Friday, March 28, 2014

Sandy Hook school custodian linked to Crisis Actors East director

Shockingly, but also at the same time to no surprise, the director for Crisis Actors East, has a bit of a connection to the Sandy Hook Elementary School

By Shepard Ambellas
NEWTOWN (INTELLIHUB) – Recently uncovered by OctoberReinz and posted onto YouTube is a video demonstrating various connections of David Makl, the director of Crisis Actors East, some of which are rather disturbing.
Starting on David Makl’s Facebook page, we have our first clue as pointed out by OctoberReinz, it lists Makl as the director to the company “Crisis Actors East”. Strangely, if you click on the company’s link you will see that it reveals another shocking detail. Out of the 4 people who like this rather secretive company on Facebook, one of them is none other than Kevin J. Anzellotti, the head custodian for the Sandy Hook School at the time of the shooting. In fact, Anzellotti was head custodian of the school since 2002.
This detail is rather interesting and bombshell to say the least, considering many independent investigators believe that crisis actors were used during a live active shooter drill which was widely publicized as a mass shooting carried out by the lone wolf Adam Lanza, 19, son of a General Electric finance executive.
However, most well researched individuals believe that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was merely staged event, scripted by the U.S. government in a failed attempt to take away guns from private citizens.
Moreover, a vast amount of rather odd real estate transactions took place in and around Newtown within the past few years. In fact, the majority of them ended up being $1 sales or free home giveaways. Upon more research, some of the people who inherited the homes at such a low price or even for free, were traced back to the same few organizations such as G.E., the schools financial committee, and actor guilds.

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