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The GLass House


When you set out to present an indictment against someone, isn’t it always a good idea to remember what Confucius says about glass houses? Well, it looks as if Dick Cheney has forgotten about the old saying, or he just doesn’t care how much of hypocrite he is when he finds himself in the position to talk about Barack Obama.
Before we entangle ourselves in a debate over whether or not Obama is a bad guy and everything Cheney says is true, we can all agree that President Obama has continued many of the policies of the Bush administration – the drone wars and NSA spying, the continued negating of the constitution and the tightening of the grip this administration has on civil rights.
But of course all of this began under the watchful eye of Dick Cheney.
The Iraq War was the single biggest foreign policy disaster in history. Pulling out of Iraq obviously was big debacle as well and whoever is pulling the puppet strings on Obama is actually making a compelling argument for more incompetence in Washington.
Yet we have to unleash the hypocritical commentary form Dick Cheney, and everyone who believes in this stupid right wing left wing, “he said so there” attitude is what is wrong with the United States.
The United States doesn’t silence or jail their war criminals, we give them the spotlight on Fox news, or allow them to write op ed’s for the Wall street journal.
While ISIS continues to make its moves through the middle east, Dick Cheney decided that it was his time to make the rounds to tell everybody how he would handle that issue and all the while we forget about how we would have never ended up in this mess if it weren’t for the lies that Cheney created or his manifesto that he authored along with a few henchman in order to push for the expansion of the military industrial complex before the attacks on the United States on September 11th, 2001.
So, believing the truth is on his side, Cheney has launched a one-man jihad against the Obama Administration for negating what can be called life-protecting anti-terror strategies. The same push- me, pull-you rhetoric that generates the same bull excrement that keeps the country polarized.
If there was ever a tentacle in the Hydra that needs to be exposed it is Dick Cheney and how for years this man has had his hands stained more than once and how what he has been involve with for years has always been under the direction of the Cryptocracy.
I contend that Cheney is one of the Godfathers of the multi-tentacled octopus of Intelligence and continuity of Government has been in power at crucial moments before, and along with his henchman and Donald Rumsfeld, have been directly involved. This Intelligence Wall that he has constructed has been in place through 5 Presidents.
This is why there are still a few people in Washington that even care what Cheney thinks about the situation in Iraq. It is because many of the stories in history where governments have been destabilized always have some fond memory of how Dick Cheney has been praised for his ultra cruel behavior.
Cheney is like lion without a leash and his history speaks for itself as he has been a figure that moves throughout history as a man who seems to be above any law as his policies about Iraq were already laid out in a blue print that has been lost in the memory hole of the collective consciousness of the United states.
This blue print was written in 1992 when Dick Cheney was defense secretary.
The Project for the new American Century was a doctrine that was being produced and implemented little by little with the aid of a counter-part government. The strategic planning of it was done during the Clinton administration with funding from the military-industrial complex. Energy companies, and right-wing foundations.
This conspiracy was helmed by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz. Cheney has acted above the law for so long that he is one of the most dangerous men in America.
Many people do not realize that Dick Cheney has a history of being carefully placed behind the curtain as a well paid “clean up” guy who has been hired for the purpose of enforcing the Continuity of Government in times of national crisis. The idea of continuity of Government takeover has been rumored to be the agenda of the “shadow government,” or Cryptocracy a stealthy controlling group put into play without the public’s consent.
Rumors about a shadow government making the President a puppet has its roots in Cold War conspiracy theories. Theories that crept in during rational concerns about operating the country if nuclear war became imminent amid the “super powers.”
Today the shadow government is not a theory, but a reality. The biggest evidence of all is that Barack Obama has not dismantled the policies of the previous administration and he has made the decision not to investigate members of the previous administration who may have ordered torture and declared an illegal war on Iraq.
That is why the whole Cheney versus Obama good cop bad cop is such a sham and is nothing more than a divisive tool and a Psy-op to keep America divided until the next false flag operation can be carried out to totally destabilize the United States and allow the dialogue for martial law.
