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On July 17th 2014, in the skies over the Donetsk region supported by a Russian garrison Malaysian flight MH17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by what is believed to be an anti aircraft missile system All 298 people who were on board were killed. The vast majority of them – 194 passengers – were citizens of the Netherlands. 43 people, in particular, all the crew members were citizens of Malaysia.
The US claims that it had evidence linking pro-Russian rebels to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, but in the absence of any concrete admission of guilt, and almost no more information about the shooting down of the plane we now learn that the event that has led to what is happening now with Russia and Ukraine will never be fully reported because there seems to be an agreement between certain parties to keep any and all information about the Malaysian plane classified
On August 8th, 2014 Ukraine, The Netherlands, Australia, and Belgium signed a “non-disclosure agreement” keeping any and all information about the downed plane away from any further investigations.
This in my opinion sets the stage for what can be called an awesome conspiracy. A cover- up that for some reason is meant to protect those who were responsible for shooting the plane down.
Apparently this has become a game changer in the process that has led to war and invasion. It appears that there has been no concrete evidence to support that the Russians were responsible for shooting down the plane and when there was an inquiry as to whether \or not the Ukrainian ethnic Russian separatists were responsible the trail went nowhere. Any and all information went into the memory hole.
This non disclosure agreement that classifies the “sensitive information” about the downing of MH17 between Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium and Australia wouldn’t be necessary if the truth were to come out about the plane. The truth wouldn’t require this measure to be taken, a deception would.
In the framework of the 4-country agreement signed on August 8th between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia, information on the progress and results of the investigation of the disaster will remain classified.
This was confirmed at a briefing in Kiev under the auspices of the office of the Prosecutor General Yuri Boychenko. In his words, the results of the investigation will be published once completed only if a consensus agreement of all parties that have signed the agreement prevails.
It is safe to assume the results of the investigation which now has been going on for weeks will eventually be released in a few years when the political ramifications of the disaster conveniently lose their relevance.
What was a distraction the United States media, never really had a conclusion, only a hypothesis that President Vladimir Putin was responsible and that there would be hell to pay if it were found that he was complicit in the event.
With this turn of events it can only be assumed with an inconvenient conclusion that the intermediate results of the investigation directly prove the innocence of Russia and/or the Donesk militia.
When the lying elite are maneuvering criminal acts all that needs to be done is to flip a switch and declare something off limits to anyone who wishes to expose a conspiracy. When the Governments of the west are hell bent on destabilizing Ukraine and starting World War III we can’t allow for the innocence of a cold war foe to be revealed, it is not good for the business of the war effort.
This is how intelligence not only shoots down a plane but makes it disappear entirely. It is also unknown as to whether or not the American NGOs, which by official admission spent 5 billion dollars in political destabilization efforts prior to the February civil war in Kiev, have suddenly disappeared from the Ukraine.
What we do know is that the situation there is not getting any better and people who can take a side in this attempt at world war are better off realizing that all the governments that are involved including the United States have now voluntarily participated in a conspiracy to bring the world into a conflict while not admitting to any wrong doing.
The question is how and why we continue to allow this to happen in our name, especially while we are being led by a man who has on his desk a Nobel Peace prize.
There is no hope now of getting down to the bottom of who is at fault for what is happening in Ukraine now.
It is very telling as to what is happening here, If this were a card game the United States would be holding the most tombstone looking poker face at the table. Washington has constantly had the winning hand in a propaganda war, despite that fact that all roads lead to the efforts of Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt . We reported when the rumors of uprising began that Nuland was the chief architect of the Ukrainian crisis and played a phone call on the air that literally painted the picture of the whole “wag the dog” scenario.
Back in February, Victoria Nuland made the news when an audio recording of her phone conversation with the U.S. Ambassador with Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, was released. I suppose that when we played the phone call on the air that no one really picked up on the fact that the conversation between her and Pyatt was the smoking gun exposing that planning of this crisis and why it was being carried out.
