there is injustice with impunity there will be what we call terrorism. Yet it should be remembered that terror comes in all sizes but the worst and biggest isn’t created by any “lone wolf” but by politicians elected to office.
Margaret Kimberley‘s Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

Julius Richard Petri Google Doodle The Coming Pandemic

Posted by George Freund on May 31, 2013 at 6:15 PM

This Google Doodle is very straight and to the point. In can be summarized in one all encompassing word - PANDEMIC! Julius Richard Petri was a German microbiologist. He was a major originator of the 19th century. He devised a shallow dish from which cultures of viruses and bacteria could be grown. He studied at the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society in its many manifestations was the devil's due in military research by German scientists for WWI and WWII. The connotations here are beyond dispute. The NWO is in serious trouble. The false flag pandemic isn't working as it was expected. People have seen through the mind control operations. Many were conducted very poorly and the faults were examined from the very beginning. Whether that be the multiple shooters escaping Sandy Hook, the fake casualties at the Boston bombings, the obvious framing of patsies and elimination of witnesses to the latest beheading in London being clearly revealed as an academy award performance. Those with eyes to see are seeing and speaking to those with ears to hear. The Illuminists have lost too much ground to get us to submit to their one world police state through psychological operations. The pandemic card is about to be played.

Their hand has been revealed in the Illuminati card game. All the events of the last few years have been shown. From the Gulf oil spill to 9/11 and the Japan earthquake and tsunami our fortunes have been linked to the cards in this deck. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society, of course, has the broad support of the Rockefeller Foundation. They mean to have their way even if they have to kill most of us to get it.

You see their master plan after all. Your best defence is, of course, to change the channel. However, the mind control has been applied copiously all through your life. The mass populace is addicted to it. They have spent most of their lives never once contemplating an independent thought. It shakes their soul to the root to be a free thinker able to program their minds away from the matrix of controlled opinion. It takes a little courage to be different. It takes even more faith. Once one becomes adept at seeing through the lies, one gets to revile what they do and a return to previous patterns is no longer possible. We see clearly. We take for granted the corporate media is selling the best lie that will be accepted by the most people. Isn't that what Satan is - the great deceiver.

The other thing about the Petri doodle is the rings. One is immediately taken by the similarity of the rings of Petri dishes and the Olympic rings of the Olympic flag. The rings were said to represent the union of the continents. In a future pandemic there will be a terrible union of same. Conspiracy lore anticipated a deadly pathogen being released at the Olympics to be taken to the four corners of the earth by the participants. However, this pandemic is desired to occur as soon as possible. The Illuminists would most likely desire to use SARS which is a development of ARS a bioweapon developed for the Korean war. It was released in China to captivate the commie hordes. The NWO does not play nice.

The color coding of the continents is not specific to the colors in the Google doodle. However, you can let your imagination run wild and speculate which ones they represent. As an Australian billionaire opined, it is the inferior breeding races they wish to eliminate. Good Nazis don't change their swastikas. And you were suckered by the rationale for gun control. It is about CONTROL not guns. It is about the seizure of assets and the elimination of the holders of those assets. The massacres were false flag attacks to wage psychological warfare on the people to get them to beg for a police state. It was brilliant strategy, but we're aware of the tricks you fools. Now they'll up the ante to bio warfare and make us surrender in fear to the pandemic. Review your herbs and natural products. No one who worked in the cinnamon factories got the 1918 flu. HINT. HINT. To the NWO globalists you have met your match. We are informed. We are awake. We are changing the channel. It is just a matter of time. Surrender now and we may negotiate terms for you punishment. Play the PANDEMIC card and your demise will be the fate of the uncontrolled mob seeking revenge. That is the way the karma wave turns. Ask Il Duce.

It's the meat hook when the masses catch up with you.

