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It is basic knowledge that throughout history, there have been many attempts at establishing an empire that rules the entire world. The establishment of the empire must find a way to annex entire countries and take their sovereignty, usually by force and authorized by treaties and agreements that are usually empty and are enforced by world police forces that are ordered to act under the guise of some forced “international law.”
We have been told by 2030, UN troops will be used in some areas of the country to maintain this New World Agenda and will use whatever means necessary to prevent any incursion, insurrection, or rebellion backed by a private military force that wishes to thwart the desires of the oligarchy.
Once the global empire has swallowed up various countries and has created a national collectivist stronghold, they will execute a “Rule of Law” that will be an effective way controlling the populace.
All of these changes will be carried out swiftly and effectively and since there will be no mainstream media outlet willing to keep the empire honest – the takeover will be subtle and efficient.
While questions remain about the existence of a single global elite with an agenda that goes beyond simply keeping itself very, very rich, there are certainly groups that want to run the world for quite other reasons. And with the increasing globalization of political and economic institutions, it has become easier for a relatively small group to push itself into quite staggeringly influential positions.
The United States government through misused executive power is ready to make treaties with other countries to level the playing field, which means there will be an established socialist order that redistributes the wealth of the world.
It has taken many years to carefully design the globalist plan. The leaders of this world government will meet in secret and will select groomed leaders that will take the reins of power based solely on their degree of obedience and not by vote.
It will be a renewed Roman system, administered by minions whose radical loyalty will be unparalleled.
We now can observe that all governments are controlled by one entity. It can be said this mysterious entity is unnamed and since this entity seems too pervasive, we can speculate the global elite are taking part in what can be termed, a Synarchy.
This Synarchy can be compared to an octopus with tentacles that reach into every aspect of our lives.
The globalist government tendrils are in the media, in the schools and in our neighborhoods. We have the government we see, and another government that has been called the Shadow Government led by individuals in the shadows using well-placed programming and covering the tracks of “agents” that act on behalf of the New World Order.
The head of the multi-tentacle octopus of Intelligence and continuity of Government has been in power at crucial moments before this Intelligence. The wall of secrecy has been in place through 5 Presidents. The Intelligence Wall was first erected just after World War II.
The Octopus can be defined as a vast, interlocking network of criminal conspiracy that reaches into every branch and agency of the U.S. government, many other national governments, and every sector of our society.
On November 6th 2015, the 24th James Bond movie was released in theaters. The movie is entitled, Spectre. The new 007 film is a blatant piece of predictive programming and takes its plot from a chapter in conspiracy history.
James Bond is up against a shadowy group of globalist planners called, Spectre. He has been warned that the future of the Secret Intelligence Service is in doubt because there will be a worldwide surveillance system put in place that will be more effective than just having agents roaming around the world. Bond is told the surveillance system is being implemented to enforce a “New World Order.”
Bond is told by Q that all agents must be tracked under the new surveillance system and so he is injected with nanotechnology called “smart blood.” With this tracking technology, he is connected to a computer that will notify his superiors of where he is at all times.
James Bond has a mission that has not been approved by SIS and so he leaves in defiance of his superiors. Q covers for his insurrection and 007 ends up observing a secret meeting of what appear to be a shadow government. He also discovers the symbol that this shadow government has adopted is, the Octopus.
Spectre discusses false flag operations and how they can be used to coerce other countries around the world to go online with the world surveillance apparatus.
Now I won’t go into details that will spoil the film for you, but most of what the film hints at is a very important story in conspiracy history. The Octopus is a non-fictional story that has been published by Author’s Kenn Thomas and Jim Keith. The story should be familiar with all conspiracy buffs and those who like to read the stories in the margins of a newspaper or magazine.
Danny Casolaro was just a reporter that stumbled onto a story that would cost him his life.
Casolaro’s investigation began with his inquiry into the case of Inslaw, from whom the U.S. Justice Department stole a software package called PROMIS and sold it to governments and financial institutions around the world, after modifying it to provide a back door by which they would track the movement of money and other assets everywhere.
It was the ultimate surveillance software.
PROMIS is short for “Prosecutors Management Information System. The super intelligence and surveillance software was created by Bill and Nancy Hamilton who formed a company called INSLAW. The software was created under contract of the U.S. Government for $10 million dollars. After the software was installed in the U.S. attorney General’s office – the Justice Department refused to pay for the software.
ReynoldsWeldLetterMay1985 (1)
After entanglements with the creators of PROMIS – a company called Hadron owned by Attorney general Ed Meese tried to purchase the PROMIS software and try to lease it out for $500 million dollars to the same justice department that refused to pay $10 million dollars for it.