The idea of mass Psychological operations is nothing new and the idea that there seems to be a major operation happening now is truly compelling.
We are all fully aware that mind control operations and psychological warfare have always been part of the intelligence apparatus in the United States. The fact that the media is now opening dialogue with Cheney makes it all come together in some poetic train wreck.
Many of these psy-op programs had their beginnings during the cold war.
One particular program was called Operation Artichoke. A CIA torture program that seemed to operate outside of the law expanded under the direction of CIA Director, Allen Dulles. In this program, the CIA conducted experiments that included the use of torture and attempted brainwashing techniques in order to see how much information could be extracted from individuals.
The majority of the information on these programs was destroyed in 1972 shortly before deeper public investigations into the program which began in 1976. However; a few records still remain and have been made public via the Freedom of Information Act.
A shocking, well known death resulting from these programs is the death of military biochemist Frank Olson. Frank Olson died in November 1953, after having jumped out of a 13th story window, a week after having been given a dose of LSD without his knowledge by members of the CIA.
The official version of the story given in 1973, is that Dr. Olson suffered a mental breakdown over the event, but no reason was ever given as to why he had ever been drugged in the first place. Investigations continued well into the 1970’s as to the events leading up to Olson’s death. It wasn’t until 1975 that Gerald Ford offered an apology to the family.
Both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were members of the White House Chiefs of Staff in the Ford administration.
After the public revelations about Frank Olson’s supposedly drug induced suicide, his family began perusing a lawsuit for damages. After the family announced that they would sue for damages and more information, the CIA met with the family and gave them some files about their father’s death, mostly just related to autopsy information. These files didn’t tell the family why their father was ever drugged in the first place.
The Olson family was then advised that their lawsuit would not succeed and instead the Ford administration gave them $750,000 to drop the suit. Cheney and Rumsfeld told the family that perusing information about torture and mind control would be a threat to National Security. Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have been involved in covering up state secrets related to torture and illegal conduct for decades, giving the excuse that this misconduct is in the interest of “security” and “intelligence.”
Rumsfeld and Cheney have remained in positions with the government as “detail” men. Men that gather intelligence on illegal activities within the government and illegal activities going on in foreign governments.
With this information they are able to ascertain what they perceive as threats and report them to secret official’s within government. These secret officials are called to govern in the case of a crisis real or perceived. There is the government that rules America during peace-time, and a counter government that rules during war or crisis.
If there is a way to pull off an illegal act, these two men know how to cover their tracks and obfuscate any investigation.
Now, conspiracy theory and the facts that prove a theory to be fact have over the years secured the position of Dick Cheney as someone who is very important behind the scenes. He is the intelligence man and has been moving about the government unquestioned.
There are always a handful of men within the government that act as agents in charge behind the scenes and would act apart from the consent of the people, the constitution or even the President if there was a national crisis.
This has been considered a criminal element run amok behind the scenes. This criminal element hides behind political parties and so with all of their endorsed and praised actions from the ill informed they go unnoticed and unfortunately become elder statesmen.
Back when Ronald Reagan was shot, there was a conflict within the administration regarding who was in charge. To help resolve this conflict, a secret plan known as the Presidential Successor Support System was devised. This advocated the use of a “shadow government” that would be beyond the Constitution, and would rule the country.
The Reagan Administration also created the National Program Office or NPO.
This was an office of the United States Government established to ensure continuity of government in the event of a national disaster. The NPO was established by a secret executive order signed by President Ronald Reagan during the Cold War in preparation for a nuclear war, presumably with the Soviet Union. In addition to supplanting the executive branch, the NPO has the power to dissolve Congress.
During that time of the Reagan Administration, the agents in charge of the Continuity of Government were Vice President, George H. W. Bush, Lt. Col. Oliver North, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and James Woolsey just to name a few.
In 1998, Cheney and his Project for a New American Century Mob, made public their plans to President Bill Clinton, calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein from power. Signed by 18 people, including Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Armitage, Richard Perle and Don Rumsfeld, this letter had to have been very powerful. Being that under pressure, President Clinton signed a bill in late-1998 authorizing up to $97 million to Iraqi opposition forces “to remove the regime headed by Saddam Hussein” and “promote the emergence of a democratic government.”
