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There are many things that I have reported from my radio show that have shocked me, and anymore things don’t surprise me, but to actually come right out and report that NASA has delayed the launch of their own flying saucer is amazing in many respects.
As the AP reported, “ NASA hopes to try again to launch a “flying saucer” into Earth’s atmosphere to test Mars mission technology after losing the chance because of bad weather, project managers said… The space agency is working with the U.S. Navy on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to see if it can get the experimental flight off the ground in late June.
Once again, a saucer in the news popping up out of nowhere and the old news of a space plane X-37B and its mysterious mission confirm that there is a NASA that we see in the mainstream and a secret organization that is controlled by the military to be used as a war agency.
Not just for terrestrial wars, but for extra-terrestrial wars where a clandestine space navy is off-Earth and perhaps planning an attack from above.
One of the most vital stories to recall that prove this notion is the story of Gary McKinnon and what he revealed to the world and how he almost was jailed as an enemy combatant under the Patriot Act.
As RT reported in October 2012, “McKinnon was arrested in March 2002 for allegedly hacking into dozens of NASA and Pentagon computers over a 13-month period from his bedroom in North London. He has admitted the security breaches but said they were unintentional and that he was looking for evidence of UFOs.
As Michael Salla wrote in an article on ExoPolitics.org:
McKinnon first hacked into NASA’s Johnson Space Center and said he:
… found a high definition picture of a large cigar shaped object over the northern hemisphere. He said that he was so shocked by the picture that he didn’t think to immediately save it. He also said that the file size was so large that is was difficult to view it on his computer. Eventually his connection was lost, and so was the picture.
When McKinnon later hacked into classified files of U.S. Space Command (incorporated into Strategic Command on October 1, 2002 soon after McKinnon was caught), he discovered a number of naval terms such as “fleet-to-fleet transfers” concerning non-terrestrial officers. He said:
I found a list of officers’ names … under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’. It doesn’t mean little green men. What I think it means is not Earth-based. I found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.
He also said that the records revealed that the off-planet shuttles could hold 300 people.
Around the same time, the United States government finally declassified the OXCART program at Area 51. It seemed like a coincidence that with all of the information out of the bag, that some of what happened at Area 51 would be declassified.
Operation Oxcart was a secret operation to develop a supersonic jet that could reach speeds of Mach 3. This was eventually known as the SR-71 Blackbird project. Those who play in the world of conspiracy theory had reported this for many years before the government ever officially declassified the project.
The novelty here is that the mainstream media for many years had given the impression that this was the only program that Area 51 was involved in and that anything else “speculative” about reversed alien technology can be put to rest. New ideas are now emerging about what cover stories, and disinformation about UFO’s and aliens to cover up covert testing of special craft that were used for our protection in the paranoid era of the cold war.
What we are getting are table scraps from a project that was well known for years. Not that the scraps aren’t satisfying, they just create an even bigger appetite for more information, we get the bones and wait for raw meat. Area 51 is a huge onion with layer upon layer that will be revealed when it is necessary. OXCART is finally becoming an official program and the details are being well controlled and all other speculation or books released before the official declassification can all be discounted now right?
Not quite.
Modern flying saucer mysteries were often sold alongside dime store pulp science fiction magazines back in 1950’s and interest was limited to what was on the Hollywood screen invading small town USA.
Much of what we know about flying saucers and UFO’s has been hijacked by the media. Even from the beginning when Kenneth Arnold first reported his sighting the media took what was a sighting of flying wedges to flying saucers. Eventually the media corrected it with the term ‘UFO’ and from ‘UFO’ the definition somehow stuck as an alien space craft even though most logical ufologists were well aware that secret military operations were creating aircraft that had basically the same aerodynamics as those so called mythological flying saucers.
The Cold War would breed a lot of paranoia and no one questioned authority. If superiors spun tales of aliens and UFO’s we can thank the Cold War intelligence ops for contributing to the mass hysteria. We can also conclude that from the new information that there seems to be a need to confuse people about aliens, space weapons, exotic flying craft and other such mechanized death because when people are fed confusing information they just stop caring about the subject matter.
