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The Fall Of Mankind, Again? Transhumanism, Spinozaism, New Age, DNA Manipulation

This is not sensationalism, or conspiracy theory it is fact. A fact it's time to embrace and prepare for.

Transhumanism:  The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.
So why should this concern us?   Science is creating a eutopian eternity.  It’s the stuff of science fiction right?  Only in the movies right?  Wrong.  As I watched a transhumanist explain views and what is happening last night on Fox news, I listened almost in disbelief at first.  Thinking this is a joke right?  Then as the author went on he explained that it is indeed here and now.  Government funding first from Britain, and the US is to follow.  It appears that they now have the technology to upload your entire personality and brain into a computer so that you can live forever.  This eternity as he called it, is a great new technology.  Or is it?  They can give you a robot body or a new body.  And as the author put it marriage will be obsolete as it will be for eternity not just for a hundred years.  And who wants to stay married for eternity?
Then they went into DNA.  Did you know that invitro-fertilization affords those who wish the chance to pick if their child will be athletic, blonde or brunette, or their intelligence?  They did mention that this was illegal in some parts.  And I would say that it is illegal in large part to what Hitler did in WW2 with his eutopian Aryian race.  Anyway when Stossel pointed out that the word embryo was a term that meant life and to create life and destroy it at a whim was not exactly morally right, he pointed out like he was quoting fact that there are many definitions of life and anyone could pick a definition of life that he wanted.  What?  There are not many definitions of life.  More lies and twisting not only of God’s word, but of calling evil good.
Remember the tower of Babel?  Remember what God said and did?  Of course they were building a tower, but what did God say?  (Genesis 11)
Here is another video talking about transhumanism.  And uploading memories, & conciousness.
So as the interviewer points out it sounds good but is a Little frightening?  It’s a lot frightening.  Mind control such as this has been experimented with the last 100 years.  Every wonder how a government or a man could have a whole country believe a lie?  Wonder no more.
The God of Spinoza?  Really? What is Pantheism?
Pantheism is derived from the Greek roots pan (meaning “all”) and theos (meaning “God”). There are a variety of definitions of pantheism. Some consider it a theological and philosophical position concerning God.
As a religious position, some describe pantheism as the polar opposite of atheism. From this standpoint, pantheism is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing, immanent God. All forms of reality may then be considered either modes of that Being, or identical with it. Others hold that pantheism is a non-religious philosophical position. To them, pantheism is the view that the Universe and God are identical.; in other words: that the Universe (with all its divine extensions, planets, suns, galaxies, thrones and creatures) is what people and religions call “God”.
Who is Spinoza that he can define God?  Who knows the mind of God?  “Can you fathom the mysteries of God? Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?  “But I tell you, in this you are not right, for God is greater than any mortal.  (Job 11 & 33)
Baruch Spinoza was a social and metaphysical philosopher famous for the elaborate development of his monist philosophy, which has become known as Spinozism. Controversy regarding his ideas led to his excommunication from the Jewish community of his native Amsterdam.
He said this about Christians:
I make this chief distinction between religion and superstition, that the latter is founded on ignorance, the former on knowledge; this, I take it, is the reason why Christians are distinguished from the rest of the world, not by faith, nor by charity, nor by the other fruits of the Holy Spirit, but solely by their opinions, inasmuch as they defend their cause, like everyone else, by miracles, that is by ignorance, which is the source of all malice; thus they turn a faith, which may be true, into superstition.
Spinoza goes on to describe how governments and leaders crave knowledge, knowledge to control the population not by fear but by liberating them from fear, and hatred.  Sounds good right?  Well here is another quote from him:
If men’s minds were as easily controlled as their tongues, every king would sit safely on his throne, and government by compulsion would cease ; for every subject would shape his life according to the intentions of his rulers, and would esteem a thing true or false, good or evil, just or unjust, in obedience to their dictates.
When you start to go down the rabbit hole and research this, you begin to see a clear pattern of the progressive governments of today.  Transhumanism, Spinozaism, and the New Agers are nothing new.  This has been around for centuries and can even be dated back to the Garden of Eden when satan said “You will not certainly die.”   We all know Eve believed him and mankind was forced into chaos and confusion.  And we are still believing satan!  Christ say’s there is only one way to Salvation and Eternal life, and that is through Him to the Father.  And yet we are still searching for eternal life in man’s knowledge.  So satan has carried this knowledge and lies to today.  You shall not surely die, is prevalent today as much as it was in the Garden and the beginning of time.  Through his minions, fallen angels, Nephilim, demons whatever you call them, this same statement has been passed through the ages.  Satan say’s he will make his throne higher than God’s and mankind is believing him.
Satan offered Christ this same world in the desert if He would only follow him.  Christ refused saying “Get thee behind me satan……”  He rebuked him with the word.  A simple statement “It is written…..”  That simple statement sent satan packing and he is still offering it to people today, and they are taking it.  As the video points out theologians, scientists, and physicists such as Faust sold their souls to the devil for knowledge and leaders and countries such as Japan followed suit.

So the unbelievable becomes the believable.  It’s time to wrap our minds around the people that is controlling our world today.  It’s time to realize what is happening to our collective rights to worship, it’s time to recognize that satan is indeed in our midst disguising himself as an angel of light.  It’s time to recognize this enlightenment is not coming from God, or anything else.  It’s coming directly from satan, and it’s well recorded in scripture.
This destruction of life through abortion, embryonic stem cells, the destruction of marriage and reproduction such as enabling and even encouraging all countries and peoples to adopt homosexual behavior is not enlightenment from God it is lies, lies and more lies from satan.
Is it any wonder Jesus made this statement?  Nothing is new under the sun.
You are the children of your father the Evil One and it is your pleasure to do his desires. From the first he was a taker of life; and he did not go in the true way because there is no true thing in him. When he says what is false, it is natural to him, for he is false and the father of what is false. (John 8:44)

Commentary by Am Not Ashamed
Resources:  Bible Hub, Bible Gateway and wikipedia

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