Brooklyn DA 'arrested' people and held them until they testified in 'private jail system'

Brooklyn DA 'arrested' people and held them until they testified in 'private jail system'

  • Charles Hynes's office is said to have held witnesses in locked hotel rooms
  • Witnesses were stripped to their underwear, says one former employee
  • Claims made by Joel Rudin, lawyer for man wrongfully convicted of murder
By Helen Lawson
Brooklyn's District Attorney Charles Hynes has been accused of using hotel rooms as 'private jails'
Brooklyn's District Attorney Charles Hynes has been accused of using hotel rooms as 'private jails' in a lawsuit
Brooklyn's District Attorney has been accused of using locked hotel rooms as 'private jails' to interrogate witnesses and pressure them into giving false testimony in court.
The office of Charles Hynes is said to have routinely held trial witnesses against their will, according to new court papers filed by a lawyer representing a man suing for $150million for a wrongful murder conviction.
In court papers, Joel Rudin said: 'Hynes's office was running a private jail system where witnesses were illegally interrogated and forcibly detained indefinitely.'
The papers were filed in connection with a lawsuit by Rudin's client Jabbar Collins, who spent 15 years in jail for the murder of a Brooklyn rabbi.
His conviction was overturned when it emerged that key prosecution witnesses had been coerced into giving false testimony by prosecutors and police.
During a deposition, former DA's office employee Christopher Salsarulo described how witnesses were treated during their detention.
He said: 'Once they're handcuffed, they're in their underwear and you speak to them a little bit more, "Are you going to fight us? You like pants?"'

'You know, if that's the case, if they’re compliant, we dress them and give them water, whatever they need so they would be comfortable.'
Rudin also highlighted evidence from paralegal Liz Fitzgerald, who said that prosecutors' signatures on arrest warrants were forged by paralegals on their behalf, which is illegal.
He wants Hynes and prosecutor Michael Vecchione to face a deposition over the allegations, reports the New York Times.
The judge who overturned Collins' conviction for the 1995 murder of Abraham Pollack said Vecchione had threatened a heroin addict with physical harm and prosecution if he did not testify for the prosecution.
The hotel room interrogations are said to have taken place during the 1990s, reports the New York Daily News.

Witnesses were arrested, held under armed guard and not allowed to make phone calls or receive visitors.
They were also taken to the DA's office instead of a court in some cases, according to three former employees who have testified against the city.
The lawsuit claims that prosecutors 'would gain the involuntary custody of witnesses from which he would coerce false statements and testimony'.
Jerry Schmetterer, a spokesman for the Brooklyn DA's Office, told the New York Post: 'It is not - nor was it ever - the practice of this office to hold people in hotel rooms against their will without judicial intervention.'
In a statement, the city’s law department said: 'Mr Rudin’s hyperbolic characterizations of various alleged practices in the Brooklyn DA's office are irresponsible and absurd. Our court papers fully address the legal issues.'

Access Hollywood: Detailing A Hollywood Mogul's Connections To The White House

from the modern-politics dept

There's been plenty of talk about how the Democratic Party is strongly supported by Hollywood -- and MPAA boss Chris Dodd famously threatened politicians that Hollywood might not fund their campaigns if they didn't support SOPA. So it's quite interesting to see Mother Jones' detailed analysis of Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg's strong support of President Obama's last campaign. There's a lot of nuance in there, so this is not just a case of clear tit-for-tat political funding in exchange for political favors. The article states multiple times that Katzenberg doesn't really seem that focused on getting anything back for his efforts and money.
Katzenberg has said he wants nothing, personally or professionally, in exchange for his support of the president, and DreamWorks' DC agenda is hard to glean: The studio has no lobbyists and is not part of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).
Later in the article, it notes that Chris Dodd asked Katzenberg to speak to Obama to find out his stance on SOPA in January of 2012, which was "mortifying" for Dodd, since Dreamworks is not a member of the MPAA. Katzenberg, who did support SOPA, still refused Dodd's request, but then did help to "soothe the egos" of other studio heads after Obama came out against SOPA, to make sure they kept funding him. As the article notes: "In the end, Katzenberg chose to help Obama win over his industry rather than helping his industry win over Obama."

