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I am always in awe of what I am seeing in the new X-Files. Even though there have been a tremendous amount of monster investigations that both Mulder and Scully are investigating, there has to be a satisfying ending to the six episode return. I am thinking what it all leads to is beyond what scientists call, evolution.
In my book, “Riding the Shock Wave,” I come to some bizarre conclusions that shatter some of the accepted views on creation, common descent and evolution. While I have made it clear that I believe God is not a magician, I can say God is an omnipotent scientist and whether it sounds alien or not the god we worship and all gods who dwell in the sky are extra-terrestrial. There is the one true God the people of Earth revere, however, many debate on how define this god. They argue over his name, and in some cases, do not dare to mention it.
However, there are basic allegories that have been given to us by a lot of the myth makers, prophets and writers of our time that may in fact, know more than they care to reveal.
Many reveal things through fiction, and that fiction becomes part of the predictive programming process and the revelation of the method becomes commonly accepted truth in the zeitgeist.
Using a science fiction metaphor from the mind of Arthur C. Clarke, we see a humming, mysterious monolithic stone slab, a technological machine belonging to aliens in space, one of hundreds of such monoliths sent to Earth to test, teach and transform the apes into higher-order, intelligent beings. Once the ape touches the slab, his mental awareness increases.
Later that day, this leader of the apes discovers he can use dried bones as weapons. The “enlightened” apes gain domination in the animal world, establish their territorial domain, and take an evolutionary step or leap toward being more like humans – a process where the message was sent from a higher intelligence and was received causing change in the mind of that which the “God Power” influenced. The “Monolithic God” gives the primitive hominid the knowledge to create weapons and tools, tools he uses to create similar monoliths in order to meet his “maker.”
However, it has also been recorded that when man had made monoliths in order to get closer to the Gods, the Gods became angry and came down to destroy the buildings he made. Once again, extra- terrestrial forces wreak havoc on mankind’s progress and wipes out a civilization.
We all know of the interventions spoken of in the Bible; however, no one really knows a history that may come before the Cambrian, Pre-Cambrian or even Jurassic eras. Movies like Prometheus give us tales of aliens that were part of the engineering of the human species, some 200,000 years ago, with a few of them offering up their lives so the components of the their DNA could be used in ancient ritualistic panspermia.
Alien intervention and the possibilities of ancient aliens is now a hot topic for history buffs to report. The alien questions have been raised from the times of the early establishment of the Catholic Church to now and the images of these beings can be seen in ancient tablets and on the walls of the various ancient structures.
In some places on the planet, we can look on the sides of caves and the walls of rock. These cave markings show a different look for these gods. Many with halos of light, large eyes and in some cases protective coverings for the head and the body that today are worn by people in religious respect.
Religion itself has created fictional imagery of God or the gods. We only see gods in robes standing amongst the marble columns. It is imagery given to us from the Roman and the Greek.
The human race has a rich cosmic history and mankind will hopefully find itself at a place in time where that cosmic history will have to be honored in order for us to understand what the real purpose of our existence is.
Most of us have found purpose through various religious beliefs and practices. However, digging deeper beyond the mainstream dogma is hidden history, truth that somehow is escaping us in this time. It is vital we have a hint or a clue about what is in store for the planet, cosmically.
All of these ancient civilizations had knowledge of what was out there in the stars. They communed with what they called, Gods, and had written about travelers that moved across the sky and came down to speak with mankind.
They also spoke of creation and how the Earth was like a vast garden planted by the Gods and we were the fruits of their labors. It has been speculated for quite some time that mankind did not have its beginning here on Earth.
Many other ancient creation stories claim that mankind’s beginning happened on another planet, perhaps Mars or some other unknown planet yet to be discovered by our scientists.
It has been written by the Sumerians that the first man came from the planet Nibiru, while etymology of the first man, Adam indicates that he may have been formed elsewhere. He was the product of either star dust or red dirt or mud from another planet, perhaps Mars.
The Hebrew name for man is pronounced “aw-dawm.” The name, Adam, came from that and is also related to the Hebrew, “o aw-dawm-ah,” which means man of red clay or red Earth. According to the Old Testament, a group of gods planted a garden eastward in Eden and a man-made from red clay was created to tend the garden that was seeded by these Gods.
There have been authors who have written that the entire creation was the aftermath of an exodus from Mars or some other planet and the way the Earth was seeded with life is through a bombardment of comets and meteors that carried the building blocks for life. These celestial bodies were actually launched from this unknown planet for Earth.
We all know of a spiritual side to our existence, but for clarity’s sake, let’s stick to the physical part of our sudden appearance on Earth as a species some 180,000 to 250,000 years ago.
