Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A woman beheaded in the road. Five headless corpses hanging from cranes. As a documentary exposes the horror of life in Saudi Arabia, why DOES Britain cosy up to this kingdom of savagery?

Posted by George Freund on March 22, 2016  ~ hehe folks "it" just goes ta show ya ...u can give cave~men ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the fucking $$$$$$$$$ in the World ....."they" were wipe~in "their" ass's 2000 yrs ago wit rocks & 2000 yrs from now (if the NWO crowd doesn't put em on the           " menu") "these" sand monkey's will   STILL b wipe~in "their" ass's ...wit rocks       u can take the girl out of the trailer park ..... but ???

This gruesome sight is one scene in a shocking documentary to be aired this week which sheds light on life in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s bloodiest and most secretive countries

Sight is one scene in a shocking documentary to be aired this week

It will shed the light on the strict everyday life in Saudi Arabia

Middle Eastern nation is one of the world's bloodiest and most secretive

Yet Saudi Arabia remains one of Britain’s closest allies worldwide

See more news on Saudi Arabia as the horror of daily life is revealed


Five bodies hang from a pole suspended between two cranes, a public display which serves as a reminder to those who might contemplate a life of crime

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