Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ultimate Reason? Why, The influx of young Illegal immigrants arranged by White House - 'Dream Act': "Military Purposes"

I have been researching how all the thousands and thousands of illegal immigrant children are going to get enrolled in public schools.

I have found many law sites (here is one for New York) saying illegals are allowed in schools with proof of residency and age.  The vaccination proof can be skipped by saying "Religious objection".  How are they going to get into public schools with no proof of residency and possibly no proof of age, since they don't have their parents with them?

I am curious how all these children are going to get into schools without their parents being with them.  Especially since it seems Obama sent 760 of them to Tennessee without informing the Governor or state ahead of time.

I know what it took for me to get my child enrolled in a new high school last year.  I had to provide all types of documents.

So I wanted to know if the children will be given special status and not have to go by the laws, just as they were given special status for flying without IDs on commercial flights.  The TSA just waved them through.  

So far it seems that if you are illegal you have special status where laws don't apply to you, including getting free health care etc.

After doing quite a bit of research I believe I ultimately found Why all the illegals are being brought in by the White House and their purpose for the Obama agenda.  

I found a Wikipedia page about the Undocumented children and the last paragraph really got my attention and made me begin thinking about their whole purpose for the U.S. government and what the government has been trying to do the last few years and how they can accomplish their goals through illegal immigrants with the Dream act.

Here is a page just about immigrants and the military - small portion (last paragraph)
The military benefits greatly from the service of its foreign-born. Non citizen recruits offer greater racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity than citizen recruits. This diversity is particularly valuable given the military's increasingly global agenda. Additionally, statistics show that: Asian/Pacific Islander and Hispanic non citizens who have served for at least 3 months are nearly 10 percent less likely to leave the service than white citizens. Non-citizens who have served for at least 36 months are 9 to 20 percent less likely to leave the service than white citizens.
Dream act portal:
Under the rigorous provisions of the DREAM Act, qualifying undocumented youth would be eligible for a 6 year long conditional path to citizenship that requires completion of a college degree or two years of military service.
Now which route do you think an illegal will take?  6 years of college or 2 years of military service?

It seems to me this influx of the White House arranging illegals at a military age or coming to military age is to have them join and thus have no alliance to the constitution or qualms about confiscating U.S. citizen's guns at gun point.

Our U.S. citizen soldiers are passionate about  upholding the Constitution and fighting for our Freedoms.  That is a big difference than the illegal immigrants will be in our military.

Our country is being decimated from the inside out.

The information above and more with my thoughts about it all being ultimately the destruction of our Constitution and Gun Confiscation are in the video below.

Obama bringing in Young Illegal Immigrants for "Military Purposes" per Dream Act Statement

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