Friday, March 25, 2016

Bungling Belgian police knew of Paris bomber Abdeslam's secret hideout for THREE MONTHS but did nothing... while he planned machine gun massacre at 'EASTER'

Posted by George Freund on March 25, 2016   ~  well oh fucking gee if "they" just had more sur~vale  on ALL US ...maybe the "bungling" would ....stop ??? their gov. our gov. ass~facials what fucking jokes Oops

Most wanted: A police car believed to be transporting terror suspect Salah Abdeslam leaves the prison in Bruges, Belgium, as he is taken to a hearing before judges in Brussels on Thursday

Police blunder allowed Salah Abdeslam to remain at large for three months

Officer provided information about Abdeslam's whereabouts in December

It wasn't passed to the federal bureau and remained at Malines Police HQ

It has been revealed Abdeslam was planning an Easter attack in Brussels

He was questioned for just one hour in four days before the massacre

Blunder: A dedicated beat officer gave information about the whereabouts of Salah to superiors on December 7 last year


Remember what we say at the Cafe. If you let it happen on purpose, you made it happen on purpose. It is obvious this was a Gladio operation and these 'terrorists' are agents of the police state.

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