If you look at the Roswell story you still get three or four ridiculous explanations for the event and a gullible media that still cynically debunks anyone who doesn’t buy into their ‘weather balloons of the gods‘ theories.
Nobody has confessed to the public that anything that happened at Roswell or Area 51 had anything to do with weather balloons. Facts are simple, we were working with Nazi scientists that surrendered at the end of World War II to produce rockets and supersonic plane technology that was abandoned at war’s end. All of the technology was allegedly given to the scientists form alleged beings channeled by supernatural means.
In the Sudetenland’s Owl Mountains near the Polish/Czech border many scientists who were committed to the great Secret of the Black Sun worked in underground facilities buried in the Wenceslaus mine. They hired slave labor to carry out experiments with super weapons. Hitler required round the clock work on what he called kriegsentscheidend. A term meaning “make-or-break factor.” The weapons that were being made were actually some of the most remarkable doomsday devices ever conceived. Hitler wanted so badly to be victorious in the war he pushed for Der Wunderwaffen or “Wonder Weapons.”
As Wikipedia notes, the SS “supposedly developed by 1939 a revolutionary electro-magnetic-gravitic engine which improved Hans Coler’s free energy machine into an energy Konverter coupled to a Van De Graaf band generator and Marconi vortex dynamo (a spherical tank of mercury) to create powerful rotating electromagnetic fields that affected gravity and reduced mass.
Don Phillipson’s 2005 article about the Nazi bell device says, “Reportedly the project was considered by the Nazis as of such importance that it was security classified as “War decisive”, as important as their research to develop an atomic bomb.
As Peter Crawford explains in his 2011 post on the ‘Occult History of the Third Reich‘:
Skeptics always say that if the Nazi saucers existed, and they were such a secret and effective weapon, why weren’t they used to insure the victory of the Third Reich?
The simple truth lies in the fact that these machines, despite their superior overall performance to conventional piston-engine aircraft and early jets, could not be realistically adapted to any useful military role other than the most basic transport and recon work.
The ships did fly, and there is plenty of evidence to support that the technology and science was not limited to just disc work.
There were other modifications being done to the Vril saucers.
There is also evidence to support that test flights were done over Europe and the United States.
Most of these aircraft and the secrets that came with them were introduced into the private sector and it can be concluded that various aerospace companies, many in the Northwest were busy back engineering these exotic craft as well.
As the Alliance for Human Research Protection notes in their 2010 article, ‘Legacy of Nazis in America‘: “the Justice Department finally released a report by the Office of Special Investigations about the secret safe haven US officials gave Nazi criminal scientists–in direct defiance of President Harry Truman’s policy.
The DOJ report says, “Many of the 1,600 scientific and research specialists and their dependents brought to America under Project Paperclip had been deeply involved in Nazi society during the war.
Many of the researchers worked in aerospace technology fields. Many were relocated to Fort Bliss in Texas, Dayton, Ohio and White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico.
Nazis in former positions of intelligence gathering were part of a group called ‘the Org’. The group operated not as an American entity, but as a group set apart from American OSS intelligence operations. They would work for us until a sovereign German government could be established. This meant that they worked for the U.S. as card carrying Nazis and fueled Cold War intelligence. Nazis were also given jobs in American aviation while Americans were being laid off.
Nazi aviation engineers were hired at Boeing, Lockheed, Martin Marietta, North American Aviation, and other airplane companies. There are some reports that a few of the Nazi scientists worked for aviation and blimp companies in the Northwest.
The aerospace scientists not only revealed to the United States the secret German saucer technology, but designs for the Luftwaffe flying wing or wedge designs that evaded radar detection.
They learned that Hermann Goring secretly funded the flying wing projects along with other well-known Americans and their companies. General Motors, Ford and General Electric were important in providing machines for the Nazi war effort. Henry Ford had a role in Germany’s prewar Nazi military buildup.