We also seem to have put into the memory hole any and all pictures that Senator John McCain had taken with the neo Nazi leaders of Svoboda and the Banderist factions that in the days of Hitler were known as the brown shirts.
Waves of propaganda have come from Washington and are made to fit assumptions of Valdimir Putin as a driven imperialist that has used nationalism heightened by the loss of the Soviet empire, to try to expand the Russian Federation up to the borders of Ukraine – It is hard to shake that Soviet image and Americans are obliged to keep the cold war rhetoric at a fever pitch.
Now everyone who has a bad story about Putin or a bad story about Russia will immediately be put at the front of the line so that we can reinforce what we began.
Today is no exception as it was reported that Russia has now invaded the Ukraine. This report had sparked controversy across the world as many countries and journalist were demanding proof that this has happened.
Russia has denied the incursion, however a top NATO official produced satellite photos Thursday to back up his claim that at least 1,000 Russian troops have crossed into Ukraine.
Dutch Brigadier General Nico Tak said the 1,000 Russian soldiers was a conservative estimate and said another 20,000 Russian troops were right over the border.
The satellite images provide what NATO called additional evidence that Russian combat soldiers, equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry, are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory.
But of course the media once again is responsible for stirring the pot of conspiracy as many mainstream news outlets reporting the invasion as absolute fact decided that the blurry photos provided by NATO were unclear and so they decided to run recycled stock photos of Ukrainian military vehicles for the sake of making it look as if there are a lot of vehicles on the ground.
I suppose it is difficult for the hardliners to understand why there is so much skepticism about what is going on. All sides have been lying since the whole mess began.
Furthermore while no official announcement has yet been made on a plan of resistance NATO officials say they are determined to “create a spearhead” pointed at Russia in Eastern Europe that will include a substantially more “visible” presence of NATO troops there.
So far there is no evidence that this happening and once again what would be considered a hot story in the media about all out war with Russia and Ukraine is now being met with trepidation in some parts of the world.
Even Barack Obama was hesitant to call what is happening there an all out invasion. Obama condemned what he called the latest Russian military advance into Ukraine and said the United States and its allies would take further actions to punish Moscow for violating its neighbor’s sovereignty.
Obama did not say anything about an invasion. Obama right now is more concerned about looking into carrying out air strikes in Iraq and Syria.
Anyone wonder if we have just decided to ignore everything in Ukraine because the mission creep we started is turning out to be a fiasco that would make the west look like provocateurs and maybe even war criminals?
ISIS has taken the attention away from an invasion in Ukraine which is allegedly out of control with blurry pictures provided by NATO. Can anyone see how weird this is becoming and how this whole situation is ripe for conspiracy theory that does not favor the actions of the US state department?
Barack Obama said this of the so called Invasion of Ukraine by Russian Separatist forces:
“I consider the actions that we’ve seen in the last week a continuation of what’s been taking place for months now, these separatists are backed, trained, armed, and financed by Russia. Throughout this process we’ve seen deep Russian involvement in everything that they’ve done.”
Obama’s tone was strikingly more restrained than that of the ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, who earlier in the day bluntly accused Russia of lying about its military intervention in Ukraine. In a blistering statement to the Security Council, Ms. Power said “the mask is coming off” Russia’s actions, which she called “a threat to all of our peace and security.”
I would say that the original American NGO security blunder and classifying of the Malaysian MH17 incident are an even bigger threat to our peace and security. It can be said that this is all being done by design. How can anyone believe anything that is being reported?
Barack Obama sealed the deal when he said in a press conference “We are not taking military action to solve the Ukrainian problem. What we’re doing is to mobilize the international community to apply pressure on them. I think it is very important to recognize that a military solution to this problem is not going to be forthcoming.”
In fact Obama is actually deferring to the UN to actually take care of the problem in Ukraine.
It looks as like a president is picking his battles and in either scenario we have waited too long to see so little action and receiving so little information to allow for the mainstream media to satisfy our want and need to know.
Rest assured that those who already know can see that World War III will most certainly have its foundation built on security blunders and plain conspiracy.

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