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Intelligence and histories that were once top secret are becoming well known. The Nazis were back engineering aircraft that were allegedly inspired by extra-terrestrials and powerful secret societies.
The Thule and Vril Gesellschaften, with technical assistance of the SS Technical Branch, were possibly the first groups in history to attempt the reverse-engineering of a non-terrestrial spacecraft based upon persistent reports of a crashed disc discovered in the Black Forest near Freiburg in 1936.

German writer Jan van Helsing described the discovery of a crashed disc-shaped object and claims that this revolutionary technology was taken and (combined with the information the Vril Gesellschaft had received through psychic channeling) was incorporated into a joint project called the H-Gerät, or Haunebu disc machine which was initiated in the previous year. Thule financed the effort, Vril guided the direction of development, and the SS Technical Branch built the machine somewhere in NW Germany under the highest security.
It is claimed that from the crashed disc taken to Wewelsburg Castle the SS with Vril guidance developed a new form of propulsion, a field drive of immense power for the Haunebu disc.
Vril was obsessed with the concept of power derived from the “Black Sun” – an invisible eternal light with infinite power not visible to the human eye but existing in what we now call anti-matter. It was called at that time, however, “The Light of the Godhead” and was relentlessly pursued by Vril. The SS Technical Branch E-IV Unit (Entwicklungsstelle 4) was tasked with developing alternative energies by Reichsführer SS Himmler, an occultist himself, so a joint effort was beneficial to everyone involved with the Haunebu projekt.
Haunebu I flight disc with Donar KSK experimental beam weapon mount
The Haunebu I was the first of the large German Flugscheiben (Flight Discs) and took to the air with a Tachyonator 7 drive (a.k.a. Thule Triebwerk) in August 1939, just a few weeks prior to the outbreak of World War II. It is believed that this drive was a form of electro-magnetic-gravitic (EMG) type
Beginning in 1943 many Nazis were seeing the writing on the wall and were surrendering themselves to American Intelligence operations. They struck agreements with the U.S. Government to divulge secrets about the Nazi war machine and their wonder weapons.
What the country did not know is how many Nazis were brought over. In the first wave over 1600 Scientists, intelligence ops, research specialists and their dependents were brought here to work. Many of the researchers worked in aerospace technology fields. Many were relocated to Fort Bliss, Texas, Dayton Ohio, and White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico.
Nazis in Former positions of intelligence gathering were part of a group called the Org. The Group operated NOT as an American entity, but as a Group set apart from the American OSS intelligence operations. They would work for us until a Sovereign German Government could be established. This meant that they worked for The U.S. as card carrying Nazis and fueled Cold War intelligence. Nazis were also given Jobs in American aviation while Americans were being laid off.
Nazi aviation engineers were hired at Lockheed, Martin Marietta, North American Aviation, and other airplane companies. There are some reports that a few of the Nazi scientists worked for aviation and blimp companies in the American Northwest.
The aerospace scientists not only revealed to the United States the secret German saucer technology, but designs for the Luftwaffe flying wing or wedge designs that evaded radar detection.
I was later revealed that Hermann Goring Secretly funded the flying wing projects along with other well known Americans and their Companies. General Motors, Ford and General Electric were important in providing machines for the Nazi war effort. Henry Ford had a role in Germany’s prewar Nazi military buildup. U.S. Army Intelligence reported that the ‘real purpose’ of the truck assembly plant that opened in Berlin in 1938 was to produce “‘troop transport-type vehicles” for the Wehrmacht. Another contributor to the Nazi Luftwaffe aerospace projects during World War II was Prescott Bush.
In 1947 Wernher Von Braun a commissioned SS (Black Sun) Officer and member of the Nazi party worked on the US Army Intermediate range Ballistic missile program until he and several of his other Nazi Colleagues were assimilated through Project paper clip into NASA. Von Braun worked at White Sands New Mexico and also worked with the Navy at Wright Patterson Army Air force base in Dayton Ohio. Von Braun also worked in Huntsville Alabama.
Not only were the Black Sun SS in charge of the American Space program there were other prominent people conducting occult rituals to summon beings form other worlds. Satanic rituals similar to those practiced by the Vril were being carried out in the Deserts of New Mexico.
In a strange Sex Ritual Called the Babylon Working L. Ron Hubbard and Aerospace Engineer Jack parsons conducted a sorcerer’s rite to contact similar beings that The Vril Contacted back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Ritual had been designed by none other than the Great beast himself Aleister Crowley
Hubbard and Parsons both claim that during their ceremonies there was a flash and a doorway opened. Something came through into our reality. Many People believe that what came through were beings that looked like the Alien “grays.” They were called “Secret Chiefs” or “Homunculi.”
