Monday, November 16, 2015

Attentats de Paris, vous nous prenez vraiment pour des neuneus! 

Paris Attacks, you truly take us to be dorks!

Laurent Freeman to Stop Mensonges! Partagez vos recherches ici! (Stop Lies! Share Your Research Here!)
Translation by Vic Sadot, Truth Troubadour Blog, Berkeley, California.
Image Credit: Peter Klein
Francois Hollande announced yesterday in his war “without thank yous” speech that he intends to wage against terrorism even now that we know it was France itself that delivered weapons to Syrian “Al Qaida” rebels. Should he not order his own arrest also as an accomplice???
This morning the main stream media announced that a French Syrian passport was found, the terrorists would therefore be Syrians. Decidedly, these terrorists are accustomed to walk around with their passports like they did on September 11, Charlie (Hebdo 1-07-15), and those of yesterday. These terrorists simply love to leave their passports everywhere!

Obama, who was the first to speak publicly following the attacks in Paris, announced that he is prepared to militarily “help France” in its fight against terrorism. But do not tremble too much when Obama makes this announcement, knowing that the United States is the number one terrorist state in the world. Here there is no confusion, as I recall, because the American people, like all the French now, are the victims of their criminal government. No judgment on our peoples. It is the same for all countries, including Israel.

A few weeks before the attacks, we learned that the French police will now have the right to shoot live ammunitions against the French population. As is done in the United States for a long time now, the crimes committed by the police are countless.
France is being “Americanized” in everything about that country that is for the worse.

It is clear that the “US” does not want to bloody itself directly against Russia and China in Syria. However, the New World Order is determined to trigger World War III. But they need a super good excuse to go, the ideal is always a false-flag attack, as was the case with Pearl Harbor for World War II, or September 11 for Iraq.
The French government is a toy totally subject to the US. We have been used to destroy Libya. History will remember that the blood of Libyans is on the hands of French (via the Zionist criminal Sakozy trained by the CIA), and not the Americans and their other sponsors / Saudi / Israeli (here I quote the countries but in reality you can forget these countries and call it “The Cabal”, which in reality is international and gangrene in all these countries. That is more accurate and precise.
The problem is now created with these attacks (ACTION – REACTION – SOLUTION), the Netherlands pawn now in charge of getting a bunch of disgusting measures in France, both economic as with TAFTA, whether for population monitoring, increased repression, and new security measures that will once again take away the rights and freedoms of all citizens. But above all, that will give Francois Hollande the power to start a war in Syria. And I am not even talking about the media that will push our country into hatred between our communities. You can be sure that freedom of expression and the Internet will suffer too.
Clearly for me, Hollande will try to pass on to very serious things in the coming weeks. Maybe he will declare war in Syria? No matter what he does, it will not be his decision, but under the orders of the New World Order that will follow. Holland is a puppet. He obeyed. It follows the plan. He does what he is ordered to do.
What will happen?
I do not want to prophesy, but just share my views on what will happen soon in the world.
I forge my perspective based on the many sources of information that I am for years observing taking place “behind the scenes”.
Things will get worse in the weeks and months to come because the Cabal is totally hopeless. In fact, the majority of them know they have already lost. Some have already visited. But there remains a hard core of Kabbalah who refuses to surrender and the only way for them to get away with it would be the third world war.
There will be no third world war.
Since the attacks of September 11, 2001 which were to trigger a third world war it is clear that the Cabal cannot. There are splits within the same ruling Cabal, fratricidal conflicts between them. We also see that the US military, the Pentagon, and the CIA are also divided, resistant factions within each group clash, the chain of command is often broken and generals refuse to obey orders.
Meanwhile, the resistance is organized, Russia and China have chosen their sides, followed by other countries that make up the BRICS, and they are now ready to replace the Criminal banking system of the EDF.
The information, real information, is too much circulated on the Internet and the critical mass of people needed to be awake is now reached.
Disclosure is now everywhere, and all over the place, on all subjects. This is a tidal tide.
Time will tell if I am right or not. But in any case my view is that their end is very close. But we still have tests to pass before we get there. Maybe it will start a civil war in some countries, or a localized war, most importantly in the Middle East, or elsewhere. Yes, it is possible. But that will never lead to a third world war, in my opinion, but rather lead to other sources of resistance.
We (The Resistance) are too many and too strong now!
Each action by the Cabal causes a reaction of The Resistance.
You can be sure that new disclosures of The Resistance will arrive quickly. I am thinking of Edward Snowden… information that has been decrypted will be released shortly. But not only that … Plenty of evidence about the Cabal’s crimes will continue to go out. And it is for each of us to relay this information to the maximum, rather than following the herd of stupid “Charlies”.
Anyone who wakes up and shares the information of the Resistance instead of focusing on state propaganda from the main stream media is The RESISTANCE.
More than ever, remain focused and concentrated.
Victory is near!

Namasté (Brotherly & Sisterly Human Love)

Vic Sadot is a singer-songwriter based in Berkeley, CA who is known for his “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs” CD released on 9/11/11 featuring “Blowback or Bloody Treason” inspired by Michael C. Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon, the “Mad Cowboy Disease 2013” update video on Obama the drone bomber, and his 9/11 Truth hit on internet-only , “Cheney’s in the Bunker“. Vic is available for solo bookings & political protests in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to gmail, Vic is TruthTroubadour at Blogspot, YouTube, and Twitter. Vic Sadot is active on Vic Sadot on Facebook and with the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance on Facebook at His home website is


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