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Boston Bombing Suspects Parents Told ABC ‘Our Sons Were ‘Framed’

Like a scene out of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Running Man”, the corporate controlled media continues to pump propaganda to the masses as they cite no proof the Boston bombing suspects are guilty.

Boston Bombing Suspects ParentsOpEd

by Shepard Ambellas

April 26, 2013
The mainstream media is getting yet even more ballsy as they approach reports with pure nonsense. In fact it’s so bad most are tuning out and switching to the independent media.
Recently while viewing an ABC televised report I noticed something wrong. Whatever it was stood out like a sore thumb to me at the time, triggering more thoughts as I felt I have never seen it more clearly.
The report starts out essentially stating that the evidence is mounting against the Boston bombing suspects, but no matter how much evidence the FBI presents it won’t be enough for the suspects mother and father. Right away this raises red flags to be. First of all, I would like the FBI and the mainstream media to show me 1 piece of evidence that suggests that the brothers committed the violent terror attack that took place that dreadful day at the Boston Marathon event.
In fact the suspects aunt claims that the older brother Tamerlan is alive and was captured on video by the media being stuffed into a police car. Video footage of this does exist and has not been mentioned by officials as of yet.
But even more interesting is that the parents say that “they will never admit their sons are guilty” and that they were “framed”. The suspects mother and father also stated during the interview that the pictures released by the American media have indeed been doctored (altered).
The ABC propaganda piece goes on to say that the brothers planed an attack on New York City as they drove around in a stolen SUV. Officials also stated that the dynamic terrorist duo had 6 remaining explosives including 1 more pressure cooker devise.
The suspects parents also claim that their son is being fed from a tube in the hospital after suffering severe injuries, raising concerns that their son can even talk. The parents have not been allowed to visit their son.
The family plans to claim Tamerlan’s body soon, according to ABC.
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