L.Ron Hubbard went on to create scientology a religion that teaches that alien entities are responsible for using humans as avatars and that alien spirits get mankind to do evil.
Jack Parsons became the founder of JPL and claimed that the Babylon “working” “that both he and Hubbard were a part of widened the portal for Crowley’s Amalantrah working allowing the secret chiefs to enter in to help mankind. He later attempted another secret project. Conjuring the Lower key of Solomon to usher in the Apocalypse. During the Ritual he accidentally blew up the lab while playing with powerful explosives.
The weird thing is that The U.S. Government honored Parsons by naming a mountain on the Moon after him. Why? Who would appreciate that kind of memorial and for what purpose? Did he and L. Ron Hubbard re-start the whole Vril-ya contact again in 1947 to help back engineer other SS Nazi Saucer technology for the government? Circumstantial evidence points to the affirmative.
On June 21, 1947 Harold A. Dahl was cruising in a boat that he operated with his partner Fred L. Crisman. During the afternoon Dahl and his 15-year-old son were in the Puget Sound area near Maury Island Washington when they spotted six round objects that looked like flying doughnuts.
The doughnuts were circling and one that looked like it was in trouble. It started sinking towards the boat. As the unknown aircraft was spinning it began to emit hot metal. The metal hit the boat and some of the slag burned his son. Other white hot metal landed and killed a dog that was on board. Dahl pulled towards Maury Island and began taking pictures of the event with a camera.
Dahl tried to radio for help, but it seemed that while the objects were overhead, the radio had too much interference and so the radio was of no use to the panicked harbor patrolman and his boy. Dahl took his son to Tacoma to treat his burns. He then told his partner Fred Crisman that the metal that damaged the boat was caused by some unidentified craft. He had some of the cooled slag in his possession.
Later Dahl was visited by what could only be described as a stereotypical Man in Black. That man wore the black suit and also drove a brand-new 1947 Buick sedan. The MIB treated Dahl to Breakfast at a waterfront café and then after their meeting threatened Dahl. The MIB was also a witness to the UFO sighting and told Dahl that if he loved his family he would keep his mouth shut about the whole event.
Two intelligence agents wanted a piece of the slag to fly back to Dayton Ohio. The two intelligence agents and their slag were blown to bits when the B–25 they were on crashed en route to Wright–Patterson Air Force base. Since classified material had been on the plane, Army officials hinted at sabotage. Crisman had a secret that he didn’t divulge until much later.
It turned out that Crisman worked as a middle-man between the OSS operatives, and the lower echelons of the Military-Industrial Complex. His Job was to negotiate the release and assimilation of NAZIS during Project Paper clip. The question is what did he know about Saucer tests over Tacoma in 1947?
On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects “flying like a saucer across the water ” along the crest of the Cascade Mountains again in Washington State. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of “flying saucers” locally and across the nation. Arnold says that he never said he saw flying saucers. That was a creation of the media. When he made his saucer remark to the press it became a catchy phrase. Arnold claims that the UFO’s he saw were chevron shaped, more like wedges not saucers.
On July 2 1947, during the evening, a UFO crashed on the Foster Ranch near Corona, New Mexico. The crash occurred during a severe thunderstorm. The nearest military base to the crash site is in Roswell, New Mexico. It is later called the Roswell Flying Saucer event.
The story varies about what happened next, and mythology takes over from here on out but the facts are simple. There was no flying saucer at the crash site. The initial report claimed that the “saucer” was similar to a delta shape missile with large flipped up wings.
Pieces of the crash debris consisted of balsa wood with strange writing on it that looked Chinese and thin metal that was similar to foil or Mylar that would return to its original shape when crumpled up or hit with a hammer.
There is also the story of bodies that were found in the debris. Today the talk of alien grays being found in the wreckage at Roswell is common, However once again this is a myth as well. The occupants of the flying machine were sketched on paper and were given to the pilot of the plane that flu the debris to Wright Patterson air force base in Dayton Ohio. They were never called aliens or grays when they were retrieved from the wreckage. They were however small, bald and looked like malnourished children.
Some even claimed that they looked like circus freaks. The word alien was never used to describe the occupants of the craft.
