Sunday, November 22, 2015




In modern conspiracy theory, there is this notion of predictive programming. We talk about this all the time as it seems to be a pervasive way to approximate or otherwise forestructure the future in some way.
It is proposed through what is called, Revelation of the Method, that we are warned or are being prepared to accept certain ideas, memes or ideology.
One of the top films of the year was The Martian, starring Matt Damon, where we see a band of astronaut scientists living in climate controlled quarters on Mars. Damon’s character as an astronaut shows us that while Mars can be a harsh mistress, it is possible to survive on the hostile red planet.
The year before, another science fiction movie about a secret space program was released called, Interstellar and this movie also featured a cameo of Matt Damon. In the film, the world has become almost uninhabitable and resources are scarce. We realize the elites have no answer for the millions that are dying. However, money gets lost into black projects and eventually we learn there is a secret space program —a program provided to explore space and find a habitable planet that people can escape to and live better lives.
In “Interstellar,” NASA has gone undercover -funded off the books to avoid questions from a public whose attentions have turned, as they have in our time, away from space exploration and towards more pressing matters of national defense.
The year before the release of Interstellar, Matt Damon was in the movie, Elysium, a science fiction film about a breakaway civilization. Political subtexts aside Elysium is the vision of a world where the elite will be safe and secure at a location miles out in space while the rest of us will be forced to live in a polluted, overpopulated, chaotic police state run by greedy corporate interests and patrolled ruthless robotic enforcers like drones and robot cops on earth.
This forces the question: Is a cigar only a cigar – or are there deeper meanings to what we hear and see and do we pay attention? Do we write-off fiction until we are forced to live it and do we only pretend to know the subtext because it appears to apply?
In October of this year, NASA announced without much fanfare that they are seriously investigating a mission to Mars. The mission will not be a two way affair but a mission to stay. In a detailed report entitled, ‘Journey to Mars,’ NASA said the mission will be a ‘historic pioneering endeavor,’ similar to the early settlers in America and the Moon landing.
“NASA is leading our nation and our world on a journey to Mars. Like the Apollo Program, we embark on this journey for all humanity. Unlike Apollo, we will be going to stay. This is a historic pioneering endeavor—a journey made possible by a sustained effort of science and exploration missions beyond low Earth orbit with successively more capable technologies and partnerships. This pioneering endeavor carries out the direction given to us in the 2010 NASA Authorization Act and in the U.S. National Space Policy. It engages all four NASA Mission Directorates and all NASA Centers and Laboratories. It enlists the best of academia and industry across the nation and builds on our existing international partnerships while embracing new ones. And like pioneering efforts before it, the journey to Mars will foster and attract new commercial enterprises. Why Mars? Mars is the horizon goal for pioneering space; it is the next tangible frontier for expanding human presence.”

NASA has divided the challenge of getting to Mars into three stages; Earth reliant, proving ground and Earth independent.
In the coming decades, NASA reports that it will continue to gather information from experiments aboard the International Space Station, so that crews can live in deep space without health problems from radiation and the effects of micro-gravity.
Currently, the amount of time astronauts can spend in space is limited because of fears that space radiation causes cancer. Many crew members also need glasses after returning from space because the effects of micro-gravity causes pressure to build up in the optic nerve. There are also fears that astronauts could develop dementia or suffer fertility problems.
The first experiments away from the ISS will take place in cislunar space – the area of space around the Moon – before missions begin venturing further afield.
The final step will see human missions sent into Mars’ orbit or one of its moons, before crews eventually land on the Martian surface and set up colonies using modular architecture and 3-D printing.
This is a breakthrough that has many people hopeful we can once again aim at goals, far greater than before. The only question is, “Is this all cosmic grandstanding for a program that already exists and that like the so-called predictive programming in the movies Interstellar and Elysium , the elite have already found emergency refuge in a breakaway civilization? Is there a secret space program that has been in play along with the funding to create it? Is this part of some black budget or black book project like Solar Warden or perhaps the highly secretive X-37 A and B space planes?
While we are on the subject of movie predictive programming, there was another film that was released this past summer that came and went and only a few people watched it. That movie was called, Tomorrowland, a big budget commercial for the area in Disney theme parks featuring Space Mountain. The film was recently released on video, the same time The Martian was in theaters.
In Tomorrowland, NASA still plays an important role. As the heroine in the movie, Casey, wears a NASA cap throughout, but the decommissioning of their launch pads at Cape Canaveral serves as a sign that the world we live in has forgotten how to dream. We are a society bound to earth by our fear of the extraordinary. However, what Casey is unaware of is there is a secret society that has already created a breakaway civilization and that place is where the elite, the imaginative, the dreamers, and the scientists using their science for good are all living and working.
The secret society is called Plus Ultra.
According to the fictional history created for the film, Gustave Eiffel met Jules Verne and Thomas Edison at his Tower apartment to start a secret society of optimists. Plus Ultra was founded at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, France. The organization’s purpose is to create, moderate and expand upon new scientific advancements for humanity. Key members of Plus Ultra included Ray Bradbury, Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, and other key scientific figures. Walt Disney was also a member of Plus Ultra.
Can it be this so-called “fiction” has some truth to it?
