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THE X FILES: GENOMIC SIMS   ~hehe JUST re~member folks the so~called "aliens".... ta b AH  mix~in&match~en our DNA & "their" DNA & "make~in" Hy~BREDS  ... We/They gotta B "gen~net~ic .... wait ,Wait   WAIT fer it ... "cousins"  ..... no ???  Oops



Last night, I caught the final segment in the series of the six new X-Files episodes and while I have heard other talk show hosts from Alex Jones to Glenn Beck taking credit for the content that was presented, I can tell you that certain key words were used in the series that go beyond the information provided on these alternative talk radio shows.
The proof?
I was curious as to when both hosts have engaged their audiences in a conversation about something as esoteric as a “Tulpa.”
Home Again: The Trash Man episode, probably the most confusing for most people, launched a very important point to ponder with regard to the Tibetan idea of willing into a reality a being or entity that will do the will of its creator.
Mulder and Scully are investigating the deaths of people who are oppressing the homeless. The suspect of the murders is a menacing decaying man-monster with a band aid on his nose called, “The Trash Man.”
The styling of the show is strange and unexplained until both Scully and Mulder find a street artist hiding out in an underground dwelling.
The artist who wants to increase awareness of the homeless, lectures both of them on the wastefulness of society, explaining how people simply have their trash taken away “by magic” and don’t see the toxins leaking out in the landfills. “If you don’t see a problem, there’s no problem right?” he asks, sarcastically. The artist suggests he has accidentally created a Tulpa. The Tulpa, of course, is this avenging monster called the Trash Man. He says to Mulder “I meditated on it, I willed it… why I wanted him,” he explains, “I think there must be spirits and souls floating all around us, and if you think real hard, how you want them so bad, they come to you.”
Tulpamancers are people who, through extended bouts of concentration and visualization, produce a special kind of imaginary friend they call a Tulpa. Tulpas are understood to be distinct sentient beings with their own personalities, inclinations and relative autonomy.
Tulpamancing is actually something everyone does, well everyone who believes there is an invisible agent that intervenes from time to time in our lives. Anytime we pray to an external god asking for an intervention, we are literally mediating and willing into reality something or someone to have a hand in cognitively considering that things begin to happen in your favor.
For some it is a miracle, for others it is a tangible invisible or even visible agent that assists in changing the direction of a problem.
On a grander scale, we see an even greater possibility of consensus will summoning the idea of a second coming or even an alien intervention as we see that we are losing our grip on the world.
God now is a sensory reality for most, whereas Tulpas are thoughts that manifest into reality — and what can’t be done with extrasensory scheming, science will put into our midst through a series of genetic experiments to create what can be called a Sim or a Homunculus.
If you do not know what the term, Homunculus means all you need to know is that a Homunculus is an artificial humanoid created through alchemy. While not quite a human, this creature is a “rational animal” that will be the guinea pig for further experimentation that will be used to fulfill humanity’s dream of mastering life and death.
The idea of willing, into reality or creating a genetic slave has been considered a forbidden science since medieval times.
The Book “Abominable Mixtures”: The Liber Vaccae (the Book of the Cow) in the Medieval West, or The Dangers and Attractions of Natural Magic” demonstrates that something that is similar to genetic engineering must follow certain laws of magic and alchemy. It is suggested that any genetic Sim that is made is seen as the ultimate blasphemy in the eyes of God.
The magician must donate his own semen in a mixture of sun stone, animal blood, green tutia, and sulfur. The mixture is then used to inseminate a cow or a ewe. The animal should be left in a dark place and shall be fed the blood of another animal.
The cow or ewe should eventually give birth and the resulting “unformed substance” will become a Homunculus.
Next, you are to keep the newborn homunculus in a large glass or lead container for three days. The creature will become ravenously hungry in this time, so you’ll then kill the animal that birthed it and feed it the blood of its decapitated mother for seven days. In this time, it should develop into a full-grown tiny, grotesque humanoid with some fragment of a human soul.
As alarming and grotesque as these ideas are, they underline the mindset of the alchemist, whose practices wander the path of chemistry, philosophy and superstitious occultism in the quest for creating a genetically engineered slave.
