Monday, December 28, 2015

Man In 3 Hour Armed Standoff With Doctors To Prevent Them Pulling Plug On 'Brain Dead' Son, Who Survives

Posted by George Freund on December 27, 2015      ~  hehe fucking A folks!  WE ALL had  better fucking HOPE SOMEBODY will B there  2   fight fer ya , when the "time" cum's ...cuz IT'S sure the fuck NOT gonna B the doc's or the STATE!!!         .... fucking ALL'S  it's takes is mother fucking 1 person ! 2 stand the fuck ...UP !  &   THIS cunt~tree used ta B filllllled wit em ?    now ! put yer hands DOWN !    will ya , yer im~bare~assing U.S.  :o   Oops 

Pickering II (right) was armed when he went to the hospital where his son George III (left) was being treated

George Pickering II took gun and went to Houston's Tomball Regional Medical Center to spend a few more hours with his son George III

Pickering's 'brain dead' son had suffered a huge stroke earlier in the month

Doctors and father's family were 'terminally weaning' son off life support

Pickering forced his way into son's room and standoff with police ensued

When son squeezed his hand during the standoff, Pickering surrendered 

He was arrested but his son recovered a few weeks later and is doing well

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