Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Picture inside Paris Bataclan Theater of Victims after shooting. Glaring Oddities about it. Video start of shooting inside Bataclan

I have been praying and sending my energy of Love to the French people and to the world since the Paris Attack.  I have also been putting my energy into the complete truth of the horrendous attack to be revealed.

It seems just as in the past there are oddities to the mass shootings/bombings that have happened to the large scale terrorist attacks.  We already know the thousands of 'oddities' from 9/11.

This was France's 9/11. The question about it is, will it turn out to prove as the U.S. 9/11 did, that the government was heavily involved?

I know there are already some strange oddities, just like the Syrian passport that was found on a terrorist in Bataclan theater.  Which is now being shown to be a fake passport, but still used by the terrorist for refugee status in October.

A video has been released showing the seconds before the shooting and just as the shooting started inside the theater.  (liveleak won't embed for some reason)

Before I mention the various things about the image. I want to mention an 'eyewitness' the night of the attacks.  I was watching France 24 online.  They had a woman who had been in the theater, a Jennie Watson from my memory, on the phone twice being interviewed about an hour apart talking about her ordeal inside Bataclan.  She was very calm both times saying, it had not hit her yet about what happened.  But her story changed from the first time she told it to the second time, which I thought was very strange.

During her first phone interview, she said they (her and her husband) were sitting enjoying the concert on the ground level, sitting down when they heard 'firecrackers', they made their way to an exit door calmly along with others.  They opened the door and there were men standing there shooting at anyone who came out.  They closed the door and waited one minute and then all the people there just began to run out the door. She said a woman had been shot in the leg that was next to her.  (That first story does match the video of people coming out the doors in the alley, as there are people laying outside those doors who have appeared to be shot)  *video linked in sentence, as for some reason I can not embed any live leak video in my posts*

Her second interview an hour later, the story was changed, yet it was the same woman.  She was again very calm and telling the story as if talking about what she had had to eat somewhere, without any emotion, etc.  She said they were sitting and watching the concert when they heard 'firecrackers' thinking it was part of the show.  They heard more and then began to make their way out, but they stood at the exit doors for about 10 minutes before deciding something was really going on.  She said a lot of people then made their way out together.

I immediately noticed the difference in the stories, yet it was the same person speaking about an horrible event just a couple of hours earlier.  How could the story have changed that much?  First story, they made their way out immediately, but there were shooters outside as people came out, so they closed the doors and waited about a minute before running out.   The second story, was they waited 10 minutes before even opening the doors and leaving the theater after the shooting started and there was no mention of shooters outside.  Besides the fact of the 10 minutes (which may have just been a misstatement and she had meant 1 minute) wait after the shooting before even leaving.  The only part of her two stories told an hour apart that was even the same was that there was a woman shot in the leg next to her as she was leaving and that she had been sitting down on the ground level watching the concert.   The problem with the fact of her saying she was on the ground level watching the concert from her seat, is there are no seats on the ground level, it is standing room only.

So the Jennie Watson, the eye witness was either someone lying, who called in and just wanted her couple of minutes of fame,  not really at the concert  or someone who for some bizarre reason could not get her story straight.

I wanted mention that 'eyewitness' account as I then began thinking we need to look at everything carefully for inconsistencies to the official story, just as the thousands from the 9/11 official story that is obvious to anyone who has done one moment of research on it.

Warning: This is a disturbing picture after the shooting, as there are people who lost their lives and I feel for the families and am not putting it out for shock value but because there are things I don't understand about it.

Here is the picture

Seeing bodies is disturbing but I thought that there would have been many more.  From what we have been told 112 people lost their lives inside the Bataclan.  From the image above, I count 25 victims.  They could have taken triple that amount out already, but then there would be triple the amount of blood.  I can see where a body had been dragged or something but that would not have been 87 of them.

Another oddity, is looking over at what would be the entrance (left side) of the theater and where the terrorist entered.  Instead of the majority of the victims in the picture located are towards the stage, the logical outcome of a shooting where terrorist begin shooting from the entrance (back), is where the majority of the victims should be.  I only see one body at the door way.  The most people would have been shot at the left of the picture not the right.  They would have been shot from the back.  Let's say they already got a lot of victim's bodies out, the blood is still not there in the picture on the left to match.

Let's recap and summarize the above, because there are more oddities I have noticed.  First, not the amount of victims as stated nor the amount of blood to match the official victim count.  The location of the victims are wrong in the majority compared to where they would naturally be the majority shot.

Other oddities,  I am sure many people here have gone to concerts, as I have.  This was a heavy metal concert too.  Concert venues make a lot of money on concession sales and at a heavy metal one, I bet they would be selling lots of beer etc.  I have confirmed that Bataclan does indeed sell beer and mixed drinks.     From link about drinks at Bataclan:

Ticket prices vary. Beer €4, mixed drinks €7.
Now, look at the picture and the top tier of seats right in front of the camera, besides the floor of the theater.

Notice the oddity?

Where is all the trash?  Where are all the cups and things strewn about when people are leaving in a panic?  There is relatively no trash to speak of there.  1500 people were at that concert, yet no one had beer or drinks?  The lack of trash is a major oddity to me!  Even at small normal concerts the amount of trash left on the ground as people leave is enormous.  Here where people left in a panic to survive from being shot, the amount of trash from people just throwing things on the ground should be huge.  They would not have cleaned up the trash already, before getting the victims out.

Now lets look at the top tier.  Why aren't things strewn about around the top tier, from people leaving items behind as they are panicking to leave to not be murdered?   Why isn't there one piece of trash right in front of the camera (you can see the floor)?  Why isn't there at least one single personal item somewhere on that top level showing people had once been sitting (sold out concert) when a terrorist attack began?  If I was on a top tier when a terrorist attack of shooting began, I would not even worry or think about my  purse or any other item.  I would throw any drink I had in my hand on the ground and find a way out.

One other thing that is strange about the picture.  Why aren't police and other authorities in the picture?  Seems to me, if someone was taking a picture of the scene from the top tier, they would have been doing so while authorities had already gone inside.  Also where are remnants of items from explosions (grenades and the terrorist exploding their suicide vest)?

Some may disagree with my analysis of the picture, but from my observations there is no way the picture matches the amount of victims, from where they are located to the amount of blood in the scene as the official story.  Nor does it match the fact there was 1500 people inside when a terrorist attack began, due to the lack of trash nor any personal item anywhere in the photo, showing people left in a rush.

Again I am not making light of the Paris Terrorist Attack and the people who lost their lives.  I am simply seeing glaringly obvious problems from the official story to what the picture shows.

Update - I was just looking at pictures from the whole evening of the 13th.  The Daily Mail has a large amount of them, including the picture I have here (except the bodies are  blurred out).

There are oddities in those pictures.  Why is it, the victims/survivors of the shootings are always barely dressed?  Even the picture of the woman being helped as she is crying.  The clothing does not match the rest of the people.  I was about to see what the temperature was that evening, but once I saw the soccer stadium picture and people leaving it (in the Daily Mail link) I can see they all have heavy coats on.  If the victims of the Bataclan had their coats off and clothes off while inside the theater, than wouldn't clothes be strewn about in the picture too?