U.S. Army Intelligence reported that the ‘real purpose’ of the truck assembly plant that opened in Berlin in 1938 was to produce “‘troop transport-type vehicles” for the Wehrmacht. Another contributor to the Nazi Luftwaffe aerospace projects during World War II was Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of two American Presidents.
In 1947 Wernher Von Braun a commissioned SS Officer and member of the Nazi party worked on the US Army intermediate range ballistic missile program until he and several of his other Nazi Colleagues were assimilated through Project paper clip into NASA. Von Braun worked at White Sands New Mexico and also worked with the Navy at Wright Patterson Army Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Von Braun also worked in Huntsville, Alabama.
Of course, the tests were also done at Area 51. Others were done at White Sands New Mexico. The Cold War was beginning and both the soviets and the United States were using Nazi scientists to develop more nuclear armaments all pointed at each other. One false move and the button would have been pushed killing untold millions of Russians and Americans.
Isn’t it a coincidence that both Area 51 and the Nevada test site were in the same area? Isn’t it a coincidence that after the 1943 move to bring Nazi scientists to America to work in Northwest aviation companies the first UFO sightings of the 1940’s were reported in the Puget Sound area of Washington state?
Isn’t it also further coincidence that the Maury Island incident and the Kenneth Arnold sightings all happened within weeks of each other in Washington state – and then one week later a so-called saucer crash landed at Roswell, New Mexico?
Intelligence and histories that were once top secret are becoming well known. The Nazis were reverse engineering aircraft that were allegedly inspired by extra-terrestrials and powerful secret societies. The same activities were being done after the war in secret facilities like Area 51. The Cold War veterans were probably never told of the secret histories of new technology. They just toiled away keeping us safe.
As many projects are being declassified there are a number of people that have literally blown the whistle on how these new aircraft were modified and back engineered from both Nazi and so-called extra-terrestrial designs.
It has been rumored that the Area 51/ S–4 facilities at Dugway Proving Grounds in the West Deserts in Utah have been working feverishly on aircraft that can be used for surveillance and for the delivery of scalar weaponry. Both have also shown interest in the delivery of biochemical agents through the use of stealth aircraft and direct space travel to platforms in space that are capable of launching space planes capable of reaching the Moon or Mars.
A number of whistleblowers have now emerged revealing how corporate involvements with black budgets have been achieved. With the advent of “disclosure” and “declassification”, non-military corporate whistleblowers have come forward with hidden information about they have seen.
Again, Michael Salla has reported that adeceased corporate whistleblower revealed how during the mid-1980s, he worked for six months as an archivist for a large aerospace defense contractor based in California. It was a temporary assignment with his employer at an obscure office building. The archivist found many files dealing with flying saucers and extraterrestrial life. The files contained: “Reports, photos, media materials (tapes, films, video cassettes) and material from crashed saucers.” When asked where the files came from he revealed the “materials came from everywhere. CIA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DARPA, NORAD, DoD, FBI, and government officials to name most.
Ben Rich, former CEO of Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, says that many of the classified UFO and alien secrets have been moved from secret ‘X-Files’ in the government and military to corporate aerospace companies and are protected under corporate secrets laws. This means that even with the freedom of Information act you can come up empty handed about possible reversed engineering, aliens, and any missions into space that are not officially recognized.
Ben Rich again adds that,”There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “Purge”, administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector.
Former astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell recently confirmed an incident in 1997 where the Head of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff was supplied the code names of UFO related off-Earth projects, but was denied need-to-know access. According to the book MILABS there has been recorded cases of abductions where both Military and “reptilian” aliens have been present. Some UFO abductees have reported that they have also been kidnapped by military intelligence personnel (MILAB) and taken to hospitals and/or military facilities, some of which are described as being underground and others out in space.
Now it seems that some of the secrets we have heard about in the past are now showing themselves in mainstream reports and some people with their eyes to the skies have snapped pictures of stunning delta shaped or triangular shaped craft that like in Kenneth Arnold’s day “skipped across the air like a saucer on the water.
It’s like we are beginning to see a renaissance of UFO activity and all the fun can be in trying to figure out just what are the ones we have built and the one’s THEY have built.

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