Monday, December 12, 2016

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweets "We are all in Danger. It is evil itself"

Posted by George Freund on December 9, 2016       ~ hehe some~thin IS go~in ON .....down there ?

Post by Newsroom - Dec 07, 2016

United States Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweeted an ominous message to the world using his official, verified Twitter Account, then strangely deleted the tweet later. His words: "We are all in danger. It is evil itself." and showed a photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole as show here.

Mr. Aldrin seems to be referring to this object, as seen in an serial photo from Google Earth:

The "pyramid is located not far from the Belgium's "Princess Elisabeth Station" at the South Pole, as shown in this photo, below obtained from Google (Their spelling errors, not ours):

As has been reported by worldwide media, US Secretary of State John Kerry recently traveled to the South Pole, allegedly to become better informed about "Climate Change." Kerry was the highest ranking US government official ever to visit the South Pole, and his visit struck many as unusual. Few saw any purpose whatsoever to sending America's top Diplomat to the farthest reaches of the earth to see . . . ice.

(Again, the images above were taken from Google and contain the originator's spelling, not ours)

Now, with Buzz Aldrin's tweet, and its strange deletion, folks are wondering if sending America's top Diplomat to no-man's land, perhaps had something to do with Diplomacy after all. Is there some entity there with which we need Diplomatic contact?

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If so, why did Buzz Aldrin warn that we are all in danger? Why did he call it "Evil itself?"

If there is something at the South Pole which may be "evil itself" then let humanity know about it so we can all decide upon a course of action to deal with it; even if the decision is to leave it be. But since a trusted and respected Astronaut has told us "We're all in danger" then whatever is there, has just become ALL of our business to decide what to do.

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  1. If Buzz really knows something out of this world then you would think that after 40 someodd years in the spotlight he'd of spit it out already. But think about it, of all the formations rock has taken the shape of don't ya know that a block popping up looking like a permid - 2 sides 3 sides 4 sides a dollar . . . WILL MOST LIKELY OCCUR ! Somewhere on this freaking planet. Hello Unus!

  2. Hello Unus,Sorry to take so longgg ta get back ,Yea some~thin is go~in on ... just "wonder" ...what LoL