Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh Look, The Number Of People Employed In The Movie And Music Recording Business Just Hit An All Time High

from the but-jobs-jobs-jobs! dept

The common refrain coming out of the MPAA and RIAA over the past few years has really focused on "jobs, jobs, jobs!" This is a message that often works with Congress. If you can convince Congress that "jobs" are at risk, they go scrambling to protect those jobs, even if the economy would be much better off with obsolete jobs going away, and better jobs taking their place. That said, the MPAA and RIAA have a long history of making up ridiculous claims about the number of people employed in their industries, as well as the number of supposed "lost jobs." So it's rather noteworthy to see that the good folks over at ZeroHedge have pointed out that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in the motion picture and sound recording industries hit an all time high in December.
Funny that. I thought that they were losing jobs like crazy, and that without SOPA those jobs would just keep disappearing. Hmm...

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