Monday, February 22, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse Updates

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Zombie Apocalypse Updates

An ongoing summary of disturbing attacks with some common threads: Alleged perpetrators are often naked, shedding the blood of victims or animals, and a shocking number involve cannibalistic elements.
  • Hawley, Pennsylvania, 9/7/12:  20-year-old Richard Cimino Jr., naked and bleeding profusely from severe injuries suffered when he jumped from the second-floor window of a home he’d broken into, tackled a woman on the street and “began to gnaw” at her head, all while “screaming like an animal,” according to a state police press release.
  • Jacksonville, Florida, 9/5/12: 42-year-old transient Cheri Dana grabbed a butcher knife, yelled, “God is here, I’m going to repent,” and attacked someone inside an addiction treatment center for teens.  She then stabbed a table before stripping down, attacking two cars and chasing students getting off a school bus before police subdue her with a taser.
  • Farmington, Arkansas, 7/19/12:  43-year-old Christopher Webb is arrested when officers responding to a 911 call hear screaming from inside the victim’s home.  Webb, the principal of Farmington High School, is discovered, bloody and nude, armed with a knife, and allegedly choking a woman in a bathroom.  A dog with its throat slit is in the bathtub.
  • Tempe, Arizona, 7/19/12: 18-year-old Noah McQueen barricades himself in the bathroom of a coffee shop and strips, trying to fight the bugs he’s convinced are eating him alive.  Police find him — and the bathroom — covered in blood.
  • Genoa, Italy, 7/18/12: A 26-year-old Russian man attacks his ex-girlfriend, nearly biting off her lips and leaving major bite marks on other parts of her body.
  • Tempe, Arizona, 7/17/12: Police say Arizona State University student Michael Hurtado allegedly crashes his truck, gets “fully naked,” hops in someone else’s U-Haul truck, and starts making out with the steering wheel.
  • Fair Oaks (Sacramento), California, 7/15/22:  32-year-old Moses Trotter is arrested, naked and covered in blood, and accused of the brutal murder of an elderly woman in her home.
  • Oakland Park, Florida, 7/15/12: A naked 17-year-old boy is found rolling around in the street, screaming about “bad drugs”.
  • Tracy, California, 7/7/12: 25-year-old Andrew Carreiro is arrested, naked and covered in blood, after allegedly killing a 62-year-old motel cleaning woman in grisly fashion.
  • St. Augustine, Florida, 7/7/12: 22-year-old Jeremiah Haughee is discovered on the roof of a home, naked.  When confronted by the homeowner, he allegedly jumps down, denting the hood of a truck and bites the homeowner, removing a chunk of flesh from his stomach.
  • Calgary, Alberta, 6/26/12: Police subdue a naked, bloody man smashing his face against a fence in a alley.  A police spokesman says, “Officers describe him having superhuman strength and a high threshold for pain.”
  • Lilburn, Georgia, 6/14/12: 21-year-old Karl Laventure emerges from the woods onto a golf course, “half-naked and confused”.  Golfers report to police that Laventure posseses “super-human strength.”  He rushes police, threatening to eat them.  It takes a dose of pepper spray to the face and five shots with a taser to subdue him.
  • Wenzhou City, China, 6/30/12: An intoxicated bus driver identified only as Dong allegedly jumps on a woman and begins biting her face.  Passers-by are unable to pull him off the woman until police arrive and handcuff him.
  • Palmetto, Florida, 6/20/12: 26-year-old Charles Baker allegedly bursts into his girlfriend’s home, strips, throws furniture around, and bites a man who tries to restrain him in the bicep.  Police tase Baker four times before he is subdued.
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania, 6/17/12:  New mother Carla Murphy, 31, who’d given birth two days earlier, is discovered by nurses naked and confused, rolling around on the shower floor.  She becomes so violent when roused that police are summoned.  They manage to subdue her, but not before she bites one of the officers.
  • North Miami Beach, 6/2/12: 21-year-old homeless man Brandon De Leon is arrested by police after a fight in front of a restaurant. De Leon tries to bite a police officer, growls, repeatedly smashes his head against the patrol car and his cell wall, and yells, “I’m going to eat you.”
  • Carencro, Louisiana, 6/2/12: 43-year-old Carl Jacquneaux attacks the husband of his ex-wife and allegedly bites off a piece of the man’s face.
  • Joppatowne (Baltimore), Maryland, 6/1/12: 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua, a student at Morgan State University, admits to police that he ate the heart and part of the brain of a man who’d been missing for about a week.  Part of the man’s dismembered body is found in the home the two men shared; Kinyua leads police to the rest of the remains at a nearby church.
  • Miami, Florida, 5/26/12: A naked Rudy Eugene is shot dead by police while eating the face of homeless man Ronald Poppo.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana, 5/20/12: A naked 27-year-old David Martin is subdued by four police officers and two passers-by after punching several people on a downtown street. Martin escapes the officers after being tackled and tased and is brought down again after a half-block chase on foot.

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