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The new Star Wars film officially opens tonight and there has never been so much excitement and anticipation for a film in a long time. The space fantasy movie has captured the hearts and minds of many generations.
I am most definitely a fan of the films and was even begrudgingly being an apologist for the barely tolerable prequels where we find out how Anakin Skywalker fell from grace to become Darth Vader.
The symbol of space tyranny Darth Vader died in the arms of his son Luke Skywalker after he valiantly saved his life by throwing the diabolical Emperor Palpatine down an exhaust shaft.
The Death Star, an ominous base with the ability to destroy an entire planet, was later obliterated by the freedom fighters of the public. The death toll was 300,000 loyal subjects of the Empire.
This was cause for celebration all over the galaxy.
The new Star Wars film is set in a time that is 30 years after the battle. The republic realizes evil never rests and that an even more powerful Synarchy called the “First Order” has reorganized with more powerful weapons and an even bigger army commanded by the menacing and masked Kylo Ren, a devout follower of Darth Vader.
From there I will say no more about intricate details of the film because I would be giving away spoilers and there are many people who want to be surprised and wish to know the fate of the republic and all of the characters they have grown to love over the years.
However, what I can do is give an overview on how the Star Wars universe is a remarkable bit of political predictive programming that if you pay attention you will see a remarkable mirror image albeit and image that we see through a glass darkly.
It comes as no surprise the Republic in Star Wars discovers that the darker forces of the Empire have regrouped and have spread like a cancer throughout the galaxy.
The writers of Star Wars know that time and time again, history has proven that war is, unfortunately the habitual state of mankind. It is an unwritten rule but a very powerful observation that human blood must flow without interruption somewhere or other on this planet.
Peace is only breathing space until the leaders of the world declare war against each other again and use the poor and middle class as cannon fodder for their barbaric ideologies.
If you examine any civilization in any epoch in all possible conditions from the most barbaric to the most advanced civilization, you always find war.
Many political writers have speculated when George Lucas wrote first penned the idea of Star Wars, he was hiding, in plain sight, a bit of predictive programming about the fall of democracy to a cunning imperialist agenda. Hidden behind all the trappings of a childhood science fiction fantasy is the fall of a republic through stealthy infiltration and manipulation of public opinion.
Lucas has done what artists constantly do: created something that on the surface seems harmless, but as we dig deeper into the politics of ‘Star Wars’ reveals a story told – and played out – throughout history. From the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany, we have seen these stories, and are once more projecting them onto our reality while ignoring the consequences they have always brought.
I see it as a metaphor to hint that we must look into ourselves and wonder if we are on the right side or the wrong side. When we look into the mirror, are we seeing what we want to see, or the true image of what is happening?
There is more to what is going on than meets the eye.
Many people won’t see the film’s true message, and needless to say, the media will not point out how the ‘Star Wars’ movies are a lesson in how fascism rises in times of crisis.
Using the media as a tool to engineer society, the powerful and shadowy elite give us bits and pieces of the vision. They expose us to abstract shadows. We are compelled to wait in long lines, to be stimulated by the tricks of the flickering image, being told it is only a movie when it is so much more.
We all see the same abstract picture, but everyone has a different opinion about what he or she is seeing or experiencing. This breeds speculation and eventually we begin to see popular spiritualism and the “church of the media.”
‘Star Wars,’ like other science fiction and fantasy, only gives us a piece of the puzzle. There is always the possibility there might be some dysfunctional views being served up and swallowed by the viewer.
The philosophy presented is not run by spiritual individuals but by those who wield immense power and unlimited financial resources. The paranoid view is that they can very well be injecting into the popular culture dangerous attitudes and destructive thought forms meant to discourage you or groom you into belief that all is lost.
The Star Wars film playing in theaters now, while one of the best in the series, is telling us that the Dark Force and the government it represents, is being joint ruled by something so demonic and so frightening that those who are serving it, tremble in its presence.
If there is an all powerful force in reality and if this force is as pervasive as it is in the film, a darker force rising in our midst always demands human sacrifice.
This force is being used to protect the guilty and kill the innocent.
When a powerful outside influence, whether it be God or the Devil, demands a rapid formation of a political movement, We see a leader emerge that is given by divine or profane mandate the ability to command armies, appoint underlings that enforce his edicts and uses his indefinable power to coerce his people to obey him.
His power and ability to lead should not be questioned and the fact that he hides behind a secret, it is not to be revealed. None dare question his loyalties and no one shall know his pain as he is also subjected to a darker and more powerful control he fears will destroy him if he rebels.
The people dare not admit that a devil is in their midst and while this devil provides for his empire, he must answer to the Synarchy which is controlled by a secret organization. In the case of Star Wars, the force awakens it is the “First Order” secretly controlled by a mysterious entity that calls himself “Snoke.”
