Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Internet “Wingnuts” Hoaxed on Foostamps for “Illegals”

Suckered by Breitbart/Fox News Hoax over Bush Program

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In the latest of a series of hoaxes, “source and fact-free” wingnut internet sites have again been suckered or bought into attacking President Obama, this time over a Bush era Food Stamp program. In a Cavuto/Fox scam, filled with outright lies, weasel words and hyperbole, the Murdoch/Netanyahu organization tries a flank attack after Israel had been rebuffed on their call for an American invasion of Syria:

The real program began in 2004 as part of a Bush move to buy off the Hispanic vote and please conservative groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, American Enterprise Institute and the National Association of Manufacturers, the lobby groups that push for an open border to suppress the labor market and destroy labor unions.
From Salon:
“So what’s actually going on here?
Here’s what Tucker Carlson et al. get right: The USDA provides information about enrolling in the program at Mexican consulates. Here’s what they get wrong: everything else.
First of all, the program was actually started by George W. Bush in 2004, not Obama. Here’s then-Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman announcing the new program in July of 2004:
‘Many Mexican Americans and Mexican nationals working within the United States have limited awareness of eligibility for Food Stamps and other nutrition programs such as Women, Infants and Children program and school meals. Additional barriers such as the language heightens the need for specialized outreach. The objectives under this agreement include new partnerships, communications outreach in both English and Spanish, and other activities to educate eligible populations.’
Secondly, the program doesn’t actually provide food stamps to immigrants — that too was a product of a Bush-era Farm Bill — but merely information. And it does this not in Mexico, as some claim, but at the country’s 45 consulates across the U.S., which Veneman called “an ideal network to help with outreach for USDA nutrition programs.”
(Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner – 2013)
 Shamefully, many supposed “alternative news” sites on the internet have yet again exposed themselves as totally corrupt or idiotic.  From Google, an attractive list of the evil, the lame and the dumb as hell:
Listing the “worst of the worst” below, our list of “shills, crooks, liars and fools”:
We found a total of over two million internet references.  Many of those who have carried this knowingly false story are “robo-sites,” websites created by computers, backed heavily by Google, as a ”psyop” to peddle a phony consensus on hoaxes and conspiracy theories that tend to favor extremist views of Israel or organized crime.
Other hoax stories in the last few days, Saudi involvement in Boston bombings, US backing for Israeli action in Syria or Iran, WND use by Syria are the most obvious.
For a more complete list of fairy tales, try:
www.bbc.com (news)
…and any site that uses these key words:
“conservative, patriot, constitution, freedom…”
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