Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three major intelligence failures may have let the killers get through

Posted by George Freund on November 15, 2015         ~ hehe C folks if "we" would just let "them" jam thum trodes UP   ALL "our" ass's    fuck~in BAM !?!  "we'd" ALL b  yup, yep, um hum just fucking PUFFFF   alll "these" bad things that just happen ???   ....    gone this might feel a lil strange but  if u just bend over &     ?????                              

Greek authorities believe that two of the gunmen sneaked into Europe posing as a refugee from Syria, with one registering in Leros on October 3

French official admitted 'failure of intelligence' as vital clues were missed

Heavily armed suspect was stopped but anti-terror chiefs were not alerted 
One attacker was Parisian and had been on terror watch for five years 
Two gunmen also sneaked into Europe by posing as refugees from Syria 


Just three. How efficient. I was expecting many more. Remember if you let it happen on purpose LIHOP, you made it happen on purpose MIHOP.

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