Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Government Chart of Gun Murders - A Complete Lie! Real Statistics from FBI. Real Truth through real charts on gun violence/murders.

I am seeing this chart about how guns have been used in murders of more people than anything else in the world in the U.S., including Terrorism. (7 Terrorism murders???  I will get to that little fact and have something to say about it, later in this article).

This is a chart Motherjones is using on their site:

There is a problem with the chart and mind you this is the same chart CNN and all the mainstream media including the government is using.  There were NOT 33636 gun deaths in the U.S. in 2013.

Rolling Stones has the most ridiculous chart there is on gun violence that is an absolute Lie! 

The FBI has the statistics on their site for 2013

  • There were an estimated 14,196 murders last year.

That is TOTAL murders for 2013!  That includes ALL forms of murder, stabbings, blunt objects, strangulation besides guns.  

Now here is another chart from this site:

Murders have been going down since the 1980s.  

Guns are not the big problem that they are made out to be.  The mainstream media and the government are lying about the statistics and those are OUTRIGHT Lies!  If people did not just believe everything they are told and researched the information themselves then they would wake up to how they are being controlled with lies.  

I am going to say this over and over again..... Guns make a person/family Safer!  Having a Gun is a way to be assured you are safe and protected!  

Look at Kennesaw Georgia where the law has been since 1982 that you MUST own and have a gun. 

That chart says it all!  Guns make a community Safer! 

You can go to the FBI site and look at all the statistics by states and the crime.  Here is a link to the 2013 crime statistics by state.    That chart is too big to put in here, so you need to go to it. 

Look at the FBI statistics of deaths by guns for each state.  I want to point out a couple of states that are on the FBI list.  

California has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. and yet they have the most murders there of the U.S.  1745 murders were committed in the state in 2013. with 1224 of those being committed by firearms and the rest by other means.   

I have read other articles that proclaim the states with higher gun ownership has higher murder rates by firearms.  That is completely a Lie!  The opposite is true. Criminals know that people can not protect themselves in states that don't allow guns.  The crime rate is higher in those states.  Check out all the real data I have linked from the FBI.  You can look at it in several ways.  

One of the other things that mainstream and the government fail to tell you.  More violent crimes have been stopped by concealed carry licensed civilians thinking fast and shooting a criminal before others can get hurt. 

I can put article after article here about how conceal carry civilians have saved many lives over the years.   The media and government ignore those facts and never report those stories.  They don't follow along with the narrative and falsified information about guns.  What is happening is out right lies and charts are being created to fit their stories and narratives about guns and violence.  

What is the truth is the opposite.  More gun laws create more violence.  If we had a law in the U.S. that required everyone to have a gun and one member of a family has to have a concealed weapons license.  We then would not have the shootings we have now.  A person intent on mass murder would not get far and they would know it. They would be taken out immediately!  We need guns and it is our RIGHT!  

Regarding there have been only 7 deaths from terrorism......  WOW......WHY are we spending trillions on 'The War on Terror'?   Why have we had our freedoms taken away and Why are we tracked with everything we do or say on the internet and our phones?  Why are we treated as criminals now and terrorist and called as such if we don't agree with the government?   What the 7 murders from Terrorism show is that the War On Terror is complete BULLSHIT!  

We are having our money spent and going in debt for Bullshit!  People need to wake up and look at the truth and see with their own eyes the outright lies and information that is being spoon fed to them.  The truth is out there, you simply have to find it!  I will always help when possible to bring the truth out through Real information! 

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