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Don Henley – Music Industry’s Weinstein?

Don Henley – Music Industry’s Weinstein?

Will alleged very damaging information the wife of a current California Legislator has on Don Henley (Eagles), in tandem with David Geffen, come to light in 2018?

Geffen owns DreamWorks and Geffen Records and was the original publisher of  early Eagles hits. And David Geffen, Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah all went on Geffen’s yacht a few months back. Very strange combination of types of celebrities and interesting timing. The Swamp is draining and shocking information seems to be revealed daily. One wonders, what or who will be next as the nation comes to grips with the level of corruption found in so many areas, some once considered untouchable.
They Say It's Your Birthday: Don Henley - Cover Me
While searching for information this information was found in a tweet:
Charlie Chaplin impregnated a 15-year-old.
Elvis Presley was “guardian” of the 14-year-old Priscilla and married her when she was 16.
Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl.
Eagles Don Henley and two underage prostitutes who overdose.
All still worshiped by many people.

10/1/2015 – Don Henley: ‘There’s no partying, no alcohol, it’s like a morgue backstage’ article by The Guardian.

Henley protects his privacy, but he’s not as guarded as he might be. He remembers a strange mile-high tryst with super-groupie Connie Hamzy when the pilot unexpectedly joined in, and says that “by the time I was my son’s age I was a lush”.
We don’t discuss his 1979 charge for contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a naked 16-year-old prostitute suffered a drug overdose during a party at his home in LA, where cocaine, marijuana and quaaludes were seized. However, on most subjects, he is candid. He recalls trying to follow up 1976’s Hotel California (total sales: 32m) with 1979’s The Long Run – just as Fleetwood Mac, whose Stevie Nicks he was then dating, were struggling to match Rumours – and failing miserably before splitting, bloodily, in 1980.
“We were in a dark place,” he offers. “We were doing way too many drugs, just fucked up all the time because we felt this tremendous pressure. We should have taken a year off, or hired a band psychiatrist. Or both.”
Also at the restaurant is his manager, the notorious Irving Azoff, also known as “the Poison Dwarf”, one of the subjects of Hit Men, Fredric Dannen’s 1990 music industry exposé. He seems innocuous enough, a diminutive, silver-haired sexagenarian quietly demolishing a plate of charred cow. But this is the character (“One of the most loathed men in the music business,” according to Dannen) who once sent an adversary a boa constrictor, and threatened to defenestrate a TV set because hotel staff couldn’t silence construction workers on the street below.
In 2012, Azoff topped Billboard’s Power 100. Henley quipped of him, “He’s Satan, but he’s our Satan.” Nevertheless, it’s a measure of Eagles’ turbulent career that an individual of Azoff’s fearsome repute was required to keep them on track. [1]

Teen Angels: 10 Musicians with a Penchant for Young Girls

Back in 1980, Eagles drummer/singer Don Henley was arrested when police found a drugged, naked 16-year-old girl at his house in Hollywood. Henley got a $2,000 fine and two years probation (seriously?) for the offense. We’d like to have heard what his Texan mama had to say about this at the time. Our guess is it wasn’t pleasant. [2]

Beverly Hills Madam Elizabeth Adams Dies

For years, the millionaire madam known to clients and friends as “Madam Alex” kept a little black book that was said to catalogue the sexual secrets of many of the city’s most important men.Using the alias Alex Fleming, she ran an international prostitution network dispatching charming young women to pricey Beverly Hills hotel suites, Europe and Caribbean cruises–for fees that ranged from $300 for two hours to $2,000 a day. [3]

Jumping to Conclusions

To most of his colleagues at the LAPD, Mike Brambles was one ambitious son-of-a-bitch. In less than a decade he had risen from patrol to vice, then narcotics, before being promoted in 1979 to the Sexually Exploited Child Unit, a special squad established to counter the growing perception of a child prostitution problem in Los Angeles County. The following year, Brambles broke his first big case with the arrest of Eagles lead singer Don Henley, in whose home a 16-year-old female prostitute was allegedly found nude and whacked out on drugs. It was during his follow-up work on this case that Brambles began to consider the possibility of a kiddie porn conspiracy.
According to LA Magazine, one of his main sources in the Hollywood sex trade was Elizabeth “Alex” Adams, the notorious “Beverly Hills Madam.” Brambles was fascinated with Madam “Alex”‘s little black “trick book,” a private phone directory that reputedly contained the names of LA politicians, police brass and other prominent locals. The trick book was mostly a tame affair — few public officials of any rank had ever been exposed in it — but Madam “Alex”‘s frequent rumour-mongering about an international kiddie porn and prostitution ring provoked thoughts of conspiracy in Mike Brambles.[4]

Former LAPD Golden Boy Tarnished by Holdup Arrest : Police: Mike Brambles’ admirers–and enemies–are shocked by the charges against him in nine robberies.

