Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Roadmap to Repair Pro Cycling   ~ i love the tour ! ...but geez guys "we" gotta do fucking sum~thing 2 bring "it" into the !!!   Huh ?  the best "race" on THIS Planet & "it"  IS  ..still  lag~in Wayyyyyyy fucking behind ?  STOP the petty SHIT & ...fuck~in                         fig~it~the~fuck~out :)r   ...fuck me ! "we" used 2 fight war's wit ..sticks & stones humm    ... France  !  u's lucky bast~erd's    ..i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the tour !  hehe Bicycle Wheel Icon Stock Image
Many recommendations have been made over the past few years about how to fix pro cycling, but too many have been vague promises or empty platitudes, lacking substantive detail or goals.  Here, we present a new “roadmap” for the future – a comprehensive, specific, measurable and actionable four-point plan to truly repair the sport.  Written in the spirit of influencing true and lasting change, this report looks from the outside in, to bring fresh perspectives and illuminate new paths to the future.
This sport has declared a “new beginning” many times before. This time, cycling has to make it stick.  The stakeholders of pro cycling should evaluate and seriously consider the recommendations in this roadmap – in order to halt what has too often been a race to the bottom, and instead begin to create a race to the top.
Download the full Roadmap report, or a report summary below.



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