Obama officials say they respect Katzenberg not only for his fundraising, but also because he has no specific "ask"—no ambassadorship to Switzerland, no regulatory tweak, no nights in the Lincoln Bedroom.
While that's good, the article does make clear two things: (1) even if he's not asking for anything specifically, he does have incredible clout, (2) the administration seems to want to keep wider Hollywood happy anyway, knowing that it will keep Katzenberg happy. In other words, even if Katzenberg's own motives are entirely pure, the possibility of policy pandering to him and his friends is high.
Obama takes Katzenberg's calls, and he and his political adviser, Andy Spahn, visited the White House almost 50 times between them during Obama's first term. (Not all of Spahn's visits had to do with Katzenberg.) It has also left him well positioned to advocate for his industry's and his company's interests in China's booming film market.
And, of course, lots of Democratic politicians now want to curry favor with Katzenberg and his friends, whether or not he asks for it.
Adds Paul Begala: "Every Democrat who has presidential ambitions is now going to beat a path straight for Jeffrey's door. Or they're too dumb to be president."
The end result, of course, are favorable deals even if they don't ask directly.
Yet it is hard to deny that he—along with Hollywood as a whole—has benefited from his connections. In the 2012 fiscal-cliff fight, for instance, the White House insisted Congress preserve a $430 million tax break for film studios that keep production jobs in the United States.
But, the much bigger deal, as the article explains, is how the administration, led by Joe Biden (of course), has helped clear the way for the Chinese market.
In July 2011, ahead of a trade visit to China, Vice President Joe Biden met with industry leaders who asked him to press their case. Biden, too, returned empty-handed. Seven months later, Xi Jinping, then China's leader-in-waiting, made his first official visit to America. On hand to greet him was Katzenberg, who scored a seat next to Xi at a State Department luncheon.

Later that week, Xi and Biden traveled to Los Angeles, and Katzenberg joined them for lunch with Gov. Brown. Biden spent the day pushing Xi on the film quota and profit sharing disputes. The White House wanted to bump the studios' portion from 13 percent to 27 percent, but as the negotiations intensified, Biden asked Katzenberg and Disney CEO Bob Iger what they could live with. Then Biden made Xi a new offer: 25 percent. Xi agreed, and he also said China would let in 14 more foreign-made 3-D and IMAX movies each year.

Katzenberg was simultaneously working on a $350 million deal to open Oriental DreamWorks, a new animation studio in Shanghai—and it couldn't happen without Xi's approval. That same day, at a US-China economic forum held at a downtown LA hotel, Katzenberg officially unveiled the project—and proudly announced that it now bore Xi's personal endorsement.
Having the VP of the US personally negotiate a huge deal like that for you is certainly a nice side benefit.

There's a lot more in the profile, which is really worth reading in full. It seems pretty clear that, unlike some who donate heavily, it really doesn't seem like Katzenberg is funding Obama because he wants something back directly, but rather because he believes in Obama himself. But what's most interesting to me is that, even if that's the case, the end results are almost still the same thing. Even without specific policy desires or asks, because of the money on the line, politicians (especially those vying for that money in the future) often feel they need to heed the general desires of the industry in order to keep that money flowing. That, alone, at least gives the appearance of corruption. Or, as Larry Lessig has called it repeatedly, "soft corruption." It's not the out and out bribery that many people think, but rather the overall set up that generally incentivizes behavior in the direction that favors the funders, even if it's at the expense of the public.

Of course, in the end what this comes down to, as always, is the issue of money and politics, and how it turns a democratic process into one in which those with more dollars have a lot more power and say. And that's still a big problem.

Meet the New George Soros

The aging, mostly hands-off Soros is still the right's biggest bogeyman. Conservatives should pay more attention to Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Japan halts imports of U.S. wheat after USDA's shock finding of genetic pollution from GMOs

Originally published May 31 2013

Japan halts imports of U.S. wheat after USDA's shock finding of genetic pollution from GMOs

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) It has already begun: Japan has just cancelled a large contract to purchase U.S. wheat. "We will refrain from buying western white and feed wheat effective today," Toru Hisadome, a Japanese farm ministry official in charge of wheat trading, told Reuters.

As many readers well know, I predicted precisely this scenario just yesterday in a Natural News article warning about the consequences of genetic pollution. There, I wrote, "All wheat produced in the United States will now be heavily scrutinized -- and possibly even rejected -- by other nations that traditionally import U.S. wheat. This obviously has enormous economic implications for U.S. farmers and agriculture."

Now we're already seeing the result: the ditching of U.S. wheat by world nations that want nothing to do with GMOs.

Monsanto is a ticking time bomb for U.S. agriculture

This proves, without any question, that Monsanto's genetic experiments which "escaped" into commercial wheat fields are now going to devastate U.S. wheat farmers. Expect the floor to drop out on wheat prices, and watch for a huge backlash against the USDA by U.S. farmers who stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars on this.

