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There is one word that best describes what I am seeing happening in the narrative. That word, believe it or not, is ‘tweak‘. Now, I know that the word tweak is a word that best describes the fidgets and fits that take place when an addict needs a fix. But one of the other definitions has to do with painstakingly arranging things or twisting them in order to get things into a bit of situation normal.
The ‘Tweak’ is part of some obsessive compulsive way to erase from the mind those inconvenient and uncomfortable facts that somehow thwart the flow of information or obfuscate an issue. As the ‘Tweak’ happens, we begin to see a selective view of what really happened, and an agreed upon view that becomes buried deep as other events unfold that get our attention.
It is all part of what we had discussed earlier with regards to the mental games that are conducted and psychological operations that are used in order for the consensus to pay attention to other threats or potential crises that have always been there. Our discussion took a back seat to the “spiking event” that was used in the “strategy of tension” exercises conducted by the government to bring about changes in the way we live.
The mainstream media still is focusing its attention on the Boston bombing; however, now they are playing “clean up” and are dropping facts that in the heat of the crisis were overlooked.
For example, is there really anyone who has created a long and drawn out report about the fact that that it was actually stated by authorities that no gun was found in or around the boat where Boston terror suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was finally captured after an amazing manhunt?
It was reported and effectively was tweaked by the media in such a way that there seems to be no outcry or even an inquiry as to why the authorities were justified in shutting down Boston and surrounding areas to look for Tsarneav.
The mainstream media continues the ‘Tweak’ by creating hero stories and revelations that also include that other cities like New York are now under the threat of bombing. There is also the a ‘Tweak’ which floats the story of many suspects that still have not been caught thus setting up the fear that we have terrorists in our midst and that soon they will attack again and that this time the attack will be levied with greater ferocity than before.
The suspects allegedly intended to take seven bombs to New York; however, what is not explained is where those bombs are, nor what the plan was. All we have is the word of authorities that the suspects were in Time Square last year. This seems to be a stretch and a ‘Tweak’ to continue the fear that a major city in the United States will again be bombed.
I am actually bringing this up because I am watching as the media is realizing that the entire “terrorist attack” and resulting manhunt has more holes in it. that they have no choice but to create news that tweaks the timeline, creates am open ended mystery, and leaves the average observer manipulated and worried that there may be another bombing in the future.
This is done with “features” rather than hard and fact-based news. Features focus more on emotions and eye witness reflection rather that the facts of what is really happening and like it or not , during a “feature” story it is easier for the reporter to lead the witnesses, friends of the suspect, or even the heroes into developing a hook that people can relate to.
People know how to react to terror, us and them, heroic efforts, strength in numbers, derogatory comments about the suspected perpetrators, nationalism, jingoism, hate and anger.
However, facts, hard news and details are lost on the average person and, in essence, are given a mention and then it is once again back to tweaking the emotional response of the people to the crisis.
This has been called peddling the story line, an angle that seems to be embraced by the public regardless of whether or not is a myth or even a misunderstanding. The news organization are notorious for tweaking the features, to somehow buffer the hard news so it does not look like it is all bad news. It is also softened by commentary that lessens the blow, or intensifies the public response in order to then insert the solution that has the approval of the government.
The ‘Tweak’ is evident because what is dancing into the mainstream again like a huge gorilla is news about Syria, the use of drones in the United States, terms like ‘Battlefield: America‘ and, believe it or not, North Korea and the possible bombing of California on April 28th, 2013.
You may say to yourself that you have not heard about these things. Well, that’s because you are new to the idea of tweaking in the media.
While feature stories of the Boston Bombing have drowned out the other news reports, the world still goes on and now we are slowly getting back to normal, hearing about red lines being crossed with chemical weapons use in Syria. White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the administration has a number of options in regards to handling reports that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons, and those routes include but are not exclusive to using military force. Now this sounds like an abrupt jump from one crisis to another, but it really isn’t.
It was always an issue, but has been abruptly covered up and diluted with feature story pedaling that led you away for a moment. Another amazing story that has been ignored and will soon be part of the nation’s attitude towards homeland terror is John McCain making his return to speak of the battlefield known as America. The new ’Tweak’, after the heroic reports of the Boston bombings, is that the United States is about to feel the brunt of the state’s jack boot.
We are not seeing featured on our evening news is that the government itself is showing signs of trouble and that the threats that are on the way may be far more destructive than we realize. Historically, governments that are desperate and fearful that they are about to be toppled try to control everything.
The borders will soon become battlefield areas and the new wars will break the banks. This will lead to asset confiscation and bank withdrawal limits. These are realities that will not be pedaled in the ‘Tweak’.
Meanwhile, a meme is floating around the Internet that is also seemingly part of the hidden manipulation of minds and has been of some concern by many people asking what this may mean.
An Internet ‘Tweak’ is also in the works where a Facebook page was created after the bombings in Boston as a memorial to the victims that died or are supposed to die in a nuclear attack on April 28th, 2013. The overall attitude has been that this site is a sick and twisted hoax; however there have been many people who are beginning to wonder if we have ignored the signs that there will be another event that will shake us to the core.
It has already been forgotten that, just after the Boston bombings, Los Angeles fell victim to a handful of bomb scares. The city was having numerous evacuations and yet there was no report by the major news media about them.
There was also a report that many Hollywood glitterati are planning a mass exodus out of the city for some unknown reason. It was reported on Bill Maher’s television show that many are leaving because of high taxes. Others are speculating that Los Angeles will be targeted in the next terror hit and that they are not going to remain there.
“Federal spending on Homeland Security is now exceeding $790 billion and many are saying that this is unprecedented. A lot of that money is going towards video surveillance and ammunition spending. New York City has more than 4,000 cameras in Manhattan alone, according to the ACLU. Chicago’s linked public and private security cameras number around 10,000.
With all of Chicago’s cameras and gun control laws, there have been 441 shootings and 100 homicides in the city of Chicago so far this year. That works out to 3.8 shootings per day or approximately one shooting every 6.3 hours.
Would Piers Morgan report this on CNN? Would he also report that, in the European Union, the United Kingdom has the highest violent crime rate even though their surveillance cameras total an estimated half-million.                        