I say “sudden” because we’ve not really undergone dramatic physical evolutionary changes since then, which makes it hard for us all to comprehend the idea that evolution is slowly taking place and we are destined to become something more than human.
However, there are some scientists that are saying in our time, this whole evolution process has ended. They surmise that when it comes to human evolution or natural selection – this is as good as it gets.
There is a commonality that lessens the blow to creationists who are staunch non-believers in evolution and that is the idea of common descent that all living creatures on Earth share a common, remote ancestor and the “Sixth Extinction,” where mankind has stopped natural selection by its own free will.
In our biblical teachings we are told in Genesis that God declared everything He had created was “very good,” and we can reasonably assume that prior to their fall, Adam and Eve were perfect in body and mind. They were, in fact, created to live forever since death had not yet entered God’s creation.
However, after fall at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God cursed the ground and, thereafter, Adam and Eve became mortals — before they could not die, and they were then commended to multiply their seed – from there we can somehow surmise we descended from one common ancestor, of which became aware that it was important to maintain the species.
It is obvious God didn’t create everything at once and the original models of human and animal were obviously in need of upgrades for survival. This would require knowledge, something that arguably would have had to be less primitive and more advanced.
Then we read, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the Earth.”
I believe this was the creator saying that populating the Earth will help with the development of resources and the next phase of “industrialization” will have to come with higher intelligence.
Five hundred years after the creation of Adam – Jubal a descendant of Cain had developed the harp and the flute while his half-brother, Tubal-Cain, had developed bronze and iron.
I am sure people really can’t comprehend the idea of how the Bible indicates how man in the times of Genesis had advanced knowledge of chemistry. The making of iron required that a certain ore had to be extracted, then mixed with a specific mineral and heated to extremely high temperatures.
Bronze of course, requires less heat but the chemistry is more complicated. This was not accomplished through evolutionary accidents. These half-brothers or even Adam himself had to have been taught this chemistry from a higher intelligence.
You can call that higher intelligence God, or your mind can trail off into Ancient Alien theories – either way, you have to wonder how these antediluvian men possessed such intelligence.
Today, we are hearing from militant environmentalists and climate change believers that it is industrialization that has put us in the environmental predicament we are in today. Industrialization was the right and natural thing for man to accomplish as it has helped in our survival and our comfort.
However, the abuses of industry have made its mark on the planet and our responsibility for healthy creation has also been neglected. Many use the excuse of dominion and how man dominates the king of the food chain.
We forget there is a responsibility that comes with the idea of dominion and even though the animals are ours to use and eat, and the plants are there for our consumption, we should not be messing with them.
Today, science tells us we are all at fault for the decline in life and health. However, science is not looking into its contribution to the mess and decline that we are seeing in this world.
Everything is indicating there has been a monkey wrench thrown into our evolution and the experiment of mankind being the caretaker of planet Earth is expiring.
Much has been said recently about racial diversity and the idea through ethno-engineering and multicultural programming, we will somehow wake up and decide that we can all get along. However, biodiversity is a topic that is far more important to the planet and our survival.
The scientists’ analysis, published in the open-access journal Science Advances, follows up on more than a decade’s worth of warnings about a rapid loss of global biodiversity. Many experts say the loss has risen to the scale seen during five previous global extinction events — the most recent of which occurred 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs died off.
I have always wondered why we have been so lucky to survive so long as other civilizations have been wiped from the earth. Now we know that little by little we will have to change how we feel about life because we are literally surrounded by death.
The team behind the new study, led by Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, tried to address such concerns by doubling the commonly cited background rate — going from one species extinction per million species per year to two extinctions. And for the current rate, they turned to a list maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature — which they characterized as a conservative accounting.
Based on those figures, the extinction rate since 1900 has been eight to 100 times higher than the expected background rate, the researchers said. “The particularly high losses in the last several decades accentuate the increasing severity of the modern extinction crisis,” they reported.
Many of the causes for biodiversity loss have been traced to industrialization, deforestation and other, less obvious human factors.
Things like resistant bacteria and funguses have killed many species. Since the late 1990s, US scientists have warned us about unprecedented number of fungal and fungal-like diseases, which have recently caused some of the most severe die-offs and extinctions ever witnessed in wild species and which are jeopardizing food security.
Scientists are also saying that the human species itself could eventually fall victim to the sixth extinction.
The sixth extinction is not happening over night and there is no reason to panic, however there is reason to believe that it is underway and that over 50 to 100 years time we may be seeing a deterioration of life expectancy if the environment becomes more toxic.