As the USDA has now admitted, Monsanto's GMO experiments from 1998 - 2005 were held in open wheat fields. The genetically engineered wheat escaped and found its way into commercial wheat fields in Oregon (and possibly 15 other states), causing self-replicating genetic pollution that now taints the entire U.S. wheat industry.

"Asian consumers are keenly sensitive to gene-altered food, with few countries allowing imports of such cereals for human consumption," writes Reuters. It continues:

Asia imports more than 40 million tonnes of wheat annually, almost a third of the global trade of 140-150 million tonnes. The bulk of the region's supplies come from the United States, the world's biggest exporter, and Australia, the No. 2 supplier.

Another incredible Monsanto achievement: the genetic contamination of the U.S. wheat supply

Nice job, Monsanto. You've managed to spew your genetic pollution across the fields of innocent U.S. farmers who are now going to lose huge sums of money due to the reject of U.S. wheat by all the other world nations that refuse to feed their populations GMO.

And a big thumbs up to the USDA, too, for screwing U.S. farmers by green-lighting open-field GMO experiments that we all warned were going to result in runaway genetic pollution. The USDA, of course, is the official cheerleading squad for Monsanto's criminal "science" that we all know is a total fraud. How do these scientists now suggest this self-replicating genetic pollution be put back into the black box from which it emerged?

It can't be done, of course. So now the entire future of the U.S. wheat supply is at risk thanks to Monsanto and the USDA. Nice one, folks. Score another victory for the scumbag destroyers in Washington D.C. and the greed-driven executives at our favorite corporation, Monsanto.

And remember: Genetically modified wheat is only the beginning. Monsanto has no doubt unleashed genetic pollution across many other crops as well. We're now living in an age where Monsanto is essentially ejaculating its patented seed across all the farms of America, then claiming to "own" the contaminated crops. What a wonderful image of corporate responsibility and service to humankind. I can't wait to see what other U.S. crops will be rejected by world nations due to Monsanto's genetic pollution.

Sources for this story include:

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Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Very Soon

truther May 31, 2013 0

The shocking minutes relating to President Putin’s meeting this past week with US Secretary of State John Kerry reveal the Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war.
Russia Warns Obama Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Very Soon
According to these minutes, released in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation (MNRE), Putin was so incensed over the Obama regimes refusal to discuss this grave matter that he refused for three hours to even meet with Kerry, who had traveled to Moscow on a scheduled diplomatic mission, but then relented so as to not cause an even greater rift between these two nations.

At the center of this dispute between Russia and the US, this MNRE report says, is the “undisputed evidence” that a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically related to nicotine, known as neonicotinoids, are destroying our planets bee population, and which if left unchecked could destroy our world’s ability to grow enough food to feed its population.

So grave has this situation become, the MNRE reports, the full European Commission (EC) this past week instituted a two-year precautionary ban (set to begin on 1 December 2013) on these “bee killing” pesticides following the lead of Switzerland, France, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Ukraine, all of whom had previously banned these most dangerous of genetically altered organisms from being used on the continent.
Two of the most feared neonicotinoids being banned are Actara and Cruiser made by the Swiss global bio-techseed and pesticide giant Syngenta AG which employs over 26,000 people in over 90 countries and ranks third in total global sales in the commercial agricultural seeds market.
251004_393743740742013_1866956737_n (2)
Important to note, this report says, is that Syngenta, along with bio-tech giants Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, now control nearly 100% of the global market for genetically modified pesticides, plants and seeds.