In 1990, after the LAPD’s own Administrative Vice unit arrested Adams after years of unfettered madaming, she called Brambles as a witness to boost her defense–that she had bought immunity from arrest by providing police with information. The prosecutor, Pam Bozanich, who later gained fame in the Menendez case, said Brambles confronted her outside the courthouse and told her “Adams would never do a day in custody.”
“I said, ‘Whose side are you working on?’ ”
An Administrative Vice detective became suspicious, too, after seeing Brambles “with his nose in our files. I almost went to fist city with him.” Still, Brambles prevailed when prosecutors agreed to let Adams off with probation.
And then Adams.
The Beverly Hills madam saw a frame job. “All the infighting and knocking each other down and ratting each other out–it’s unbelievable what they do to each other in this LAPD!” she said. So she asked her own attorney to visit Brambles. Then she got a call from the ex-detective, from jail. “He (asked) if I’d be a witness for him and I said, ‘Anytime.’ I’m gonna tell them all the good work he did.” The woman who helped Mike Brambles climb the LAPD ladder even threatened to pull out a few names from that little black book every madam is rumored to have, but which never seems to appear. “If they don’t lay off,” she said, “I’m gonna sing like a canary.” [5]

Don Henley – Wikipedia

In 1974, Henley became involved with Loree Rodkin, and the breakup of their relationship was the inspiration for the song “Wasted Time” and parts of the lyrics for “Hotel California”. Late in 1975, Henley started dating Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks as her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham came to an end. The relationship lasted on and off for around two years. Nicks later wrote a song “Sara” that Henley claimed to be about their unborn child. Henley then began a three-year-long relationship with actress/model and Bond girl Lois Chiles.
Henley called paramedics to his home on November 21, 1980, where a 16-year-old girl was found naked and claiming she had overdosed on quaaludes and cocaine. She was arrested for prostitution, while a 15-year-old girl found in the house was arrested for being under the influence of drugs. He was subsequently charged for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, fined and put on probation. Henley was arrested and pleaded no contest. He was fined $2,500 and put on two years’ probation. Chiles, who was no longer in a relationship with Henley at the time of the incident, later said, “I was shocked to hear about it. He didn’t have drugs around the house. It was an accident, I’m sure.” [6]

Airing Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” on His 64th Birthday

Although Henley has said the song’s inspiration drew from the intrusive media coverage generated by the deaths of certain celebrities — John Belushi and Natalie Wood in particular — he could also count himself among the media’s prey. However, in his case, Henley was hardly innocent. On November 21, 1980, a 911 call from Henley’s home led the L.A. Fire Department to find a naked 16-year-old prostitute who had OD’ed on cocaine. Henley later entered a plea of no contest to the misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and received two years’ probation. He denied knowing how old she was, insisted he never had sexual contact with her, and all but blamed his roadies for her ingestion of drugs. [7]

Popdose Flashback, or When Good Albums Happen to Bad People: Don Henley, “The End of the Innocence”

On the morning of November 21, 1980, the Los Angeles fire department responded to Don Henley’s call to help someone at his house who apparently was having a seizure. The person turned out to be a naked 16-year-old prostitute who had been taking large amounts of cocaine and Quaaludes. While Henley pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and admitted the girl arrived after he called a madam to find girls to party with, he still claims that he didn’t have sex with her, didn’t know how old the prostitute was, and didn’t know how many drugs she was doing–he seems to place the blame for her mass ingestion on roadies who were at his house. In the end, Henley got a fine and two year’s probation, and avoided any harsher drug or sex-related charges.
If this was merely an isolated speed bump along the road of life…well, I wouldn’t be writing this article. Fact is, Henley has had a long history of debauchery in his past. The book You’ll Never Make Love in This Town Again — a tell-all from four high-priced call girls with celebrity clientele — goes into Henley’s love of coke orgies. I once saw a comic in Los Angeles that “acted out” a supposed event from the book, where multiple prostitutes visited Henley in his hotel room. I won’t go into detail, except one of the call girls mentioned that she had never in her life been around anyone who reeked more of alcohol than Henley. [8]