As crazy as these ideas seem, they underline what our ancestors thought was possible. And as we continue to venture into an age of genetic manipulation and human cloning, who’s to say they were wrong?
These practices are similar to a type of Frankenstein story and it may even sound like the recipe for the half-man half-stone, Jewish Golem, which by the way the word, Frankenstein is German for “man of stone.”
If there is any doubt about what this X-Files six episode series is about it certainly isn’t about contemporary conspiracy theory found on your typical fair of popular .talks shows. They can say that it is all about them, but what it is about is the underlying conspiracy of what Hitler called “The Final Solution,” which is the culling of one type of human and having it replaced by the new human or the future human.
This future human according to the X-Files will be genetically merged with the alien – or what many call the corrupt bloodline. In the X-Files, the corrupt bloodline is the bloodline that has the black oil as its serum base.
We are told in the final episode of the X-Files that we have all received alien DNA when we received simple vaccines. The vaccinations were genetic Trojan Horses that would activate and kill millions of people.
However, the chosen hybrids will initiate the genetic experiments in creating genomic Sims that will inherit the Earth.
This is a metaphor of the current technocratic health system that seems to be aiding in what can be called the “Sixth Extinction.” This is the culling of humans in order to yield more resources for the elite that are organizing their globalist technocracy.
The main value that exists in the technocratic paradigm of medicine is separation. There is the principle of separation that states things are better understood outside of their context, that is, divorced from related objects or persons. Techno-medicine continually separates the individual into component parts, the process of reproduction into constituent elements, and experience of childbirth from the flow of life. But first and foremost, it separates the human body from the human mind.
In medieval times, this was spoken of in a treatise known as The De essentiis essentiarum. The De essentiis essentiarum roughly follows the “great chain of being,” from God and the angels down to animals, plants, and minerals. The principle of separation of mind from body is crucial in alchemy and also in genetics as we can see our bodies and thoughts as nothing but inanimate parts that can be used in the hermetic perfection of man or making man more than just a man.
The cult of Hermes Trismegistus in Alexandria was one of the main occult inputs into the Gnosticism of today. There are many people who see the symbol as an evil symbol with strong occult ties. Traditional Christians have decried Gnosticism as “Luciferianism,” or to the extreme, “Satanism,” and that it will be the state religious philosophy in the end times New World Order as Hermes was considered the replacement for Jesus Christ as the perfected man and god.
The antichrist of course will make the claim that he is the leader of the Hermetic order and will be the replacement as the perfect man and god in apocalyptic scripture. His order will have the symbol of the dragon or the serpent.
Many times on Ground Zero, we have spoken of the Revelation of the Method and how occultists use symbolism to communicate with other occultists because some things have to be hidden in plain sight because they merely can’t be openly discussed among the unwashed masses and most people don’t notice or recognize the symbolism unless it is pointed out to them.
Most of the time, highly charged symbolism resonates with people and they don’t know why they are mesmerized by symbols like the Star of David or the Swastika or even the rising sun symbol associated with the new dawn, a symbol that is now used by the Obama administration. Adding the symbolism of Hermes which is arguably the symbol of the perverted Caduceus is significant because of how the rise of the New World Order wants to use health knowledge to wield their control over the affairs of the world.
The symbol has now been combined with the Obama symbol as the official symbol of Affordable Health Care. There have been eschatologists that have worried that the Obama logo – combined with the symbol of Hermes – is intentionally combining the substance of leader, messiah, healer, and alchemist.
This is allegedly the system that will use health, DNA data bases, vaccines, and Eugenics directives to create the perfection of man on earth.
Health care, DNA databases, genetics directives, and groups that have the power over life and death are now being put into play and the symbolism is only part of the plan.
This is the underlying conspiracy talked about in the recent X-Files series. It’s just not some pop conspiracy theory provided by the likes of Alex Jones or Glenn Beck.
The plan is the culling, the new race, and the alien infiltration.
A plan that with all of its difficulties, is being embraced by those who do not understand the art of mesmerism and the programming that is used to make an impression on “group think” or “crowd psychology”.
