Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Don’t Run This Country for Corporations

Elizabeth Warren
RINF Alternative News
Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to cover its employees’ birth control on company insurance plans. In fact, they’re so outraged about  women  having  access  to birth control that they’ve taken the issue all the way to the Supreme Court.
I  cannot   believe  that  we   live  in a  world  where  we   would   even   consider   letting   some   big corporation   deny  the  women  who  work  for it  access  to the  basic   medical   tests , treatments or prescriptions that they need based on vague moral objections.
But here’s the scary thing: With the judges  we ‘ve got on the Supreme Court, Hobby Lobby might actually win.
The current Supreme Court has headed in a very scary direction.
Recently, three well-respected legal scholars examined almost 20,000 Supreme Court cases from the last 65 years. They found that the five conservative justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court are in the top 10 most pro-corporate justices in more than half a century.
And Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts? They were number one and number two.
Take a look at the win rate of the national Chamber of Commerce cases before the Supreme Court. According to the Constitutional Accountability Center, the Chamber was winning 43% of the cases in participated in during the later years of the Burger Court, but that shifted to a 56% win-rate under the Rehnquist Court, and then a 70% win-rate with the Roberts Court.
Follow these pro-corporate trends to their logical conclusion, and pretty soon you’ll have a Supreme Court that is a wholly owned subsidiary of  big  business.
Birth control is at risk in today’s case, but  we  also need to worry about a lot more.
In  Citizens United , the Supreme Court unleashed a wave of corporate spending to game the political system and drown the voices of middle class families.
And right now, the Supreme Court is considering  McCutcheon v. FEC , a case that could mean the end of campaign contribution limits — allowing the  big  guys to buy  even  more influence in Washington.
Republicans may prefer a rigged court that gives their corporate friends and their armies of lawyers and lobbyists every advantage. But that’s not the job of judges. Judges don’t sit on the bench to hand out favors to their political friends.
On days like today, it matters who is sitting on the Supreme Court. It matters that  we  have a President who appoints fair and impartial judges to our courts, and it matters that  we  have a Senate who approves them.
We ‘re in this fight because  we   believe  that  we  don’t run this country for corporations –  we  run it for people.
Elizabeth Warren was assistant to the president and a special adviser to the Treasury secretary on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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