In modern American conspiracy history, we have a secret fear that a darker power of illuminsed intelligence operators are in control of our government. Our government has a leader that hides many secrets. The people wonder about his origins, his birthplace, his childhood, his family life and what loyalty he has to God and the Republic to which he serves.
If we choose to believe in a darker narrative, “The Force Awakens” becomes more of an eerie doppelganger to what is happening in reality.
There are whispers amongst the republic, those who see themselves as followers of the lighter side of the “force.” These whispers and murmurings against the empire are about malfeasance and corruption – and the possibility of false prophets and even a darker force leadership that rules in the shadows and pull the strings of the figureheads that further the bloodletting and wars.
Behind the closed doors of the ministry of hate, we observe there is a plot to destabilize all of our lives. We can all surmise there is a deeper meaning or a hidden agenda to all of this. We can find it in a Bible, we can call it a fulfillment of prophecy, and we can see it as an indication the world is ready for a leader that appears to be delivering a Deus Ex Machina. This abrupt change will feel satisfactory, even if it goes against consensus morality. We think the new leader will deliver us, but will lead us further into the abyss.
This leader, like the one before him, answers to the head of the multi-tentacled, Synarchy, which raises up the image of the beast, the hydra, and the leviathan empire.
The only way to describe it in conspiracy terminology – is to declare that the Synarchy is a joint venture with Lucifer. It is field by the ideologies of Satan – it is called by most of the awakened—the Illuminati.
The Illuminati can be anyone or anything you want it to be, however, in the case of the new Star Wars film, the illuminated are feeding off the suffering of the entire galaxy. It is not only the secret of the dark side – it is a state of mind of its minions.
In our reality, the Illuminati simply does not obey god, they do not use the light side of the force—they want to be god which is an arrogant attribute that overrides the ideas of morality and spiritual consciousness.
In Star Wars, the so-called “First Order” of the Galactic empire is a triumph of criminality, and if we can compare the most criminal governments of the world to it, we can see that this Order uses the same tactics as the architects of the New World Order – terror is key to keeping the planetary systems in check and terror is used to keep the people of United States on edge, allowing for the stripped of civil liberties.
We now have to admit that in our world, corruption and criminality is the norm among all layers of governance. The Rule of Law appears to not apply to our leaders. They rely on corrupt and technically unconstitutional intelligence gathering when it suits their interests. Beyond that, the people are terrorized by a resistance that is lost, radicalized and created by the government itself.
As you can see, science fiction has become less science and less fiction and more symbolic than anything else. It is almost becoming religious and could evolve into something far deeper than just a popcorn flick.
While I am fully aware symbolism has always been in science fiction, I am noticing there is a template that seems to go unchanged, and it appears no new future is being predicted, but only a darker, short-term future.
We are in a time of pessimism and the art is certainly imitating our lives. The movie screen is becoming a looking glass into this dark future. When we see science fiction stories played out, we are actually seeing archetypes of ourselves casting shadows of what is to come.
There is a Latin term for this it is called Per Speculum In Aenigmate or “through the glass darkly” where everything is seen in reverse and all things go backwards until they collapse. The image eventually becomes reality if we allow it to consume us. We have been battling monsters both real and imagined for so long we forget that the monster inside of us could be consuming us until we become monsters ourselves.
We now see the darker image, or the mirror image of what we all thought would be brighter and more secure. We are losing the balance of the good world that strives to keep evil away, to an evil world that decides good no longer triumphs and in order to save ourselves, we must prepare for our own destruction.
We all have a few small–scale, true beliefs that characterize the human condition, and we can all agree that we share some commonality in this regard. However, we have been constantly encouraged to be divided, and we receive all sorts of confused signals.
We are beginning to wonder if it is time to give up and allow the final curtain to be dropped on a world that seems to be out of control.
Today, it seems we have lost our hold on why things happen and why they are and their relationships to each other. Connecting the dots is not an attractive endeavor, but eventually, we realize all things and all events have relationships to each other, and they all have hidden meanings that begin to show themselves if we just pay attention.
Many are already beginning to notice their reflection is not as bright. Their lives are becoming meaningless and they have become slaves to their materialistic wants. Many people are experiencing emotional hemophilia, in which nothing of emotional or spiritual value seems to take hold.
Their relationships with others become intense and unstable because they are always looking for that missing piece they think makes them a whole person. They become impulsive and animalistic, looking for instant gratification with drugs, food, alcohol or sex.
They choose to follow what appeals to their egos, and listen only to those who tell them what they want to hear, to those who encourage their acquiescence or acceptance of which they truly fear. We are beginning to see mood shifts in the population where anger and fighting continues over hot button issues that in the big picture, don’t really matter.
The new Star Wars film will not only remain the number one movie in the nation for a very long time, it will also stand as a Rorschach test for troubled times. Once again, the movie can cause many people with guilty consciences to project feelings of doubt when it comes to wondering which side we are really on: the dark side, or the light side of the Force.

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