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz said that the Department of Homeland Security is using roughly 1,000 rounds of ammunition more per person than the U.S. Army, as he and other lawmakers sharply questioned DHS officials on their “massive” bullet buys. While many Americans are seeing the massive buy as an indication of what is on the horizon, namely an insurgency, representatives are actually seeing it as an issue of waste and accountability. What are the Democratic representatives saying about it? That the concern can all be traced to a group of conspiracy theorists inflating the purchase to 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets when the reality is that the Department of Homeland Security only purchased 760 million.
The arguments are inane.
The ‘Tweak’ provides the media an opportunity to select the perception of the public and its attitudes on how they are governed. There will be no announced police state, or civil war, or upheaval because there would be pandemonium. There will be selected words used and angles peddled through features and emotional appeals that will cloud the issues of social breakdown.

The process of selective perception is necessary because if we did not do this we would be transfixed by the hyper reality and sensory overload. Today our brains are being filled with all sorts of sensory overload. Think about it: We have simple perceptions of life, light, love, survival, spirituality, God, etc. Then we are exposed to media, print, television, internet, video games, telephony, and many other things that is pushing the brain further and all of that stimulus is placed in a limited area known as the brain. We do not know if the brain is limitless and we have learned that in old age we begin to lose memory and our perception of time.
If our model for perceiving our environment and time is limited or if we happen to perceive something while in crisis or after a traumatic experience, we run the obvious risk of missing important information that may be crucial for our well-being and survival; or conversely, of hallucinating imaginary information that may be misleading or hurtful.
The media and the government are banking on your reaction and what you do not react to. The powers-that-be are well aware of what it means to shape world view and they use the media to manipulate time and they persist in honoring half truths and lies and demonstrate to the public that anyone that is against the perceived world view is a crank, a conspiracy theorist, and someone that is not supposed to be trusted.
The power of a person’s worldview cannot be overstated. It is a determining factor in what kinds of behaviors a person will take in response to a given situation. It is nearly impossible to change a person’s personality, and changing someone’s opinions is often an exercise in futility.
But if you change people’s worldviews, you have changed not only the things they have the ability to perceive, and but also the entire range of options they have available for taking action.
Politicians, scientists, and preachers know what deep fears are clouding people’s minds. Rather than giving us hope in what appears to be a hopeless situation, they exploit our deepest fears and the uncertainty that comes with a world in transformation
With this transformation, and strategies of tension, anxiety comes as a destructive wave of thought that continues to feed upon itself, eventually creating a negatively charged beast that devours any glint of hope that exists for our future.
If you are paying attention to what is going on now in our world, stop and consider that the ham-fisted emotional tweak provide by the media is thrusting a critical mass of people into a semiconscious state of despair.
This state of mind that can be compared to a prison with barbed wire and concrete blocks, keeping us tied to a ball and chain reminding us that whatever choice we make can lead us into catastrophe.
What was once a sinister undercurrent is now the ugly norm, and it has risen to prominence because of the tweaking process brought about by master manipulators, that tend to point fingers at those who wish to hijack their narrative.
We should never give up our right to seek out and report that which is honest and truthful.

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