In investigations, it is an old rule that you “follow the money”, but in this case, Danny Casolaro had to track the spread of the PROMIS package to follow the people who are following the money, and in so doing, illustrated the links in the network of criminal influence around the world and back to their origins, the way a physician might use an angiogram to reveal the blood flows in a human body.
The Hamilton’s refused the offer but somehow PROMIS eventually found its way into foreign law enforcement computers.
Casolaro wanted to investigate the INSLAW scandal and found that the PROMIS affair had so many conspiracies ties to it, he compared it to an Octopus with every tentacle involved in criminal malfeasance.
PROMIS created what he called a BIG BROTHER master file – where political dissidents, tax protesters, whistle blowers, reporters and conspiracy theorists were listed as potential threats to the government.
Danny Casolaro learned of one unintended PROMIS application from his main informant, electronics genius Michael Riconoscuito. He told Casolaro that he modified the PROMIS software to have a backdoor access feature for the CIA.
He claimed that this backdoor feature helped CIA heavyweights William Casey and George H.W. Bush pull off the October Surprise where they paid Iranian authorities not to free the hostages but keep them alive until after the Presidential election where Ronald Reagan would be installed as a puppet president for the CIA.
In fact, the American hostages were not released until minutes after Jimmy Carter officially left office with the swearing in of Ronald Reagan.
Riconoscuito’s back door access allowed the CIA to tap into military, law enforcement and intelligence files all over the world with just a touch of a button.
Isn’t it odd that the new Bond film’s plot includes this type of surveillance system that allowed Spectre’s Octopus to carry out false flag operations?
Caslolaro’s Octopus was about the electronic Trojan Horse that was smuggled into 88 different countries who all paid to be plundered, monitored and spied upon. They also fell victim to attacks and most countries were compromised including Iraq in the Gulf War.
PROMIS also revealed that black budget projects were being conducted at the Cabazon Indian Reservation. These forbidden projects were chemical and biological weapons tests and secret fuel air explosives, said to rival nuclear devices.
PROMIS also had information about exotic technology that used anti-gravitic fields to lift discs into the air, discs that of course looked like Flying Saucers. This was linked to the SDI program. Knowledge of such experiments had its price. In the 1980’s, 21 British and American Scientists died mysteriously or committed suicide.
Another tentacle that Casolaro discovered reached from the CIA, right into the heart of the Bank Credit and Commerce International, home of the world’s worst banking scandal.
Robert Gates of the CIA said that BCCI stood for Bank of Crooks and Criminals.
On August 10th 1991, Casolaro was searching for more tentacles in the Octopus and decided to meet with a former CIA agent connected to the INSLAW affair. The ex-CIA man arranged a Martinsburg, West Virginia meeting between Casolaro and Bush Justice Department official, Peter Videnieks.
The next morning, Danny Casolaro was found dead in the bathtub of his hotel room – his wrists slashed a dozen times. It was promptly ruled suicide even though Casolaro’s briefcase notes and manuscript were all missing.
Shortly before his death, his housekeeper reported that Danny received a threatening phone call. She also noticed the disappearance of his papers and notes from his desk.
More than once before his death Casolaro had told his brother “If anything happens to me and it looks like an accident don’t believe it.” The authorities ordered that his body be embalmed immediately without permission from his family.
It appeared that Casolaro was murdered for what he knew – a victim of the very Octopus he tried to expose.
The image of the Octopus in the new James Bond film is an indication that Spectre sees itself as a Leviathan operation, capable of spying on countries and carrying out false flag operations to intimidate nations to join their brand of New World Order.
Leviathans had been depicted in many forms. In some cultures, it was depicted as a gigantic sea serpent that was also connected to Neptune or Poseidon.
It also was depicted has a huge octopus and eventually was seen as a symbol of the demiurge. The demiurge was the subordinate or substitute of the divine. There was the kingdom of the Supreme Being, and then there was the subordinate kingdom that was raised from the depths and used as a substitute or perhaps even a counterfeit to the divine kingdom of God.
The kingdom of the demiurge or leviathan was based in the material and not the spiritual and therefore, was seen as the kingdom of Satan. The symbol of the Octopus has been linked to Gnostic sorcery and the notion that a New World can be forged in the guise of a Godly kingdom.
Today in America, we have conflicting visions of the future and conflicting ideas on how we are to save ourselves if America falls to some criminal or cancerous ideology. There are many people who are waiting for the starting gun to react to such a catastrophe. There are others who see the cancerous ideology of tyranny that already has its tentacles in everything we do. No matter what we do, the leviathan Octopus system is destined to become a figure that moves throughout our unfinished history.