Blind Item #1 – He Made Millions From Raping Young Girls – Himmmm

#1 was coming to the end of his legendary run with a group. #1 had developed many nasty habits and lifestyle choices that made Roman Polanski look normal. But the Rocker was always protected. His past girlfriend #4 was always there to support him, as was her then-boyfriend #5. Both were always at the forefront of Feminist causes, and possibly the most powerful couple on the California or even national scene. It also helped to have the most powerful people in show business to protect you too. His manager #2 who had lawyers, media contacts, and investigators on speed-dial. Also #3 who, although they had a love-hate relationship that would eventually turn to all hate, was glad to protect his money machine. Even when they would later sue each other for millions, they came together for political events. Thus, the Rocker never really cared about consequences.
…After the 15 year-old passed out, he began raping her. Then he began raping the 16 year-old. When the younger girl woke up, she was scared to death, and saw her friend was having convulsions. The Rocker was ignoring her, yelling on the phone, talking to someone later revealed to be #2. Then the Paramedics arrived. They walked into a scene they described as “Sodom and Gomorrah” with drugs, vomit, and booze everywhere. Both underage girls were totally naked, although the younger of the two began trying to dress. What none of them knew at the time, was that the 15 year-old had managed to grab several of the Polaroids and stuff them into her clothes. At the time, she was petrified of the cops or her parents finding out, and the proof of her activity was all there in those Polaroids. So she grabbed them when the others were distracted, to destroy them later.
The 15 year-old has grown into a confident, fearless, brilliant woman. She’s spent the past few years (urged on by her husband and kids) putting her story and the case meticulously back together. Piece by piece. Legally.
#1 – Permanent A list singer from a permanent A list group – Don Henley?
#2 – The manager of #1 and many many many others – Irving Azoff?
#3 – Top 3 entertainment mogul. You don’t mess with him – David Geffen?
#4 – A+ list singer back in the day. Probably permanent A- list singer – Linda Rondstadt?
#5 – Permanent A list celebrity – Jerry Brown?
#6 – Celebrity madam who has passed – Elizabeth Adams?
#7 – Permanent A list actress who was murdered – Natale Wood? (Natalie Woods died about a week after this incident with Henley but not finding any connection to her or the players in this.)
#8 – Permanent A+ list celebrity – Bill Clinton?
#9 – Permanent A+ list celebrity and spouse of #8. Hillary Clinton?

Add #10 – LAPD Vice Cop – Mike Brambles?
From Comments –
Guessing that the victim is Sonia Denham or Jill Lamalfa.
CA northern districts 1,4,8 and 10 have gop representatives. Doug Lamalfa (1) and Jeff Denham(4) and wives could fit the age requirement.
Jeff Denham’s a bigger name in the news with a more high profile district which includes part of silicon valley. but Lamalfa’s district covers half of northern CA.
15 yr old girl could be Judy McCarthy, wife of rep. Kevin McCarthy (republican) from Bakersfield. He’s high up in current House of Representatives in DC. He was born in 1965. Not seeing birth date of his wife Judy, but in pictures she looks about the same age.
Ok…while you guys were filling in the blanks of 1-9, i️ wanted to find the officer and judge. Fires thought it was Martin but upon further research and the posts about Brambles, convinced it’s him. The judge that sentenced Henley (or fined him) was Edward Rafeedie. The judge that arraigned Henley was Burton Katz. i also found that Adams was also being investigated for money laundering.
Kevin McCarthy is House Majority Leader and a Republican, and his wife Judy is 52. He’s probably the most powerful Republican politician from California. So that all fits. Bakersfield isn’t really “Northern” California, and they seem to have met in high school, but otherwise it works.
The blind says “and found good people up in northern California to take her in. She went to college, found a nice man, had a family and settled down. That nice man she married would go on to a nice career in politics. And with his wife’s support, he’s become one of the most powerful men in California politics.”
I don’t see where it says Dem or Rep, so I’m thinking this is Gavin Newsom (currently Lieutenant Governor of California) and his wife Jennifer, who happens to be a documentary filmmaker.
The rest of the story is HERE [10]
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