Further, we learn that according to this detailed fiction that the Tomorrowland ’59 expansion at Disneyland was actually about training future society members for the journey to an alternate-universe, having been found (or developed) by Plus Ultra. The blueprints for the expansion held key technologies that enabled the journey, including Supra Transport.
Key VIPs who were encouraged to join Plus Ultra were given a special VIP audio tour of World’s Fair attractions – such as Ford’s Magic Skyway, and It’s a Small World. For those that couldn’t attend the fair, a double-grooved LP was given with the details.
Walt Disney’s, It’s a Small World attraction at the Pepsi-Cola Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair contained a portal to Tomorrowland.
In reality, Disney had a secret place near the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at his theme park called Club 33. As a private club, 33 is not accessible to the public, and it’s for exclusive use of its members and is the only location at Disneyland serving alcohol.
To enter Club 33, a guest must press a buzzer on an intercom concealed by a hidden panel in the doorway.
As a youth, Walt Disney had been a member of the Masonic Demolay Society and so many believe that the 33 is related to the 33rd degree of Scottish Rite Masonry.
So a fictional secret society that has a dimensional secret breakaway civilization called Plus Ultra rings a few conspiracy theory bells.
Plus Ultra is Latin for “Further Beyond.”
Since 2013 and further beyond we have been programmed into the notion that the world we live in is destined for an extinction level event and there needs to be a place either in the stars or in some dimension where humans can thrive.
Both Interstellar and Tomorrowland forestructure the notion of possible human extinction on the horizon and a secret breakaway civilization that has been funded by a secret society. Those who live in the secret civilization of Tomorrowland are a meritocracy of ‘dreamers’ and the founders of the secret society were dreamers, inventors and futurists that believed in a Utopian future, if not on Earth, then perhaps it could be established elsewhere.
A recent study by one scientist from the California Institute of Technology is now saying that elsewhere or someplace else in universe could mean another dimension like in Tomorrowland.
New Scientist reports that Dr. Ranga-Ram Chary believes he may have found evidence that parallel universes have been bumping up against ours, like bubbles floating in foam, and these bumps have caused “bruises” that can be observed.
Chary looked for signs of these cosmic bumps in the Planck map of the cosmic microwave background (CMB), a map of the radiation leftover from the first few moments of our forming universe. It’s a map that would look the same no matter where you’re viewing it from in the universe; a blueprint, if you will, of the structure of the cosmos.
What Chary found was extraordinary: mysterious glowing regions that are consistent with the idea of a bump from a parallel world, a place where matter from another universe may even have briefly leaked into ours.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, however, and even Chary admits that there could be an alternative explanation for these bright spots. Rather than being dimensional bumps from a neighboring universe, they might just represent a big patch of hot dust.
Dreamers from Tomorrowland would not dismiss the dimensional theory. It doesn’t stop NASA from trying to find habitable planets and universes.
NASA’s Kepler Mission has been on the hunt for possible life-supporting planets since 2009 — and though we don’t have the answer yet, we have a lot of possibilities including the announcement that a Dyson Sphere or a Dyson Swarm may be circling a planet or sphere near the Cygnus constellation. They are calling them mass alien structures once again, hinting at the possibility of a Goldilocks planet that can sustain life.
However, the idea of a secret space colony on Mars and the Moon is still being bantered about and even a few whistle blowers have come forward saying there have been breakaway civilizations that are already working in space, with off planet military and mining operations.
On November 16, the U.S. House of Representatives joined the Senate in passing a bill that provides legal protection for space mining conducted by U.S. based corporations that establish off-world operations. While most Congressional members that passed H.R.2262 – U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act may have done so with the impression that they would protect the rights of U.S. companies in future space mining missions, they instead have provided legal protection to corporations that have been secretly conducting such operations for decades.
The passage of the “U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act” is significant due to recent whistleblower claims that off-world space mining by U.S. affiliated corporations have been using slave labor on Mars and elsewhere in our solar system. More recently, it has been claimed these mining operations and associated bases, began as a result of cooperation between German secret societies and the U.S. military industrial complex – a relationship that dates back to the late 1950s.
If these claims are true, then U.S. corporations have been involved in slave labor practices on Mars and elsewhere, which originated with the policies of Nazi Germany. Clark McClelland, a veteran space engineer who worked for NASA or its contractors for a total of 34 years, claims he saw Hans Kammler, the same Nazi SS official involved in implementing slave labor practices for highly advanced secret projects in Germany, at the Kennedy Space Center in the early 1960s.
McClelland’s testimony supports another whistleblower, Corey Goode, who claims secret agreements had been reached with the Eisenhower administration as a result of flyovers of Washington D.C., by German flying saucers in 1952. McClelland’s and Goode’s testimonies about Nazi and German infiltration of the U.S. space program are investigated in the recent book “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances.”
When rocket pioneer, Wernher Von Braun was in ill health, he knew that he was dying and requested his favorite scripture be put on his tombstone. His tombstone reads: WERNHER VON BRAUN 1912-1977 Psalms 19:1. That scripture is: “The heavens are telling the glory of God and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.”
The glory of God is intelligence, the light of God brings hope and if man has lost his way in the present perhaps the generations to come can save tomorrow. It is also possible in some quantum entanglement to investigate the possibility that the secret societies and others have found a way to cheat the apocalypse and breakaway to a new home plus ultra.