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In the volatile world we live in now, we are learning there are a lot of groups that live life to the extreme. In a world of haves and have nots, we are seeing rebellion because people are too poor, or, they are denied the money they need to live decent lives. There are others that are also realizing their governments are selling them short. They are offering outsiders more opportunity and giving them more of a voice while those who are citizens, who have been in our country since their birth, are becoming voiceless.
The extreme violence, terrorism, religiosity, and political philosophies can be shown to be a by-product of exclusion. The definition of exclusion in this case can be explained as anything that hinders civil liberties and marginalizes those who believe in being free.
Freedom from economic burden, freedom of expression, freedom of choice in all things like health care, freedom to protect one’s self and others with guns or weapon of choice, and, the freedom of unwanted search, seizure and surveillance.
The majority of the world’s government’s today rule by fraud and the trick of these world-wide oligarchies are to convince the people that those who govern are the good shepherds when they are really the wolves.
Our future depends on our ability to break out of the conditioning which keeps us believing the lies they tell. All it takes is a genuine contradiction to the false reality and it is exposed as a fallacy.
In our world today, it seems as we move closer to a tyrannical globalist empire, few can gain redress for injustices inflicted upon them.
Government intrusion is becoming the most common injustice forced upon the American citizen. The enforcement of this intrusion is carried out by police forces and soon by United Nation’s troops as many cities across the country are being coerced or blindly accepting what is being called the “The Strong Cities Network.” Many local governments believe it is for the “greater good” because of the threats of civil insurrection and possible terrorist events.
Blue helmeted United Nations personnel will be replacing municipal police forces whose ranks have been harassed and hollowed out because of civil unrest and violent activism that critics say will increase because of proposals limiting personal freedoms in the United States.
The Strong Cities Network is being launched at a time when citizens who dare to stand up for individual rights are automatically branded as dissenters who must be cowed into silence.
While we still have a voice, we must engage in what is actually happening with the criminal justice system. Voyeuristic videos that are put on You Tube showing police violence makes us all aware of the potentially violent behaviors some police officers engage in, but it is more complex than that.
It is quite obvious that what is appearing on video is offensive, but what is more offensive is how Americans are unaware of what is being proposed for future law enforcement and regardless of the fears we have about terrorism, these programs and heightened security measures will not guarantee safety.
In the wake of the recent Paris terror attacks, it would be tempting to give in to our instincts…to once again limit our own freedoms….to allow the government still greater control over our lives…to allow them to watch over us or to just watch us, and, to give in to fear.
In the aftermath of any terrorist activity, government officials often seem to talk about surveillance as if it were some sort of silver bullet.
But what surveillance proponents fail to explain is how, even with mass surveillance systems already in place in countries like France, the United States, and the United Kingdom, attacks still happen.
At the beginning of the year right after France’s Charlie Hebdo terror attack, Edward Snowden pointed out that mass-surveillance programs don’t work because they are “burying people under too much data.”
A year before the attack, France had imposed one of the harshest and most intrusive surveillance laws in the entirety of Europe which would allow them to collect tons of data.
Obviously, it did not work.
In fact, two of the terrorists were not only known to French and U.S. authorities, one of them even had a prior terrorism conviction, while the other was monitored for years by French authorities. This monitoring stopped less than a year before the attack on the magazine. They had probable cause to arrest these men, and yet still, they “failed” to act.
Another fact never provided by the media is that last Friday, France already had in place a huge security net and police agencies were ready on heightened alert for the U.N. Climate Summit and yet the terrorist attack happened.
It was also reported on French television that as luck would have it, an emergency drill was ongoing during the morning of the same day as the attacks. Patrick Pelloux, an emergency medical services specialist and one of the first responders in the Paris attacks said on French TV that in the morning at the Paris SMAU (EMT), a multi-site attack exercise had been planned so responder teams would be prepared.
What needs to be known is there was a mobilization of police forces, firemen, and EMTs, associations that came to participate and they tried to “save as many people as possible.”
Over a week ago, German police stopped a heavily-armed suspect with “an arsenal of weapons” in his car and GPS coordinates for Paris. Neither French nor German Intelligence acted upon the discovery.
Lastly, at least one of the attackers was a Frenchman who was on a terrorist watch-list for five years, yet, despite the increased surveillance powers given to the government, he was not stopped from committing his act of terror.
Now you know why the argument of this being a NATO “stay behind” operation like Gladio is so compelling. The other question is that with all of this security and surveillance – who are the real targets? Why are various police groups being trained for terrorist situations, when all the money invested does absolutely nothing to prevent these attacks?
After the French attacks, the United States is now embarking on many preventative programs that had their start in Europe and they are going to be employing various new methods of enforcement that sound like they have been pulled from a dystopian science fiction novel.
