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Monster from th edead


It may be a very hard pill to swallow but it seems that there has been an increase of reports where people have been witnessing behaviors in people that have been described as demonic and out of control.
There have been sightings all over Europe of big black dogs, called demon dogs that have been seen walking upright. Dartmoor England has been known for its mammoth upright dog sightings. Some are claiming an enormous wolverine or bear and others are swearing that the beast is possessed drifter capable of shape shifting into a werewolf.
As much as this sounds outrageous, the accounts are growing. Bigfoot, Dog-men and the Chupacabra have been reported in every corner of the United States. There have also been many reports of people who have become possessed or are allegedly possessed by some predatory demon and attack innocent people at random.
Back in May there was a report out of Edmonton Canada about a woman that was on a train and appeared to be suddenly possessed. She then lunged at a passenger and began hitting and kicking him.
It was at first unclear as to whether the altercation was real or an elaborate stunt. The camera apparently starts rolling just before the woman gets a demonic look on her face and lunges at the fellow passenger. When she tries to walk away, the man confronts her, and then throws her to the floor.
The passenger filming the incident mentions that the woman that was attacking the other passenger appears to be possessed. Prior to the attack the young woman fidgets with a crucifix and attempts to pull it from her body. She reaches into a purse and then growls like dog at the passengers and then attacks.
Earlier this year, a number of Catholic churches across Italy and Spain were reported to have recruited at least 18 priests between them to tackle an unprecedented rise in cases of demonic possession.
Pope Francis I officially declared that supernatural is real and that Exorcists are a vital tool in helping those who are possessed find peace with god. The International Association of Exorcists, a group of 250 priests battling the forces of evil across 30 countries, has now had its statutes approved by the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy.
I recently saw the new movie Deliver us from Evil. Believe it or not the film is based on the diary writings of sixteen-year NYPD veteran, Ralph Sarchie who worked out of the 46th Precinct in New York’s south Bronx.
According to a documentary I watched about his life, the 46th Precinct is in the west area of the Bronx in New York and has labeled by many as a very corrupt office in a very tough and horrifying part of town.
Ralph Sarchie apparently had seen some very horrifying things while on duty and if the movie is to be believed he also was able to apprehend suspects that appear to have been possessed. When a person is possessed or appears to be out of control they appear to act more like monsters. It is reported that they show signs of super human strength, they growl and in some cases they are known to either eat their victims or even mutilate and eat their own body parts.
The movie demonstrates this as it shows just how hideous a possession can be and how there is something beastly that exists deep down in all of us.
The case of Ralph Sarchie and his paranormal encounters reminded me of a story that one of my colleagues had filed back when Ground Zero produced a news show for a local radio station.
You will have to forgive the vagueness of the story because there are times when stories sound so weird you really don’t know how to even attempt to tell them especially when the people are involved are practically your neighbors. The story is so peculiar that the names have to be changed in order to present it.
The year was 2005 when police were alerted to a car that was driving erratically down a residential street near where I live in west Portland. The caller who dialed 911 said that the person behind the wheel did not look human. The caller stated that what he saw was a dark figure behind the wheel. The figure looked like he had no skin but dark hair and his eyes were very white.
The frightening part was that the caller described the driver as looking like a hairy beast or a werewolf.
When police finally caught up with the driver they were shocked to see that in the vehicle was a man, or what was left of a man sitting naked with third degree burns all over his body and his face was so burned that his teeth were exposed without lips to cover them up.
The police had never encountered anything like this and demanded that the passenger disembark from the vehicle. When he did not move the officers tased him. The police claim it was then that the passenger growled at officer and then exited the car and growled that he would kill he officers that were there. He then leapt from the ground to the top of a police car and howled like an animal in pain.
He then jumped from the police car and before he hit the ground officers fired eight rounds into his body. The passenger still had a heart beat, however the wounds and burns were bleeding and the loss of blood was incredible. The man later died.
There were rumors that one of the police officers believed that the man was possessed and that his mannerisms were similar to what they had seen in the Hollywood movie American Werewolf in London.
When asked if what he saw was a shape shifter, he declined to comment.
Three years after the incident, one of the officers that pulled the trigger on the so called Werewolf was later arrested. He was menacing his girlfriend and had threatened to kill himself.
His girlfriend was shaky when she called 911 and said he was growling, drunk and saying that he tortured and killed a man. Nothing more was said about the case and it is believed that the officer was transferred and is still working today.
In December of 2009, KENS TV reported that a San Antonio couple called 911 to report the sighting of a large hairy creature walking upright carrying a deer carcass in its arms. Police reports indicate dispatchers sent an officer by the location that night, but he found no sign of the couple or the beast.