Arguably this single incident has shaped mankind’s worldview of whether or not here are aliens out there. Look at how our society has been irrevocably changed as a result of this event. If you feel it is insignificant– that Roswell is a hoax or an event made up by hicks then you may want to look into what happened after the event.
After Roswell happened in July, The CIA was created two months later. It was headed by Allen Dulles who allowed Reinhardt Gehlen to continue the relationship with his ORG. With the encouragement of the CIA, Gehlen Org set up “rat lines” to get even more Nazi war criminals out of Europe so they wouldn’t be prosecuted. By setting up transit camps and issuing phony passports, the Gehlen Org helped more than 5,000 Nazis leave Europe and relocate around the world, especially in South and Central America. At least 2000 more were employed by the newly formed CIA without the knowledge of the people of the United States.
The CIA’s dependence on Gehlen’s information and his constant fear mongering was actually due to its being everything they wanted to hear. It compounded what they were already thinking by providing supposed evidence where there had been none. This made Washington a huge collective sponge for mountains of disinformation. It also increased spending on the Military Industrial Complex.
Nazi Scientists worked at NASA. Trading in their V2 rocket plans for Saturn V rocket plans. The Rockets were once used for bombs and now for space travel. Although there are many people who believed that the Moon missions were merely “covers” for money to be funneled into the Military Industrial complex.
President Eisenhower knew of this alien force that somehow fell through the cracks. He warned of the Military industrial complex. There were warnings of despotism on the horizon and how just because the head of Nazism was destroyed, the philosophies looked keen to the intellects of those who know of the substantive process of running a government. It was plain talk and meaningful. A crucial speech that is paled by all of the fluff of Martin Luther King or poise of John F. Kennedy. It was a forewarning because he knew that the enemy had arrived within our borders and that they were capable of waiting decades to see their vision of a new Reich emerge from the ashes of a dead and forgotten form of government. He knew that there would be coups and all sorts of wars where the spirit of Nazism would be passed on from President to President to President.
The idea of a renewed interest in the Black Sun Nazi Socialist Order was not beyond the reach of any government foreign or domestic.
Connecting the dots of all of this Saucer sorcery can be done now and we can see how the collusion of the Nazi mind set has continued in the shadows. The OSS/CIA that was formed in the National Security Act, the same agency that employed thousands of Nazis with operation paperclip, has been in alliance with the Skull and Bones Society, which is the American Version of the SS. The Black Sun Group. President George Herbert Walker Bush, and George W. Bush were both members of this group. Their Father was an American Nazi sympathizer and also a member of Skull and Bones. The CIA/ Nazis/European Union/Anglo Church and Vatican are now combing forces for a New World Order. It is said that The CIA/Nazi/European union/ Anglo/Vatican alliance is responsible for The assassination of JFK, RFK, Pope John Paul I the attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul the II, The attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan and the Attacks of September 11th 2001 .
When evaluating what had happened at Roswell, and knowing of history as it relates to Odessa, Paper Clip and the Black Sun SS Covenant of reviving the Reich. Don’t you find it a coincidence that Nazis, who were known for carrying out human experimentation, were working for our government and were hiding in plain sight and that the human experimentation continued with MK Ultra and the possible alien abduction scenarios that were first reported in the 1960’s?
Would this explain why Barney Hill, who with his wife Betty was allegedly abducted, describes one of his alien captors as wearing a shiny black Nazi uniform? Under hypnosis Barney Hill had described an alien on board the saucer that took both he and his wife in 1961 as being a Nazi.
After the Roswell Incident occurred the story officially was downplayed as a case of mistaken identity. The government wanted you to believe that Army-air force officers who guarded our Atomic arsenal in New Mexico could not tell the difference between a weather balloon and an air craft of some kind. The Air force issued three different scenarios as to what really happened with the final “case closed report” filed in 1997 on the 50th anniversary of the event. The final report concluded that the event was actually three separate events that happened from 1947- 1956 which included a plane crash, the testing of space probes, weather balloons and Anthropomorphic dummies. The story of Roswell is so important to national security to this day that it has to be discredited 3 times officially.
It looks as if the only thing we accomplished at the end of World war II was convincing the Nazis to take off their Uniforms and come work for us. And it took millions of lives to do it. If the story that I am relating to you today troubles you, you can always convince yourself that what happened at Roswell was just a silly weather balloon.
This way you don’t have to feel guilty about allowing a new and improved Nazi government to take over and implement an alien philosophy of sifting out those who are seen as bottom feeders in order to preserve global sustainability.

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