I want to point out that the French attacks last Friday are evidence these programs do not work and how government intrusion into your private life will most definitely will be in violation of our constitution.
Los Angeles launched the nation’s first Hydra system, which uses video feeds to monitor real-time decision-making during critical incident training.
According to the publication, Emergency Management, Hydra is an immersive simulation training system using video feeds to monitor real-time decision-making during critical incidents. During simulations, trainees are divided into groups and each group is in a different room that’s monitored via closed-circuit television and boundary microphones. The rooms are outfitted with the equipment the participants would need in a real-life event.
The LAPD’s setup consists of six rooms: a control room that runs the events and houses the communications and subject-matter expert stations; a plenary room that acts as the debriefing center; three syndicate rooms that are the breakout centers and contain a Hydra computer, conference table and whiteboards; and a role-play room.
Officials control the exercise and feed information to the trainees that can consist of newscasts, intelligence briefings, and police and fire radio traffic.
Although L.A. is the first U.S. city to house a Hydra system, 60 centers operate in Europe and Canada, and Australia and Ireland each have one.
Hydra suites will expand over the next five to ten years. The LAPD, New York Police Department, Chicago Police and all the major police departments are going to have Hydra suites and this way, they can be connected so that law enforcement can run a national exercise.
Imagine simulations and drills happening all the time and still, terror will happen as it did during a simulation in France.
Some argue this is just the beginning of what is being called “predictive policing.”
Some form of predictive policing is likely now in force in a city near you. Memphis was an early adopter. Cities from Minneapolis to Miami have embraced predictive policing. Time Magazine named predictive policing one of the 50 best inventions of 2011.
The term “predictive policing” suggests that the police can anticipate a crime and be there to stop it before it happens and/or apprehend suspects right away.
It is allegedly according to authorities, data that provides perfect, error-free input and unbiased processing.
The truth is that it is simply spitting out approximations, potential and correlations. It is just a little guessing game where once again the terrorists win, and where everyone is a suspect.
So what kind of data will they analyze?
How about your troubled childhood, any mental illnesses or therapy visits, any associations with gangs, or even Facebook friends from countries known for terrorism?
How about any Tweets or social media posts critical of the government, the military or law enforcement? Other data analyzed will include what movies you rent, what books you buy or check out of the library and any new gun purchases.
All this data will produce an algorithm that will indicate it is likely, but not certain, you will commit a violent crime.
Chicago authorities have a similar program that is called the “Heat List” which is an index of the roughly 400 people in the city of Chicago, supposedly most likely to be involved in violent crime.
Now remember – likely is not definitely.
Chicago Police have been known for its brutal enforcement and its civil rights abuses.
Back in February, The Guardian newspaper reported Chicago Police are operating a secret detention facility that mirrors the CIA’s “black sites.” The Black sites or secret torture facilities gave a black eye to public relations during the Iraq and Afghan wars as human rights groups pointed the finger at Americans that were carrying out torture which was changed to the Orwellian Newspeak of “enhanced Interrogations.”
Now, it is terrifying to hear there is a facility being operated in the United States for use on American citizens. From violations of due process to torture, the revelations raise serious concerns about the deteriorating state of freedom and justice in the United States.
The so-called “Black Site” has been located in Homan Square.
According to the Guardian Newspaper, suspects are interrogated without lawyers present and in fact, lawyers are often refused entry. Those who have gained access to clients claim that police still withhold information about the suspects.
The detainees are not read Miranda rights or offered due process.
Just like CIA black sites, there have been multiple instances of violence during interrogations. In one case in February of 2013, 44-year-old John Hubbard was pronounced dead after authorities at Homan said he was found “unresponsive” in an interview cell.
The Cook County Medical Examiner told the Guardian it could not locate records on Hubbard’s cause of death. There is no record of why he was there in the first place.
Though, these practices are eerily similar to torture sites run by the CIA, Homan’s victims are not all linked to terrorism.
Barack Obama is from Chicago and the question is how he can look away from this type of injustice? The irony is that after the terror attacks took place in France, his response was to release 5 prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.
So we torture and brutalize American citizens with the aid of predictive policing, eight terrorists die in France and Obama releases 5 prisoners that will resettle in the Middle East and probably be radicalized again.
What kind of warped process is this?
The eyes of the Hydra are upon all of us and there always seems to be terrorism that slips through the cracks.
The encroachment of government and the hypocrisy of their enforcement practices are now beginning to show a callousness that should not be supported.
It should be exposed.
James Trainum, a former Washington D.C. detective believes Homan Square is the only facility of its kind in the United States. Considering the high level of secrecy, it is plausible others exist but remain undiscovered.
Though not mentioned in the report, these actions resemble those made possible by the “Belligerent Act” language passed in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). These provisions essentially remove due process and allow the government to indefinitely detain Americans without charge or trial, and are still in effect today.

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