The only problem was trying to get the American people to see that a war had to be fought. The American people needed to be convinced that military budgets needed to be increased and that pre-emptive measures needed to be taken in order to eliminate any rivals to American dominance.
Dick Cheney along with the co-authors of The project for the New American Century addressed in their very proposal– that the idea of creating this type of change would be a long and hard task. Unless of course there is some catalyzing event like a New Pearl Harbor to get the American people to unite in this plan.
To quote from this blueprint we read:
“While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein …”the process of [military] transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor
—- Rebuilding America’s Defenses, September 2000, Project for a New American Century.
Furthermore we read:
“Perhaps advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.“
— Rebuilding America’s Defenses, September 2000, Project for a New American Century.
Remember this type of extremism had been planned since the 1990’s and was put into writing and published a year before the September 11th attacks. This in my opinion is suspect. These men had placed their very intentions in a published plan of implementation. Using Active Intelligence measures and its value of evidence– This is one hell of a coincidence if not full disclosure of a crime that they were about to commit.
The new Pearl Harbor was the September 11th, attacks and afterwards there was the biological attack on Washington as “white powder” containing anthrax was sent to various Democratic and left wing journalists and politicians.
The pages of PNAC can only be compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf where the hidden agenda amongst the various plotting of biological attacks and “ new pearl harbors” was most certainly to launch a brand of messianic internationalism to the United States in order to solidify their resolve.
Now the agenda is condoned and promoted by a messianic leader that is now a tool for the empire’s encroachment. While Cheney’s Pax Americana has failed, Obama’s commitment to the newly formed world empire is evident. We all knew that the movements in Iraq would have to insure an American garrison that was in the plan put forth in PNAC. Obama’s biggest problem is that he has destroyed the glass house that Cheney built.
Obama has been successful in creating New world leadership conferences that literally control fresh young minds into espousing leadership philosophies that use issue briefs, advocacy journalism and seminars that literally brainwash people into believing in the idea of a universal American “right” to impose its will on Planet Earth.
This philosophy has easily been seared into the public will after the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This has left most people to say “how high?” when the government says “jump.”
John Dean served as White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon from July 1970 until April 1973. In his book “Broken Government” he refers to Dick Cheney as being the head of the Shadow Government.
“Cheney’s office came to be viewed as the administration’s neo cons sanctuary.” President Bush’s NSC staff referred to Cheney’s operation as “THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT,” because it was “informally integrated (with) its own agenda as well as the power to realize it through the Vice President’s clout. It is a secret government – beyond the reach of Congress, and everyone else as well.” –John Dean
Cheney has always insisted that he was and is still exempt from the presidential orders requiring government wide procedures to safeguard classified national security information. His logic being that when he served as Vice President, he was not an “entity within the executive branch.”
Obviously he is something more. More of an anomaly and mystery man that brings with him an air of criminality and sour opinions about how his dreams Pax Americana have been hijacked by the Obama administration.
Iraq would not be the violent place it is today if it weren’t for the lies and the paranoia that was first put into writing in the PNAC blueprint.
Back in 1994 Cheney was asked why we just don’t march into Bagdad and take over and he said it was because we would be alone and there would have to be a long term vision of occupation and there would be quagmire.
Isn’t it ironic that the man behind the intelligence was exactly right and that her we are in the middle of Cheney’s fulfilled prophecy.
This is why I believe it is time for Dick Cheney to keep his mouth shut.
It is not that I believe that Obama has not been incompetent in the situation with Iraq, it is just that Cheney is just creating more division by speaking against the President at this time.
It is also quite clear that after his tenure with five presidents he has put himself above the law, has created his own shadow government, lied his way into an illegal war in Iraq ,profited off that war, and like Obama has found a way to negate the Constitution.
Now I guess we can all decide just who is a war criminal and who is aiding and abetting the criminal element.

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