The toxicity levels in the air, water, and food and are expedient dangers, more so than the phantom menace of climate change.
According to some scientists, our environmental deficit is now beyond nature’s resiliency. The loss of biodiversity is the most urgent of the environmental problems, as biodiversity is critical to ecosystem services and human health. And the main culprit is the modern chemical-intensive industrialized system of food and agriculture.
Our over-reliance on chemicals in agriculture are causing irreparable harm to all beings on this planet. Most of these chemicals are known to cause illness, and they have likely been causing illnesses for many years. But until recently, the herbicides have never been sprayed directly on food crops and never in this massive quantity.
Human disease patterns correlate remarkably well with the rate of glyphosate usage on corn, soy and wheat crops.
Genetically modified organisms or GMOs fit into a wider agenda for depopulating the planet.
We are thwarting the evolutionary growth of human beings and we are halting our common descent my tampering with natural selection. Apart from the Darwinian arguments for or against, another part of natural selection is the idea of maintaining the health and fitness of an existing population.
Clearly, modern medicine and the welfare state have brought an effective end to natural selection – and soon we will have to grapple with the return of eugenics as we proceed with introducing to the gene pool three parent babies, chimeras, clones, and genetically designed children.
We have already been warned about the environmental, social and industrial threat of overpopulation. The solution according to the elite is the removal of a lot of people on the planet.
In May 2009, some of the richest people in the US met at the home of Paul Nurse, a British Nobel prize-winning biochemist and President of Rockefeller University in Manhattan, to discuss ways of tackling a ‘disastrous’ environmental, social and industrial threat of overpopulation. The meeting was hosted by David Rockefeller Jr. These same individuals have met several times since to develop a strategy in which population growth would be tackled.
The Rockefeller Foundation was involved in extensive financing of eugenics research in league with some of the US’s most respected scientists from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton. The explicit aim of the eugenics lobby funded by wealthy élite families, such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harriman and others since the 1920s, has embodied what they termed, “negative eugenics,” the systematic killing off of “undesired bloodlines.”
The Rockefeller Foundation funded the earliest research on GMOs, the effectiveness of vaccines, and other ways to begin that depopulation plan. There appears to be an intentional or designed increase in Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, congenital anomalies and a growing burden of disability, particularly from mental disorders in the United States.
It appears that the plans to depopulate are already underway and all with plausible deniability. If they don’t kill you with chemicals they can make laws keeping you from reproducing which adds to something called, zero population growth.
The recent Zika Virus scare has created a controversy over reproductive rights because the disease is believed to be the leading cause of microcephaly, a birth defect where a baby’s head is smaller than expected when compared to babies of the same sex and age.
The governments of El Salvador and various other Latin American countries, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador as well as Jamaica, have advised that women hold off on getting pregnant. El Salvador went as far as to urge women to hold back on having children until 2018.
Reproductive rights activists are outraged that the Salvadoran government would make this recommendation in country where women have no legal options to terminate a pregnancy if they are concerned about birth defects.
Salvadoran law “criminalizes abortion on all grounds, including when the mother’s life or health is in danger, and in cases of rape.
However, now this viral epidemic may change a society’s feelings on abortion, which of course is another form of depopulation.
It was a Rubella (German measles) outbreak in the United States that did the same thing. In the 1960s, abortion was illegal in the United States. Rubella was linked to congenital Rubella syndrome in fetuses, which causes deafness, sight problems, heart problems and microcephaly, to name a few medical issues.
The severity of the effects of Rubella virus on the fetus depends largely on the time when the fetus is infected: Eighty-five percent of fetuses infected in the first trimester of pregnancy were likely to be affected.
Between 1964 and 1965, there were an estimated 12.5 million Rubella cases in the U.S., resulting in 2,000 newborn deaths and 20,000 babies with congenital Rubella syndrome.
Even though abortion was against U.S. law, illicit abortions were practiced at the time. According to the CDC, cases of Rubella resulted in 11,250 therapeutic or spontaneous abortions. It wasn’t until 1973 that abortions were legal in the United States.
Could this be part of some organized program to depopulate these areas of Latin America?
Today, life has become dispensable; we discard the poor and indigent, we create tens of thousands of dead, when we bomb countries and make war. The war effort is going to kill many times that number of innocent people in pursuit of terrorists while police brutality is also killing innocent people. There are tens of thousands of unnecessary infant deaths due to lack of water purification in some areas, GMO’s are creating diseases and tumors in people and the best we can do is demand that every one chip in and pay your carbon tax to eliminate climate change.
I am beginning to believe that chimpanzees are for more advanced than most of our leadership.
Smart Chimpanzee

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