This theme was also in the main plot of Arthur C. Clarke’s, “Childhood’s End” where Karellen tells the inhabitants of Earth that their progeny will be perfected and their seed shall be the DNA base for a new civilization on a new planet.
A man perfected beyond the homunculus, a changeling that can be a breed of alien hybrid or perfected machine and human called, H Plus.
The transhumanistic and technocratic style is more or less without the obstacle of a soul that literally gets in the way of the process of treating the body like a machine that may be in need of an artificial part or substance to sustain it.
The reality that the X-Files is based on is far more horrific than anyone can imagine.
From the stories of Roswell, to the stories of terrifying abductions we have spun a huge mythology based on the grim reality of human experimentation that has led to where we are today. The question is whether or not this is a supernatural event that affects the entire globe.
Remember, it was the aliens who allegedly experimented on our animals and plant life. It was the aliens that conducted intrusive and horrific experiments on humans. It was the aliens who were cloning. It was the aliens that were mixing species and creating mutations. It was the aliens who predicted that we would see the results of our meddling with powers that would eventually destroy us.
According to some surveys, nearly 2% of Americans believe that some strange intruder has abducted them. The abduction scenarios read like a recipe in most cases and there is also the same amount of people within the set of reported cases that are determined to be psychotic or delusional. The fact is that not every case is a true abduction case. This does not mean however that the phenomenon is not happening.
The handfuls of accounts that have no explanation are horrifying and deserve investigation.
If this kind of kidnapping and torture was carried out by a human agency, there would be a consensus demand for an investigation into whom or what was responsible. Since such a small amount of people claim that these events are happening, governments have not investigated them.
There has also been the theory that world governments are involved with the abduction processes and that perhaps a collusion with aliens exists or the most horrifying of all, humans are carrying out these experiments and using the alien stories as a cover. After all, an “alien” would not be able to stand trial for these crimes against humanity. Abductees were claiming for many years that invasive procedures were being used for some higher purpose and that DNA was being sequenced in order to study humans. The invasive procedures included the removal of sperm, ova, DNA, and human fetuses.
Abductees for many years were saying they have seen first-hand that these aliens were able to extract sperm and ova from them but many claimed they saw clones of themselves and clones of several other mammals in labs that were on ships. Many abductees made claims that the aliens were using their DNA to replicate alien hybrids. These cases were best known and heard in the early seventies and eighties.
While we argued their validity in the 1990’s, it is evident that now cloning is a reality and DNA sequencing has been going on in order to map the human genome.
In the X-Files episode called, Founders Mutation, we see the results of this experimentation as children who have genetic anomalies are seen locked up like dogs in a kennel and wanting to be loved.
However, the reality is not all that clean and tidy.
Three years ago a man on a fishing trip in the Russian Ural Mountains stumbled onto a number of mysterious barrels in the forest but when one tipped over and cracked open, he made a horrifying discovery.
The barrels were filled with the bodies of dead babies.
When police showed up the following day, they discovered 248 human fetuses, aged anywhere from 12 to 16 weeks, stored in the canisters, all of which shriveled and mummified when exposed to the air. Stranger yet is that the tiny embryos are at least a decade old; each of them individually numbered and bearing their mother’s names on small ID cards.
Authorities believe the canisters were thrown from a truck tasked with disposing medical waste from any of the surrounding cities’ medical facilities, though all biological waste is legally required the be individually sealed and immediately destroyed, making this case exceptionally odd, as the fetuses were found stored together in formalin.
There were reports that the babies were used in genetic experiments.
This story came after the report that the world’s first genetically modified humans had been created and that 30 healthy babies were born after a series of experiments in the United States. So far, two of the babies have been tested and have been found to contain genes from three ‘parents’.
Geneticists fear that one day this method could be used to create new races of humans with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence.
The X-Files, in a form of predictive programming, is telling us that anything which is thought of and brought about by will, like a Tulpa, can often get a nudge into reality by science.
We now can introduce foreign genes into the embryos of mice, cows, sheep, and pigs for, there’s no technological reason to suggest that it can’t be done in humans too.
There is no technological reason why alien DNA cannot be introduced to the genome.
According to the X-Files, it has been done already.

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