Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Person Dead After Explosion in the Building that Houses Russia’s Largest Supercomputer    ~ hehe 1st Putin's bud's  r "slip~in" & "bump~in" their heads ? & now "his" cum~puter's is "mal~fuck~in~shin~in" ... folks the "NWO" mafia rats IS go~in at  oops

pzcm_16774210By Melissa Dykes
It is being reported in Russian press that a Freon tank exploded at the Russian Academy of Sciences, leaving one person dead.
The tank reportedly exploded in the Joint Supercomputer Center (JSCC) — the building which houses the most powerful supercomputer center in all of Russia — killing a contractor who was working there. The computer itself is located underground, while the explosion happened on the 8th floor in a garage area where a contractor was working.
This supercomputer is reportedly not currently under the control of the RAS, but the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations — the Russian government.
While initial reports attempt to make this seem like a mere contractor accident or “technical error,” considering where this “accident” happened, it seems highly suspicious to say the least. At the very least, it’s coming at a highly suspicious time.

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