Also to note about Syngenta, this report continues, is that in 2012 it was criminally charged in Germany for concealing the fact that its genetically modified corn killed cattle, and settled a class-action lawsuit in the US for $105 million after it was discovered they had contaminated the drinking supply of some 52 million Americans in more than 2,000 water districts with its “gender-bending” herbicide Atrazine.
To how staggeringly frightful this situation is, the MNRE says, can be seen in the report issued this past March by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wherein they warned our whole planet is in danger, and as we can, in part, read:
“As part of a study on impacts from the world’s most widely used class of insecticides, nicotine-like chemicals called neonicotinoids, American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has called for a ban on their use as seed treatmentsand for the suspension of all applications pending an independent review of the products’ effects on birds, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, and other wildlife.
“It is clear that these chemicals have the potential to affect entire food chains. The environmental persistence of the neonicotinoids, their propensity for runoff and for groundwater infiltration, and their cumulative and largely irreversible mode of action in invertebrates raise significant environmental concerns,” said Cynthia Palmer, co-author of the report and Pesticides Program Manager for ABC, one of the nation’s leading bird conservation organizations.
ABC commissioned world renowned environmental toxicologist Dr. Pierre Mineau to conduct the research. The 100-page report, “The Impact of the Nation’s Most Widely Used Insecticides on Birds,” reviews 200 studies on neonicotinoids including industry research obtained through the US Freedom of Information Act. The report evaluates the toxicological risk to birds and aquatic systems and includes extensive comparisons with the older pesticides that the neonicotinoids have replaced. The assessment concludes that the neonicotinoids are lethal to birds and to the aquatic systems on which they depend.
“A single corn kernel coated with a neonicotinoid can kill a songbird,” Palmer said. “Even a tiny grain of wheat or canola treated with the oldest neonicotinoid — called imidacloprid — can fatally poison a bird. And as little as 1/10th of a neonicotinoid-coated corn seed per day during egg-laying season is all that is needed to affect reproduction.”
The new report concludes that neonicotinoid contamination levels in both surface- and ground water in the United States and around the world are already beyond the threshold found to kill many aquatic invertebrates.”
Quickly following this damning report, the MRNE says, a large group of group of American beekeepers and environmentalists sued the Obama regime over the continued use of these neonicotinoids stating: “We are taking the EPA to court for its failure to protect bees from pesticides. Despite our best efforts to warn the agency about the problems posed by neonicotinoids, the EPA continued to ignore the clear warning signs of an agricultural system in trouble.”
And to how bad the world’s agricultural system has really become due to these genetically modified plants, pesticides and seeds, this report continues, can be seen by the EC’s proposal this past week, following their ban on neonicotinoids, in which they plan to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not registered with the European Union, and as we can, in part, read:
“Europe is rushing towards the good ol days circa 1939, 40… A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency.”
It’s called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, and it attempts to put the government in charge of virtually all plants and seeds. Home gardeners who grow their own plants from non-regulated seeds would be considered criminals under this law.”
This MRNE report points out that even though this EC action may appear draconian, it is nevertheless necessary in order to purge the continent from continued contamination of these genetically bred “seed monstrosities.”
Most perplexing in all of this, the MRNE says, and which led to Putin’s anger at the US, has been the Obama regimes efforts to protect pesticide-producer profits over the catastrophic damaging being done to the environment, and as the Guardian News Service detailed in their 2 May article titled “US rejects EU claim of insecticide as prime reason for bee colony collapse” and which, in part, says:
To the “truer” reason for the Obama regimes protection of these bio-tech giants destroying our world, the MRNE says, can be viewed in the report titled “How did Barack Obama become Monsanto’s man in Washington?” and which, in part, says:
“After his victory in the 2008 election, Obama filled key posts with Monsanto people, in federal agencies that wield tremendous force in food issues, the USDA and the FDA: At the USDA, as the director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center. As deputy commissioner of the FDA, the new food-safety-issues czar, the infamous Michael Taylor, former vice-president for public policy for Monsanto. Taylor had been instrumental in getting approval for Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone.”
Even worse, after Russia suspended the import and use of an Monsanto genetically modified corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage this past September, the Russia Today News Service reported on the Obama regimes response:
“The US House of Representatives quietly passed a last-minute addition to the Agricultural Appropriations Bill for 2013 last week – including a provision protecting genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks.
The rider, which is officially known as the Farmer Assurance Provision, has been derided by opponents of biotech lobbying as the “Monsanto Protection Act,” as it would strip federal courts of the authority to immediately halt the planting and sale of genetically modified (GMO) seed crop regardless of any consumer health concerns.
The provision, also decried as a “biotech rider,” should have gone through the Agricultural or Judiciary Committees for review. Instead, no hearings were held, and the piece was evidently unknown to most Democrats (who hold the majority in the Senate) prior to its approval as part of HR 993, the short-term funding bill that was approved to avoid a federal government shutdown.”