Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Section of Landing Gear Found in New York, Investigators Claim From 9/11 Attacks

hey America & NY  wasn't 9/11 a "CRIME"  scene ???  Y didn't U all secure & conduct  A MURDER INVESTIGATION !    where IS ALL the "evidence"  ya  gathered ???  same with OKC bombing???     OH right "they"  were different .              ass pipe in & ass pipe (shit)  OUT   folks "these" ,mother fuckers can stand there wit a -------------    face    ..keep telling u ..EVEN the demons in HELL sleep wit 1 I open when "these"  ass pipes R around LMFAO  ...the pd secured the "scene"    "only" took em 12 yrs & still "finding" shit LOL       que the music  ....... start singing the blues ,um leaving today ..gonna b a part of it  HEHE            & C it is them evil Arabs hid-in shit :o

New Section of Landing Gear Found in New York, Investigators Claim From 9/11 Attacks

Was a section of airplane Landing gear recently found in a primarily Islamic community in New York (said to be from one of the planes which hit the twin towers during the September 2001 attacks) planted to reaffirm the official 9/11 story to the populace?

April 26, 2013
According to CNN a part of the landing gear off one of the airliners used in the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center was found wedged between a building in New york recently.
CNN reported, “The part was discovered Wednesday by surveyors, whom were hired by a property owner. They called 911 to report that they’d found “apparently damaged machinery,” the police said.
“The NYPD is securing the location as it would a crime scene,” the statement said.
Access to the area is being restricted until the medical examiner’s office completes a health and safety inspection.
“We are cooperating fully with the appropriate authorities to make sure this piece of evidence is removed with care as quickly and effectively as possible,” said Sharif El-Gamal, president of Soho Properties, the owner of 51 Park Place.
But the attorney for El-Gamal, Adam Leitman Bailey, questioned whether the piece of the landing gear was planted.
“It is impossible. It was absolutely planted and I’m happy to go on air saying so,” he said, adding that thousands of people have protested in the area against the planned community center.
Asked why he thought someone would have planted it, he said: “Let me think, I got over 5,000 hate e-mails. I got sued personally twice. I have blogs against me. So any number of them could have done it.”
In fact in the CNN piece it actually points out how Bailey questions if the landing gear was planted.

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