The area has acres of wooded terrain surrounding it. The media declared that it was a Bigfoot sighting; however the description of the beast is similar to the 1991 Elkhorn Wisconsin and the Michigan Dog man accounts of an upright walking creature that is the size of bear with the head of a wild dog.
In 2012 the mainstream media reported a story that kicked off some hysteria about the possibility of zombies, drugged or possessed individuals attacking their victims and eating their flesh.
The story of the Causeway Cannibal may be out of the news cycle but it still can be remembered as the attack that still has no real explanation. Rudy Eugene chewed the face off of a homeless drifter on the Miami MacArthur Causeway. Police say they emptied 5 rounds into the attacker before he was killed.
This case was part of at least 6 other cases where people have demonstrated super human strength and have growled at police before they were apprehended. There seemed to be other unrelated cases where peculiar behaviors were noted by the police and many of them sounded like they could be included in a horror film.
Just days after the causeway cannibal story, police in New Jersey reported that a man stabbed himself repeatedly and then threw his skin and intestines at the officers.
The crazed man was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen and when the man saw what he had done began cutting his intestines and skin hurling them at the officers.
The mainstream news was reporting that the cause of these paranormal attacks was the results from the abuse of street drug called “bath salts.”
Now, it can be reported that two years after the Miami Causeway attack that Rudy Eugene, the Causeway Cannibal was apparently not high on bath salts or any other exotic street drug at the time of the attack.
The much-anticipated toxicology report released by Miami-Dade Medical Examiner Dr. Bruce Hyma found marijuana in Eugene’s system, but no evidence of any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs, or any adulterants found in street drugs.
Once again it has to be reemphasized that media had reported that Bath salts were responsible for the mass monster attacks and it has to be clear that they were wrong.
As a matter of fact Bruce Hyma’s office specifically ruled out bath salts.
So the question is why the media was so quick to dismiss these attacks as a result of drug use when all of the cases had nothing to do with “bath salts.”
When western anthropologists first heard reports of witch doctors who could issue deadly curses, they quickly found rational explanations. The families of the cursed often felt there was no point wasting food on the “walking dead”, for example. That’s why many of the cursed would die: simple starvation.
Many of them would walk in a daze; some were starving to the point of wanting to eat another human. Their normal lives were literally taken from them, they had nothing to live for, and really had no reason to behave in a civilized matter. It became evident that the so called curse was a traumatic psychological event and they would become more like predators.
There were some that would observe that the victim had the spirit of the wolf or the bear in them and that they would appear to be more beastly as their lips would pull back showing their teeth and their eyes would widen.
People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, shape shifters, or even werewolves, however historical accounts are everywhere. In the bible the story of the 12 spies trips through Hebron are fascinating if not downright frightening.
The spies reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were GIANTS who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.
In the movie The 13th Warrior, an adaptation of the book Eaters of the Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan Relating His Experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922 by Michael Crichton the Persian Ambassador is captured by a group of Vikings. He is then forced to do battle with “The Mist Monsters.” They are appear to be beasts on horseback, quite menacing and kill the women and children. It is then realized that they are a clan of “skinwalkers.”
Men who wear skins of bears and by all appearances become werebears. In some American Indian legends, a skinwalker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. The ability to be a shapeshifter is usually given to the shaman or medicine man and is done through rituals and ceremonies where the skins of wolves or bears are worn and the individual changes into the beast.
There have also been accounts of shaman creating salves consisting of peyote and other natural substances that they can rub on their bodies which give them the ability to fly in this condition. The shaman usually chooses the skin of a coyote or wolf in order to make the desired change.
The Skinwalker also is known as the Lucan or the Wendigo. The Wendigo has also been known to eat the flesh of the dead. This of course can be all connected to legends of the Latin American Chupacabra,or “Goat sucker” a creature that resembles a wild dog and of course the werewolf.
Linda Godfrey who wrote the Beast of Bray road and will have a new book called American monsters which is on sale in September has documented many werewolf sightings and said that sightings of dog like beasts are making the rounds all over the United States.
It used to be that monsters came from the imaginations of those who create fairytales. These tales of darkness have been watered down over the years. When the Mother or father tells these stories or when children recall them they are seldom aware that the stories were once based in the occult. We now see them as harmless; however you must know that they enforce timeless memes of treachery.
They remind us subliminally that there is an underworld where all things corrupt occasionally rise to the occasion and appear as reminders that there is more than just the world we see, there is an underworld or a shadow world where monsters too horrible to comprehend exist.
As it has been proposed that the gates have hell have opened, it seems that the creatures that dwell in the abyss are either creeping along at twilight or possessing innocent people for the purpose of reminding us that Satan has been loosed from his prison and with his legion want to possess humanity.

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